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2007-02-02, 12:32 PM
The Golden Gauntlet

Flesh to Gold - Transmutes living matter into golden statues as per the flesh to stone spell - the 'gold' is not in fact real gold but fool's gold and can be identified with an Alchemy or Appraise check against DC 15.

Goldskin - As the stoneskin spell, save that the wearer's flesh appears to turn to gold.

Polymorph to Gold - Transmutes objects into fool's gold.


The aim of the competition is to write up stats for the above item. It can be a magic item or artefact (or possibly creature or even prestige class, if you're feeling adventurous) and may have as many abilities or effects as you wish, but must bear that name and must in some way provide or be related to the effects mentioned above. They may be blessings, curses or otherwise.

More importantly (and what the competition will be judged on) will be the backstory behind the item. This may take the form of a description, history, short story or poem (or any other literary construct) that details the past or nature of the creation in some way. When voting comes around, entries will be judged on originality, narrative, humour and style.

The competition closes for judgement on the 31st of February, or failing that the 1st of March.