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2014-03-11, 02:36 PM
I've toyed with the idea of doing an in character blog recap of one of my RPG campaigns for a while now because it sounds like a lot of fun to write and I've enjoyed a handful of other people's that I've read. Today I'm finally knuckling down and doing it. The following entries will be very much opinionated, a little biased, and based on DIY's knowledge IC, so the information isn't always 100% reliable when it's written in character. If you enjoy it, please let me know! I'm also happy to answer questions if I can.

>>>>>[2075/04/14, 23:51 Pacific Time]

So today was... interesting. You've heard about the Chinese curse, right? Yeah, that kind of interesting. Anyway, so I'm spending my day off at the Inferno when the barkeep slips me a note with my drink. I just wanted some fun on my night off, so frag me, right? Yeah, apparently. So yeah, the note's work, if you hadn't guessed already. Not much in the way of details, but that's not really weird. On the upshot, at least I didn't have to go far, since the meet was in one of the private rooms downstairs. That was probably for the best, since my party clothes aren't exactly fancy restaurant or business casual material and Johnson didn't really leave me time to go home, change, and get back before the meet. I didn't look like a skank or anything, but a tank top and skirt aren't really the pro shadowrunner look. As it was, I barely had time to get somewhere maybe kinda close to sober before I had to be at the meet.

I ended up being the second one to show up to the meet. Some Aztlaner-looking human guy was already camped out in the back corner. Creepy fragger; I swear it was like he was looking right through me for a couple seconds there. Naturally, I took the far side of the room, across from the door. Two reasons there; one, it kept me away from creepy eyes. Two, I got a good look at everyone coming in. There ended up being three more people coming; an ork, another human, and another elf girl. A couple minutes after they all got settled in, Johnson showed up. No introduction, just one of those frosty once-overs that I've decided to call the “spook stare.” Bland, tidy suit, no corp logos, dark glasses – the guy could seriously have passed for one of those CIA dudes from the trid, I swear. Image search turned him up as an Aztechnology employee, but that's all I got on him. Really, that was probably a little too easy to be chip-truth, anyway.

The 'run brief sounded pretty straightforward; steal a couple of tablets from the art museum and deliver 'em to the dock warehouses before the exhibit opened. That gives us a two day window, starting from tonight. The catch is that these things aren't little tablets, they're a fragging meter and a half and a hundred fifty kilos or so. More like blocks than fragging tablets, really. There are two of 'em. Yeah. On the upside, I talked the fee up to eight grand each, plus bonuses for not geeking anyone and that kind of drek, plus twenty percent of the base fee as cash up front. Shiny silver credstick is shiny, omae. (^_^)d

With that part of the business done, I had a new team to hopefully get functional and not a lot of time to do it in. None of the other people struck me as leader material, so as soon as Johnson left I jumped up and started by wowing 'em with the results of my ****ty data search skills. The crazy thing was, they just accepted it. Either these guys are newbies or they're suckers, and I'm not sure which. Either way, I was in charge for the moment, so I made with the team-building. First up was, naturally, introductions. I hadn't even finished saying that when the elf chick blurts out “Teacher first!” with this smug look on her face. I came about *this* close to rearranging said face for a second there. Fortunately for her, that was the plan anyway, so I just brushed it off and started the round of introductions. Give me a minute for a smoke break, and I'll pick up with what I've got on the new team.

>>>>>[2075/04/15, 01:36 Pacific Time]

Sorry, chummers, I ran out of smokes. Had to run over to the Stuffer Shack in Touristville to find a decent pack. Gotta fragging love Redmond. Anyway, I was going to go over the team before I left. Here goes:

Thomas Castillo: Fragging creepy eyes is our mage. Our *combat* mage, with no non-deathy skills to speak of. He immediately got dubbed “Karl” by way of a handle, for obvious reasons. He didn't answer the bit about any history worth noting, so I'm pegging him as a newbie. Like I said, he looks Aztlaner. He's got this long hair and mustache that make him look older than I think he actually is (which contributed to the creepy factor), or it could just be a magic thing.

Jack aka “Wheelz”: Our real muscle, and believe me, muscle is the operative word. I guess he's not really *that* built for an ork, but the guy is easily the beefiest one on the team and he looks like he's got some serious tone to what he's got. Now if only he had a real personality... As it stands, he's the type who seems like he's trying too hard to look like a badass with a trenchcoat, shades, and all. Apparently he's into street racing or something, too, hence the nickname. Another no history report, but he seems like he knows his way around a fight.

Eric: Pasty nerd number one, and the blander of the pair. He's a pretty whitebread human rigger, the kind who seems to live out of his panel van. Not much to say here; he doesn't talk much, and that only to say something about his drones. Seriously, that's pretty much all he talks about, and apparently thinks about. I'm calling closet robo-fetishist; at least that'd be *something* interesting about him. No history here, either. We dubbed him “Roboboy” for lack of better options.

Alex aka “Genius”: Pasty nerd number two. She's a pretty good decker, which means she's handy to have around. Unfortunately, she knows it and seems like she wants the rest of us to. The biggest thing there is her insistence on being called “Genius,” but more on that later. Besides that little personality problem, I don't think she's actually slept in the last couple years. I'm hoping that's not a sign of bigger issues, but we'll see. She claims she runs with some gang, but all she'd say about which one was that they were “like, legit.” Thanks for sharing, that really helps. She's dubbed me “Teacher,” which I will admit is cute.

So yeah, that's my new team. Seems like they can at least do their jobs if I give 'em a plan and point 'em at the problem, so I'll give 'em a chance. Speaking of plans, we got right down to it after the introductions were over. I put Genius to work looking up whatever she could get on the museum and the tablets, which at least netted us a floor plan. After that, we split up to grab our gear and moved on to direct recon. First up, Genius got into their computers while Karl checked the place for bad mojo. I was next up, carrying a couple of Roboboy's little drone bugs to put inside once I'd cleared the vent covers. I made it up to the building no problem, at which point Genius had a flash of brilliance and decided to take up her little nickname issue with me over comms instead of, you know, warning me about guard patrols like I'd asked. We're going to have to talk about time and place at some point. After that delay, I didn't have as much time as I'd meant to before the next patrol and had to settle for a katana-assisted insertion for Roboboy's pets. Wheelz, meanwhile, did a walk around to the loading docks and found out the truck for moving the tablets was still back there. Even better, there was only one little guard shack with some spike strips to keep us from getting the tablets out that way. Inside, it turned out the tablets were already set up and wired with a pressure sensor, plus some extra Ares corp security goons on top of the KE guys the museum had on staff. By the records, nothing too heavy there. We had our data, so it was time to pull out and plan the actual grab. Null sheen, right? Yeah, no.

Everything was okay up through the point where I got Roboboy's bugs back. I was sneaking out when, out of fragging nowhere, I run into one of the guards. I managed to break his radio before he could get help, but geeking the guy wasn't really an option. Instead, I kicked him in the balls, grabbed his stun baton, and tased his ass with it. At that point, I pretty much had to haul ass to avoid the next patrol, but I just managed it. Apparently, nobody else had any problems, so we all headed home to sleep on what we'd learned. More after tomorrow, chummers.

Magic Myrmidon
2014-03-11, 03:49 PM
Niiice. I've been on something of a shadowrun kick lately, despite never actually playing the tabletop game, so this is good timing.

This is a great start, if you ask me. Entertainingly written, with some of the lingo stuck in. I like how your writing seems to reflect out of character things in-universe. As in, I feel like I get some feeling of what's going on with the players, as well as the characters.

2014-03-11, 04:19 PM
Glad you like it, Magic Myrmidon. :smallsmile: You should totally try the tabletop game sometime; it's one hell of a blast with a good group. If you can't get a group irl, I've had some decent play by post games on these very forums.

This post wraps up the first 'run with the events from last session. Second 'run is supposed to start tonight.

>>>>>[2075/04/15, 21:40 Pacific Time]

Today almost actually started off well. For one, I got to sleep in. There was actually vaguely warm running water in my part of Redmond! I even got a decent cup of soykaf. Granted, that last one was with the new team while sorting out the final plan, but it was still nice. As planned, I got the team together down by the International District, we grabbed some soykaf and breakfast, and then we hunkered down to talk through our plan for getting the tablets out. General consensus was that security would be easier to deal with during the day, so we decided to go in the early afternoon and create a distraction to keep the guards busy dealing with the civilians. That was my job. Meanwhile, Karl and Wheelz would go around the back, quietly take out the one guard on the loading dock, and secure our escape route. Of course, it quickly came out that Karl had no non-lethal spells that he would talk about (though he said some creepy stuff about being able to “deal with” the guy without killing him) and that Wheelz couldn't actually steal a truck by himself. Fortunately, Roboboy actually had something useful to contribute on that one; he just gave Wheelz one of those tiny bug drones that he could apparently use to hack the thing. For taking out the guard, Wheelz said he could do it if he asked the guy for a light, so I lent him my pack of cigarettes. Genius, of course, was supposed to shut down security and provide matrix overwatch. Once all that was ready to go, Karl, Wheelz, and I would go in and use the mini-forklift thing they had to move the tablets to load 'em on the truck and leave. Nobody had anything else to contribute, so we called it good and scheduled it for 1:30.

When the time came, I got inside easy enough, thanks to the chameleon-like powers of the pantsuit for blending in with a crowd of wageslaves. Karl and Wheelz got their part done, too. Unfortunately, Genius managed to set off the museum host alert and nearly got iced in the process. She got control of the system in the end, but that was when things started going south. I got the distraction going by judicious application of my lighter to the contents of the restroom trash can. The resulting smoke set off the fire alarms, which naturally meant a lot of people fleeing the building. Karl managed to run directly into a couple of guards while the inside team was regrouping, which meant Wheelz and I had to take them down with tasers before they could set off the alarm. We then learned from Roboboy that they'd upgraded their meatspace security in the tablet room to a couple of goons in full body armor. At least they only had pistols? Given we weren't going to get another shot, we opted to try it anyway. As it turned out, they were also seriously chromed out with reflexes and probably some armor augs, so that was a tough fight. While fighting them, we also found out what it was Karl wouldn't talk about: he knows fragging mind control magic. That's fragging messed up on its own, but I'm really worried by the fact he wouldn't tell us about it. Makes me wonder what else he's not telling us. Anyway, I ended up being in the best shape after that fight, so I checked our exit and then went back to cover Wheelz while he loaded the tablets. I introduced the two guys who did try to stop us to the joy of suppressive fire for a bit, and then we were good to go.

On the ride to the dropoff point, Genius started demanding to see the tablets. Since we needed to check them for trackers anyway, I just rolled with it and had Wheelz park out of sight. As expected, they did have trackers on them, which Roboboy got himself tased trying to pull off without checking them first. No real damage, but serves the perv right for having drones hidden in the bathrooms before the 'run. Why do I have to work with crazy fragging *******s? Anyway, Genius once again proved she's actually kinda worth her crazy by getting rid of the trackers. She then set to work taking freaking rubbings of the tablets in the back of the truck while we got going again. I stayed with her purely to provide adult supervision, and certainly not because I was curious or anything. That actually turned out to be a good thing, since I had to remind her that maybe she should put those in a bag instead of walking around with 'em out in front of the Johnson.

Speaking of the Johnson, he showed up with a quartet of spooky suits with him. At the docks. In the open. Yeah, you could feel the tension crank up to eleven in about half a second. Nothing says discount in this biz like a sniper. As it turned out, though, he actually had legit reasons for the other suits. Had 'em verify the tablets and check 'em for damage before he took 'em while I debriefed. Final haul: 10k each after bonuses for getting the truck, staying non-lethal, and clearing off the trackers. No serious injuries except for Karl, who wasn't in such great shape from casting too much. Nothing I could do for that kind of thing, though; I'm not really an inspired medic in general and I know drek all about awakened medicine. Still, not bad considering how much nastier the security got overnight.

2014-03-12, 11:49 AM
>>>>>[2075/04/28, 18:02 Pacific Time]

It was just supposed to be a nice dinner. IT WAS JUST FRAGGING SUPPOSED TO BE A NICE DINNER. Okay, deep breath. After our last run, Genius wanted to go out and eat at a fancy restaurant. That sounded like a good bit of team building to me (to say nothing of just plain nice) and we had the nuyen, so we decided to go for it. I suggested that we eat at The Edge with an explanation about the place and their food. For those that don't know, The Edge is a fancy "elven" (which really just means they don't hire non-elves; believe you me, there's no such thing as a universal elven culture) restaurant downtown. Food there is an Asian-Amerind fusion, all vegetarian. I'm amazed nobody stopped me there, really. Nobody had any better ideas, so we went with that plan. Like I mentioned last time, Karl was in a bad way from slinging too much magic, so we opted to put it off a bit so he could recover and come with us, hence the later date on this post.

On the day, we all got together and rocked up. Amazingly, everybody looked more or less presentable and nobody set off the weapon scanner. I was actually a little surprised by how well some of the team *coughKarlcough* cleaned up. Of course, the nice moment didn't last very long, since no sooner did Karl and Wheelz see the menu than they started whining about how there was no meat. What did you think vegetarian meant, guys? The wine list apparently compensated for that somewhat, since Karl decided to drop ¥2000 (!!!) on a bottle of some wine I've never heard of. He did at least share, by which I mean the rest of us had a glass and Genius started drinking as much as she could get in before anyone pointed out she's underage. Naturally, Roboboy did point that out and was promptly ignored by everyone. That's really where you draw the line, omae? Not the armed robbery, assault, and the rest of the drek we do for a living?

It seems like I can't have nice things without getting interrupted. Ever, apparently. In the middle of dinner, yet ANOTHER of those spook guys just sat down at our table and started doubletalking at us about some job. As you might expect, we were less than happy about this for a full spectrum of reasons, starting with the fact that he'd interrupted our nice meal and going all the way up to HOW THE FRAG DID HE KNOW WE WERE HERE!?!? He then proceeded to ignore the less than subtle hints to leave (hint: I was not fragging joking when I asked if we should just waste him right there) and threw a folder - an old-school dead tree folder full of Saeder-Krupp letterhead - down in front of me and offered us 12 grand each to get R&D data drives out of the Aztechnology pyramid. Sound like suicide to you? It sure did to me. Aztechnology, like most corps, does not frag around with security on their regional HQ, never mind whatever they did to their central R&D files. I talked him up to 20 grand each, 20% up front to stall. Meanwhile, Genius was busy hacking his commlink to figure out how he knew about us. The results were pretty fragging scary; she'd been backhacked during the museum run when she set off the intrusion alert. Now, I'm not much of a decker, but I know enough to know that it shouldn't have been possible the way she told it. The crazy part is, I'm pretty sure she isn't lying. That makes this guy major bad news. Worse, he's threatening to give KE what he knows if we don't do the job. Yeah, straight up blackmail.

So that's where we stand. By unanimous vote, we're not doing the job. None of us thinks letting a corp get hooks in us like this is smart, and we're pissed off enough we feel like sending a very clear message to whoever this guy's boss is. We're supposed to meet up with the guy at the Inferno to get the details and our cash up front. We'll be there, sure, but we're going in hard. I've got a couple of frame charges built, Karl's got half a dozen grenades, and we're generally loaded for bear. We've already made arrangements for everyone to skip town tonight, one-way to CalFree with Genius's Ancient buddies (so called that), then with Wheelz' Yak buddies (I didn't know about 'em until today, either) on to Neo-Tokyo. I cashed in everything I had with the manager to get us a 10-minute window where the back door to the Inferno will be unlocked. That should be enough either way. Karl, Wheelz, and I are going in that way, blowing the door to Johnson's room, and geeking him and whoever else is inside. If we're lucky, we'll be able to take the cred, too, but I'm not counting on that. I'll be honest; there's a lot that could go wrong with this one. Even if we don't get dead up front, KE's response time is going to be pretty tight downtown. All it takes is one PanicButton, and that worries me. Karl is worried that Roboboy is going to bail on us early, too. We'll see.

So that's it, chummers. We're well and truly fragged, and I can't promise it'll get better. We know what we're getting ourselves into here, though, and we've decided to do it anyway. If you hear from me again, it'll be from the old country. Either way, chummers, enjoy your freedom while you've got it. DIY, signing off.

2014-03-12, 04:29 PM
A great read so far. I'm genuinely curious what happens next. Keep up the good writing!

2014-03-18, 11:20 PM
Unfortunately, our GM canceled on us at the last minute, so I've got nothing to report from tonight. I apologize. Next time we have a session, I'll do my best to update this for you as soon as possible.

Magic Myrmidon
2014-03-19, 01:26 AM
No worries from me, not much you can do there. I'm still interested, though, especially since a possible shadowrun game I was gonna play in fell through.

2014-04-02, 11:56 AM
>>>>>[2075/05/01, 02:27 JST]

I'm alive, chummers! It's been one fragging hell of a night, but I'm alive. I'm actually a little surprised that I can give you the news this soon, but Genius really came through on the travel arrangements. As I write this, I'm sitting on a little old subsonic jet halfway through a thirteen hour flight. I'm dead fragging tired, but Wheelz and Karl are snuggled up in the one vaguely comfortable spot to sleep and Genius has been bouncing off the walls off and on the whole flight, so no luck on that front. Might as well do something.

Last time I told you how we were planning to deal with the fragger who tried to blackmail us with with some bulldrek decking. That sort of happened. We met up like we planned, but that's about all that actually went according to plan. Apparently Karl has a little sister he decided to bring along without warning us. Genius naturally decided to hack Dante's on her own initiative, never mind what happened last time. It apparently turned out better this time, and she did manage to find a file one of the managers was keeping on our guy. Of course, that just raised more questions, which meant diverting from the plan to get answers. We decided we should try to get 'em anyway, which really meant I would go have a chat with the manager guy. He had some kind of Russian name, but I can't really remember. Meh, not that important. Also, just so you know, I can't say that stripping out of combat gear and into something vaguely presentable in the back of a moving van filled with drones and five of your closest "friends" is either easy or super fun. I managed regardless, and we went ahead with the revised plan. Still a backdoor entry, but I turned over my frame charges to Wheelz and Karl with a quick once-over on how to set the things, plus threw my P93 and grenades into Karl's duffel. They, in turn, were supposed to give me five minutes to get whatever I could out of the manager... Dmitri! There we go, I remembered. Yeah, anyway, five minutes to get data from a complete stranger. Null sheen, right?

Dmitri was clearly surprised to see me; guess he was expecting someone taller. Of course, I introduced myself and offered my hand to shake, which he took. Sucker. "Hi, I'm Denise, nice to meet you. *WHAM*" Dmitri's face, meet wall. Aikido rocks, chummers. Now firmly in control of the situation, I proceeded to ask some polite questions about our supposed S-K Johnson and get pleasant, helpful answers. Okay, okay. I asked nicely once, threatened once, and then shot him in the knee when he didn't give me a good answer. I gave him fair warning about what would happen if he didn't cooperate, after all, and I'm in the habit of following through if I say I'll do something. It didn't take him long to get the hint after that. I even gave him a painkiller shot from my medkit after I was done, since I'm not a sadist. Unfortunately, Dmitri didn't actually know much; all we got is that our guy routinely had a couple of bodyguards and was probably a wizard. Oh, and he had a serious death fetish that Dmitri and some of the other staff were feeding. Coincidentally, I'm suddenly not nearly as upset about losing my Dante's access.

I actually managed to make it back to Wheelz and Karl within my time limit, grab my gun and grenades while I filled them in, and revise the plan again. Given the bodyguards (who were standing in the hall), explosive breaching followed by grenades wasn't really viable. We settled for leading with three HE grenades right to the bodyguards instead. I'll bet the looks on their faces was priceless. The private rooms at Dante's aren't exactly fortified, so the blast actually took out the interior walls and blew Johnson on his ass with some shrapnel in him. That's when things got really freaky. Johnson didn't so much stand up as jump up, and I swear he just sort of caught fire when he did. So we hit him again. Another grenade, some suppression, and an HAR burst apparently scared the fragger, so he used some kind of spell and blew out an exterior wall and started fragging FLYING away. I was having none of that after all the trouble, so I calmly took aim, flipped my selector over to full auto, and blew him out of the sky. Chip-truth, omae, the guy just sort of incinerated right after he hit the ground. When we got there, there was just ash. Karl bagged a little for whatever reason, and we went ahead and used the frame charges on the rest just to be sure. Couldn't carry 'em anyway, really. Since at that point it was pretty much inevitable that KE was getting flooded with calls, we beat a hasty retreat.

The last big surprise of the day came when we got to the meet with Genius' Ancient buddies. We all piled out of the back of the van... at which point Roboboy started tearing out of there like hellhounds were after him. As it turns out, Karl has some reflexes, since he basically opened up on RB's van the second it started moving. Didn't hit anything important, but damn. Bastard is more paranoid than I am, apparently. Roboboy got away, not that most of us really tried to stop him. He may be a loose end, but he's also a loser. Frag him, I'm not even on the same continent, I don't care anymore.

Judging by the time, it looks like we're almost there. I'll be busy making living arrangements for everyone and generally getting set up here for a few days, at least. I may post a bit about that if I can get something interesting out of it. In the meantime, sayonara, chummers

2014-04-09, 12:29 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/02, 18:27 JST]

Hoi, chummers. Not that much to report yet, just a quick status update to keep you in the loop. I do have some hints about a job, so I may have more next time. This time, though, is mostly much a slice of life and whiny introspection.

Anyway, the plane landed us in Yokohama. Not the best part of Neo-Tokyo these days, but it's not really any worse than Redmond. Wheelz' yakuza buddies picked us up and dropped us off in a drekhole basement squat that was passing as a safehouse, plus left us with some bad fake SINs. Mine says I'm a 17-year old Cantonese girl named Xiang Hui with no history, just to give you an idea. What does it say about me as a person that casual curiosity about where that data comes from led me to thinking about how efficient it'd be to run an organlegging/ID theft ring pulling people out of warlord territory? I can be a cold bitch sometimes, but... *shudder*

Okay, less creepy introspection, more getting on with the story. I'll be honest: I basically passed out as soon as we got into the safehouse, so I've only got a general idea of what went on. I'd had a 37 hour day up to that point, and coming down off the adrenaline from combat didn't exactly make it easier to stay awake. I know Genius did some kind of hacking job while I was asleep, but I don't know the details. She also did some house-hunting online. That second one I know because she woke me up, shuffled everyone onto a train (DIY's Japanese word of the day: densha=train; you'll use that one a lot), and generally prodded us into the pair of apartments she picked out. I promptly passed out again. As it turns out, tatami floors are surprisingly comfortable when you're dead tired.

It's weird living with people again. Like with people you kinda know, not like in the same coffin motel as a bunch of random strangers like I was doing back in Seattle. I trust Genius a hell of a lot more, too. Maybe too much; I told her my name and a little bit of chip-truth about me this morning. Hopefully that won't bite me in the ass later. Cold bitch me says I could kill her if I need to, but I don't want to. I haven't had a real friend since I was a little kid. Hell, I can't think of anybody who I wasn't trying to use more than they used me since Otousama killed himself. I dunno. Cold bitch keeps me alive sometimes, but I want to be more than just ice and chrome, too. Maybe this is why so many of us razorgirls (and razorguys) go for the warrior-poet thing; we have to come to terms with what it really means to be metahuman when so many bits of us aren't. Maybe it's knowing that the augments will eventually kill us if somebody else doesn't. Maybe we're just really, really broken in the head.

So yeah, whoever's reading this, that's my life I'm putting out there for you, bulldrek philosophy and all. Are you not entertained? Next time will cover the followup on the maybe-job we got called about this morning. I hear the 18k Triad is moving guns into Yokohama, and there's money to be had stopping 'em. Sounds tough, but we'll see what turns up. In the meantime, we who are about to die salute you! :smalltongue: Yeah, I couldn't resist using the gladiator metaphor. Sayonara, chummers.

2014-04-09, 01:14 PM
Maybe this is why so many of us razorgirls (and razorguys) go for the warrior-poet thing; we have to come to terms with what it really means to be metahuman when so many bits of us aren't.

>> Or maybe it's just because most Sammies think that warrior-poet stuff is "just a cool thing to say to a m********** before you pop a cap in his ***", to quote Pulp Fiction. Which isn't something us hackers are immune to either, we just tend to be much more blatant fanboys about it from experience.
>> Marie

Broken Twin
2014-04-09, 09:50 PM
Loving this thread. Been trying to get a Shadowrun game going with my current group, and reading this is just increasing my enthusiasm.

2014-04-10, 03:55 AM
Same here. I'm going to pick up the shadowrun 5th ed books tomorrow and see if I can't persuade my group into letting me run a game for once.

2014-04-10, 12:14 PM
Loving this thread. Been trying to get a Shadowrun game going with my current group, and reading this is just increasing my enthusiasm.

Same here. I'm going to pick up the shadowrun 5th ed books tomorrow and see if I can't persuade my group into letting me run a game for once.

Glad you're enjoying it. :smallredface: Shadowrun is one of my favorite games, and I'm fortunate enough to get to play with a decent group rather than be the GM this time around. I must admit that writing this is a lot more fun than I expected when I decided to give it a try, so I think it's going to become something of a habit to blog games. Do feel free to participate, too. My favorite part of Shadowrun books has always the shadowtalk, and I encourage everyone reading this to take that spirit and critique, snark, and ask questions. I might even be able to get some of the other players on here if you've got something for their characters; I know they read this thread from time to time.

Good luck with your games, guys. It's not the easiest game to run, but it is a lot of fun.

Thanatos 51-50
2014-04-10, 06:37 PM
I'm going to poke my head in from the woodwork and say "Akido rocks, chummers!" is possibly the best line in this journal so far.

Also: I'm recruiting for a 5e PbP (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?339524-Shadowrun-5E-Recruiting-for-a-quot-Jolly-quot-Jaunt-about-the-Shadows). Closing applications soon, though, within all probability, but the interest definitely exists if somebody else wants to get recruitin'.

2014-04-15, 11:37 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/04, ??:?? JST]

Hello DIY's "Chummers". Alex the genius is here to point out some things and give a bit of an update. First of about the nick name Teacher was calling me brainiac. Brainiac!, that is an understatement of my skill. I can do more with the matrix them most full grown deckers can do in their lifetime, and I'm only 19, so yeah. I'm clever and very skilled. I thought about hacking this blog and trolling the chapters but I think i'll save that for if something truly embarrassing involving me happens.

Other things! that fragging dreck eating meat bag Suit who back hacked me broke the rules. I swear to god i tried to do what he did and ... well it didn't work so well... anywhosies. just gives me something to aspire for. One day.. one day... Oh and while i'm thinking about it. Eric... that hoop had no faith in our comrades. he wanted to skip town before the time was up when we waited on them. he was starting to look at me funny, granted he did pay me when i made up a bet in my head.

So since i know DIY is not going to talk about it (at least i bet she won't with how things went) i thought i should let you all know i think she got a new girl friend. while i was sleeping her and the guys got drunk. very drunk. like calling Hostess, a very pretty hostess name Kikyo. I like her she seems very fun and seems to be well connected. she is even planing to take us shopping!! I'm going to be doing ground work I'm so excited i'm rarely right there. so excited!!

Dreck! DIY is looking over at me and wondering why I'm giggling like crazy. I'll post again, Laters!

2014-04-15, 11:51 PM
I thought about hacking this blog and trolling the chapters but I think i'll save that for if something truly embarrassing involving me happens.
>> Every newbie hacker tries this at some point. The lucky ones piss off the regulars who just use Blackout. Friend of mine tried that once, got hit by some psychotropic IC created by an especially demented hacker, spent the next two days convinced he was Grover Cleveland, in his fifth term as President of the Moon. Especially unlucky ones hack a suspiciously weakly defended blog that techie types hang out on, find out it's a corporate honeypot designed to find new talent in the hacking area, and blackmail you with evidence of your break in.
>> Marie.

So since i know DIY is not going to talk about it (at least i bet she won't with how things went) i thought i should let you all know i think she got a new girl friend. while i was sleeping her and the guys got drunk. very drunk. like calling Hostess, a very pretty hostess name Kikyo. I like her she seems very fun and seems to be well connected. she is even planing to take us shopping!! I'm going to be doing ground work I'm so excited i'm rarely right there. so excited!!

Dreck! DIY is looking over at me and wondering why I'm giggling like crazy. I'll post again, Laters!
>>Congratulations, DIY! May your new relationship end in less trashed drones, arrest records, and mutually-shared arsenals of borderline weapons of mass destruction than most of ours!

2014-04-16, 11:29 AM
>>>>>[2075/05/04, XX:XX JST]
Hello to you people of the matrix! Fear not for i wander into your land in peace well after an hour of my sister showing me how to comment on this damnable thing. Decided to check this place out after genius told me about it and though it was no simple feat i stand victorious! i come if only to defend myself in some way for one i didn't get that drunk and the shoe-hat sounded like an amazing idea at the time and let us all be fair after a few drinks anyone would think that sitting pillow looked damn sexy.

Well onto more important topics lets be honest after uprooting ones life and going through some crazy things what man wouldn't want to blow a few hundred nu-yen on sake and have a party and besides we were able to gain plenty of later entertainment with that video wheelz shot man who knew DIY could actually loosen up! Though i feel next time we should not let her make calls when shes that drunk ah well no harm done all i could catch before she ran off today was that she had a meeting. well i would continue but my sister is already barking at me that i need to meet that yo-yo fellow. Good day to you good people of the matrix i hope to walk your fair lands again soon!

2014-04-16, 04:02 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/04, 16:44 JST]

Hoi, Genius. Hoi, Karl. I see you found my blog...

*sigh* So much for not being embarrassed in front of the entire matrix. Let's get this straight right now: I do not have a girlfriend. That said, Genius is partly right. I got really drunk last night, enough that I'm not 100% sure on some of the details. I'm small to begin with and I've lost mass to chrome, so of course I got wasted drinking with the boys. They're both much bigger than I am. I know I did call a hostess club, and I made an appointment. I would like to emphasize, however, that I was following up on a commcode our acquaintance with the Yakuza gave me and suggested I call without giving any details. I pretty much forgot about it until Wheelz started pushing me to try calling it. Given he fragging recorded the whole thing, I think he was in on it. And just for the record, I handled the whole thing pretty well considering I was drunk and didn't know what I was getting into ahead of time.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm going to get back to my irregularly scheduled blogging. Last time, I left off with rumors that the 18k Triad is moving guns into Yokohama. Turns out to be true; we've been hired to intercept a four crate shipment and destroy or capture it. Bonuses for delivering the crates intact, of course. Money is decent, plus the contact is a friend of Genius's, so we opted in without really arguing over the pay. First things up were some legwork for Karl and Genius while Wheelz and I went to make sure we weren't going to piss off the local yakuza. The first meeting turned out to basically be some kind of vetting process, since it didn't get us anything except another meeting. The second one, this time with a mid-level boss by the name of Sanada, turned out to be helpful. Unfortunately, Wheelz, apparently forgetting why I was even there to begin with, immediately agreed to turn one of the crates over to the yaks in exchange for their support. On the upside, we at least got their support, and Sanada-san gave me his commcode and the commcode of doom everyone's making a fuss over. That's one step closer to setting up a new social network here, and maybe some work later. Afterwards, I had a little chat with Wheelz over chain of command and why you should let your specialists do their fragging jobs.

The other half of the team got mixed results, it turns out. Genius dug up the 18k's local boss, Kazama Jin, behind the cordon at the docks and the rough time of delivery. Oh, and broke the soykaf machine. Joy. Karl found some magic trap thingies, something about "anchored spells" or some drek like that. I don't know mojo. Point is, he needs help to get rid of 'em. I pointed Genius at some 'runner datahavens and message boards, and she dug up some guy called Yusuke to help. Not like we had much choice, so we set up a meeting.

It turns out Yusuke wants to be a ninja. Really, really, really wants to be a ninja. The fragger tried to sneak up on me and get me to freak out at the fragging meeting. The sneaking part worked okay, but I'm not really impressed by melodramatic entrances, so I just dubbed him Yo-yo by way of a callsign and got on with the meeting. Once you get past the seen-too-much-shonen-anime attitude, he at least seems competent, so he's provisionally in. After that, it was getting later in the day, so we called it a day in terms of work, grabbed some food, and went home.

This is where the little incident nobody will fragging let me forget comes in. I explained that already. Karl and Wheelz get me wasted and I end up calling that other commcode I got from Sanada-san, and so on. Speaking of which, WHY THE FRAG DID HE GIVE ME A HOSTESS CLUB'S COMMCODE?

So this morning, I woke up hung over, caffeine-deprived, and surrounded by incessantly giggling teammates. This was when I found out about the recording. Yeah. I just about strangled Wheelz on the spot. I think the main reason I didn't was Genius piping up to say she wanted to come with me. Can't say I was expecting that one. Whatever, she's a big girl, so I said yes. The club is close to where we live, which is part of why I haven't mentioned the name. We almost had a problem getting in between the fact that drunk me had used a less than plausible name, the fact it didn't match my SIN, and the fact that my SIN says I'm underage. Apparently the girl on the other end was taking the whole thing seriously (or just trolling me), though, because she was hovering close enough to intervene before we got thrown out.

Genius and I got dragged up to her office (apparently she runs the place?) to talk, where we confirmed I at least don't totally lose it while drunk. She filled us in a little on 18k, plus a promise for more help in exchange for a cut. These are apparently some pretty mean thugs we're dealing with. Oh, and her way of getting me that information is to dress me up as one of her girls and stick me in with the 18k thugs that come here. Did I mention that? Yeah. Wiz. Genius is really keen on helping with this plan, too, for some reason, so she's going to be with me. Personally, I'd worry less if I were the only one I needed to take care of; Genius has basically zero ability to seriously protect herself if anything goes wrong. These are guys who like to deal with potential problems by torturing them to death. No way this can end badly, right? Oh, and they're coming tonight. Not nearly enough time to do the research and get good contingency plans in place. I'm really hoping Kikyo isn't planning to screw us.

So that's the story, such as it is. Wish me luck, chummers.

2014-04-23, 09:23 PM
(OOC: Soundtrack for the first part of this entry: Popular (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_uM8bUnlGQ), from Wicked. It seems apropos.)

>>>>>[2075/05/05, 13:19 JST]

Last time I mentioned Kikyo's little plan to stick Genius and me in with her girls and get us close to the 18k guys running this thing. Simple enough plan, in theory. Well, Kikyo had very particular ideas about what we'd need to pull this off, which meant a shopping trip. I should probably have guessed what she was thinking at that point, but I was still doing a crash session of contingency planning in my head. First stop: lingerie. "A good outfit starts from the bottom," she says, then hands me this little strappy thing. Okay, I can deal with that; you let the expert do her job if you're going to bother having one. Was announcing to the entire place that I needed something sexy to help me get laid really necessary, though? I'm guessing not, since Alex didn't get the same treatment. Then again, at least she's treating me like a grown woman. She seems to be under the impression that Alex is still a little kid. Oh, did I mention she had the gall to make me pay for everything, including stuff for her?

Anyway, that was not the only thing on Kikyo's agenda. Honestly, though, I can't complain much about the rest. Next up was a pair of kimonos. The ones she picked out are actually really pretty; mine's a red/black two-tone furisode, while Alex ended up with a blue/white version. By no stretch of the imagination will I be wearing it regularly, not least of all because they're EXPENSIVE AS FRAGGING HELL, but it looked and felt good when I wore it. And then I tripped on the hem, because I haven't worn a narrow, floor-length skirt any other time this decade. I got a reprieve on the next stop, since my hair is normal black, not bright green. It's fragging weird seeing Genius with straight black hair, though. I used the time to put Karl and Wheelz in the loop and arrange for some backup if things went sideways on us. It's sort of my job to worry about that kind of thing. Kikyo finished the trip with a visit to get a mani/pedi. Try doing that with a cyberlimb sometime; it's amusingly awkward. It's a waste on me, given I'm just going to go mess it all up in another day, but whatever. Just try to forget about that and enjoy. On a random aside, I was a little disappointed this place wasn't one of the ones that use little fish to eat off the dead skin. That sounds kinda wiz to me. Oh, and I got stuck with the bill for Kikyo again, of course.

So while I was bravely enduring the absolutely completely terrible shopping trip... Okay, it wasn't that bad. Anyway, while we were doing that, Wheelz, Karl, and Yo-yo were busy scouting out the physical security down at the docks. From what I'm told, we're talking two gates to get through and a full-size container ship dock, which means trucks to move the guns. The boys want to hijack the ship, which sounds stupid as hell to me, but we'll talk more about that when we meet up to make the final plan. On the upside, the gates are pretty light on actual ability to stop us from driving in and out, and there's nothing physically stopping us from sneaking in at all. There's an observation tower we'll need to deal with, but that just sounds like a place for me to set up sniper overwatch if we go with that. Sounds good for us.

After shopping, Kikyo hustled us back to her office and started prettifying us. I got her to agree to let Karl and Wheelz set up in one of the private rooms, and she threw in an offer for free services while they waited. I, ah, neglected to pass that last part on to the boys. Of course, Kikyo made sure to tell them anyway when they showed up, so hoping that maybe they'd avoid distractions turned out to be unrealistic. I noticed she made a point of showing me off to them, too. Karl avoided ogling me (and Genius) too much, so I didn't mention any little tidbits to Kikyo to give her someone else to focus on. Wheelz... not so much, but I don't have much on him, so no joy on using him to distract Kikyo. I'm sure I won't hear the end of this from him. The 18k grunts started showing up soon after, so Genius and I kept busy hacking commlinks and eavesdropping until their bosses showed up.

Eventually, the bosses actually did turn up, a guy called Kuma and a girl called Panda. As it turned out, I got lucky (unlucky?) and was checking something with Kikyo when they came in, which made handing Kuma off to me easy. This being Kikyo, she just had to tell him that I "like it rough" in the process, but she got me in. As it turns out, Kuma is the macho, tough-guy type. He's also cybered more than me, so he proved easy enough to get liquored up and talking after a few appeals to his ego. According to him, he's got five other guys working the job tomorrow, plus a grudge against his boss. I'm trying to figure out what we can do with that. He also doesn't believe in weapons from this century, apparently. I can definitely work with that, one way or the other. He's going to have nasty hangover tomorrow, too; he ended up passing out from drinking too much.

I didn't catch it myself, but Alex told me that she had it worse. Something about "fulfilling every fantasy." Nothing untoward came of it that I've been told about, so I'm not going to call Kikyo on it yet. Alex is a big girl, and she needs me to take her seriously, not be her mother. Issues aside, she got the job done. Besides confirming our suspicions that Panda is the mage, she talked her out of her commcode and some confirmation of what I got. The commcode is the real score; there's a bunch of things we can do with that. We might even be able to talk Panda into walking away; she's disgruntled, too. Or we could track her down and geek the mage, if we go with the Cold Bitch plan. Either way.

Sounds like a job well done, right? Well, that was apparently too easy for Kikyo. The slitch stole my sword, supposedly over the dent I made in her liquor cabinet. After all the drek I payed for for her, she can cry me a river over a few bottles. She pulled a repeat of the mystery commcode routine, too. Slitch. Anyway, I was less than happy with her over that in the morning. Alex did that thing she does where she pops up right after I decide to go somewhere asking to tag along. Oh, and she fixed the soykaf machine. ^_^ A caffeinated DIY turned out to be a happier DIY, which probably saved Kikyo some pain. That sword is special to me, okay? It was Dad's. When we turned up, Kikyo hit us with a couple big things. One, she's a mage. Shaman, I think, but I don't really get how mojo works. Now, when I say hit us, I mean cast some kind of pain spell on me. Which didn't do drek to me. Eat that, slitch. With some credentials in place, she actually point-blank asked me to cut her into the team. Yeah, not even joking. I'll take it up with the team, but I'm tempted to say yes and let her get taken down a peg on a real run. We don't have a face, so at least we've got something to do with her. We'll see.

2014-04-23, 09:58 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/05, XX:XX JST]
Hello again people of the matrix! Or as my stalwart friend DIY calls you chummers. I must say it appears her and genius had a more exciting time at the club than i personally did, though i cannot speak for Wheelz. Though it was generally enjoyable and the girl we took with us to the back for cover was quite enjoyable to talk to, though i know it is simply the way that they get repeat business it was none the less enjoyable. I am happy to see i was granted atleast some leeway with my "ogling" as DIY so aptly put it. Though i have not but the greatest respect for her and genius i am none the less a man and will atleast have some trouble keeping my eyes off of beautiful women.

Well off topic from that before i say something that will cause me to awaken with a blade between my ribs. I must say i am a bit worried about this job from the information we have received things seem to be going a bit too easily aside from the two people who appear to be in charge i know little of what the man could be chromed out with, much less of what it could really do. What i got when i saw what i was told later is the woman's aura i saw one who is as skilled in magic as i myself am which though not saying much is still quite worrying nonetheless as a fight between me and her would get very messy very quickly . I believe there may yet be more to this job that has yet to be seen and it worries me slightly. Though make no mistake those with me are greatly skilled and intelligent and i have all confidence in them.

Well people of the matrix i believe i have taken enough of your time as it is. Fare thee well and i hope to travel through your lands again soon.

2014-04-24, 03:53 AM
HollowSeth, could you try and use commas please? Their lack makes your posts very difficult to read.

Otherwise I am enjoying this journal very much ^.^ In fact, it prompted me to write to the DM who ran a Shadowrun adventure for us some months ago, asking if she'd have time again. We'll see what comes of it.

2014-04-24, 10:02 AM
>>>>>[2075/05/05, XX:XX PST]

Greetings DIY. I'm a Seattle Runner and "Computer Expert" for my team. So far I've enjoyed reading your "exploits" and let me assure you that your team caused quite the stir in Seattle. I haven't been involved personally, but information is my business, and giant explosions tend to get people talking. Since I'm a believer in professional courtesy and I've kneecapped my fair share of dirty Johnsons, I had one hell of a laugh when you geeked him. That said, your team sounds more dysfunctional than mine. Karl and Genius especially seem nuts (Also, keep your guard up around the Ninja and Kikyo, Mistrust is your biggest friend) but maybe that's just because they use magic. I've met vary few sane mages. Or people. You get the point. Just don't be slack with the 18k or the larger gangs. You might think that they're all big, dumb, thug types, but if you assume that, you'll end up dead. Just consider that in you have to trust anyone ever, people who fled the country with you are probably okay. Probably. But everyone else is suspect. Take care. I'd hate to have your blog end on a sour note.


No One Of Consequence

2014-04-24, 10:55 AM
>>>>>[2075/05/05, 19:02 JST]

Believe me, NOoC, I know how dangerous the big gangs can be. I didn't bring it up earlier since it wasn't all that important to the story, but the 18k actually did a pretty slick job running their dock ops through shell companies. Same with the magic thing at the docks. This whole deal looks like the 18k is trying to start a war. I'm not inclined to take chances that put my people in the middle of a shooting war between the yaks and triads.

2014-04-24, 03:15 PM
HollowSeth, could you try and use commas please? Their lack makes your posts very difficult to read.

Yes of course. Thank you for your input and i will strive to do so in future posts so that it will be easier on the readers.

2014-04-24, 03:28 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/05, 19:49 JST]

Hello everyone, Alex here again. thought i would post though i kinda wish i hadn't opened the flood gate and showed this to the team, I liked when it was like reading DIY's diary. now that she knows we all read it i bet she is going to censor more. Also Karl remind me to show you about hot sim pleasure shows I think it will break your little mage head. however none of these things are why I wanted to post. No i wanted to talk about Kikyo and Panda.

So lets start with panda, after all it might be therapeutic to talk about what happened. Panda... yeah .. that woman is over 9000% a top in a yuri manga. Normally that wouldn't bother me but she was creeping hard. we sit down in the room and i pour her something to drink. "well aren't you adorable, stand up so i can look at you," she said shortly after. I am pretty sure that part of my innocence died as i stood up and did a playful spin. I then tried to take the conversation off me bu showing her a short matrix game. i set her up with a hack and slash since she seemed to be into that sort of thing. the entire time we played she kept her arm around me and i tried not to notice. after the game we talked about her work, and learned basically things i already knew and that she wasn't happy. there was something else she brought up but I think I'm going to cross reference it before really saying anything.I was starting to relax and thin 'oh maybe she is not too bad' then she said, "Well that game was fun and all but i think its time you start earning your pay. I want you to dance for me." STRANGER DANGER, THIS SLICH IS GOING TO WAIT TILL I LEAVE THEN HAVE HER WAY WITH ME IN THE PARKING LOT. I quickly claimed i didn't dance, where she then asked me what i did do. I didn't know what to say so i told her the truth i told her i was good with computers and that i have a good memory. she then gave me her comcode and told me that if i thought about making more money with those skills to give her a call. I acted playful told her thanks and called her onee-chan as she left for the night. I also went home with the group toting a drunk DIY so thankfully i wasn't jumped.

AS for Kikyo. I like her she kinda reminds me of one of those lovely matrix stars and the like. I did also give her a link to this blog so yeah. my personal vote is we keep her, mostly cause she comes off as one of those privileged girls that have a thirst for money and excitement. maybe she has an adrenaline addiction? Can't say for sure but i do think this will go well so long as she doesn't make me sit though and have my feet messed with. it hurt and drove me up the wall.

Karl and Genius especially seem nuts

You sir can fraking bite me, NOoC. I'm not crazy I am just very open and i have high goals and standards. Not my fault I'm more clever then a 2yen decker like yourself. :P Anywhosies that was all I wanted to bring to the table. Have a good one.

2014-04-25, 11:18 AM
This is a great read. I need to find a Shadowrun game.

2014-04-25, 11:49 AM
>>>>>[2075/05/05, 22:13 JST]

So lets start with panda, after all it might be therapeutic to talk about what happened. Panda... yeah .. that woman is over 9000% a top in a yuri manga. Normally that wouldn't bother me but she was creeping hard.
I am pretty sure that part of my innocence died as i stood up and did a playful spin.
the entire time we played she kept her arm around me and i tried not to notice.
I was starting to relax and thin 'oh maybe she is not too bad' then she said, "Well that game was fun and all but i think its time you start earning your pay. I want you to dance for me." STRANGER DANGER, THIS SLICH IS GOING TO WAIT TILL I LEAVE THEN HAVE HER WAY WITH ME IN THE PARKING LOT.
I also went home with the group toting a drunk DIY so thankfully i wasn't jumped.
I know you said you were okay when I asked, but this sure doesn't sound like my idea of okay, Alex. If you've got a problem, please talk to me. I'm not your mother; I'll stay out if you really want me to, but I'm here as a friend if you want my help. Your call, Alex.

Oh, and you're getting at least some basic self-defense training starting as soon as we're done with this job. I spent all day yesterday freaking out about this exact kind of thing because you can't fight. We need to fix that if you're going to keep doing field work.

2014-04-25, 12:54 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/06, 23:36 JST]

Hey lovers, Kikyo here!
Last night can be summed up pretty simply: Sexy time!
I was expecting a lot more resistance from DIY, but surprisingly, she wasn't that much of a party pooper. I think it's because adorable Alex was there.

They agreed to my plan and the first step in implementing was getting them to look the part. I run a pretty popular establishment and I wasn't going to let their, ah.. Less than stellar appearances ruin that. First off was lingerie shopping, because everyone knows that a good outfit starts from the bottom. So we headed over to Victoria Secret and got the hottestttt set for DIY who looked like her cheeks could start a fire, and a cute school girl set for Alex. DIY was sweet enough to get me something too, a lovely little leather outfit.

Next up was the actual outfit. While we cater to most desires, 18K big wigs tend to like the more traditional girls so we headed to a darling boutique to pick up some kimonos. DIY got a striking red and black one while Alex went with a demure blue and white.

Lastly we stopped in at a salon to correct the mess on Alex's head and fix up their nails. Even the tiniest details matter in a cover. Alex just got cuter with the addition of a normal hair color, though it took a little to convince her that it was okay for someone else to touch her feet. DIY went pretty quietly along with everything, probably because I didn't push my luck with getting her cyber-arm buffed. Again, she was lovely enough to treat me, and I got a mani-pedi too. SUCH a sweetheart.

After that we headed back to the club and got them all put together. I must say, I do good work. They looked delicious. Never let anyone tell you that I don't do my part of the bargain. After we finished with the external, they set to work on the internal. Apparently there were some other members of their group that they wanted there for back up and asked to use one of my private rooms to house them. I let them make their plans while I got the club ready for the night, basically making sure we had plenty of alcohol and that everyone was present and accounted for.

The rest of their crew finally showed up; two guys. One Danny Trejo lookin guy and a hot Orc. Orcie didn't talk much but I could see the other guy sizin me up. I activated my astral perception and saw that he had magic too. I figure that's why he was looking at me like that; he must have sensed it too. I made sure he knew that I sensed him too, greeting him with "So, a fellow magic user, eh?" He looked shocked that I would so openly say that. *big shrug* My club is my personal corner of the world. I'm not going to censor myself here.

I left them to finishing their plans to start greeting customers and keep an eye out for Kuma and Panda, the two they needed to get in good with. They finally got there about two hours after the grunts of the gang and headed straight over to me. I know what they like and personally set them up with someone when they come. DIY had been showing me something so she was already with me. After greetings were exchanged I nudged her over to Kuma with the highest recommendations. Panda got Alex and looked very happy about it. I got them all set up in their own rooms and headed back out, sticking behind the bar and keeping an eye out.

Eventually DIY came out to tell me that Kuma had passed out. The old lecher does that frequently; can never handle his alcohol. Not long after Alex appeared, looking a little weirded out. but triumphant. They scurried off with their group discussing the night's events before coming back over to the bar to get a drink. Let me be more accurate. DIY got a drink. Several drinks. A lot of drinks. Many drinks. Girl is an alcoholic to the nth degree. So while she was drinking me out of house and home I snagged her sword from her stuff and locked it up with the rest of the alcohol. For one I didn't know how well she handled blades when drunk and secondly, well I wouldn't mind seeing her again. My part in all of this was done, and I didn't want it to be. Hanging out with them had been fun. So.. Yeah. She was too drunk to even notice and I didn't want her freaking out with no idea the next day, so I slipped my personal com code into her pocket before they all left for home.

I got the looooong awaited call in the morning, I think I detected a hint of irritation? I confirmed that I had her precious sword and invited her over to get it. Alex was with her so that probably worked in my favor. Before handing over the sword I gave them a proposition: Let me on the team. DIY had NO written all over her face so I decided to give them a little incentive; a demonstration. A little low level spell that would cast an illusion of a little pain, but get my point across. And of course it didn't work. But apparently it was good enough to get me considered, and they left with a promise to think it over. So now I'm just waiting to see what the answer is, here's to hoping that all my booze is an incentive for a yes.

Well that's my piece. Good night lovelies, Muah!

2014-04-26, 06:42 AM
>>>>>[2075/05/05, XX:XX PST]

>>>>>[2075/05/05, 19:02 JST]

Believe me, NOoC, I know how dangerous the big gangs can be. I didn't bring it up earlier since it wasn't all that important to the story, but the 18k actually did a pretty slick job running their dock ops through shell companies. Same with the magic thing at the docks. This whole deal looks like the 18k is trying to start a war. I'm not inclined to take chances that put my people in the middle of a shooting war between the yaks and triads.

Of course, I meant no insult to your tactical abilities. I'm just doing what I can to help you avoid being tortured by the 18K. Gangs, as it turns out, are unusually proficient with torture and let me be the first to tell you that having fake lungs is not as fun as it sounds. Take it easy.

You sir can fraking bite me, NOoC. I'm not crazy I am just very open and i have high goals and standards. Not my fault I'm more clever then a 2yen decker like yourself. :P Anywhosies that was all I wanted to bring to the table. Have a good one.

Charming. I'm sure that you are competent, and that as DIY continues to post her story, I will begin to see evidence of your sanity. And on a personal note, I am at least a 3-Yen Decker Madam.

Eventually DIY came out to tell me that Kuma had passed out. The old lecher does that frequently; can never handle his alcohol. Not long after Alex appeared, looking a little weirded out. but triumphant. They scurried off with their group discussing the night's events before coming back over to the bar to get a drink. Let me be more accurate. DIY got a drink. Several drinks. A lot of drinks. Many drinks. Girl is an alcoholic to the nth degree. So while she was drinking me out of house and home I snagged her sword from her stuff and locked it up with the rest of the alcohol. For one I didn't know how well she handled blades when drunk and secondly, well I wouldn't mind seeing her again. My part in all of this was done, and I didn't want it to be. Hanging out with them had been fun. So.. Yeah. She was too drunk to even notice and I didn't want her freaking out with no idea the next day, so I slipped my personal com code into her pocket before they all left for home.

Interesting. I'll try to experiment with this the next time that dwarf annoys me, since he's more chrome than anything else.


No One of Consequence

2014-04-30, 11:56 AM
>>>>>[2075/05/08, 01:57 JST]

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Well, chummers, this one went smooth for a change. With the intel Genius and I picked up last time, we had a pretty good idea what was going on with this op, so it was planning time. We settled on a simple one: take out Kuma and Panda, then spoof their matrix signatures so it'd look like they were running. With that distraction in place, we'd go in and do a smash'n'grab on the container trucks once they got loaded up. Simple, fast, relatively safe and easy. Oh, and the team voted Kikyo in, provisionally.

Stage 1: Panda and Kuma. This one started as Genius' department, since she had their matrix info. I took the time to pick up an order I placed last time, then got the hit team together. Genius, meanwhile, did her matrix goddess thing and tracked down Panda and Kuma. One better, actually: she completely subverted their hardware, including Kuma's chrome. Fragging idiot left it online. With that done, both of them got a message from the other telling 'em to show up for a private, important meeting in the warehouse district. I say again, fragging idiots. Of course both of them eventually showed, and we tazed 'em and cuffed 'em as soon as they did. After grabbing their gear, that left us with two warm bodies to deal with. Given the fact that their bosses didn't like or trust them and their terminal case of stupid, it was decided... Frag, no, that's not right. I made the call. One sec, I need a drink. ... Right. I decided to geek 'em and be done with it. My call, my job. So I did it. Twist, pop, broken neck. Clean, fast, painless. Efficient. Cold. Frag me. That left us with two bodies to get rid of, one with valuable cyber. Karl insisted on burning Panda, so I let him. We ended up tracking down a doc to get rid of Kuma, so Cold Bitch even managed to turn murder into a profit.

After that, we moved on to part two. Genius set up the location spoof diversion, and then we moved on to the actual job. At this point, I handed out the presents I'd picked up earlier: a set of matching (ballistic) masks for everybody. I have no idea what the design on 'em is called, so we just decided to call it angry tiki. Back on the job, the front gate was clear, so we moved on to the tower. Karl just fragging made the two guys inside walk out with that fragging mind control thing he does, so I just cuffed 'em and cleared the tower. Karl and Yo-yo took down the anchored spell trap from there, while Genius and Kikyo set up in the tower. The rest of us left them holed up in there and moved to the inner gate. Yo-yo botched taking out the guard, but Karl dropped him with lightning before he warned anybody. Karl and I broke off to set up on overwatch from the cranes while Wheelz and Yo-yo moved in. Once everyone was in place, we just had to wait until they were done loading. After that, Karl, Kikyo, and I each picked a target and dropped 'em, while Wheelz and Yo-yo went after the other two. Yo-yo went 0-2 on actually finishing off his targets, so Wheelz had to taze him, too. That left two live 18k thugs and four dead on site. The two survivors got thrown in the trucks as a bonus. After Genius checked for trackers, we got underway. The handoff was easy enough: show up, leave trucks, get paid. By request, I even managed to get a few Ares Alphas from the shipment as a bonus. Pretty good payday, all things considered.

After that, we headed home. Alex and I had a talk, most of which is private, but it looks like we can clean Kuma's deck and keep it. Genius apparently has better hardware already, but it beats mine. Karl showed up a little bit ago to invite us to celebrate, which we're doing now. Well, most of us are. Alex is sitting in the corner being antisocial. Wheelz just fragging had to bring Kikyo, too. She won't leave me alone, but she won't fragging tell me what she wants, either. Slitch. Why's she gotta hang all over me, anyway? Hang on, I'm gonna go... <session terminated: DNI not responding - user incapacitated?>

Maybe or not
2014-04-30, 01:18 PM
Hey people out there this is Wheelz reporting the current situation since the boss lady seems indisposed for the moment or the day (I told her to watch the sake). So far everything went well the job got done with out a hitch, made a little extra, got two new runners who so far have not screwed us up or over (unlike a certain decker who best not ever think to cross my path again), and we made good with some of the local powers in Yaks and Ancients. More surprising boss showed off her generous side and bought the whole team cover masks both for armor and disguise. We even had nice wind down party with liberal amounts of Sake via Carl, the boss and Kikyo got into argument(Honestly those two are eventually either going to kill each other or screw like no tomorrow), genius hid the corner for most the party, most of us took turns poking at the boss(it's a bonding thing, but I think her reactions are feeding Kikyo's "hair pulling syndrome"). In the end we had to carry the boss back to her room (it's a miracle she posted at all),Carl walked off drunk as skunk (Just know I will have to find him again passed out some where), and the ladies went back to their room with Kikyo(in other words normal drinking session for this group). All in all a good day the only problem is the 18k triad, sure we stopped the shipment this time, but there will be others if the info we got is accurate. Honestly, this is why some idiots with more ambition than brains in seat of influence should be shot and killed it saves everyone from worst trouble down the road. I been through gang and turf wars their not pretty or clean often in end it was all about ego for of these guys. The weapons for the most part were okay and fairly low power, except the Alphas WHERE THE F*@! did the get these from? If they start bringing more hardware like this into Yokohama it's going to turn into a fr!#%&@ war zone. (Sigh)Well that is all for now I hope we survive this after all I just starting to get used to these guys. Wheelz signing off.

2014-05-04, 05:53 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/08, XX:XX PST]

Congratulations on a successful run DIY. You handled your team well, you were efficient and clean, and most of all, you relied on the power of intel. Information is the Runner's God. Enjoy your success for now, just don't let it go to your head like too much sake. An unprepared runner is a dead runner after all. But seriously, good work and good luck.


No One of Consequence.

2014-05-07, 10:50 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/24, 14:09 JST]

Okay, chummers, it's been a mostly quiet couple of weeks. I'm just checking in so you know I'm not dead. I've been spending most of my time lately living up to my new nickname; I've been teaching Alex a bit of aikido and Karl a bit of kenjutsu, plus getting him up to speed on survival Japanese. I'm hoping my Kansai-ben isn't going to bleed over to him. It's not a heavy accent, but my parents were from Osaka and Kyoto, respectively, so it's there. Sometimes it's a little effort to make sure I teach him the standard Japanese forms of things. Kikyo graciously volunteered to help me demonstrate throws for Alex, which was fun. ^_^ Me? I spent the rest of my working time with bandages and detonators. I'm apparently the only one who knows drek about first aid or explosives, so I'm brushing up on those so we've got 'em covered.

After the heat had some time to die down a bit, we all met up for our customary post-run dinner. This time, sushi. Fortunately, we didn't have any rude interruptions at dinner, so it was actually kinda nice. I mostly made peace with Kikyo, I think, but we'll see if it keeps. After the celebration, we did a little business talk. Our new buddy Doc Suzuki, the yaks, and the Ancients, who apparently really want to get into Neo-Tokyo, all had possible jobs they dropped on us all at once. Most of us aren't liking this situation with the 18ks shaking things up in Yokohama, either, so we put doing some hooding against them on the table. Hurts us too if the Marines torch the place, after all. The people you'd expect argued the way you'd probably expect: Alex was pro-Ancients, and Wheelz put up a fight over going against the 18k again. Other than that, though, everybody is on board with gunning for the triad before things get worse in this town. I can't share details, but we decided we'd better go big or go home. Should be real wiz if it works, chummers.

Things got fun after dinner. Karl and Kikyo have had this magic ****-waving thing going, so they finally just decided to have it out. Being nice, supportive teammates, we naturally all rocked up to watch the fireworks. I also brought my rifle and first-aid kit to keep it low-key and patch them up after, respectively. Just to make sure. I gotta admit, I was a little disappointed by the whole thing. Neither one of the two did anything really cool; Karl just pulled out his mind control thingy and that was pretty much it. I was expecting more Karl Kombatmage from a magic duel. Of course, Karl may have won the duel, but he put his foot in his mouth doing it. Piece of advice: don't call half your fragging team "harlots" when you're talking smack, even by implication. *******.

Anyhow, after that, things wound down into company drinking time. I'm not sure how this became a thing, but it's apparently now our policy to make the newbies drink themselves stupid. Yo-yo's a good sport, I'll give him that. Drinks like a proper salaryman. He actually managed to be almost witty, even. Kikyo was all over me again, but she spent half her time trying to pair up Alex and Yo-yo. They were kinda cute together, I've got to admit. Alex seemed okay with it, so that part was okay. Me, though... I've kinda been guessing that she's coming on to me, but I'm sure now. She was really, really blatant about it tonight. I don't know how to feel about that. I mean, I've never had another woman coming after me. Frag, I haven't even really thought about it. I mean, I know that's a thing, but it's never something I thought would happen to me, you know? What the hell am I supposed to do? I have no fragging idea. The rest of this fragging team seems to think this is funny. Frag 'em.

2014-05-07, 10:59 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/24, 14:15 JST]

Frag, I'm really flustered over this thing. We're looking for a good callsign for Kikyo, chummers. It needs to be short, easy to say, and ideally snappy. Suggestions are open.

2014-05-07, 11:12 PM
>>>>>[2075/05/24, XX:XX PST]

I find that Relationships are like Running. Be open to new experiences, always have the upper hand, and always have protection.

As far as Kikyo? I suppose Geisha would be too forward? Maybe Mistress? She's a tough one.


No One of Concern.

2014-05-11, 02:05 AM
Special OOC update! Nothing much, just some fanart I felt like sharing.

A couple DIY sketches: http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo203/viorlashasui/Snapshot_20140509_4_zps91b38b3e.jpg (http://s376.photobucket.com/user/viorlashasui/media/Snapshot_20140509_4_zps91b38b3e.jpg.html)

A Kikyo: http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo203/viorlashasui/Snapshot_20140509_7_zpsc045fc90.jpg (http://s376.photobucket.com/user/viorlashasui/media/Snapshot_20140509_7_zpsc045fc90.jpg.html)

And a Karl: http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo203/viorlashasui/2014-05-11-023648_zpsc8a3ac45.jpg (http://s376.photobucket.com/user/viorlashasui/media/2014-05-11-023648_zpsc8a3ac45.jpg.html)

Oh, and the current favorite option for Kikyo's new callsign, suggested by Karl's player, is Wiggles. The most suggested is Mistress, but it's been pretty much agreed that that's not snappy enough.

2014-05-11, 12:00 PM
Oh, and the current favorite option for Kikyo's new callsign, suggested by Karl's player, is Wiggles. The most suggested is Mistress, but it's been pretty much agreed that that's not snappy enough.

NO, NYET, NEGATIVE, DENIED. Kikyo refuses to be called Wiggles. We will riot. :smallmad:

2014-05-13, 08:58 PM
My group really wants me to run the Dresden Files RPG again, so we're taking a few weeks off of Shadowrun for that to give the GM a break. DIY will return after I've run my group through this casefile.

2014-06-04, 07:00 AM
>>>>>[2075/XX/XX, XX:XX PST]

Hey Chummers! Due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm coming out of retirement! And once again, Knight Errant proves to be full of Drek, and now I'm on some chump-change job for another shady Johnson who probably wants to screw my team. Again. The difference is that this time I saw it coming and brought an extra hundred rounds. Fool me twice, shame on me.

No One of Concern

P.S. I hope to hear back from DIY soon!

2014-06-04, 10:28 AM
Finally got a game together, did you?

And relax, DIY will be back. It's just taking a little while to get done with Dresden Files.

2014-06-07, 07:17 PM
Yep, finally got one. Mostly the same group, but using 5th ed. (And on a personal note, I like the priorities system.) A Decker (Myself), two Samis (Rob and Ben), a wizard, and Kieran's running it. I hope your having fun with Dresden!

2014-06-25, 01:53 AM
>>>>>[2075/05/29, 02:53 JST]

Hoi, chummers. It's been another lovely spring week in smoggy Yokohama, and of course we've been up to our usual tricks. We spent the week improving our wardrobe's fashion, accessorizing, and reading quietly followed by a fireworks display. Well, okay, we did do some shopping, but it was for full-body armor and ammo. Oh, and a car. The reading was for work, too; we (by which I mean Genius) were busy looking up the shadowtalk on the 18k Triad's business dealings in our town. They apparently do three things: porn, drugs, and guns. Can you guess which one we're getting involved in? If you guessed drugs, you're right. If you guessed Kikyo was pushing having us get in on porn sims, you're also right. Genius and I vetoed that as soon as we heard about it; I'll do a lot of things for the right price, but everybody has to draw their lines somewhere. One of mine is sex for money. The other big ones are slavery and targeting kids, for the record.

Anyway, once we knew a bit more about the 18k, we started hatching a plan. I need to keep some of the details quiet for now, but trust me, we do have a plan. The part I can tell you about so far is that we staked out one of the regular meet sites for the 18k's bigger drug deals and waited for them to rock up with the cash and goods. This is where the armor upgrades and ammo came up; Karl and I ambushed the meeting and geeked everyone there. Two people in full body armor and angry tiki masks, loaded for bear; fraggers never knew what hit 'em. To get the point across, we left a calling card, then we grabbed their commlinks, swords, and cred, torched the van full of novacoke, and got out. Maybe two minutes, tops. On a side note, vans full of novacoke and gasoline blow up real good. ^_^ Cracking the commlinks gave us the data we wanted, so we're good to go for the next part of the plan. More on that next time.

Since it looks like my life is turning into a fragging soap opera anyway, might as well just keep you all up to date on the home side of the week. Might make up for the sketchy details a little. While the combat folks were out, it turns out that Yoyo managed to get both Alex and Kikyo to go to dinner with him. Nobody's been willing to tell me much in the way of details, but I'm betting that was interesting. Alex was seeming pretty friendly with him afterwards, for sure. On a more personal front, Kikyo has been pretty quiet lately. Other than a few comments when we were going over the porn angle of the 18k business model, she's barely said a non-business related word to me for the last couple of days. She didn't even take any of the bait my ever-so-helpful teammates were throwing out. The worst part about it is, well, frag me if I'm not a little disappointed about it. As much as I've been freaking out over not knowing how to take her advances, I guess I kinda like being chased. None of how I feel about the whole thing makes sense, so I guess why the hell should it start now?

Oh, one last thing before I go, chummers. My twenty-second birthday is a week from tomorrow. ^_^ I'm thinking about doing a special post with a little bit more about me then.

2014-07-09, 02:47 AM
Happy Birthday.

2014-08-08, 12:52 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/01, 04:16 JST]

It worked! Remember that plan I mentioned last time, chummers? Now that it's over, I can talk about it some more without getting anybody killed. The basic idea was simple: hit the 18k hard and often to draw out their security teams, then have Yo-yo and Genius infiltrate their headquarters. Tailchase and datasteal, null sheen. Amazingly, it actually went pretty much as planned.

Stage one was getting the triad's attention. That basically meant a series of hits on their drug deals over the last few days. Three people rocking up in full body armor and tiki masks to shoot up your runners is pretty distracting. The details are a little tedious, though, so I'll just skim over it, since none of them ever knew what hit 'em. We made sure to leave calling cards, just to make sure they got the hint.

Stage two happened last night. Genius and Yo-yo got in position to watch the 18k HQ, and the rest of us kitted up for the next hit. At this point, we were expecting an ambush, so we were pretty careful getting into position. The deal was going down on the docks, in a section that had been closed down for subsidence. I climbed a crane for overwatch, while Karl and Wheelz sneaked up on the dealers. Wheelz almost fragged it up by kicking a can, but we managed to take 'em out before they could do much. The infiltration team reported loaded vans rolling out within a few seconds of the hit, though, so we knew we were on for the next part. The infiltration team moved in and went silent from the anti-wireless paint in the HQ, while the rest of us reloaded and settled in for a firefight with the 18k hitters. It took 'em a bit under five minutes to show up, but that was plenty of time to be ready. They lost a quarter of their team in the first couple seconds - Karl and Wheelz are a couple of real grenade fiends. I provided overwatch, but I only got a few good shots in before the 18k assault teams got inside and out of my line of sight. By that point, though, I had other things to worry about; one of the 18k goons had the same idea I did and was climbing up my crane. The look on his face when he got up there and I showed him to the express way down was pretty priceless. I can honestly say that I'd never killed anyone by throwing 'em off a crane before. I say again: I love aikido. The ground fight was pretty much done by the time I got back there. Wheelz was shot up pretty bad when he got cornered by one of the 18k teams, but between Karl and me, we managed to keep him stable. Doc Suzuki is working on him now, but he should pull through. Orks are tough.

From what I've heard, the infiltration team had a pretty easy time of it. They managed to copy the entire fragging server, emptied their accounts, and then slagged the things for good measure. Apparently Yo-yo joined in on the grenade mania by throwing a flash-bang into an elevator full of security guards on the way out. The whole description was kind of an excited babble, so I'm not quite sure on all the details. Genius is working on sorting the paydata now.

Right, chummers, I'm tired. I'm gonna get some more soykaf to keep me awake until Karl gets back, then sleep.

2014-08-08, 01:31 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/01, 04:36 JST]

Hello people of the matrix! Everyone's favorite combat mage here reporting a little on our recent exploits. Just got out from doing business with Oni who is as of yet our best weapons dealer. He was a bit pissy about being woken up so early in the morning but i wanted to get the business done quickly and he cheered up pretty quick when i showed him what i brought to sell, A half dozen of each alphas and predators in good condition. A bit of explanation may be needed we were recently running a series of hits on some 18K drug deals to get them pissed at us though teach already mentioned all this she neglected to mention that the assault team was Armed and armored just as well as us but with the advantage of numbers. Though we went to work clearing up that little problem pretty quickly some HE grenades and a few sniper shots helped to even the playing field a little. Though once they got smart and got behind cover the fight became a little troubling i got hit a couple minutes after the fight started and would have been all but useless but for some quick magic, You have got to love healing magic my friends, but towards the end Wheelz got hit pretty rough himself but after we cleared up the mess we were able to patch him up enough to get him to our favorite doc. And frankly we were able to get a pretty penny for what we stripped off the bastards who shot him up so I feel that makes up for it a little.

I am feeling an odd sense of worry though there were two wounded men in the parking lot and i took it upon myself to finish them off with a bullet to each of their heads and felt nothing. I have noticed as of yet recently that actual killing is having little effect on me in my younger days i would have felt a sense of sadness but now it makes the feel the same as making a cup of soykaf would. Ah well i am sure i am over thinking things. On a lighter note i am quite proud of Genius and Yo-Yo they were actually able to do an infiltration mission to the heart of enemy territory and come out of it unscathed i believe i will take the two out to a nice celebration meal though i may just have to leave the crazy kids to themselves.

Well people of the matrix i must be heading off i have to meet up with Teach at Doc Suzukis place so i can drive us all back after Wheelz gets treated. I do hope you all have a wonderful day. I hope to walk withing your world again some time.

Maybe or not
2014-08-08, 09:04 PM
Hello People, Wheelz here just fresh out of the block from the Doc, can't really move yet still settling in waiting for Carl and the Boss lady is talking with the doc. I'm mostly doing this now due to boredom, Doc says to stay down until I burn through the painkillers(bless the miracle that is modern drugs) don't get me wrong I’m fully lucid but I do have a pleasant high going(and yes it is possible to do both no matter what the others say). So here I am content but feeling a bit bored and I would love to get up and join the boss and doc, but while it is questionable as to how legal Docs practice is, his skills are still what brought me back to health so better to trust his judgment on this. Posting this update gives me something to do. So yeah so far operation Giant killer has progressed well enough (despite my resent experience of the hot lead kind, oh well at least it was just me), like the Carl and the Boss posted earlier the drug buster plan continued with the second target taking place in a warehouse and ending via HE grenade, started off by the boss and me blowing away the 18k dealers, and then Carl finishing off their clients, along with all money that they were going to pay the 18k with, The drugs I might resent for personal reasons(I admit I have problem, but with this group's issues with alcohol and nicotine, what's one more addiction) but the money loss did hurt at first. Now the third hit was a the docks, but this job was special we needed to not just bust up the deal we had to let the 18k know what had happened, so we had to let one live long enough to call for help, and then me and Carl would be the distraction by keeping the 18k focused on us while the Boss in a sniper position would keep an eye out and help us keep them busy. Thus giving Genius and Yo-Yo time and hopefully less security to deal with on their end to do hacking job on the front company the 18k's were using as their local headquarters. Well the first bit of trouble happened when a knocked over can gave away the element of surprise, still after a quick firefight and Carl doing a little hide and seek with the one that ran the first step was done, and with reinforcements on the way it was time for step two. This is where the second little misfortune kicked in, we were expecting some guns and guys but mostly mooks or low level thugs, and at first it seemed ok since they sent four trucks with eight guys. Sure they were equipped with same kind of Ares alphas we stole from them when we hijacked their shipment last time and that made them dangerous but nothing special. Me and Carl Decided to give them our new custom greeting of HE grenades and a little sniping help from the boss lady that made eight become 5 and a half, the half was one guy who was only wounded, but alive (if you can call crippled and slowly bleeding to death alive) and then they moved and that was when it all came together, they were chromes. Before you ask how I can tell trust me you can tell in how they moved. They were way too fast, tough, and accurate to be normal thugs, I recognized this as a chrome myself. These were chromed out elites with orders to kill. But then again I, boss, and Carl were ready for a gun fight. Carl took a hit but was able to magic himself better (thank goodness), so I decided to repay them with another HE grenade only wounding this time but in this kind of fight every little bit helps, and that is when I saw what looked like a man falling off the crane that was the boss's sniper nest, nearly #$% myself fearing it was the boss until I got good look at him (got to love cyber eyes). Turns out the 18k had the same idea we had for a sniper just that we got there first(stinks to be him, but I am sure boss had fun since this is the first time she got to toss a guy off a building). That is when the third piece of %^$# hit the fan. I was taking aim and had missed the shot when it hit me. Let me tell I have been shot before but not bad as then, it seemed my luck nearly ran out today because this one burst fire came close to finishing me(Hurt like a mother^#$%^@ too). As I fought to stay conscious I could hear boss yelling at me asking if I was ok, I said no but told Carl to finish them first. The fight ended with Carl mowing down the rest no problem, Boss did some emergency care and then Carl used the same spell he used to heal himself to patch me up (never more thankful for magic in my life). I was not top shape mind you but I was alive after a quick sweep and looting of corpses I was off to Doctor Suzuki's for medical care and here I am. Well I hear the boss and doc so that's it for now later(losing buzz now, need more pain killers).

2014-08-19, 10:02 PM
>>>>>[2075/06/06, 00:01 JST]

Happy birthday to me! Yes, chummers, I am officially twenty-two today. As promised, here's a little about me. Obviously, I was born June 6, 2053 in the Fuchi Industrial Electronics Americas Seattle complex. Yes, I was a corp brat once upon a time. Bite me. My parents were Matsumoto Noriko and Matsumoto Hirosumi, respectively a lawyer from Kyoto and a company man from Osaka. No points for guessing who I take after. There's a simple explanation for that one. So anybody who hasn't been under a rock for the last couple decades knows that Fuchi was having problems even that far back. One part of that was a copyright infringement case going on with Windy City Nanosolutions. Never heard of it? That's probably because it was going down mid-2055. Short version, Mom was there when the Chicago Containment Zone came down. I was two, so I don't even fragging remember her. Frag, I don't even know what exactly happened.

Right, moving on before I get too introspective. Things sort of stabilized for a while after that. I was just Matsumoto-chan, the little elf girl with no mom and a Kansai accent for a while. Dad drank, but so did everyone else's parents, so I didn't know it was a problem then. It didn't last; Fuchi went under in 2060 and we were out on our own. We bounced around from place to place for a while after that. Nothing exciting, really. Crash 2.0 was rock bottom; we lost our SINs when the Matrix went down. Give the old man credit, he tried hard to fix it. This was still the Yomi era, though; the Empire of Japan was still busy trying to pretend metahumans didn't exist, never mind issuing SINs to them, and I trust most of you know how bad the UCAS SIN registry situation is even after a decade. So, SINless in Seattle. We ended up in Russiantown in Redmond. Dad got worse every year, pretty much; the stress was getting to him pretty hard over the years. Meanwhile, I ran with a couple of gangs as a teenager, mostly boosting cars in Tacoma. A couple people who know me have asked me about the cyberarm; I got the original after a fight when I was sixteen. Super Warhawk, ex-ex, catastrophic nerve damage from the shoulder down. Could have been worse; I walked away. Dad finally broke down completely the same year, which left me completely on my own. One last tragedy in the series, I guess. Frag, my life story is depressing. I've got a couple of years after that, but that's next best thing to current. I'll save my first run story for another day.

Okay, chummers, that's my story. Sorry for dragging you all into this depressing drek. It sounds pretty bad now that I've actually written it out. To make it up to you, I'll answer any non-depressing questions you've got for me, within reason.

2014-08-19, 11:42 PM
>>>>>[2075/06/07, 01:13 JST]

Hoi, chummers. Actual live update after the automated one yesterday. Sorry about that; I thought it'd be pretty wiz, but then I wrote it out and realized my life has pretty much sucked. Yesterday, however, was an exception, I'm pleased to report. So I was thinking it was pretty much another day, and then I came home. Lights off, people hiding in the dark, little banners, cake, everything. Trust me, it was really cute. They even brought presents! It doesn't hurt anything, so I might as well share. Yo-yo gave me a very ornate katana scabbard. Karl presented me with an Ares One monosword, which is pretty wiz. Wheelz gave me an Ace of Diamonds jacket. Alex went with simplicity and gave me a good maintenance set for a katana. All nice gifts, but points go to Alex for the most thoughtful. I really do obsess over that katana. I confess to being a little amused by how... phallic... the overall tone was. Humor aside, it was really very sweet of them. After the initial little party, we headed out for dinner. That turned into a side trip to Osaka! High speed rail made that practical, thankfully, so we spent the rest of the day and into the night seeing the city and eating the obligatory takoyaki. (^-^) Good day, all in all.

Oh, before I forget, we did get some actual work done. The 18k accounts netted us 750 grand, plus some paydata about some high-level meetings in the next few months. I, personally, also did some legwork on one of Doc Suzuki's competitors, figured out their security. Nothing too exciting, just some recon and data searching. Man has heavy security, so the Tikis will be paying him a visit next time we have a business day. Should be back to the usual excitement then.

2014-08-20, 12:07 AM
Welcome back, chummers (aka thanks for the update!)

2014-08-20, 01:14 AM
Thanks, LokiRagnarok. I do apologize for the delays; we had some pretty hardcore scheduling issues to overcome to keep the game alive. Should be pretty stable now, though. Glad to see people are still reading. :)

2014-08-22, 02:28 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/21, 09:13 JST]

This is weird. So, I got a sleep regulator added to my 'ware suite, and it's kind of surreal. Like, I'm just not tired anymore. A nap every day, tops, and I'm good to go. I've done two days a couple of times just because. I'm starting to run out of books on my reading list. And video games. Soooo many video games with Alex. I think I may need a real hobby.

Right, before I get further off on a tangent, it's been a pretty tame couple of weeks. Most of the time was taken up by Wheelz and I using some of our recent gains to finally get some upgrades to our chrome. Karl and Alex mostly just worked on personal side projects, and I can't say that I heard from Yo-yo outside of business at all. I still haven't seen Kikyo, for that matter. I'm going to have to track her down and see what the frag she's been up to one of these days. Said business mostly consisted of continuing with the legwork on Doc Suzuki's competitor, a guy called Amagi. We scoped out the layout of his place and determined he was augmented, with five security thugs on premises, courtesy of the 18k. We also determined that Amagi lived on site and basically never left. Given the fact that it was a nicer part of town, the security, and the high likelihood of civilians in the clinic, we opted to go for a stealth raid. Our best point of entry ended up being the next building over's fire escape, so we opted to carry our gear in bags and stage out of that building. The other issue that presented itself was the regular police presence at a coffee shop down the street. Once we planned for that, it was execution time.

Stage one was distraction. To that end, we set up a throwaway commlink with a recorded tip about a bomb in the Genji Pharmaceuticals building (the 18k HQ front). As you might expect, that got immediate response. Next, Genius and I hacked the Amagi clinic and the offices next door while the assault team, myself included, plus Yo-yo was en route. After Yo-yo and Genius cleared our entry and blinded security, we suited up and headed across to the Amagi building's roof. The three of us basically cleared the stairway down to Amagi's apartment, stacked up, and, based on Genius indicating he was inside, opted to flash and clear. Given the extent of his combat augments, we were actually a little surprised to find that the flash-bangs actually disabled him. Karl finished the job, then we pulled out before security could pin us down. Left them a bit of a surprise on the way out, just to be safe. The whole thing took less than two minutes from initial entry to the van, with only three (suppressed) shots fired and no collateral damage. All things considered, a resounding success. We even got paid, surprisingly enough, given the job happened entirely as a favor to Doc Suzuki. Not a lot, but we got free medical care and a bit of augmentation access with it, so I'm not at all complaining.

2014-08-22, 07:23 PM
>>>>>[2075/06/22, 02:13 JST]

Hello people of the matrix! Your favorite mage Karl here again. Just got back home from a quick hop to the store to pick up some smokes and snacks. Its been a pretty relaxing few weeks got work done at the safe house, took out a drug selling wanna be pretty boy, and got a hold of a fun new toy. Well it was mostly relaxing, i got a hold of a very nice piece of equipment an Ares Thunderstruck now it was costly to high heaven but man was it worth it, i even dubbed it Maria. Now this is where the not so relaxing part comes in it seems Genius got it in her head that she should get ahold of a program to annoy me and put it into my mask. Also she didn't bother to tell me this i didn't find out till we were about to hop buildings over to Amagis place and put on my mask. Now i will say it came as a shock to me but jokes on her because all in all i like the little thing helps me switch settings on my mask quickly and provides suggestions for combat as of yet she (who genius decided to name Maria after my new gun) has been very useful even if the whole team did think i was crazy while talking to her at first. Well then i must be off seems like i need to go to a school meeting tomorrow and i wanna get plenty of sleep that way i can go in fresh. So i shall be off people of the matrix i hope to walk through your strange lands again soon!

2014-08-27, 10:01 PM
>>>>>[6.24.2075...18:30 PST]




Okay, so I will start this off by saying you guys fragging rock. 'Nuff said. Reading through all this and cross-referencing news and 'corp coverage of those incidences have made for quite an entertaining read here in sunny Seattle. If you chummers ever find yourself UCAS-side again, send me a holler. First round's on me.

And in case your "Genius" starts freaking about me being traceD, don't worry. I sent this encrypted in a way that those pencil-pushers over in S͓̼̒ͬͬ̃̄a̮̅͊̈͗ͨͯ̀̕e͈͔̘͒͢d̛̦͚̣̘̞͍ͭͅe̘̯̭͖̣̞͋rͯ̾-̹͖̹̬̘̈̈́ͨ͑͋̎K̪̲͔̙̝ͧ̚͢r̓ͮ̔üp̓̄̅ͣ҉͇p̃̈͏̜͙̞̤̱̟ won't even identify much more than random Matrix noise. I could probably even scrub some of their remote files if I felt so inclined, but eh, there would be toes to step on, no?

Either way, I am personally enjoying your efforts in Ṋ̥̘͓͕̮̝͐̀ͬͣ̋ͥ͂e͈͕͚̬͇̮̝ͯo͎̍̊͂̍͊͝-̯̭̯͈̰͊̂͑̈́T̖̘͇̙̼ͤ͂o̎̇̀͌̄̑̿k̛͔̙̮͉ͨͮ̒̍ͩ̈ͅyó͇͎̎ͧ̓ͨ̆͂ ̣, particularly in the methods you get drek done. Very original, professional, and effective indeed. And real, too. I can see your group dynamic is flourishing beyond the dreary mercenary mentality one comes to expect running. It brings a genuine smile to my face, and I gotta say, that's rare. Over here, I'm starting to see a bunch of scrub runners looking for a break. Perhaps some pointers are in order? Keke.

Oh, before I end this...DIY, I discovered something for you. Y'see, I was trawling through a bunch of N͖̩̙͗e̸̤̼͈͕̯̮̿̚ö̂́͑͏̺̳N̴̖̬̥͌̈́̉ͧ̽e̿͋ͤt̶͓̝̘̽̔͋ͬ̈́ Matrix logs scoping out potential runners for a job, and I stumbled across some uploaded camera images from April. Now, don't freak out, I scrubbed the tags so no connection will be made, no trace to be had. A little postcard for the scrapbook, or perhaps something to give to a crush -wink- up to you. Cleaned it up best I could do to isolate the image.

Consider it my gift in thanks for such a fun time sharing in your experiences.

http://i1282.photobucket.com/albums/a536/Sgtboomcloud/DIY_zps95997e6d.jpg (http://s1282.photobucket.com/user/Sgtboomcloud/media/DIY_zps95997e6d.jpg.html)

Well, that totally wasn't stalker material. Ah well. From my city to your current home, I (and likely my team) wish you a fraggin' good time causing drek all.

Wishing the best,

NAME REDACTED, callsign "Judge"


2014-08-28, 01:47 PM
>>>>>[2075/06/25, 01:49 JST]

Wiz! I feel a little like I'm fragging famous, now. ...Come to think of it, that's probably not a great thing in this line of work. Hope you meant that about buying the first round, though, omae, 'cause this team might just take you up on it if we're ever in Seattle. Thanks, Judge. (^_^)/

Right, while I'm on, if anyone out there knows a local (that is, Kantou or Kansai area) Johnson with something short-term in the pipe, let me know. We've had a bit of a break and the intel we've got on the 18k isn't immediately actionable, so we're looking for a side job to keep us in the game until we can move again. Extractions or hardware steals preferred, but we're flexible.

OOC: No SR session today; I just got told that our GM can't make it, so no proper blog this week. Sorry, folks. In theory, we'll pick up next week as normal. As mentioned above, we're planning to try to do something other than hitting the 18k for a breather. After that, it'll be time for the big job. The 18k execs and their bodyguards are having a meeting somewhere in Neo-Tokyo, and we're going to hit 'em. Bonus points for being in a nice part of town, for extra challenge. If it works out, we should be done with the 18k plot.

Broken Twin
2014-08-29, 09:25 AM
Man, you chummers are making me want get a crew together. Too bad the drek around my parts are too scared to run something other than their precious d20. -_-

Loving the recaps, y'all really getting me into the feel of the game.

2014-08-31, 01:01 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/25, 01:55 JST]

Wow, we have a fan. HI Judge, are you going to talk all fancy and the like the cat from the Super fragging Old Matrix game? Sorry I'm done, just that is what your call sign makes me think of. though if you are a cat man i would hop on a plane right now to meet you. Anywhosies Its been a while since i have updated its just nothing has happened that i felt overly needing to talk about. I mean Kykio has been busy with her hostess club so its not like I get to report that ship. other then that its been shifting though endless amounts of files and data stolen from the 18k. those gang wannabees had no consent of organization, nor apparently server protection.

I guess that is one thing to talk about how that infiltration went on our end a few weeks back. Well to start off Yo-yo is a sweet heart <3 he got me a parfait while we camped outside the 18k headquarters waiting on the place to clean out a bit. the whole misdirection thing worked rather well as soon as we saw people leave and took Yo-yo's arm and we just walked in. I'm mean seriously no one seemed to notice. Yo-yo did a mook impression and I just stayed calm and acted like an IT girl. We basically followed the signs to the offices on the sixth floor, and it was all going rather smoothly for the most part till the third floor. the doors on the elevator opened and a man got in, dressed all kinds of fancy and higher up. He asked for the second to top floor I pushed the button and we waited. I got nervous at that point, I'm Slavic in decent, young, and elvish, I can't imagine I look much like I belonged there. The man looked me over and Asked if I was new, clearly thinking something was up. I said i was acted cute and innocent saying I was recently Hired on to do IT that the servers needed a security check. He nodded and say that they did just recently had to "get rid of a guy", with all the villainous undertone I would expect from a Gang thug, before he directed me to a room on the sixth floor. The FRAGGING IDIOT LITERALLY TOLD ME WHERE THE SERVER ROOM WAS LOCATED. The world has no shortage of fools. Yo-yo accompanied me there and knocked out the two poor Dataslaves who had been server maintenance. It didn't take long for me to datasteal everything on those Fragging servers, and set them to format in two minuets. Then once again locked arms with Yo-yo and we started out the same way we came in.

Remember that guy in the elevator? yeah well he remembered me and must had checked me out with the employ list or something cause as we were getting ready to head back down he was waiting for us with guns leveled at our heads. I rabbited for the stairs and Yo-yo trows a flash bang at them. I had memorized the layout of the building before all this mess so getting to the stairs wasn't an issue, the true issue was that stairs take a long time and when the servers reset the building was thrown into lock down. Suits were taken to "safe zones" in the building and all the doors were sealed up. Its at this point Yo-yo showed me why we keep him round aside from just his sweet personality. The adept made me invisible and got us to the front door unnoticed. He then used an electronic lock pick to open it and boom home free.

Now for the most recent job. I'm just going to say some things and leave it at that. I don't like doctor Suzuki. I don't like Wet work. I understand sometimes killing is needed I just don't like it being the main focus of what we do. and something about the good doctor just makes me sick. I will do may part to make sure my team is safe even If I'm not a fan of what it is, all of them are the closest thing to real family I've ever known. That is really all I have to say on that, is I don't approve. Granted it did end up a bit good. Yo-yo once again was sweet on me, when I was getting bitter over the job he actually tried to calm me down. it was kinda cute.

Anywhosies I've talked everyone's ear off now. Have a good one.

((hey since everyone is doing art figured i would post my drawing of Alex. Its a bit rough but it works ^^))

2014-09-02, 11:46 PM
>>>>>Password Required
>>>>>******** Password Accepted posting log

>>>>>[2075/06/26 16:00]

Hello people of the matrix. If you are reading this i have either been killed or worse i had my new friend Maria set this up for me. In case of my death or extended disappearance she is to post this and then wipe the data from my commlink.If im lucky this will never get used but i have no belief that i am immortal.

So a little bit of history here. My real name is Manuel not going to give the last name lest my sister is still well i hope you understand. I was born in good old sunny Seattle to SINless parents. At first life wasnt so bad there was work only people like us were good for and for the first twelve years of my life i lived mostly free of too many problems eat, sleep, run some packages for the local gangs, like clockwork. Then my sister was born, by this time my parents had started their decline Novacoke led to BTL's and well you know how that goes. Pretty soon i found myself having to do more and more trying to scavenge money to keep my sister clothed and fed. It was then that a man appeared his name was Vox. He took me and my sister under his wing for what i thought was nothing at first ,me and a few other kids he had adopted,Eight in total, would just need to train under him, learn how to shoot and do whatever he said, i was even lucky enough he had a good friend who was awakened like me. It was a few years of training and learning my combat magic. Even started dating another trainee named Terra, a nice Aztlaner elf girl, before things took a turn.

Turns out he wanted to train up some easy to manipulate kids and make sure they had everything to lose by not doing what he said so he could hire us out for some wet work jobs. It actually makes more sense to me now. It's easier to brainwash kids and people are generally less likely to immediately peg them as killers, it all makes a sick kind of fragging sense doesn't it? I would like to say i refused that i valiantly stood up and told him to go to hell, but no i went right along with it. I still remember the first job i ever did, it wasnt anything extravagant just a puggy man who had skipped paying protection one too many times. It went smoothly, i did as i was told and pounded on his apartment door acting frightened and he let me right in, at the time i just thought he was kind of a fool now...well now i wish to god there were more people like him around, after he let me in i pulled my predator V from my pocket, shut my eyes and pulled the trigger twice. I don't know how it was for anyone else but when i scored my first kill i felt sick and scared.I never even got his name but sometimes i still see his face when i close my eyes.

Fast forward to when i was sixteen and it still hit me every time. I finally decided enough was enough i had saved up money and Sarah was old enough to move so i watched and waited and planned. The one thing i did wrong was tell Terra my plan. At first she seemed great with it, even helped me etch out a better plan. I wont bore you with all the details it would take too long. But heres the short and sweet Terra ratted me out and when i tried to leave my old buddies and Vox were waiting for me with full clips. It wasn't a hard fight i was better than them and i had magic. I think it was after that, after i put a burst into Terras head that i stopped feeling much of anything other than the need to protect my little sister.

Well i've taken up enough of your time im tired and i could really use a drink. I just want to leave you with this it was a long time before i felt much and if your like me you may not have had much hope you ever would again . But sometimes happiness comes from the weirdest places sometimes its a nice day and sometimes only sometimes its a new family. Even if that family is really only a grumpy boss, a soft computer geek, an idiot ork, a wanna be ninja and an annoying hostess.I swear to god if Maria ever leaks this before its time im never going to be able to live it down. This is your favorite mage Karl signing out.

2014-09-03, 12:51 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/26, 21:44 JST]

Uh, what the frag? Karl, you're fine. I literally saw you like five minutes ago. Also, I'm grumpy because I'm tired and I have to deal with every fragging thing, so frag you.

Right, on to the regular blog. It's been a fragging looooong day, chummers. I got a job, survived an ambush, and built a car bomb! Sometimes life is really fragging interesting, all at once.

So first things first, jobs. We've been going pretty solidly against the 18k for a while, now, which gets old. We've got some time before we can hit them where we want to, but we didn't feel like just sitting around for that, so we went looking for a job. Yo-yo's fixer set us up with one; straight datasteal from a secure lab, with the catch that we have to be done before the weekend. Pretty standard stuff, really. Ordinarily, that would be a blog post on its, own, but not this time. We actually haven't gotten to doing the run, mostly because of the next thing on the list.

Yeah, ambush. Remember those tablets we stole back in Seattle? Well, Genius has really been wanting to get them translated, so she put in a request with Yo-yo's fixer to track down somebody who could do it. He found one, unfortunately. Problem is, the fragging slitch talked about the meeting. So, the meeting was held in a museum. Slitch didn't show up on time, so we almost left without meeting. Then, an hour later, the fragging kill squads showed up. The museum was closed at that point, so we were basically the only ones there. Wheelz and Karl, on lookout, fortunately saw them coming, so we didn't get caught by surprise, just barely armed. Seriously, among the five of us, we had four tasers, three swords, two pairs of shock gloves, a machine pistol, and a flash-bang. Well, and magic. Karl's exit was less watched, so we picked that for our breakout point. Karl wasted most of them with magic while we regrouped there, then we grabbed the one survivor and the fragging museum slitch and jumped in their van. That turned into a car chase when their other van pulled out after us. The chase ended about ten seconds later, courtesy of Karl turning their tires into melted rubber. MVP of the night: Karl fragging Kombatmage, chummers. Given him a fragging hand; he earned it hardcore.

After making a clean getaway and ditching the trackers, we dragged the museum slitch (name: Ayumi) and the surviving gunman off to our favorite abandoned warehouse to find out what the frag was going on. Long story short, museum slitch was probably our security leak; she told her boss, and outgoing call logs show him making contact with our gunmen. Loose ends, fun. The gunman was more helpful; apparently there's a full cell of highly augmented fraggers gunning for us. Like two dozen, after the ones we geeked are subtracted. He was kind enough to give us a breakdown on their assets and base, so we're going to deal with them the Seattle way before they come at us again. That would be the reason for the car bomb mentioned above. Twenty-five fragging kilograms of explosives, one commlink, one van, one base soon to be gone. I love my job sometimes. (^_^) Oh, we added up what the cyberware of the guys we geeked cost (we had a body from the gunman we interrogated to check, and Doc Suzuki was kind enough to help us out) and did some math; apparently, somebody has six million nuyen to waste on geeking us, before gear and the building. I feel special.

In random miscellany, Genius apparently liked my sleep regulator, so she got one installed. Some other augments, too. Given her insomnia issues, I think it was a good call.

2014-09-03, 01:35 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/26, 16:28 JST]

Life is Fragging beautiful <3
>>>>>>[Due to inactivity user has been disconnected]

>>>>>[2075/06/26, 22:35 JST]

Hello my lovely Matrix. As Teacher has pointed out, I have actually gotten bio-wear for the first time. To sleep for once truly sleep deeply has just been heaven. I actually dreamed I have never dreamed before. It was strange yet wonderful and for once my body feels very relaxed and just..
>>>>[unable to translate sound]
Life is wonderful I slept and i still have lots of time to do things. I dyed my hair violet since I have been wanted to get rid of this black, and learned how to drive. I feel amazing, I'm sure that this good feeling will fall into a normality but for right now,
>>>>[unable to translate sounds]
the Warmth and numbness that just wraps around you, it is near orgasmic.

A thing i do have to say is that I didn't like going under the knife. the Idea of someone poking about my brain. I have already stated my thoughts on Susuki but i had never met him in person till recently. I met him and he still gives me a bad feeling. I know this is childish but i did ask for company. I wanted someone to keep an eye on the good doctor as he poked around my head. DIY, Karl (despite his exhaustion), and wheels all came to support me. <3. Wheels spent some of the time trying to get pain meds off the good doc, and was shot down, and the others just stayed close. I can only imagine what would have happened if the doctor had messed up the operation. Eather way it went well and i got to experience true sleep.

Anyway my thoughts on our new work. Meh, though i do have a vested interest in the data to be stolen. We will have to see. As for the tablet etchings, I am sorry. I'm so sorry everyone i didn't think they would cause this much trouble. I was curious as to why a corp would want it them so bad, plus maybe selling them on the sides. I thought the lady was rather helpful, just fro someone with such education doesn't seem to be that street smart. I bet the woman has had a very soft life. Anywhoies, I think things may go quite well.

2014-09-03, 02:07 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/26, 23:00 JST]

.... God damn it maria you thrice damned program i gave that to you in confidence. To hell with it. Hello people of the matrix as you can tell i am still alive and kicking even after our little dance with the gunmen at the museum. First off the boss lady forgot to mention a few things first off i got a good view of these guys on the astral plane and they had more chrome on them than a wanna be yaks compensation muscle car. She was also wrong in saying that i really took them out i mean to be fair a little gripping of their minds and all i had to do was sit back,give an order, and let them unload their ares alphas into each other. Oh and finish off all but one of the survivors with a swift stab to the throat with my katana. I have to admit I'm actually really happy teach gave me lessons on how to use one effectively. Also lets be fair it isn't hard to slag some tires with a quick fire spell though I will gladly take the MVP trophy for the night which in our group means an extra beer and bragging rights for the next couple of hours.

Also just as a note genius has,if you couldn't already tell by her post, really been enjoying that fancy new sleep regulator she got i just hope we can actually get her awake when we need her. And as per genius's musings on what would have happened had the Doc botched the operation i can say pretty much exactly what would have happened. I mean a clip of ex-ex, a fire blast and having whats left over be pounded on by an orc usually adds up to a painful death. Lucky for us the surgery was not botched we have a happy, if slightly creepily so, Genius and we got to keep one our favorite street doc. Well I've taken up enough of your time if you'll excuse me I'm going to go try to discover a way to somehow beat a certain unnamed program who likes to post peoples personal things without permission with a baseball bat.

2014-09-08, 09:35 PM
I regret to inform you all that there will be no session tomorrow. Our GM is skipping out on us again.

2014-09-08, 10:20 PM
>>>>>[2075/6/28, 9:37 PST]




Wa-hey, if it isn't my favorite chummers abroad! Unfortunate to hear of your unexpected downtime, I feel your pain. After all, hard chip truth is a bored runner be a broke one, am I right? Keke, thought I'd pop in to let you guys know you haven't been forgotten!

DIY, I gotta say one thing with your get-even plans. Brilliant. If I didn't know any better, I'd say there was a highlight of pink in your haiiir~. My trigger happy rigger thumbs up the car bomb wholeheartedly, while I'm simply a sucker for the oldies and goldies. Rough with the ambush though, but that comes with the work, right? Break enough eggs, soon some chickens will start to notice...I really must work on my metaphors... either way, don't be discouraged about delays. I've seen instances of SEVERAL weeks of wait time for a job, and I know it ain't easy!

Karl, you are definitely quite the original Awakened that I have seen. A calm river concealing the roiling torrents beneath~. Being the mungo I am, I tip my hat to your strengths and attitude towards everything. Bravo. Oh, and I gotta admit, I'm not surprised your "Maria" pulled that one on you. I recall an old 20th century video (I didn't misspeak) theorizing that programs tend to take on traits of their creators...and let's be honest, your little Genius would possibly have done the same. Just my opinion though, omae, please don't frag me for it ^_^;

Speaking of...Alex, only someone who appreciates really fraggin' old Matrix games would catch on that I take after them. And for that, you get my thumbs up. And as for cat man? I didn't think I'd be backhacked THAT easily~~

http://i1282.photobucket.com/albums/a536/Sgtboomcloud/sapurrai_zps7e025c35.jpg (http://s1282.photobucket.com/user/Sgtboomcloud/media/sapurrai_zps7e025c35.jpg.html)

Hehe, I could not resist. Either way, glad to hear you got a trusted friend to get you out of a tight spot. Those are rare, especially in our line of work. And congrats on the bio! Relieved to hear it went well, though I remember a proverb connecting aug's to tattoos...if you get one, you may turn around and find yourself getting another. Or something like that.

Anyhoozle, I'm getting buzzed to take care of some drek. Just wanted to let you guys know I'm pulling for ya UCAS-side, and got your back if only in spirit! Well...not astrally, tis just an expression. Gah! Peace, Chummers!



2014-09-09, 01:50 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/28, 06:14 JST]

You know, I may have to try the pink highlights one of these days, sounds fun. Maybe after this mess, when I have time.

I'm pretty happy with the car bomb plan. I don't get to use explosives often, but when I do, I go all out. We're toying with the idea of rigging the car up to blare some music or a sound effect right before it goes off (bomb's too big for a second or two of warning to help) just for effect, and because it's funny. The whole thing is louder than we really like for a Plan A, but the point is to send a message to the fraggers that aimed a fragging special forces platoon worth of assets at us. Plus, blowing up six million plus nuyen worth of corp assets all at once is one of those once in a lifetime things.

Lord Torath
2014-09-09, 07:37 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/27, 14:27 PST]

Black Nickel, here, Rigger Extraordinaire. A couple of things. First, DIY, I've loved reading your logs! Reminds me of some of my...more interesting runs. Hope things turn out well for you and your gang.

More importantly, you may want to rethink your 1-2 seconds of music warning. A street sammy I used to work with could cover 22 meters per second at a walk. Running full tilt, he could do over 60 meters a second. (Of course, that was with the help of some stolen Sorayama designs, but if we got them, some one else probably did as well. Possibly even the original customer). I don't know how chromed your opposition is, but be careful. I wouldn't give more than a quarter second warning.

Best wishes.

Oh, and Judge? If you ever need modifications done to your ride, look me up. Or even just a tune up. It's been a while since I started fixing cars, but I've done my best to stay current. No one's faster or better at repair work than I am.

2014-09-09, 10:49 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/28, 06:44 JST]

Teacher can we keep him, I vote we keep the judge. Fluffy and funny he is the entire package of awesome. (°∀°)b so the pink i think that would look fraggin' awesome in DIY's hair.

HI BLACK NICKLE. that's kinda cool to have a rigger joining us. I'm Just learning how to rig any tips? Granted I am a genius after all and it won't take me too long to master it. I am going to be the one placing the bomb. That day is going to be busy busy busy. I'm going to have to rip apart the cell's host and then place the bomb. I bet the later would be the hardest. TEACHER I SHOULD PICK THE SONG SINCE I AM DOING ALL THE HARD WORK THIS RUN. (^ω^)

Lord Torath
2014-09-09, 01:12 PM
>>>>>[2075/06/27, 15:31 PST]
(It’s still weird to be posting today, but it’s yesterday for you)

Advice to the aspiring young rigger? I think I’m fairly well qualified for that. First off, Alex (Genius?), no pink in my hair. My 20x IR-UV-Ultrasound goggles have quite the mirror sheen, though. (Okay, maybe there's a little pink. We did blow the entire facade off a brotherhood chapterhouse once.)

One of the first things I picked up was a sturdy, non-descript, delivery-type van. We called ours Bulldog. You want to keep it well stocked with general supplies (med kit, surveillance gear, extra ammunition, fetishes, etc.). We'd use it as a mobile base. It's nice to have a tear-away skin for the van, so you can change appearances on short notice. Any upgrades you can give it (higher armor, concealed heavy weapons, sensors) are generally worth it. If you ever add a turret, make it concealable. And the extra nuyen to make it anti-air is well worth it. Hopefully you never need to use it. But if you do, you’ll be very glad you’ve got it. Make sure you can store your drones in it, along with everyone's gear. And teach everyone on your team how to drive it, at least a little. Eventually, I even added a satellite hook-up to the matrix.

Keep an eye out for semi-official vehicles you can steal. Does 18k have a motor pool for their "enforcement" arm? If so, consider stealing a few when you take them down. We picked up a couple of CN-Patrol Ones that were loaded to the hilt - missile launchers, HMGs, the works! - from one of our targets. If more than one of you can drive, you can travel in a convoy: patrol car, van, patrol car. This can make your group look more legit. At least enough for most people to get out your way and assume you're on Official Business. (It also provides a reason for why you're wearing heavy armor. It works for the corp-sec guys anyway). And you’ll want tear-away skins for those as well. But remember to take the skin with you after tearing it away.

When it comes to the actual runs, I mostly considered myself on alarm duty. I'd send Jelly (my old Condor II) a km or so up to monitor traffic in the area around our target (usually launched from at least a km away to prevent notice), and stay in Bulldog (sometimes with a friendly elemental for company and protection). Sometimes I'd send Kitty (my combat drone, equipped with Sniper rifle, taser, and dart gun) in, but frequently I'd just monitor the situation and call out threats. (I assume since you've survived one run, you've discovered the importance of a good team communications system?). The extra minute or so that buys you makes a big difference in keeping the drek away from the turbofan.

And most importantly, carry a stun baton if you can, and never be without a pair of shock gloves. And as much as you may hate it, get up early in the mornings and train with DIY. No one should put an arm you don't want around you!

That’s all for now! There’s a Saab in the yard that needs a new axle installed, and I promised I’ve have it ready first thing tomorrow morning.

--Black Nickel

2014-09-11, 06:45 AM
>>>>>[2075/XX/XX, XX:XX PST]

Glad things are going well for your team DIY. Sadly we can't all be so lucky. My teammates are either dead or in hiding, with my lucky ass thankfully being among the latter. As it turns out, Governors get real touchy when you steal drek from them and give it to their rivals. Now I'm in a nice, cozy (read: drekky) safe-house, hoping that nobody frags me while I type this. But, enough about me. Congrats to your crew. Cheers.


Lord Torath
2014-09-21, 11:08 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/30, 18:31 PST]
DYI? Genius? Karl? Any survivors?

--Black Nickel

2014-09-21, 12:14 PM
Making note of this for everyone our last couple games have been cancelled due to some GM issues but we should be back to our regularly scheduled posts soon enough.

2014-09-24, 12:03 AM
Soundtrack for this post: The Final Countdown, by Europe (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw)

>>>>>[2075/06/30, 13:29 JST]

Hoi, chummers, I'm back! We sorted out our trouble with the hit teams and actually managed to finish our side 'run on schedule! It was close, but it got done. Unfortunately for you, I was the backup for this one, so I don't have much to report first hand. Alex will have more details on that.

I know you're all waiting to hear about this first part: explosions! I did see Black Nickel's bit about their running speed and checked the numbers; turned out they couldn't have run fast enough to get clear, so we went with the music for effect. Right before we hit 'em, Genius broke in and pulled their files, so we've got some sorting to do to figure out who actually sent them. After that, she accelerated the van through the loading door and I hit the switch. Total. Fragging. Annihilation. The whole thing came down and took some of the sides of the buildings next door with 'em. I loooove what I do. ^_^

After that, we scrambled to make up for lost time on our actual job. Our legwork was already done, so we just got right to it after a little bit of planning. We opted for a stealth approach with a heavy backup team, so it was Wheelz, Genius, and Yo-yo entering while Karl and I were on standby with our combat gear in case things went sideways on us. It did, naturally. First, apparently the entire fragging building was a Faraday cage, not just the prototype server room. Yeah, that backup team part? We never heard drek even when the intrusion team did run into trouble. The 'run for me was basically half an hour of playing go fish with Karl and resisting the urge to tase him and play solitaire instead. Oh, and about two minutes of near-panic when the intrusion team got back arguing about black IC and why Alex was passed out for a bit inside. No damage done that I can tell, but I was worried at the time. From what I got afterwards, it sounds like they ran into guards inside and had to fight their way to the host room, but I don't know the details. No serious injuries and we got the paydata, though, so still a success. After that, I just had to call up the Johnson, deliver the goods, and get paid.

Oh, and to Black Nickel and any other new chummers out there, hoi! It's been a busy couple of days, but we're all good now. Stick around, and we should get to the main event with the 18k here soon.

2014-09-24, 01:26 AM
>>>>>[2057/06/30, 14:30 JST]

Hoi Peoples,

Black Nickle, check, check, check and HA HA satellite link [tisking sound]. :smalltongue: thanks for the tips though i do have them mostly checked off. I'll work on finding a car that looks more official. also i wear shock gloves i just am not a good fighter despite Teacher sometimes tossing me round our apartment. I mean Deck in this last run i was literally about to pounce on a guy from the closet, and i fagging miss. on the plus side he was worse fighter then me so he couldn't touch me ether. still was a bit embarrassing.

Alright the fist thing with the attack group was nice and easy rig the van to explode then point it in the light direction and BOOM!!. It was the second job that was a bit of a pain. For the record I'm not sneaky I was never much for sneaking about. I've just never really been good at it. anyway the start was really really rocky, Yo-yo got us in and first thing we see is a security guard sleeping at his desk. that was nice and quiet tasing him so he just stays asleep. I licked his terminal that was watching security feed to my comlink and then started seeking the target. The paranoid fragging owners had all the important data locked behind a safe door equipped with bio-metrics of both voice and fingerprints. When i shared this information it was a collective "frag me" . (* ̄m ̄) None of the security guys had access to the fragging thing. We had a moment of discussing what to do about that dreck and sure enough the security guards partner came back.

Yo-you hid under the desk and tased that guys legs before stowing him in the closet. before we could come up with a new plan their comlinks started buzzing. We couldn't Buy a fragging break if it was on sale. Wheels was the one who decided to try and fix the situation, and by fix I mean call down the reinforcements. I like wheels but some days he is such a Trog. I hid in the closet and well when re reinforcements arrived you know what happened. well when he missed me I ran, I know that is is bad for me to break off from the group but I had things to take care of, and it was safer for me to be away from the fighting. Wheels is wired I knew that he would be fine since these security guys were mundane. I made my way to the floor with the safe and started braking into their security host. I then used the recordings of the com chatter to lure the security on that floor to the second and then head to the safe.

cracking the electronic lock on the door was easy enough I didn't have much problem till I got to the fingerprint reader. The safe had two hosts of its own each one running only part of the doors. They apparently had allot of nuyen to spend. Eather way it took allot of work and for the first time in years I had to engage IC. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ THE SLICHES SEND BLACK IC AT ME. I mean I am a matrix goddess so they didn't even land a strike on me, but seriously Black IC, what jerks. So I was the one who cracked the safe though I think I gave Yo-yo and Wheels a heart attack when they found my body while I was in hot-sim. I was to tired by the end of it that I took care of the voice bio-lock with the com-chatter that was recorded. So stole the data and was escaped untouched. Though I did format their main research terminal just to spite them, No I'm not bitter about the Black IC why do you ask?

After everything I ended up being scolded. Once by everyone over running off then a bit again by Yo-yo and Wheels about me dropping into hot-sim when not being protected. I mean Yo-yo made up for the scolding by taking me out to ice cream. I love chocolate peanut butter with fudge and marshmallow, though I can't say it was a date. It was but it wasn't and... I don't know I mean I don't really date...I have reasons other then the obvious. [Sighs] Karl says that Yo-yo has the hots for me and I don't want to lead him on but RAWR!!WHY MUST I BE SO FRAGGING WEIRD. He is a good boy and deserves someone normal and have like a million babies. Where I need to just live in the matrix. [sighs again] sorry for the personal drama bomb but I wanted to vent some. But yeah that was our jobs.

2014-09-24, 07:51 AM
>>>>>[2075/06/30, 21:39 JST]

I love runners sometimes. You have a run go, if not sour, certainly not on plan, have fragging Black IC thrown at you, and the most dramatic part of the day is the post run ice cream. Y'all are making me wish I could get back in the game. Heh, at least the confusion and scolding waited until after the run. Nothing worse than having a screaming row in the middle of being shot at.

Stay safe as is reasonable :smallwink:


Lord Torath
2014-09-24, 01:26 PM
>>>>>[2057/06/30, 04:33 PST]

DIY, glad to hear the run went well. Okay, as well can be expected. Sucks the building blocked your comm links. But at least everyone came out alive and relatively okay. Plus, it’s always fun when you can really blow something up!

Genius, you’ve got more cajones than I do. I know enough electronics for working on my drones, and matrix-wise I can check my bank accounts and gather basic information, but that’s about it. Fighting Black IC? Cracking safes? Drek! Glad you made it out okay. You’ve got my respect. Oh, and Mint Chip is much better then Chocolate Peanut Butter. Everyone knows that! <grin>

Stay frosty out there!

-- Black Nickel

2014-09-25, 02:58 AM
›››››[2075/06/30, 20:45 JST]
BN, your name is a mouthfull and i'm lazy so bite me, but you are now exiled from my universe. Mint anything is gross!! :p it is a poison of the earth that just happens to smell good. it is catnip for metahumans and needs to be purged from food. also i do not have ″cajones″, I am female♀ and future godess of the matrix. I had to make sure that host knew who was boss. jusr you wait one day I will find a way to break through a ferreit cage.

anywhosies TWB of course the most dramatic part was the icecream, normaly we all go together but this time it was just he and I. (›'·'‹) the rest of the action has become a norm, well aside from the black IC I haven't been forced to face IC of any kind in...2.. no 3 years, i digress, what i mean to say is that little normal things like that sort of stick out. RAWR NOW I'M THINKING ABOUT IT ALL AGAIN. was it a date? should I tell him about my secrets? what if he doesn't actualy like me and just wants in my pants!! RAWR....

I'm going to drown myself im data now..

Lord Torath
2014-09-25, 07:36 AM
>>>>>[2057/06/30, 05:03 PST]

Whoa, slow down there, Genius! Of course you're female. I am too! That's why it's funny!

And it looks like you already know any advice I'd give you regarding Yo-Yo, so I'll sign off.

-- Black Nickel

OOC: Yes, I'm a guy with a female character. Sure I'm not the first, and certain I won't be the last.

2014-10-01, 01:39 AM
We did have a session today, but I'm going to hold off on posting a blog update on the basis that virtually the entire session was spent arguing the merits of the various plans we came up with to hit either Kazama Jin personally or the 18k bosses collectively. We didn't even really get any RP drama due to a couple players having to leave early, so I've got nothing actually interesting I can report IC. We did reach a decision, so next session will open up with us making our move, which should combine with whatever else happens to give Matsumoto-san something to write about. Sorry, folks, it was just a slow week in terms of blog material.

2014-10-03, 07:30 AM
I just finished reading this entire thread. Love it. Let me just say, I have always wanted to play Shadowrun. But I am hard pressed to just find a gaming group in my area, let alone one that wants to play Shadowrun. I did get to roll up a character once. Once. We never played though. Everyone voted to play D&D again.

I am jealous and in awe at the same time. Keep it up.

2014-10-07, 03:26 PM
So it happened again. Our GM skipped out on us and didn't mention it to anyone until today, so no session or blog post this week. Sorry, folks.

2014-10-15, 03:37 AM
>>>>>[2075/07/02, 23:14 JST]

We finally did it! The 18k Triad bosses are all dead. You'll probably see it on the trid if you look for it, actually, since we left a bit of a mess behind. Here's how it went down.

Like I said before, we figured out where the meet was going down a couple weeks ago and started planning. A lot of legwork and almost as much planning later, we settled on going indirect for this one. Fifty story buildings' penthouses aren't really good targets for an assault without a lot of assets we don't have. What we did figure out was that we had a window to get in through their catering: sushi. We tracked down the company doing the catering and figured out when they'd be delivering, then settled on our approach. The primary team on this one was Wheelz, Yo-yo, and me. Weapon of choice: Seven-7. Yes, chummers, military nerve gas. We put together a dispenser package with adhesive backing and sensors gave it to Yo-yo to set up the delivery. Now, Seven-7 is pretty hardcore, plus we didn't want to go through building security to deliver it, so we needed a way to get it in without having to be there in person. That's where the catering came in. Wheelz and I were distraction; I dressed up as a secretary type, looked frantic, and got bowled over by Wheelz - right into the catering cart while they were getting the food out of the van. Some tears and a lot of apologies made for enough of a scene that Yo-yo could sneak up and attach the package to the bottom of the cart. Alex insisted we at least try to get the caterers out of there, so I ended up "losing" my purse in the confusion. Surprisingly, that actually worked out well; the delivery guys actually left on their own to take the thing to lost and found after the initial delivery. Hardly perfect gentlemen (one groped me :smallmad:), but that was surprisingly nice. It also saved their lives, so maybe there is some kind of karma. Either way, the gas deployed perfectly, leaving a room full of dead triad bosses. After that, we cleared the sensor data and that was that. Simple, no collateral, relatively safe. *shrug* All in all, as clean as an assassination job gets.

Of course, with no big goal looming, we're wondering what to do next. Seems like everyone wants to take a week off and visit an onsen or something like that. They've earned it, I guess. We'll see what happens.

2014-10-17, 12:56 AM
>>>>>[2075/07/03, 00:45 JST]

RUNNERS OF THE BLOG I HAVE AN IMPORTANT DELEMA I NEED SERIOUS HELP WITH! Wheel is 26 YEAR OLD, that is over half the life span for an ork. So i have taken it upon myself with the assistance of the other in the team to see him hooked up and to start having the babies. I even made a profile for him on a match site, though per request i had to password-lock all his pictures. :P apparently he doesn't want his handsome mug posted everywhere. SO any available young ladies who want to be with our most favored razor guy, just shoot a message.


Anywhosies what started this all was us talking about birthdays and age. My own birthday is here in about a month, and I will be 20 fyi, and both Wheels and karl's birthdays are in the fall. Karl is allot younger then I though he was I mean i though he was like 35 or something like that. Humans look so old some of the times. then i found out how old Wheels was. After that well it kinda went into relationships, and it got me thinking about my 'rents and that figurative grave. I don't know maybe i should think about that some, but i currently don't want to delve into that. If we make it to my birthday then I will tell you guys Most of my life story. I'll make it a "cheers to mommy and daddy for giving me life" thing. Anyways for some reason I'm kinda having no brain space so talk at you chummers again soon.

2014-10-21, 07:58 PM
Once again, we are without a GM. Sorry, folks, yet another week without a blog post to amuse you (and me :smallwink:). :smallfrown:

2014-10-27, 06:19 AM
>>>>>[2075/XX/XX, XX:XX PST]

BN, DIY is okay (I presume) as is her team. It was MY team that got shredded to drek up and down Seattle. And without a team, it's tough finding runner work. As for you, DIY, Its good to hear that all is well in the land of the rising sun and I hope you get more work soon. I hope I do too, but I'm still waiting for hell to freeze first. Well, at least its entertaining to read your blog even if I can't run myself. Cheers and best of luck to your crew.


2014-11-11, 11:26 PM
Still haven't had a game since the last update, folks; I think it may be dead. Sorry. :smallfrown:

Kol Korran
2015-01-11, 09:38 AM
I'm writing to you here Talsi, since your private box seem full. Despite the death of the game, I think this could be a great addition. To what you ask? I'm trying to put together a Campaigns logs archive (Still in it's baby steps) (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?392323-Campaign-logs-archive-Story-time!&p=18641459#post18641459) and I would love if you could put n entry to "If you need something done right") campaign log (and maybe others which I haven't noticed so far). The thread have some sample entries. Either send me through private messages (I prefer so just to avoid thread clatter) or post it on the thread, if you prefer it so. No fuss.

Thanks! We coudl really use a good SR journal! :smallsmile:

(And I do hope the game picks up once more)

2015-01-11, 10:11 AM
I'm writing to you here Talsi, since your private box seem full. Despite the death of the game, I think this could be a great addition. To what you ask? I'm trying to put together a Campaigns logs archive (Still in it's baby steps) (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?392323-Campaign-logs-archive-Story-time!&p=18641459#post18641459) and I would love if you could put n entry to "If you need something done right") campaign log (and maybe others which I haven't noticed so far). The thread have some sample entries. Either send me through private messages (I prefer so just to avoid thread clatter) or post it on the thread, if you prefer it so. No fuss.

Thanks! We coudl really use a good SR journal! :smallsmile:

(And I do hope the game picks up once more)

My box is full? Hmm, I'll have to look into that tonight; I only look at it when I get a notice that something is up with it. I'm afraid the game is officially and totally dead, but if you still want the log for archival purposes, I'd be happy to oblige you. I'm also going to be joining L5R and Dragon Age RPG campaigns this week, either or both of which I might blog about. If I do, would you also want those?

Kol Korran
2015-01-11, 10:45 AM
I'd love to have the log, yes- the writing style is great, why shouldn't other's see it as well? Write an entry and I'll put it in. As to the other games- lets see how they fare first, and then decide, ok? I have a feeling those would be fun too!