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2014-02-27, 05:19 PM
Hi, I made this class for myself a long time ago because I loved being a Shapechanger but either, played campaigns below level 5 or only wanted to be a MoMF and didn't care about how druid only builds could be so much more epic/awesome all the time because they were druids. So I tried to come up with something that felt awesome but wasn't OP. (maybe a little bit)
The Monk class informed a lot of the base design decisions such as progression and capability. And it has all the restrictions of wild shape andDM discretion. Comments encouraged. Also, check out my attempt at a 4e recreation of this (SO MUCH MORE WORK!!)

Race: changeling, shifter,
Constitution 13+, Wis 13+

Game rule information
Constitution is important for the skinshifter as it not only determines his health and defenses but also determines the number of times he can use his skinshifting abilities and the strength of his forms.
Wisdom is equally important. It determines what kind of forms the shifter can take and also the abilities of the new form that he is able to take. Charisma and intelligence are also highly valued by a skinshifter for disguises and subterfuge. The Skinshifter is naturally curious and can find use for a variety of skills.
Alignment: any Chaotic

Hit die: d8

Class skills: Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Knowledge (Nature), Knowledge (Monsters)

Skill points: (4+Int)*4.
4 + Int
Skinshifters are proficient with all natural weapons of the forms they choose or obtain through spell-like abilities. They are also proficient with simple weapons and small shields.

This Skinshifter has a BAB progression exactly the same as the base Monk class and their saves progress similarly but start at 1 instead of 2 -> therefore ending at +11 (level 20) instead of +12 for Will Reflex and Con

Level Special
1 SkinShift, Animal shape small forms,
2 Spell-like abilities, Life force
3 Humanoid Shape, medium forms
4 Shifter's speech
5 Bonus Feat
6 Large Forms, Fast Shaping
7 Evershifting form, Tiny forms
8 Bonus Feat
9 Assume EX abilities
10 Immediate Shifting, Huge
11 Bonus Feat
12 Assume SU abilities
13 Improved Life Force,
14 Bonus Feat
15 Strengthened Form
16 Gargantuan
17 Bonus Feat
18 Bodily Manipulation
19 Fey Immortality
20 Bonus Feat, Colossal.

Skin Shift (ex): This ability depends on the race entering into the class.

Changeling: A changeling skin shifter gains a +2 bonus to Charisma due to his ability to alter his appearance. His skin hardens and grants him a +4 bonus to his natural armor. His ability to alter his physical appearance gives him camouflage (permanent) and he gains a +10 bonus to all hide checks. A changeling skin shifter adds the following to his class Skills: Disguise, bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, sense motive, gather information.

Shifter: The Shifter adds the extra shifter trait feat for free and gains the bonus to ability score for that trait as well. In addition the shifter has gained such a mastery over his lycanthropic heritage that his traits are now considered to be permanently applied. A changeling shifter adds Climb, Balance, Jump, Survival, Swim and Tumble to his class skills

A Skinshifter's shape ability (SU) is a supernatural ability, not a magical ability. Therefore it is not affected by dispel magic. It functions similiar to the Wild shape class ability except as noted here. The Shifter retains his own his own constitution score. Equipment does not magically meld, change shape or change size. It will break or become damaged if not removed before shifting. 'Wild' typed magical items do change shape along with the character. The shifter can change shapes a number of times equal to his Constitution modifier + his skinshifter character level. The shapes last for 1hr/level or until the shifter reverts to his natural form.

Life Force: A 2nd level shifter adds half again his constitution bonus (rounded down) to his hit points per level. This does not increase retroactively. (Example, for the second level of SS and every CL thereafter the SS will gain this bonus to hit points/level)
Spell-like abilities: Gains a total number of spell like ability usages equal to his wisdom modifier + his skinshifter level. His Caster level is equal to his wisdom score - 10. He can use the abilities while in a shape other than his natural shape. Each ability is useable as a move-action or standard action. They do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Spell like abilities are as follows:
Level 2: camouflage, claws of the bear, climb walls (self only), Longstrider
Level 3: Bite of the Wererat (humanoid), Body of the sun, Barkskin (self), Tree Shape
5: Bite of the Werewolf (humanoid), Spiderskin (self only), Meld into stone, Meld into wood
7: Bite of the Wereboar (humanoid), Essence of the Raptor, Gaseous Form
9: Bite of the Weretiger (humanoid), Stoneskin, Water's flow
11: Bite of the Werebear (humanoid), Wreath of Air (As gaseous form but fly speed of 100ft (perfect), no AoOp's)
Shifter's speech: A shifter can talk and communicate normally in any form.
Fast Shaping: A Skinshifter can transform as a move action.
Evershifting Form; The skinshifter can use his shape change abilities without returning to his natural shape.
Assume EX Abilities: The Skinshifter gains all the extraordinary abilities of a shape he assumes.
Immediate Shifting: A skinshifter can use his shape abilities as a free action, once per round, even if it is not his turn.
Assume SU Abilities: The Skinshifter gains all the supernatural abilities of a shape he assumes.
Improved Life Force: The shifter now adds double his constitution modifier to his hit point total for all consecutive levels. This replaces the bonus granted from Life Force.
Strengthened Form: The Shifter can add his wisdom modifier to his Hit Die when determining forms for his shape abilities.
Bodily manipulation: the skinshifter can replace either his dexterity or strength score with his constitution score at will, but only in his natural form.
Fey immortality: The skinshifter's type becomes fey, he no longer receives penalties for aging and does not die of old age.

Bonus Feats:

Choose at each point, 1 from the expanding list. These can only be taken as bonus feats.

LVL 5: Monstrous Humanoid and Magical Beast
LVL 8: Giant and Fey
LVL 11: Aberrations and Constructs
LVL 14: Plants and Elementals
LVL 17: Dragons and Outsiders
LVL 20: Any of the Above