View Full Version : Pathfinder Erevos - A truly Living Campaign Setting

2014-04-02, 03:24 AM
Greetings fellow rpgers,

We have been developing a Pathfinder-compatible living campaign setting called Erevos and are looking for some feedback regarding the concept, features people would like to see installed etc. I attach a brief overview but for the ones who prefer visual aids, there is also an intro video of the setting found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNHNwR5utpU.

In contrast to previous popular living settings, the community role in Erevos is decisive: registered members decide how the setting evolves. PC’s actions matter and are recorded in the Online History Timeline. Perhaps the most significant feature Erevos offers in terms of gameplay is that players will have the opportunity to play ‘Rhapsodies’: short personalized adventures written by professional adventure authors specifically for one adventuring party, tailored to the needs of the players (theme preferences, characters backgrounds and goals, players likes and dislikes etc).

Characters who participate in rhapsodies will be growing in levels, power, wealth and status in Erevos and thus are called ‘Growing’ characters and have several privileges compared to other characters. To ensure high adventure quality, the number of growing characters at first will be limited (spots will be reserved at a 1st come 1st served basis). Although the exact number of growing characters will be determined during b-playtest, a good first estimation might be around 1,000 characters. So, if you want to have a growing character, take a look at our perks list to see which pledge levels guarantee one (indiegogo campaign launches on April 15th 2014).

Although growing characters will be available to subscribers only, the campaign setting will be available for free to everyone after development through the website and will be designed to grow into whatever the community desires. For that reason it is highly interactive: registered members will have their personal online page through which they will be able to vote on important matters, discuss custom creations submitted by other members and upload the stories of their characters.

We would be delighted to receive your feedback and reply any questions you might have.