View Full Version : Help: Flumph Bard Racial Archetype in the works

2014-03-01, 07:00 PM
So I made a flumph player race and I'm still making some tweaks to it (link to that thread is in my signature) and dragonjek helpfully pointed me to Misfit Monsters. In that book, flumphs are alleged to sometimes become bards. Well, I actually find that idea appealing (the default sound a flumph makes in my campaign is "fllollollollollum blulahahahlam"), but I am stuck as to how that could work in a non-crappy way. I thought maybe something like an arcane duelist, using wisdom instead of charisma for performances. Or a flumph dancer that uses dex based dance maneuvers that function like countersong... somehow... Obviously, I have a ways to go.

Any ideas?!