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2014-02-23, 03:57 AM
Hey guys.

So, I've been working on am RPG system designed to be an accurate simulation system. Why? Because I'm a military historian and HEMA practitioner and I'm crazy like that. So, pretty much everything is ready to go (in fact practically everything but finding out cost to print so I can start a kickstarter) but before I do I want to get it beta tested by people I have absolutely no connection to.

I want feedback. I want people to tell me how good the rules are, how good the book itself is, how bad it is, what it's good/bad for, and where it can be broken. In my mind, the system is only broken if you can't imagine somebody in real life actually achieving what is permitted in the ruleset, on the other hand, my opinions on what is achievable in reality may be entirely stupid (and as a historian/game designer, that's a really good thing to get feedback on regardless).

So, if there is anybody interested in trying out a skill based RPG system. Being as critical as they like and willing to tell me the good points and the bad points. Shoot me a message.

Also if this is the wrong forum to post this in would an administrator be so kind as to move it to where it is appropriate (which includes the trash bin if I missed a rule about posting this sort of thing somewhere). Cheers.