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The Orange Zergling
2007-02-03, 01:51 AM
Did a search for a thread like this, and the one that existed was way past the thread necromancy limit.

Anyone else enjoy DoC? So far I'm only in Edge at the beginning (got the game earlier today), but I'm still having a blast playing it. My only complaint is that the terrain isnt as interactive as it should be... you can only jump on a very few select objects, for example. The cutscenes arent as long (yet) as people have led me to believe...

Yes, those who have been paying attention, I am not finished playing FF7. Yes, I realize playing the last in the series will spoil the plot.

2007-02-06, 12:08 AM
I thought it was mediocre really.

It was alright but I had to force myself through parts of it.

The story was the only reason I bothered to continue.