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Lix Lorn
2014-03-18, 03:19 PM
Few people wonder about the origin of the Crystalline, a race of mineral beings with a natural ability to manipulate memory. This is not due to a lack of curiosity, but simply an extension of their nature. Crystallines do not eat, but feed on affection, and similar emotions, and their natural ability to insert themselves into the memories of others allows them to obtain, in an instant, friends, family, and lovers.

The Crystalline are best compared to cuckoos. Reproducing affects their natural abilities, driving them away from their stolen friends, and so their children are almost always born alone, and left to steal themselves a family. However, unlike those cruel birds, Crystalline, apart from their immoral entry into a social group, are good people to have within one. They are endlessly caring, intelligent, and protective. It’s not unheard of for those who have been adopted by Crystallines to, when they discover the truth, accept them regardless for the friendship they have, by then, earnt.

Crystallines have a standard humanoid form, four limbs, eyes, hair - except that they are sculpted from stone and crystal. They can have great variance, some being statues of gemstone, others being similar to geodes, or even stranger configurations. As a note, not their entire bodies are as hard as they would appear - perhaps to make mingling with other races easier, certain parts of their body, the lips being a major example, feel softer than they would appear.

Relations With Other Races
Crystallines have a very strange relationship with most races. As a general rule, most societies consider them a dangerous threat, seeking to take a place they have no right to. However, in practice, when a crystalline shows up, everyone who meets them rapidly decides that this particular example is obviously an exception.

Apart from their lack of comprehension as to why anyone would object to the nature of their powers, Crystalline adhere to a fairly standard morality. Most are at least a little good aligned.

Crystalline have no known lands of their own.

Crystalline religion can vary greatly. They have no one overarching faith, but tend to adopt the faiths of their adopted societies.

Crystalline lack a language of their own, speaking common, or whatever language is used by their adopted culture. Some historians say they use the Terran alphabet on the rare occasions they have any form of racial identity.

Common Names
Any names popular amongst their adopted culture, especially bad puns based on their crystalline nature. (For example… the name ‘Crystal.’)

Crystalline adventurers are fairly common, as good aligned adventurer bands tend to forge a bond greater than many others. When the deception is inevitably revealed, they tend to either be outraged or to accept the crystalline - there is no middle ground among the proud individuals who tend to make up adventuring parties.

Crystalline Racial Traits
Abilities: +2 Int, +2 Cha. Crystalline minds run fast, and they have a supernatural charm, but their bodies are more brittle than stone would seem.
Size: Medium
Type: Living Construct. Thanks to their unnatural biology, a Crystalline has a +2 racial bonus on fortitude saves.
Movement Rate: 30ft land
Hide of Gems: A Crystalline has a +3 natural armor bonus.
Mental Diplomacy: A Crystalline adds one to the save DC of any enchantment spell or telepathy power she casts or manifests.
Your Oldest Friend (Su): With a touch, a Crystalline affects a target’s memories, inserting itself into them as a friend, a lover, or a family member. Usually, they use this ability to steal a family or group of friends, and then add themself only as a peripheral member of others’ lives, to shore up their cover. Crystalline will never contradict their own narrative with this ability, and cannot bring enemies together by making themself a friend of both - the memories are changed only by the Crystalline’s presence, and in such a way that best fits the disguise the Crystalline is making. The Crystalline does not have conscious control over the exact effects.
This ability is difficult to turn back, but sufficiently powerful magical abilities, such as Break Enchantment, can do so. In addition, the Crystalline cannot use this ability while they, or anyone bearing their child, is in the later stages of pregnancy, and those they have affected before remember the truth.
A target is entitled to a will save against this effect. The DC is equal to 14+½ Crystalline’s ECL plus their highest mental ability modifier. This DC includes a +2 racial modifier, and the Ability Focus feat, which they gain as a bonus feat.
Languages: Common.
Favoured Class: Rogue, Wilder, or Socialite (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=17210874#post17210874)
LA: +2

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Interesting. Inspiration?

Lix Lorn
2014-04-01, 03:05 PM
I don't remember why I decided to combine the two, but ToME has a mod for playable crystals, and there was an episode of Torchwood with a villain along these lines.