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"It's been a long time, brother."
"Yes, it is."
The brothers looked to each other, both of then with a sad face.
They loved each other so much since childhood, and experienced many things togeter: happyness, sadness, decption, love and hate. One day their parents died, and as they grow up the fate separeted them. The younger went to become a knight, wishing to surpass his brother in all aspects: gentleness, power, discipline and respect. The older one was captured by slave trades and almost was sould to a cult, but was saved by a warrior who just passed by becoming his apprendice.

Later, the fate crossed their paths again.

The younger, now a mid-rank knight with good experience in combat and
noblity issues, had to stop a group of rebels that wanted to make a revolution against the nobles. The older are the right hand of the rebles leader, a great strategist that wanted to instaure a new form of goverment and to make a fair living to the commoners.
Soon they will find out about each others, and their missions will be an obstalce to those two.

And now they are here.

"Brother, I don't belive you're with these kind of people! You, the one that wanted to be a knight above all things? You, who wanted to follow the chivaldry way?"
"You don't need to be a real knight to do the right thing, neiter be a blind, mindless puppet to don't question some of the 'noble' rights. And we are these kind of people: we were poor, analphabet and worked hard every single day since our childhood! I'm fighting for a better place for my future kids, your future kids, kids like we were!"
"I know, what you said are true. But it's also true that common people can envolve, learn and have a more digne life! I am the living proof of it. It's also true that I need to follow my master's order, but that's because I wanted to do it, because I vowed my loyality to him, and a vow are sacred, you teached that to me! Brother, please, stand back and I can ask to my master to give to you and your allys pity"
"Unfortunately, I can't. I vowed to something more important than goverment, outdated laws and even my own life: I vowed for future. Future, hope, iguality, and to our past: to never let families break apart, to never stand still while other kids like us need to steal to eat. No brother, I won't, I can't stand back."
"Then... we must fight..."
"Yes, but not today. We can fight, tomorow. We can have our 'Sacred duel' ritual before."
"He, I see. Well, I think... our tasks can wait until tomorow."

The duel happed during the final battle of the rebelion inside young knight master castle. For then the time stopped. The witness told that was the most impressive battle ever happed, with both of then fighting for their oaths: no fear, no hate, just a warm felling emanated from them.

The duel ended in a tie, with the rebels win.

Both of their will's became a legend, and their Sacred Duel ritual was passed for many generations, making their life and death paths a inspirations for many people, even today...

-The Tales of Helrich and Melderic Brothers

The Sacred ritual was a ritual performed by two brothers before their only and last fight. There is no knight, or any good aligned people, that would betrail the Sacred Duel. Betraing it could be an ofence too high that could even start wars.

The ritual are composed fo two parts: the Before Fight Dinner and the In Figth Steps.

The Before Fight Dinner have four steps:

Loking for food and cooking together.
Both of then offer some drink that both can handle.
Both of then can share their experiences, toughs and will. They must write it down in some short of testament, where it's stated that both of then are aware of all what this duel represents.
The duelists rests in the same house.

The In Figth Steps have four steps:

Both bow to each other and take of their armor.
They fight with teir meele weapons, trying to disarm each other.
If both are disarmed or came to some kind of agreement, they drop the weapons and continue the fight. That's the last chance to surrender.
The fight last until one of them dies.Since it's a fight were none of the participants can back off, it's a fight to the death with only one chance to surrender.

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