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The Moonlit Knight
2007-02-03, 10:10 PM
Not a thread for malicious DMs to discuss torturing players. Disappointing, I know.

Instead, I was wondering if anyone here played Fates Worse Than Death, or any other ORC game? I just think it's a cool system, and the games tend to be pretty interesting (Tibet wasn't to my taste, but that could be because it was so based on spirituality, which I honestly dislike).

For the uninformed, Fates Worse Than Death is a gritty take on cyberpunk set in Manhattan, during the year 2080. It replaces a lot of the cold, corporate setting of generic cyberpunk (for example, Shadowrun) and replaces it with a more personal look at life in a living, breathing city that just happens to be overrun with psychics, drug dealers, and dozens of gangs with different ideologies and goals.

Website's here (http://www.fatesworsethandeath.com/!FWTD/), and you can get a free "Lite" version of the game that features the Street People, the not quite homeless lower class of the city.

/end rant-bordering-on-advert