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2007-02-03, 09:56 PM
A friend and I were discussing a possible item to give a player in my campaign as a quest reward. This is considerably more difficult than it sounds because a) I like to be original with my magical items which discludes things like a +1 sword. b) His weapons are family heirlooms so that rules out giving him new weapons, and c) The player in question has the memory of a goldfish.

We put our heads together and came up with these:

Avalonian Scabbards
These are a pair of dark red leather scabbards with silver throats. Embossed on each is an image of a duelling knight. The knight on the right-hand scabbard appears to be holding up a hand making some sort of warding motion while the knight on the left-hand scabbard appears to be healing a long gash in his arm. Around the throats of the two scabbards are draconic runes bearing the words “Protection” and “Healing”.

The two scabbards will only work when they are together. The right-hand one allows the wearer to cast shield as a first level wizard 3/day as a swift action. The left-hand scabbard will automatically cast a Cure Moderate Wounds spell on the wearer the first time in a day that he or she falls unconscious due to wounds suffered.

The two scabbards may only be created as a pair. If one of the scabbards is destroyed, a new one to replace it may be forged but the new one must be created in the presence of the other half of the pair.

Healing Scabbard:
Weak Conjuration; CL 3; Craft Wonderous Item;
Cure Moderate Wounds; Price 2,400gp

Protecting Scabbard
Weak Abjuration; CL 3; Craft Wonderous Item;
Shield; Price 3,600gp

What do you think? And yes, we have been watching too much anime.

2007-02-03, 10:13 PM
If they only function together, you should make it so they are forged together, then leave the individual scabbards up in case one is lost. And what anime?

2007-02-03, 10:44 PM
Fate/Stay Night.

What do you mean by "leave the individual scabbards up in case one is lost"?

2007-02-03, 10:57 PM
Leave the pricing for the individual scabbards up. If they only work as a whole, and one is the target of a sunder attempt, the PC will want a replacement.

2007-02-04, 09:52 PM
I agree. That said, I like these. They fit very well together.

Amphimir Míriel
2007-02-04, 10:17 PM
What do you think? And yes, we have been watching too much anime.

Not anime, this is straight out of Arthurian tradition.

IIRC, Arthur's wounds did not "bleed" while he was wearing Excalibur's Scabbard.

Saved him once or twice from several nasty wounds that should have killed any other man, but the scabbard "wound quenching" ability allowed him to return to camp to get healed and then go back to battle.

Actually, the "Avalonian" moniker should have been a clue...:smallwink:

2007-02-05, 03:46 PM
Actually, as I recall, it was more like he would never be wounded so long as he had possession of the Scabbard. What texts / incidents do you have in mind where Arthur was wounded, but saved by his Scabbard?

2007-02-05, 04:23 PM
It's in Le Morte D'Arthur by Thomas Mallory.

The scabbard effectively prevents Arther from suffering from any bleeding wounds, which in 2E, translates to him being immune slashing and piercing damage.

2007-02-05, 04:26 PM
There are many, many tales of King Arthur. I know that I've seen both the "wounds cannot bleed" and "can never be wounded".

2007-02-05, 04:46 PM
Sure, but the sources are important. As the above poster says, Malory is the only one I can think of off hand that makes a big deal about it. Given that it's based on the Vulgate, it's probably in there somewhere. I am familiar with a great many Medieval Arthurian texts, but I can't think of one where he just doesn't bleed (I'm not sayin there isn't one, just not one I can think of). It's not Geoffrey of Monmouth, could be Wace or Lazamon?