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2014-02-23, 03:13 AM
The Game : Wild Talents

The Group : My standard live group. So D, G, W, K, J
Their nicknames will be the character names they have

The Setting : Superpowers came about 1 year ago. Its been strange, hectic and awesome. The characters got their powers within the last 3 months.
People with powers have ranged from the groups power level too, the 4 supernovas[Justice league level].
People have responded in various ways and degrees to people with powers. If you want a good idea think Heroes + the Paragons Setting from Mutants and Masterminds

How Many Sessions So Far : 3
Side Things : A few little things for each character or 2-3 people
Campaign Goal : Be Heroes in a world were superpowers are the new thing on the block and people want them for many reasons

The Characters

J as : Torrent : The Hydrokinetic
Hero Name : Torrent
Age[22], College Student
- Its late I'll put it in later

Background Information
-Family is/was upper middle class he lives in a studio apartment that the family helped pay for
-The family went out boating together and capsized, Torrent washed up on shore alive having gained his powers and survived

-Slightly above average in physical build
-Decent senses
-Photographic memory sight
-An expert at Hematology and Marine Biology, nationally recognized at that
-Sailing and endurance swimming

-Can make his outer membrane mimic water in appearance making his body like jello and more resistant to damage
-Can control 3 tons of water with his mind for various purposes, from walls too giant fists
-Can use the water to propel him but drains him, and has some slight resistance to drowning

W as : Blaze : The Pyrokinetic
Hero Name : Blaze
Age[23-25 area], Government Super that fancies herself a private detective
-Think Lady from devil may cry with red hair... the player realized this and then said that verbatim so it wasn't originally intentional

-Her sister was murdered by someone with mechanical looking wings and she heard gear sounds
-She joined the government to protect people and is willing to put a person down to save the day

-Hot... its a pun but true and carries a powerful presence
-Aikido master levels of flexible
-Good eyes/ears and general awareness
-Above average intelligence but a hot head
-Willing to risk her life to save others

-Can fly and do various aerial maneuvers at about 160mph, her flight is a bit flashy/loud
-Can generate fire blasts, walls etc.
-Can heat an object with thermal energy

D as : Shade... no wait Shadow umm or maybe ugh this is so hard : The Teleporter
Hero Name : None at the moment
Age[25-27], Cop that is on leave because her partner was injured

Description : Same as Torrent... So wait a bit

-Cop who had a partner save his life by teleporting him... and he either well or got hit by a car but he didn't get buckshot to the head(ear)
-Has a single child who is 8-11 area. The father umm not in the picture
-Kind of lives with her best friend

-Parkour expert
-Olympic Gymnast
-Gun expert
-Detectives training was completed far faster then expected
-Super Cop in other words

-She is quick enough her movements are a blur
-Her Teleportation is actually a series of super parkour jumps so her head must fit through a location like a cat
-She can do a teleport slam attack on a person

K as : Freya : The Nordic God
Hero Name : Freya
Age[25-27], College Professor of the Occult

Description : Will fill in later

-A little bit of a power mad professor when she learned super powers were real she spent the next months collecting material and forged viking runes into her arms and gained powers
-Is in character, D's best friend

-Photographic memory
-Sword expert
-One of the top 5 in the world on Nordic Occult
-One of the top 10 on the Occult in General
-Very pretty
-Also is a doctor of psychology

-Flight at something like 200mph
-Invisibility and Insubstantial abilities
-A powerful energy burst that drains her of power
-Enhanced swordsmanship and other skills

G as : I don't know what I want to be : Formerly the Captain America
Long story short he though he would like be Captain America/Punisher with guns realized he wanted superpowers etc.

Retcannons are primed too fire on his location if or when needed

Session Recaps
This will say which page or have a link to a session recap that is not included in this post

I will fill these in later at the moment I am tired having finished the 3rd or 4th not sure what to classify it as session, long story.

Session Recap #1 & #2
Because of various reasons I cannot tell when one session ended and the other began. Long story to that. Anyways recap

-The group of hero's were asked the question did they have cards with the E.D.A
-If not is the E.D.A aware of them and their superhero identity

Blaze has a card with the E.D.A
Torrent could get a card if he would just tell them his identity
Freya and Shade have not come out as empowered people

The groups learns about Geiger a man with radiation powers. After Blaze confronts him and nearly gets herself killed
They also learn an Atlantean may have been kidnapped
The group also has been informed someone at the prison wants too communicate with Torrent an exchange of information

The group investigates the Atlantean thing and uncovers that a man who has a split personality both has and has not kidnapped her. Neither the original personality or the Atlantean are aware he kidnapped her
His power is the ability to insert himself into your memories
The group eventually saves the day after dealing with some henchmen and the guy went off with the girl too look for magical cures

Blaze fought Geigar and almost got killed because radiation

The group encountered the Red Rider in prison and interviewed him for information. He wanted his motorbike found because the cops had been unable to find it.
A friend of Torrents who is a speedster named Velocity knew were it was and the group was able to retrieve the bike
Red Rider informed the group a prison break would happen within the next weeks time, but another one was also happening that day. At which point he made his escape.
The group fought with a villain named Thunderstorm well : Torrent confronted the Red Rider. Red fought Torrent for a bit before saying he couldn't wait any longer and used his sword on Torrent knocking him out.

The group arrived at the hospital after the Red Rider and Thunderstorm fight(The only thing I know for certain to be part of the second session), and started to rest and recover from being their radiation burns, lighting burns, and sword wounds

Session Recap #3

Session Recap #4

Thank you for the encouragement and genuine help that was provided by the people of these forums when I was feeling depressed by various things in my life. Your assistance helped greatly in many ways, and I'm always looking for cool villain ideas

Setting Information and Stuff
-The US government made the E.D.A [Empowered. Defense. Agency] to handle people with powers breaking the law within the states.
-The UN has a super team as of yet unnamed lead by a Supernova
-Opinions are divided on the issue of people with powers and how things should be handled and what sort of comic book setting will come about
-The US government has a secret team run by a crazed scientist trying to recreate powers of various heroes
-The Supernova's are the 4 biggest/baddest/most powerful individual so far in the setting. The 4 Supernova's are Isis, Delta, Kain, and Valkyrie
-Atlantis didn't sink it was already underwater, some of its other cities sunk in more shallow locations. Atlante-ans are fish people[Zora]

-Isis the leader of the UN super team and citizen to the world. She is strong enough to toss tanks, can sense souls, fly, generate and control winds, and see truth

-Delta is a US, citizen and soldier. He uses an Iron Man style suit and is generally Iron Man working for the government well being as obtuse as ppossible

-Valkyrie is a hero who wants too make the world a better place and fights crime and people with powers that most people could not take. She also uses a suit of power-armor and has a Artificial Intelligence Butler

-Kain, nothing is known about him, beside he's a mercenary of some sort. Also he's superman and has no leash as far as anyone is aware