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2014-03-13, 01:35 PM
So, a while back I ran a game set on the Grid, and I came up with some things for it. I would like some additional feedback on what I have as well as suggestions for more material.


Prereqs:Proficiency with Identity Disk.
Benefit: +1 to all attacks made with Identity disks. This bonus stacks with weapon focus.


Prereqs: Gamer
Benefit: Your identity disk now deals +1d6 damage.

Hands of the User

Prereqs: Dex 16, Level 5
Benefit: Identity disks now deal 2d6 damage.

Roaming Charges

Prereq: Must own one piece of Grid generated item.
Benefit: you can spend one action point when exiting the grid to remove one of your Grid weapons. This may be done for each weapon you own.

Jump Start
Now I have a recognizer.
Prereq: Level 6
Benefit: A User may expend Energy points to reactivate/repair damaged equipment. The number of Energy points increases the larger the object.

Energy Conversion
Data made Flesh.
Benefit: Consuming Energy now restores 2d8 hp as well as 1d6 Energy points.

Feel the Power.
Benefit: This feat allows a User to store an additional number of Energy points equal to the characters level.

Induction Charging
This is so freakin' rad.
Prereqs: Character Level 8, Energy Conversion.
Benefits: A User with this feat repleinishes 1d4 Energy points at the start of every millicycle.

New Concept: Energy Pool

Everything in the Grid requires power to survive. It takes energy just to maintain all the structures of the Grid.

But Users are different. They don't just expend Energy.

They use it.

Every User on the Grid has a number of Energy Points equal to 10 plus their Intelligence Modifier. Users can expend 1 point of Energy to Gain an immediate bonus to any attack, damage, skill check roll or save. This energy point expenditure is a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, and may be done at any time before or immediately after the roll is made.

New Item: Energy

This glowing bluish-white liquid is the basis of digital life. Programs will consume only what they need to stay active for 1 millicycle.

When a User consumes Energy they restore 1d6 Energy points. Energy can only be consumed once per millicycle.

New Item: Grid Armor

Type: Impromptu.
Weight: N/A
Check: None
Armor Bonus +3
Max Dex +8
Special Qualities: This item can exist only on the Grid. It cannot be brought into reality.

Identity Disk

Damage: 2d6
Range increment:15 ft.
Weight: 1lb.
Special: this weapon always returns after being thrown.


This is one of the Grid Games. It is an evolution of the old Ring Game. It is now fought in the Arena. Each combatant begins with 25 hexagonal floor tiles and is assigned a Launcher. One player is designated as the Thrower. Using his launcher, a ball of pure energy is hurled across the Arena. When it impacts on the floor, it derezzes the target tile.

Each round the thrower makes an attack against a specific floor tile. The Catcher may attempt to intercept the ball with a successful Reflex save at a DC equal to 10+ the Throwers total attack modifier. The DC increases by 1 for each tile the player is from the target. Failing the save results in immediate Deresolution.

If the tile a player is on is derezzed, the player must make a reflex save or fall. The DC for the check is 20, but for each tile still present adjacent to it the DC decreases by 1.

The attacker also has the option of throwing the ball at an opponent. The ball deals 1 damage, but if the target is next to an open floor tile, they trigger an immediate reflex save against falling.

User Advanced class


BAB +2
Computer Use 8 ranks, Search 4 ranks, Jump or Escape Artist 4 ranks
Feats: Must possess any two User feats. (Note: All the feats I have listed are User feats)

1|DDoS Attack|+0|+0|+1|+1|+1
2|Bonus User Feat|+1|+1|+2|+1|+2
3|Viral Attack|+2|+1|+3|+2|+3
4|Bonus User Feat|+3|+2|+4|+3|+4
5|Hack the Grid|+4|+3|+5|+3|+5[/table]

DDoS Attack: You are able to flood a program with so much information that it has to has to shut down temporarily to flush out the unneeded data. This is a Stun attack with a DC equal to 10+User Class Level+ Int mod.

Viral Attack: Your ability to manipulate objects on the Grid has given you the power to infect a program with a Virus containing a new set of Commands. This ability works as the Spell Suggestion. This ability is usable once/day/User Level.

Hack the Grid: You have reached the Pinnacle of Grid Supremecy. You can, once per day, 'upgrade' your Viral Attack ability to Force a program to fight for you. This ability works as the spell Sugesstion without the restriction of harmful action negating the spell. You gain a +5 bonus to the Will save made to resist this effect.