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2014-02-17, 01:48 PM
Hey guys! Fairly new to the forums myself but I have a feeling you can help.

I'm starting a World of Darkness game with my normal group and I want some ideas. All of the players are thieves with one being a mage. The first game I'm going to have them attempt to steal from the Smithsonian museum. I had an idea that eventually they would be stealing for a man they don't know is a mage who is attempting to build a machine that allows sleepers to see magic and not cause a paradox, and then take over the world with necromancy, but I don't know anymore.


Defiled Cross
2014-02-17, 02:17 PM
I'm just as lost as you.


2014-02-17, 06:11 PM
1) Old WoD or New ?

2) Do you intend for all the group to be Mages or to be a mix of Supernaturals or just be Mortals

2014-02-17, 06:32 PM
I believe new.

And no, they are all normal except for the one.

The Glyphstone
2014-02-17, 06:56 PM
Are they all Sleepwalkers, at least? Otherwise, that poor Mage is going to have a short, eventful, and tentacle-filled life story.

2014-02-17, 07:32 PM
Are they all Sleepwalkers, at least? Otherwise, that poor Mage is going to have a short, eventful, and tentacle-filled life story.

Nope lol. I warned him that almost anything he does is going to have problems, but he says he doesn't care. He wants to be a Mind mage so he won't be terribly hurt, but it will still probably happen.

2014-02-17, 09:15 PM
If you aren't using these, you probably should, because they are strict upgrades on the core book. (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/114078/World-of-Darkness-The-God-Machine-Rules-Update)

That's the God-Machine Errata. Its free.

As for the party... Having a Mage with a bunch of Mortals is going to be very unfun for one of those parties, most likely the Mortals. Some splats(Changeling) can work well with Mortals, but Mage... Mage isn't one of those.

That being said, that plot device could help. If the Mortals don't register as Sleepers for Mage Rules, then all you care about is the power level difference and that might be more navigable.

Basically as long as you are aware that there is going to be friction between the parties splats and adjust for it you should be fine.

In general I like keeping this secretive in New World so I wouldn't tell the players much beyond what their stealing(not even why) and only tell them more if they do independent research, try to find out more.

2014-02-17, 09:46 PM
I feel like stealing from the Smithsonian would be laughably simple for a Mage...Try to make it interesting at least. Perhaps it's government conspiracy time?

2014-02-18, 07:13 PM
That premise strikes me as a hard one to execute well. That mage's machine also has huge implications for the setting, and would be a Major Big Deal.