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Title says it all. I want to read (steal) everything about them!

The Dragon
2014-03-06, 07:14 AM
Modified Babau
Five of these guys resulted in a near total party kill (three of the PC's) for my party. The party was level 8, rested, and there were 10 of them.
Do note that because of the way I run initiative, all the babaus acted on the same action.
Strategy - The babaus send out one of their number who spy on the party, while hiding in plain sight. He uses telepathy to direct the rest of the babaus. The babau approaches to a place that is within 40ft of the party, but out of sight. I had them fight in a city, with lots of little rooms. The babaus forgo their suprise action.
On the first round, they teleport in, using their dimensional dervish and DD to take full attacks while flanking, before teleporting away again, to a nearby house. They repeat this three rounds in a row, and if they judge that the party has been sufficiently weakened by then, they use their summon ability and close in to finish off the party.

I'm unsure of their CR, but made them CR9 individually, accounting for their ideal terrain.

CE Medium outsider (chaotic, demon, evil extraplanar)
Init +1, Darkvision 60ft, see invis, Perception +19

AC19, Touch 11, FF 18
Fort+10, Ref+7, Wil+5
Defensive Abilities ; DR 10/cold iron OR good; Immune to electricity,
poison; Resist Acid10, cold10, fire10, SR17

Speed 60ft
Melee 2claws+12(1d6+5), Bite+12(1d6+5)
SA 3d6
Hide in Plain Sight
SLA's CL(8)
Constant - See invisibility
At will - Darkness, Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport
3/d - Dimension Door
1/d - summon babau, 1 babau(regular) 50%

Feats: Skill Focus (stealth), Dimensional Agility, Dimensional Assault,
Dimensional Dervish

Skills: Stealth+22, Perception +19

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The Saga of Hrrgrgh the Dragonstomper
It was a warm afternoon on a tropical island when I first gazed upon the one they call Hrrgrgh. I and my two companions were entertaining ourselves with dice and drink at the local tavern. An enormous fellow with a hideous face sat on the floor in a corner, hunched over a table, keg in hand. He kept to himself and everyone kept away from him.

While the wizard and I were partaking joyously in drink and game, our ranger friend sat nursing his ale with a serious look. I had seen it before in our past adventures, he knew something was not right. He could smell trouble in the air.

Without warning the door flew off its hinges and the windows exploded. Bugbears and goblins came flooding into the tavern with weapons drawn and bloodlust in their screams. This was the pirate crew that routinely raided villages in the region, but there were too many of them. They had joined forces with another band of pirates.

They got the first strikes in and they hurt bad; it wasn't looking good for us. Just as I finished off 2 goblins with a mighty cleave, I looked up to see a bugbear raising its club. I didn't have enough time to react. My short 30 minute life flashed before my eyes, I was going to drop below 0 hp. Suddenly a table grazed the top of my head and threw the bugbear back ten feet. I looked to the corner and saw the hulking beast of a fighter crashing forward, trampling goblins and smashing bugbears.

The enemies fled the building quickly, taking a b-line for the harbour where their ships were moored. My saviour grabbed his table and crashed through a wall after them. We looked at each other, dumbfounded as to what had just happened. There was a shriek from the bar tender, apparently the pirates had stolen an item of great value in the confusion. Using the severity of the situation we were able to negotiate a good price for retrieving the item. Thus we took off after the group.

We reached the shore and saw the pirates piling into vessels and hastily setting sail. Our beastly cohort was throwing enemies into the drink and sinking water craft. We cried out to him in desperation to keep at least one boat for us. He grabbed onto a small ship as it was leaving and ripped off its rear cargo bay door. It was still moving so we all had to make a running leap onto the ship.

We cleared the ship of pirates in quick fashion. Us with our magic and finely honed weapons, he with his oaken table. When the commotion had died down we set course to follow the other pirate craft in the distance. We introduced ourselves and learned that he was quite simple. Knowing only a few broken words, he introduced himself with a low, guttural grunt, "Hrrgrgh."

We followed the pirates to a barren island. All their ships were emptied out and they had entered a small cave barely visible along the shoreline. We too vacated our vessel and made for the cave, but not before Hrrgrgh pulled the ships ballista from its riggings for use as a "far away stab."

We quietly entered the cave and followed its corridors meeting no resistance. We eventually came to a grand, well lit room where the pirates had congregated. They were conversing towards an imposing bugbear who sat upon a throne, hand carved from a large stalagmite. Our ranger could understand them: they were discussing total casualties, total treasure obtained, and arguing weather they should have united under a single leader.

Normally we would have had to strategize, but with Hrrgrgh we felt invincible. We came out of the shadows and the wizard and ranger started picking off pirates. I stood ready, waiting for them to charge. The leader let out a bellowing shout, but did not rise from his throne to fight.

I surveyed the room and noticed the stalactites on the ceiling above the throne. I pointed them out to Hrrgrgh and told him to "far away stab them." He did so with critical accuracy, knocking them down and crushing the pirate leader. Once the rest were mopped up we recovered the stolen item, as well as bountiful pirate treasure, and set sail back towards the raided village.

We arrived at the village and collected our reward. We offered a share to Hrrgrgh, but he just looked at us in confusion. Instead we bought him keg and we laughed the night away. A few days later we were approached by the citizenry with a request to destroy a young red dragon that had been terrorizing the land. We had never dealt with a dragon before, but the pay was too good to pass up and the possibility of finding a dragon's horde only encouraged us more.

We offered to buy our new best friend, Hrrgrgh, some proper weapons and armour but he either didn't understand or was just content with his table and ballista. We travelled through the forest skirting the village and encountered many spider webs. Spider webs were everywhere! We listened, spotted, searched... But there were no spiders to go along with the spider webs.

We reached the base of the volcano at the center of the island. The dragon was said to inhabit the area, so we started climbing. we eventually reached its lair and were surprised at just how big a "young" dragon could be. I had never tangled with something so menacing. I could not move my feet or swing my axe. The wizard and ranger were fighting valiantly, and Hrrgrgh just kept whacking it in the head with reckless abandon.

The ranger moved behind it in an attempt to flank and was thrown aside by the dragon's tail. He wasn't getting up. I knew I had to help him. Fighting my fear I ran over and performed emergency first aid, saving his life. I looked back just in time to see the wizard get hit with a mighty blast of fire. He retreated as quickly as he could.

Hrrgrgh still stood there whacking the dragon with his now charred table. The dragon knocked the weapon from Hrrgrgh's hands. Weaponless and weary, Hrrgrgh could think of nothing to do but channel all his strength onto one attack, knocking the dragon on its side. It tried to stand back up and Hrrgrgh stomped it. He stomped again, and again, and again until it stopped moving, earning Hrrgrgh the title "Dragonstomper."

We recovered much loot and took all the usable materials from the dragon's corpse. Hrrgrgh draped the hide over himself as a battle earned trophy, and our ship gained a bad-ass dragon skull hood ornament.

tl;dr: Only had 3 PC's and DM wanted party strength to be 5 so he created an uber-tough NPC.

Hrrgrgh has been a recurring character across several different games.

Character information
Half-ogre/Half-troll, all toughness
Large Giant

Hit Dice: 150 hp (10d8+100)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft
AC: 16 (-1 size, +1 dex, +5 natural, +1 raw dragon hide)
Base attack/grapple: +10/+28
Attack: Oaken Table +21 melee (3d8+15) or Ballista +11 ranged (3d8)
Space/Reach: 10 ft/10 ft
Special Qualities: Dark vision 60, low-light vision, regeneration 5, Fire resistance 5 (dragon hide), Immunity to fear effects, Powerful build
Saves: Fort +27, Ref +4, Will +2
Abilities: Str 30, Dex 13, Con 30, Int 4, Wis 8, Cha 4
Skills: Drink +80, Smash +OVER9000
Feats: Improved unarmed strike, Power attack, Cleave, Great cleave, Improved overrun, Weapon focus (table)