View Full Version : Fuzzy Knights: One Campaign Ends, A Classic Begins!

2007-01-31, 04:46 AM
For all those Fuzzy Knight fans out there (both of you :smallwink: ) I'm proud to announce the final installment of the Table Top Crusades storyline.

It ends with a bang... and a whimper.

If you've been missing out for a while, feel free to back up to wherever you left off, or just enjoy the series from the start.


However, come February 2nd, the very first storyline (which has been offline for almost 3 years) will be run from the very beginning. The plan is to make it available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from start to finish. So if you never caught it the first time around, now's your chance to get Fuzzy (er... no, not Get Fuzzy, that's a different comic... ah never mind).

2007-01-31, 11:23 AM
Ha ha, that's pretty cool. I never would have thought of doing a comic using stuffed animals and photos. Nice.

2007-02-01, 03:34 PM
It's been around for quite a while, actually. A semi-regular in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine and had two graphic novel compilations of the online strips.

It started almost by accident (a single picture done as an homage to KODT) but took on a life of its own.

Actually I found out later there are a fair number of photowebcomics out there (irregular webcomic is mentioned in this forum, sorry to see it go :( ) but I've always found that the problem with photographing people or models (such as plastic toys) comes out looking surprisingly awkward (in my opinion). Strangely enough, I think plush toys don't have this problem. Somehow they work and look more real instead of less. Again, in my opinion.

2007-02-01, 04:52 PM
Yeah, I noticed that Irregular Webcomics thread too. Turns out it isn't going anywhere, it was a joke by the creator.

I think you're right though, the stuffed creatures seem better suited that plastic ones.

2007-02-02, 12:29 PM
I was going to start a separate thread... but it's probably better just to keep it going here instead (since I can't delete it)

Well, this February the fans of Fuzzy Knights are making a push to get FK into the Top Ten of Top Web Comics. Hey, I never started this, they did. I'm just doing my bit to help by spreading the word. ;)

So, today is the first day of The Tournament War storyline. For those of you who never saw it three years ago, you're in for a treat. For one thing, you'll notice that most of the strips are a fair bit longer than the ones from the last campaign. And after the first half dozen strips, you'll notice they spend a lot of time doing things outside of the dinner table, too.

For those who did see it three years ago, I'm hoping to tweek it up a bit whenever I can. Add in some extra music or sound effects, clean up the images or text, throw in the occasional anecdote, and other little bonuses which should make it worth coming back to even for those with (cough) photographic memory.

So enjoy, and remember to spread the word. If you've got a friend who you think will like this comic, now's the time to get them hooked!