View Full Version : Obsidian Portal - Opinions in the Playground?

Gemini Lupus
2014-03-06, 12:39 AM
Just like it says on the tin, what are y'all's opinions of using Obsidian Portal to manage a campaign? Have you had good experiences with it? Is it user friendly? Will a person like me, who actually has very little in the way of computer skills be able to use it easily?

2014-03-06, 01:56 AM
I've used it and don't have any complaints, but I'm a professional computer programmer, so your mileage may vary. Learning its markup language (for pretty pages) might be a bit of a pain - have you ever edited a wiki? It looks similar.

2014-03-06, 05:13 AM
It's extremely functional and useable even if you don't have any particular skills in web design.

Basically if you can figure out how to make text a different colour and size on this forum you should be able to figure out how to do similar on Obsidian Portal. Most of the main changes to your campaign like background colour and things like that are all selected through a menu. This is my current campaign if you are interested, created with very little skill https://skillmonkeys.obsidianportal.com/

I've been using it for several campaigns now and even the free version is good enough if all you want to do is keep track of items, NPCs, and things like that, the paid for version adds things like a Forum and more storage space and other things you can probably do without.