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2014-03-31, 05:57 PM
Ok. My group and I are Doctor Who fans. After watching a few episodes during a campaign, we started wondering how we could include time travel, and we came up with a few ideas. As DM, I thought to create a few different time-traveling things.

Chronionates: Basically time lords. Following racial traits:

* +2 Wis, +2 Int. Chronionates are quick learners and smart besides.
*Regeneration (Su): Chronionates can regenerate twelve times throughout their lifespan. They can activate this ability manually, or suppress it willingly, but otherwise it activates when they reach -10 hit points or less. This ability functions as a Reincarnation, except you automatically regenerate as a chronionate. You cannot reincarnate as any older than middle age, and cannot be any younger than pubescence (chronionates age as elves, so around ~100 years, equivalent of a 12-year-old human).
*Artifact Familiarity (Ex): A chronionate can make and fix their time-travel gauntlets as a magic item of equal value, unlike any other race, which treats them as one would an artifact.
*Favored Class: Artificer.

The chronionates worship a Paragon Great Wyrm Time Dragon Divine Rank 18 (Dragon #359) named Chronion, the last of his kind and existing in a realm outside of time and space with his favored servants, the Chronionates. They have gauntlets which allow them to travel through time, based on an arbitrarily high use magic device check. (I flat out told the PCs they'd never time travel without an NPC chauffeur) Their realm is called Krion.