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2007-01-30, 08:59 PM
Ancient ruins have very recently been unearthed near the town. These ruins are completely unidentified, not matching the architecture of any known ancient civilizations or races. They actually seems to be a mixture of multiple ancient races, seemingly built by a blend of all of the known, and possibly multiple unknown, societies that have dissapeared over the last several million years. These ruins practically pulsate with ancient magic, and are nearly covered and filled with lost technology, both of which are incredibly powerful. And all over the town, a certain pimped-out Tau Crisis Suit is putting up flyers for an expedition into the ruins...Required are a lore-master, a pair of guards, and a tech-priest/expert, if at all possible. Also neccessary will be guns. Lots of guns. And magical weapons if those don't work.

2007-01-30, 11:19 PM
((So, we going to do this, or what?))

Destro walks up to the ruins, assuming no-one stops him.

2007-01-30, 11:23 PM
(( :) Gotta do this with style, dude!))

A Devilfish Hover-APC practically flies over a hill, near the ruins and lands just outside. Nukular piles out of the APC and immediately scans the area. "PERIMETER SECURE" comes up on his visor.Good. Alright, let's roll!

2007-01-30, 11:24 PM
Darnin walks over.
((How long is this going to take?))

2007-01-30, 11:26 PM
((Destro has no Devilfishes. Nor any other kind of sea creature :smallwink:. He does have a spell that does a very good railgun impression though))

Sure. Destro follows Nukular.

2007-01-30, 11:26 PM
((Depends on how long we keep yammerin'. :) ))

Ok, let's go. Darnin, stay with the APC. Everyone else, with me. He heads over to the entrance of the ruins. What do you make of this, Destro? The entrance is covered in runes, clearly arcane in nature, and seem to be at least two million years old.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-30, 11:29 PM
Agent Omega flies over, and draws his handguns with a western style spinning motion. He continues to send them into the air, switch the guns to the other hand, etc. all with a lot of spinning involved.

How much opposition are you expecting?

2007-01-30, 11:31 PM
((All right, I need to go. If anything earth-shattering comes up, PM/NPC me.))

Darnin sighs and looks around.

2007-01-30, 11:31 PM
Looks pretty old. I'll try to read the runes, and see if they say anything worth knowing. Destro peers at the runes in an attempt to puzzle out their meaning.

2007-01-30, 11:34 PM
Not really expecting anything. This place is at least two million years old. But, I brought you guys along because, A, I need to be prepared, and B, it'd be boring if I went down there myself. No one to talk to...well, that, and I don't know the difference between ancient Egypt and the Civil War era, so I needed someone who's good with history. The runes glow purple, and seem to dissapear and reappear in various spots on the walls of the entry hall.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-30, 11:36 PM
Most of my memories from before the age of Magtok were lost to a cyrogenc freezing mishap. Too bad, because there might've been something in what you said that would've been familiar.

((His home dimension is basically RL, then completely distorted in the year 2045, after a huge worldwide political massacre.))

2007-01-30, 11:40 PM
Well, before I called you guys in, I studied the entryway myself. I saw traces of Necrontyr, Eldar, Goblin, and other forms of architecture in the construction.

2007-01-30, 11:40 PM
That's very curious. Destro demands that the runes stay still while he reads them. He does this in a manner involving lots of excessively large words. Looks like this whole place has a mix ov everything, to tell the truth. Some sort of crushed together amalgam of worlds.

((Crashed Space hulk, anyone?))

2007-01-30, 11:43 PM
The runes obey.

Bits and pieces translate to english, showing the words "Enter", "Riches" and "Power", repeatedly in-between the various untranslated terms.

Good enough for me!

2007-01-30, 11:45 PM
Good enough indeed. Destro steps inside and starts off down the hall, reading the runes as he goes.

((There aren't going to be any genestealers in here, are there? I know too much about 40k...))

2007-01-30, 11:47 PM
((<_< Nope. Worse. ))

I also saw traces of a 'Chaos' kind of influence, but it's nothing. All these different cultures blending the architecture together...it's odd.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-30, 11:48 PM
Agent Omega follows, keeping his guns ready at all times, due to his paranoia.

I'd comment, but I don't have an idea what the hell you two are talking about.

2007-01-30, 11:50 PM
((Not a lot I can think of worse than genestealers, other than maybe a... O.O Bloodthirster?))

Very. Well, it doesn't seem hostile, so let's keep going. Destro continues, going further into the ruins.

2007-01-30, 11:53 PM
I saw traces of literally EVERY civilization and race. Covenant, Forerunner, even Tau. It's insane-


What was that?

2007-01-30, 11:56 PM
Destro stops. I have no idea. He pulls a glowing crossbow out from a pocket. Let's be careful, hmm?

Lord Magtok
2007-01-30, 11:58 PM
Yeah...every civilization? Even the E-Razors from my dimension?

2007-01-31, 12:00 AM
Oh, sunuva...
Three Ork Slugga Boyz come out of nowhere, one of which is wielding a burna, clearly the squad leader.
Here! Enemy! More! Fire!
Take cover! Nukular dives for cover, and arms his weapons.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 12:02 AM
Agent Omega's armor wraps around his body, and his fingers are already instinctively firing lead at the Orks, as he dives for the nearest form of cover.

What the hell are they!?

2007-01-31, 12:03 AM
Why? Destro spins to face the orcs. Oh. That's why. He throws himself backwards and pulls the trigger on the glowing crossbow. Something clicks, and glowing bolts lance out from the tip of the crossbow.

2007-01-31, 12:06 AM
The Orks dive for cover, and shout to eachother.
'Ey! Wait! Dey'z not da freaky boyz! Stop shootin' fer a sec!
The three of them come out of cover, hands in the air, indicating they mean no harm.
Well...this is a first.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 12:08 AM
Agent Omega stops firing.

2007-01-31, 12:11 AM
The orks advance, weapons pointing at the ground. The leader steps forward.

I'm Zag, leader o' dis mob. You'z ain't da freaky boyz we'z fightin', so yer okayz.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 12:14 AM
Agent Omega looks at Nukaler in a way that suggests he'd like to know what in Plot's name is going on.

2007-01-31, 12:17 AM
Erm, ok... Destro raises his eyebrow.

2007-01-31, 12:18 AM
Um...would you mind explaining a few things, my Ork friend?
Nah. I takez ya ta da Warboss. He'll explain it to ya.
Yes! Take us to your leader! Nukular whispers to Omega.Always wanted to say that.

2007-01-31, 12:19 AM
Destro chuckles at the "take me to your leader" joke and puts his crossbow away.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 12:24 AM
Omega laughs, and holsters his pistols.
His paranoia kicks in again, and he puts his right hand on a handgun, with his finger on the trigger.

2007-01-31, 12:28 AM
The orks lead the three 'explorers'((coughlooterscough))down two levels, and into a large chamber with a massive number of orks of various types, gretchin, and a couple of ork Wartrukks.
'Ey, boss! We gotz us some newbies ta da place!
Newbiez, eh? I'm-a comin'.
A massive ork stomps over and looks over everyone. Hmm...Yep. Not the freaky-boyz.
What are these 'freaky-boyz?'
Dey's da onez that keep on attackin' us! Dey look like humies, but dey'z not! Dey can turn into stuff, hurl bolts o' lightnin', even make our 'eads explode! We triez to not fight 'em. Dat may sound un-orky, but I ain't like other Orks. I look out fer my boyz, and my boyz look out fer eachother.
When did you come here?
Two weekz ago. We came here, cuz we saw some orky stuff here, and wanted it. Next thing we know, we lost alot o' boyz and found nothin' we wanna keep! Any other questions?

((Your turn! :) ))

2007-01-31, 12:30 AM
((*Eye-twitch* You didn't....))

Can you describe these "freaky-boyz?" I mean, what they look like, other than being "humies"

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 12:32 AM
I have two questions. If there's nothing left here for you, why not leave? And have you figured out where these freaky boys are coming from?

2007-01-31, 12:35 AM
Well, dey gotz glowin' red eyes, and dere real pale-like, y'know? And we don't leave cuz if we try to get out, dey come outta nowhere and kill everybody that doesn't run back in. And we thinkz dey'z comin' from somewhere below.

2007-01-31, 12:39 AM
Do they wear anything? If they've got some kind of armour it would explain their apparent survivability.

2007-01-31, 12:41 AM
Dey wearz robez! Dat's it!

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 12:45 AM
Nothing bulletproof?
Do they use magic sheilding or something to keep you guys from killing them all in a hail of gunfire?

2007-01-31, 12:45 AM
Well, if that's it, then we can probably hurt them. I want to find out more about this place anyways. Destro looks around. Perhaps the best way to find out more is to try and leave and see what happens.

2007-01-31, 12:48 AM
Dey just dissapear and reappear every time we shoot em. It ain't right, I tellz ya!
We're gonna see if we can help. I like the idea of trying to leave. Let's give it a go.

2007-01-31, 12:49 AM
Thanks for your help. Destro retraces their steps, heading for the exit.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 12:51 AM
Jokingly to Nukular: If my head pops like a balloon, I'm blaming you.

To Destro: Have some kind of magical protection thing ready?

2007-01-31, 12:52 AM
You be careful out dere. You in here with us now. That meanz youz my boyz too.
Nukular whispers to the others. Man, something's wrong with that one.

2007-01-31, 12:53 AM
Spending as long as he likely has in here? I'm not surprised. This part is whispered. The next part is not whispered. Yes, I have magical protection. It's called Arcane Fire.

2007-01-31, 12:57 AM
Point...sense of hospitality's great though, for an ork. Nukular loads all of his guns with Chaos rounds. Specially-made Chaos rounds. Capable of causing some serious damage to supernatural targets.

2007-01-31, 12:59 AM
Yeah, well. Destro shrugs and a ball of black fire appears around his fist. He points at it. Arcane Fire. Capable of causing some serious damage to anything that moves, and most things that don't.

2007-01-31, 01:00 AM
Meh. So long as we can kill these things.

2007-01-31, 01:02 AM
((Ack. Gotta go, night.))

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 01:05 AM
((See ya later.))

Agent Omega gets ticked off when time freezes around him. His player then sneaks up behid him, and knocks him out for now with a rubber chicken.

2007-01-31, 01:06 AM
True. A second copy of Destro splits off, cause I'm not tired yet. The second copy stops being here as soon as it is created.

Lord Magtok
2007-01-31, 01:08 AM
((Good idea.))

The rubber chicken sucks up the agent, and spits him out where he was. Another agent remains in the chicken, and is warped to the streets with no memories of the ruins.

His other self returns to him later, and he is only one being again.

2007-02-01, 09:53 PM
Nukular tries to step out of the ruins...and is blocked by a robed man with glowing red eyes and pale skin. The man looks rather menacing.
You shall not pass!
Your right. Just checking. Nukular fires before the thing can respond, and the Chaos rounds seem to kill, or at least wound it to the point of knocking it unconcious.

2007-02-01, 09:55 PM
Destro comes up behind him, and fires a jet of arcane fire at the robed guy.

2007-02-01, 09:58 PM
Hissing noises echo throughout the halls of the ruins.
...Oh, crap...

2007-02-01, 09:59 PM
What crap? We got him, didn't we? Destro is unperturbed by the hissing noises.

2007-02-01, 10:03 PM
...I think we better watch our backs down here from now on.

2007-02-01, 10:07 PM
I beg to differ! Destro shakes a finger at the general surroundings. I know that I already have.

2007-02-01, 10:10 PM
...Say what?
Yeah, what he said.

2007-02-01, 10:11 PM
Destro continues. See, you said we wouldn't disturb it. However, we have quite clearly already disturbed it. I suggest you re-think your statement.

2007-02-01, 10:14 PM
...Shut up.
Three more freaky-boyz come out of the shadows.
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Nukular basically bathes the entire hallway in a hail of gunfire.

2007-02-01, 10:16 PM
Well it's true, you know. Destro throws a large amount of fire at the freaky-boyz, adding to the Hail Nukular already has going. I mean, really. If you're going to prevent us from disturbing you why don't you do so before the disturbing of the tomb has already happened?

2007-02-01, 10:23 PM
...I really hate this voice.
The freaky-boyz all lie dead now.
....You owe me a drink.

2007-02-01, 10:25 PM
Well I do to. It's obviously not going to let us go without a fight though, so why don't we remove it?

2007-02-01, 10:30 PM
Think we could, I dunno, loot the place while we're at it? >:)

2007-02-01, 10:32 PM
But of course. He won't need it anymore, so we'll really be doing him a service by removing it.

2007-02-01, 10:36 PM
Buuuuut, we're gonna need help, I'm thinking...I got plenty of Chaos rounds that are compatible with Ork guns. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

2007-02-01, 10:40 PM

2007-02-01, 10:45 PM
((And Darnin is mostly just sitting outside bored, correct?))

2007-02-01, 10:47 PM
Yeah, pretty much. Insert evil grin here.
((Waaaait for it....))

2007-02-01, 10:50 PM
((I see.))

Darnin sighs and wonders why he was left outside. He kicks a few rocks around.

2007-02-01, 10:50 PM
Excellent. I say we do that then.

2007-02-01, 11:00 PM
Darnin hears whispers in the dark around the Devilfish.

Alright, down we go. Nukular heads back down to the Ork camp, carrying ALOT of Chaos ammo.

2007-02-01, 11:02 PM
Destro follows him. Daemons aren't so scary anyways....

2007-02-01, 11:05 PM
Until they whip out the badass telekinesis/blood-pouring-outta-enemy's-eyes thing, THEN their scary.

2007-02-01, 11:12 PM
Well, maybe then. If you're afraid of that sort of thing, that is. Do you suppose this one is going to do that?

2007-02-01, 11:12 PM
Darnin notices the sounds, then continues moping more warily.

2007-02-01, 11:13 PM
((Ack, night.))

2007-02-01, 11:21 PM
((Seeya. >:) ))
Well, it's not really 'scary', per se...but, it's so freakin badass. Wish I could do it. >:)

2007-02-01, 11:22 PM
I probably could, if I wanted to. Supreme command of Necromancy and all that.

2007-02-01, 11:27 PM
Lucky. :P Nukular reaches the Ork door and knocks. The door opens and all the orks start cheering.
A little gretchin runs up to Destro. You kills nasty Freaky-boyz, yes?

2007-02-01, 11:28 PM
Yeah. Killed a bunch of them, actually. Destro grins at the gretchin.

2007-02-01, 11:32 PM
The gretchin seems to be younger than a year old, at best. YAAAAAAAAAAY! The gretchin hugs Destro, like a kid would hug a brother, or somethin' like that.

2007-02-01, 11:34 PM
Deciding that this is a little odd, Destro turns his attention to something else. Like Nukular. So, what do we do now?

2007-02-01, 11:37 PM
Well, first we gotta tell their warboss that we have an idea.

2007-02-01, 11:38 PM
Shouldn't be too hard. Destro turns back to the Orks. Hey, could we talk to your warboss? We'd like to tell him some things.

2007-02-01, 11:43 PM
The Orks immediately make a path to the Warboss's seet, where he's eating a squig-on-a-stikk.
Nukular walks over to him. 'Scuse me. We just got back from killing some of your troublemakers, and we have an idea. These Chaos rounds I have can kill those guys. You can have em, if you help us clear out these ruins.
Done! We wantz revenge on dem freaky-boyz.
The orks immediately line up, the concept of free ammo very appealing.

2007-02-01, 11:46 PM
Well that was easy. Destro makes sure he's got all his doom spells memorized, then waits for the orks to finish getting ammo.

2007-02-01, 11:54 PM
Several minutes later, every ork, gretchin, and nob(plus the warboss)has plenty of Chaos rounds.
Alright, boyz, listen up! We'ze gonna hit dem freaky-boyz back! Dis here fancy ammo da Tau-boy gave us is gonna let us kill em good! We'ze gonna fight, and we'ze gonna win! But remember da onez da got killed down here by da freaky-boyz! Remember Zork, when he got hit by dat fireball thingy! Remember da Dok, when he ripped in half by da big freaky warboss! Remember Zuggy da Gretchin, when he got stepped on by dat robot-thingy! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG H!
The other orks and gretchin join in the war cry, and get ready to fight.

2007-02-01, 11:58 PM
Destro grins, and temporarily switches into ork speak. Ok, youze guyz. I'm ready ta go kill me some freaky-boyz.

2007-02-02, 12:02 AM
All the orks stare at Nukular like he's a mutant or something.
Uh...how bout ya just...don't say WAAAAAAAAGH! again?
-_- Fine.

2007-02-02, 12:06 AM
No sayin' WAAAAAGH! for me either, right? Well, lets just go stomp some of dem freaky-boyz, an' worry 'bout oo's sayin' what later.

2007-02-02, 12:08 AM
Way 'head a' ya. LET'S ROLL, BOYZ!
The Orks charge down into the lower levels of the crypt, and splitting up to cover more ground.

2007-02-02, 12:12 AM
Destro follows behind the orks, ready to blast any hostiles.

2007-02-02, 12:17 AM
Something whispers to Destro, and something ELSE whispers to Nukular from the shadows. Hmm?

2007-02-02, 12:22 AM
Destro stops and hopes he will be able to tell what's being said.

2007-02-02, 12:27 AM
To destro, the voices whisper... Come here...

And to Nukular... Hey, over here!
Nukular looks to his right to see a (by Tau standards, mind you.)smokin' hot Water Caste babe.

((XD, watch, it'll be funny.))

2007-02-02, 12:28 AM
Where? Destro looks around.

((This is gonna be funny, I can tell))

2007-02-02, 12:41 AM
To your right, numbskull.

Hello, there. She flashes a grin and walks over, trying to be kind of seductive. Naturally, Nukular automatically looks at her chest. ...Up here.
Hmm? Oh, sorry.

2007-02-02, 12:45 AM
What, at that? Destro points at the female Tau.

2007-02-02, 12:53 AM
Sorry, your left. I keep mixin' em up.

Fire Caste?
Crisis Suit's a dead giveaway, ya'know.
Ah, yes...well, what are you doing down here?
Lootin'. Killin'. Helping orks avenge their dead buddies.
Weeeeell, y'know, that's kinda dangerous. Why bother?
Nukular immediately shoots her in the head, and the body shapeshifts into a succubus.
NEVER suggest to me that I shouldn't loot or kill.

2007-02-02, 12:58 AM
Hey Nukular, think we should get on with the looting and killing? I mean, just standing here listening to whispers is kind of, you know, not involved with looting and killing, which is what we want to be doing, right? Destro grins.

2007-02-02, 01:01 AM
Yep, lets roll...shame though. She was a real looker.
((Must go, sry!))

2007-02-02, 01:02 AM
Destro heads off to find some things to loot and kill.

2007-02-02, 05:09 PM
The Orks have pretty much driven back the enemy during the night, without losing any of their own. Many succubi, sorcerors, sorcerer-apprentices, and several lesser daemons were killed, and the entire Waaaaaaaaaagh! stands outside the inner sanctum. Nukular, in the meantime has pretty much grabbed everything in sight and is sticking it into multiple magic bags.

2007-02-02, 05:24 PM
Destro also has a small pile of loot, though it is floating behind him and not in bags. So, where's this big ugly Daemon guy whos tomb we weren't supposed to disturb but did?

2007-02-02, 06:08 PM
((sry, laaag.))

Right over there. Pointage.

2007-02-02, 06:11 PM
Destro looks where Nukular is pointing. Do you think he heard me?

Lord Magtok
2007-02-02, 06:14 PM
Agent Omega suddenly comes out of a coma.

What'd I miss?

2007-02-02, 06:18 PM
Not much, Omega. Oh, and here's some Chaos rounds for your gun. You'll need them. He hands them over. And most likely, yes, Destro.


2007-02-02, 06:20 PM
((I know, lag sucks.))

Darnin wonders what's taking them so long, and figures that the ruins must be in a different time zone.

2007-02-02, 06:23 PM
Good. Destro shouts at the daemon prince. You hear me, ya big ugly daemon? I'm not afraid of you, so why don't you just come out and let me remove the threat you present to the universe?

Lord Magtok
2007-02-02, 06:24 PM
Agent Omega loads his pistols with the Chaos rounds.

So these bulets have some kinda magical power or something?
Cuz otherwise I think mine would do better. And what exactly is a daemon in this world?
I hope it is like this world's gods. The deityish things are weaker than the things back home.

2007-02-02, 06:32 PM
Yeah, Chaos rounds can harm supernatural targets, with the exception of demigods or gods. Divine rounds are needed for those, and I don't have any.

Lord Magtok
2007-02-02, 06:44 PM
Divine rounds? I gotta remember to get to the Omnishop later. I've got nothing to use against all those whiny brat gods in Town, and I hate being disrepected and powerless against superpowered people with a bad upbringing.

He draws both guns, and prepares to face the daemon.

2007-02-02, 06:49 PM
((Cannot research Divine Rounds! Not enough Requisition! Capture more strategic points! :) ))
CHARGE! Nukular blows the door to the inner sanctum down and immediately goes to town on the cultists, slaves, thralls, sorcerors, succubi, daemons, and so on. The Orks charge too, yelling their classic battlecry. A large sarcophogus lies in the center of the room, and artifacts of all types cover the ground and walls.

2007-02-02, 06:51 PM
Destro runs in, blasting a path through anything that isn't friendly in order to get to the sarcophagus. He also grabs any cool looking artifacts he might pass by.

2007-02-02, 06:54 PM

2007-02-02, 06:56 PM
Darnin continues to be bored.

2007-02-02, 07:00 PM
Assuming Destro has reached the sarcophagus, he tries to figure out what it is and what the best way to blow it up would be.

Lord Magtok
2007-02-02, 07:05 PM
Agent Omega walks in at a causal pace, while his arms and fingers are shooting anything hotile that moves with deft precison and accuracy.

2007-02-02, 07:47 PM

GRENADE! He throws a plasma grenade and it sticks to one of the sorcerors.
Get it off! Get it- BAM!

Lord Magtok
2007-02-02, 07:54 PM
((Internal monolgue/Plot hint)): Grenade? Here? Oh no, Its back! The Third Android! But Magtok's reign is over... and I'm not in the sewers, I'm not hunted anymore... I'm safe, and I'm in the Town. Calm down, Agent. He's scrap metal remember? Nothing could've survived that explosion...

While thinking all this, Agent Omega seems to go berserk, flying around, cutting things with his sabers, shooting stuff in a panic, and ripping hearts out with telekinesis.

2007-02-02, 07:58 PM
Destro taps the sarcophagus, and blows up a cultist who was trying to sneak up on him.

2007-02-02, 08:03 PM
The sarcophogus opens and out comes an omgzorzuberzlol freakin huge daemon prince with a CHAINSWORD that's crackling with daemonic and chaotic energy.
You dare to defile my tomb!?

Lord Magtok
2007-02-02, 08:06 PM
Aw crap. I better hope these bullets are as good as armor guy said.

He lets loose a hail of gunfire in the direction of the daemon, aiming for where he supposes the vitals would be, and the head.

2007-02-02, 08:13 PM
Yes. Yes I do. Black flame runs along Destro's arms, and he grins. Then he steps back, raises his arm, and flips his palm towards the Daemon. Burn. The black flame races along his arms, projecting a searing beam of entwined black and white energy from his palm.

2007-02-02, 08:13 PM
The daemon takes alot of hits, but doesn't go down. He looks like he's pretty busted up, though.
SPEWING DEEEEEEEEEEATH! Nukular fires all guns at the daemon prince and it gets knocked off it's feet. And Destro's fire kills him while he's down.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Insert big explosion and sound of Orks cheering.

Lord Magtok
2007-02-02, 09:42 PM
Agent Omega holsters his weapons.
So now we begin plundering and looting?

2007-02-03, 06:27 AM
((Whoops. Forgot to reply earlier))
I assume so. Destro loots some artifacts.

Lord Magtok
2007-02-03, 02:35 PM
Agent Omega begins to loot and plunder anything that might interest him, like weapons, shiny gems, and other shiny valuable things.

2007-02-05, 08:00 PM
Darnin suddenly realizes that, since this is in another timezone, and thus, probably in another dimension, if he could find a placeholder for himself, he could leave. He quickly says "And Bob was there too!", and suddenly a strange being appears. Darnin is flung into the streets of the town to fill in the void. ((I really should have done this sooner. :p))

Lord Magtok
2007-02-05, 08:04 PM
((You know what? This is taking too long.))

Agent Omega is suddenly cloned by his player, the original is killed, the clone is given all his memories, and thrown into the Streets of the Town with all the newfound wealth.

2007-02-06, 01:58 AM
Destro finishes looting and leaves.

2007-02-07, 04:21 PM
Same for Nukular...oh, and each of the people that came along suddenly recieve checks for a half-million GPs.

Nukular comes across a particularly interesting relic, and grabs it...

And far beneath the town sewers, many creatures of metal awaken...Creatures that can reassemble, and wield weapons capable of flaying enemies alive, and even capable of 'phasing out' to avoid being destroyed...But they are not necrons...They are worse...they go by many names...the Deep Ones...the Forgotten...the Lost...The Ancients...The Town will know them as The Forsaken...And they desire to feed...

Nukular leaves the ruins, with a large number of Orks swearing loyalty to him for some reason, among them a Gretchin by the name Forky...cus he wears human silverware for some reason. Anyways, he leaves, the Orks follow.
((Well, that about wraps up this portion of my character's main quest. :) Thanks for the help, folks, each of you did good.))