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2007-02-04, 12:34 PM
The history are a huge parody of street fighter and some fighting games in general. Here are the main characters:

Yuu (Hero):
Having suffered a serious traumatic event in his homeland (Brasil), he go to japan to live there since he have some relatives he wanted to meet. He almost couldn't make the trip since: he was (due since birth brain malfunction) a maniac-deprecive and a natural sociopat that need some black labeled medicine, and after the 'incident' he got a MPD, dividing his mind in three: Yuu (the apatic sociopat, but don't make crazy things), Yuei (the psycopat manipulator/torturator) and the Yui (deprecive person still in shock with the event and rendered useles).
A very skilled martial artist, he get involved in the underworld fighting when he meets his new friend, Sakura. Now he battle in various tounaments (some wanted and other not...) while he tries to survive.

Traits: Very inteligent, can learn the enemy weakness very quickly.

Special ability: He are proficient with the Yin (Yang) type of ki, that grants him absurd strenght and speed, tough he receive some backslash damage. He can't make or see some special powers like "hadouken-like-ability" tough.

Flaws: An absolute bad luck. If in the day something awfull wasn't happened with him, then he can't even stay in the same place for more than 3 minutes, a event that would kill him happen. On top of that every day he will suffer a massive humilation due his bad luck.
He are aso deadly alergic to strawberies.