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2007-01-30, 08:07 PM
So I read Hordes of the Abyss and I got the the section about what might happens when demons die.

Some listed I liked. But on the whole, the ones that Wizards came up with were...pretty dumb. My favorite one listed was "The demon's skeleton breaks free of its flesh, takes three steps, then crumbles to dust." Largely however, my demons just end up dying like this http://shazzbaa.foskie.com/shazztemplate.php?image=/sketch/DND_SC_holylongsword.jpg
but that gets boring after a while.

Tell me some ways you've had demons and/or devils die on the Material Plane. Be as gruesome and vicious as you wish. Avoid cliche things, and don't just repeat things listed in Hordes of the Abyss or one of those other books like it.

2007-01-30, 08:32 PM
I could see the skeleton thing done better...rather than just hop out for a brisk walk, the demon's flesh rots away on the spot and burns with black flame, falling off in sloppy pieces, while the gradually exposed skeleton and dissolving body stagger forward, looking down at its own claws.
For maximum creepy, absolute silence, not even crackling from the fire or howls, as it dies.

Jack Mann
2007-01-30, 08:33 PM
Okay. Keep in mind I haven't read that section of the Fiendish Codex.

The fiend's flesh turns to stone, which then crumbles into a fine dust. The dust blows away, whether or not there is a wind, disappearing as it goes.

A small hole is ripped in the fabric of the material plane. The fiend's body is pulled inside, leaving behind only what it was carrying. The hole then closes, taking nothing else with it.

The fiend's body collapses in on itself, as though its substance is being sucked away. The empty skin then melts away, leaving behind only an unwholesome, greasy residue.

The fiend screams, and its words take shape as unholy runes which circle above it. They flash, and briefly a plane of suffering and torment can be glimpsed. Then the unnatural light and the fiend are gone.

The fiend's body becomes less and less substantial, until it fades away entirely.

Barbed chains appear and wrap around the fiend's body. They pull the fiend back to its home plane, a process that is impossible for mortal eyes to properly view. It simply appears to go further away no matter the angle from which it is viewed.

2007-01-30, 08:41 PM
Pillar of black energy rocks the area, centered on the fiend--It makes a low hum and intensifies, making everything pitch black, unseeable even through blindsense--everything goes dark and for a brief instant, you see all the hells around you, and then it all goes black again--the demon stands illuminated, its edges flickering in green, and then the energy is gone, the demon with it.

Oh, and if you bring one down with a holy weapon, smite evil, or so on, a blast of celestial power strikes it from above, it cracks like stone, with light pouring from the fissure. It vaporizes, leaving a lingering few motes of light for a few seconds before they wink out.

2007-01-30, 09:09 PM
The fatal blow from your weapon tears open a hole in the fiend and a substance which looks like molten iron and smells like overheated bile issues forth and consumes the corpse in a fiery display of agony on the fiends part. Soon the pile pools and disapates, leaving a slightly scorched mark on the floor.

Your final blow to the evil creature shatters it like glass! The millions of jagged shards sprikle the ground all around you and smoke into nothingness, leaving a vile smokey smell in the air.

Your weapon strikes the demon as though it were any normal creature, but it clutches its wound and staggers backwards for a few moments, glaring at you until a massive pale-blue spiked fist smashes it into the ground from above, turning into not more than a puddle of dark blood and gore.

An earpiercing scream is heard within the area of the room when it looks like your weapon causes a wound far worse than it should as the demon is ripped in half from one shoulder to the space between it's legs and both halves fall and melt into a black ichor.

The demon looks as if it is suddenly cooked at a very high temperature for several hours, but packed into a few seconds as its eyes melt, skin crisps and bursts until it's nothing but an agonized looking blackened skeleton stuck in place like a statue.

Woot Spitum
2007-01-30, 09:53 PM
The fiend explodes in a shower gore. The smell of sulfur and burning flesh fills the air. Anyone nearby with anything less than total cover is soaked in smoking blood, sinew, and ash.

2007-01-30, 11:53 PM
The classic Whedon Vampire Death is being blackened into a dusty approximation of your regular appearance, then you fall away in the breeze. If you're a major character vampire, you get to turn into a skeletal version of yourself before being blown away.

Various demon deaths I've seen(mostly from Charmed):

Blown up in flames(usually Piper, but oftentimes, the vanquishing potions)
Sucked under/Ripped towards the heavens.
Frozen, perhaps followed by cubing shortly after.
Vibrating out of existence(As you vibrate, you start getting little holes, like with bad TV reception, till eventually you're gone.)
Lightning stroke that fries into dust in the wind.
As above, with a Pentagram or similar appearing under them first.
A Pip. Like when you bring a lighted splinter into a test-tube expelling Hydrogen. Best for anti-climacticism. "The Balor went 'PIP!'?! WTF!"

Saint George
2007-01-31, 12:04 AM
Your sword jams through the center of the fiends chest and you wonder for a moment if you hit it in the heart, but quickly remember that these horned beasts are as heartless as they come. When faced with death, most creatures respond the same way. There is a moment before the pain hits as it looks down at the blade that has been lodged inside of its chest. Then, a look of shock as its eyes dart back to you. With normal creatures there is a look of fear as they slip into that dark black beyond that few can return from, but with demons it is different. As it looks at you, you only see a glare of pure hate in its alien eyes. Hatred for you and your entire race for banishing it from this plane yet again. Burning red flames leap out of its mouth and quickly spread along the skin. Brighter and brighter they burn as its hateful eyes stare deep into your being. Then in one flash of a moment the flames burn a bright green and an otherwordly wind sweeps across the two of you. Your soul flutters like a leaf on a tree while the demons soul is torn free and is blown into oblivion. The eyes finally go dark as the flames vanish leaving nothing but fine ash which quickly loses its form and scatters across the floor.

Wow that was too long.

Another good way to do it would be to have them die like Sephiroth did in FF7. When he gets sucked line by line into the horizon? I have no idea how to explain it in writing though.

2007-01-31, 12:19 AM
Call me what you will but im a traditionalist. I believe that Planar beings can't be killed on any plane but their home plane. As such when a demon etc. reaches 0 hit points it gets sucked back to the abyss and plots revenge. Following the work of Salvatore it cant leave the Abyss under its own power for 100 years at that point, it has to be summoned by an external source.

Jack Mann
2007-01-31, 03:08 AM
Well, they're not really killed. But their corporeal form on this plane of reality is destroyed.

2007-01-31, 03:20 AM
My cosmology follows some very simple rules:

1) Fiends are born of their respective plane's essence. Ergo, they can be considered hellish (or abyssal) elementals.
2) The corporal form that we see is only what essence they have managed to gather over their lifetime.
3) To kill a demon/devil is not to end its existance, but to effectively restart it. Unless special measures are taken, that fiend will someday return.

Following these rules, all fiendish characters pass away in a manner suggesting the combustion of their essence...

A chain devil suddenly becomes stiff and corrudes away (aka. rusts).
A balor's body seems to crumble into flaming ash, as a bundle of parchment over a candle's flame would.
A succumbus's body withers and ages, greying and fading, until she ceases to exist.

Truly powerful fiends might be a tad more flashy, though.

2007-01-31, 07:11 AM
Well, it depends on the method. A fiend vanquished by a potion is gonna disappear differently than a fiend vanquished by a spell. And a haiku is gonna have different effect than more Western poetry.

But seriously, my favorite was that Stan (?) guy from The Day Magic Died. He was like "My name will live forever", followed by Pheobe (?) saying "What did he say his name was?". He didn't even disappear. Poor fiend.

Deus Mortus
2007-01-31, 08:16 AM
He opens his mouth in a wordless scream and his body slowly burns away in black flames untill only his skull remains "I shall be avenged!" and from the eyes of the skeleton a bright red light erupts temporarily blinding you, when you can see again the skull is gone.

2007-02-04, 06:16 AM
As the demon falls backwards and hits the ground, a blue energy starts to seep from its mouth, nostrils and eyes. as itforms in the air it briefly resembles a humanoid shape which smiles at you. suddenly, with a look of agony, it then bursts into flames and hurls itself at the body, destroying any evidence of it.