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2014-04-02, 12:16 AM
I created a monster race called siphonoids and the thought up a template for creatures who are half siphoniod

Siphonblood template

Ability scores Str -4 Dex -4 Con -4 Int -4 Wis -4 Cha -4
Minimum 5
You do not receive ability points by level up
Requirement: Must be living

Alignment Any

Appearence. Siphonblood look exactly like their regular race counter parts save fore a somewhat large white circle on their palms

La +2

HD1 Improved Grapple Siphonoid Drain

HD5 Improved Siphonoid drain

HD 10 Mastered Siphonoid Drain, Siphonoid Power Transfer

Improved Grapple: You do not invoke an attack of opportunity when you attempted a touch attack for a grapple

Siphonoid Drain: During a grapple 1/day per 2HD Minimum 1. as a standard action you may roll 1d4 per 5 HD minimum 1 Cap 2d4 points of ability damage. You then add half of what you drain (minimum 1) to your ability score. This is a permanent addition to your ability score. to determine what ability is drained you must roll 1d6. (you cannot lower an ability score below 1 with this attack) . the maximum ability score you may have is 30. This ability cannot be used while wielding anything in your hands or when your hands are covered.

1 Str
2 Dex
3 Con
4 Int
5 Wis
6 Cha

Improved Siphonoid Drain: You may now choose either Physical Abilities or Mental Abilities when performing a Siphonoid Drain. roll 1d3 to determine the Ability Drained

1 Str/Int
2 Dex/Wis
3 Con/Cha

Mastered Siphonoid Drain: You no longer need to roll to decide what ability to drain

Siphonoid Power Transfer: you may transfer any amount of one of your ability score to another living creature. this is a permanent transfer. to do this you must be holding on to said creature. you may perform this 1 per day per Hd. you may not lower your ability score below 5

is currently in the playtesting stages