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2014-03-16, 02:43 AM
I got an Asus ME173X android tablet, and I am having problem connecting to wifi networks.

Yesterday on the train, I got an excelent reception of the unprotected wifi, but It alwas stopped at trying to get an IP and after 3 minutes it smugly reported “Avoided poor internet connection” by simply not establishing any connection at all.
Now I am at my parents place and can’t connect to their wifi network either.

It is listed as “Secured with WPA/WPA2″ and I have good reception.
I emter the password and try to connect, then it says “Authenticating…” Ffor a few seconds and then just goes back to “Secured with WPA/WPA2″ while also telling me “Wifi networks available” as a popup at the top of the screen. After some time, the network is simply listed as “Authentication Problem” and that’s it. No indication what’s wrong, it just doesn’t work.

Seems to be a common problem, but none of the many threads I found has any helpful comments other than turning it off and on again. Which I did a couple of times.
Any ideas?

Don Julio Anejo
2014-03-16, 09:43 PM
It's more of an Android problem in general. My old HTC phone (Sensation), for example, would pick and choose wifi networks it worked on seemingly at random, even if I could use the same network just fine just hours earlier.

IMO probably related to the wifi chipset, as some devices never have any problems (i.e. Galaxy Tab), and some barely work (many things Asus, or the Google Nexus phone).