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2014-03-18, 04:07 PM
Really rough, just jotting it down.

A small glass orb with swirling energies, once broken it creates a 5' diameter multicolored flying sphere with perfect flight, it will roam around a 100' radius area from the smashed orb's location, wandering aimlessly until it's destroyed.
The Smash Orb has 30HP, 15AC, 2 hardness and is considered an object.
When broken the orb selects the last creature that damaged it, empowering them to make a single attack, selecting from one of the following attacks:

Area (Broke smash orb with a spell or the like.)
30 Damage
Determine a ranged attack roll, reflex needed to evade is equal to roll result.
30' Area

Ray (Broke smash orb with a ranged attack or the like.)
50 Damage
Ranged Touch Attack

Combo (Broke smash orb with a melee attack.)
70 Damage
Melee Touch Attack

The player may choose the type of damage, choosing between fire, cold, electric, acid, sonic, B/P/S, positive, negative, hellfire, ect.

If the attack misses, fumbles or otherwise fails the attack is wasted and the empowerment dissipates.

2014-03-18, 05:57 PM
Two notions occur right off the bat:

1) Are you thinking of giving it a way to scale with levels? It could even be based directly on your hit dice. After all, the amount of damage is instant-kill bonkers at level 1 and... somewhat less impressive at level 20.

2) Perhaps characters could define what their Final Smash is at character creation. Then when a smash orb appears in the arena, the players would have to try and get it to the character with the best FS for the situation they're in.