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Siphonoids are a race of strange monstrous humanoids with slender pale skin. They are able to extend tentacles from their wrists that are able to grapple and drain the essence of their pray. They can also use their tentacles or hands and transfer absorbed power to other creatures

Siphonoid Society
Siphonoids live in tribal society with a range of 100-300 Siphonoids in each tribe. Siphonoids tend to worship Obad-Hai as they are hunters.

At birth siphonoids are very frail and it is up to the father to hunt prey and transfer energy to the newborn as the mother regains her strength from the child birth.

At young ages siphonoids will hunt in squads of 5-7 hunting the wild life around their village and are never to attack any travelers unless they are provoked.when it comes to the hunt the groups tend to surround the pray and grapple it all at once as they absorb the energy from it. when it appears one is falling behind the rest in the power absorption the rest of the groups holds the prey down and allow the straggler to absorb and catch up, for Siphonoids believe they are only as strong as their weakest link.

Once Siphonoids are Juvenal and have more control over their absorption technique The tend only to hunt in small groups of 2-3 at this point in their lives Siphonoids tend to develop upon what they wish to do with their lives and try and absorb types of energy that would be beneficial to their goals such as trying to absorb intelligence wisdom or charisma if they wish to delve into the realms of magic. or trying to absorb strength constitution or dexterity if they wish to be more physically oriented.

When Siphonoids reach adulthood they are expected to benefit the village and choose from a variety of occupations that they seemed more inclined to from potion makers to guards. when adults hunt there tend to do so alone or in pairs and such an honor is reserved for only their closes of friends or their mate. Adult Siphonoids have complete control over their energy drain, they can easily choose what energy to absorb from their pray.

The Elders of the village are the siphonoids who are the oldest, wisest, and most intelligent of them all. they lead the village and deal with diplomacy with other tribes and races.The elders do not hunt and instead research ways to improve their village.when an elder is near death they will call forth the next oldest of the tribe and transfers all their wisdom and intelligence to the new elder

The champion in contrast to the elder is the mightiest of all the tribes warriors .The champion acts as bodyguard to the elders and battles in their stead. one who defeats the champion is gifted apart of the champions power. (1/10 str con and dex scores).A champion takes a strong Juvenal Siphonoid as an apprentice and teaches them how to better control and absorb power. when the Champion becomes elderly the apprentice is to absorb the remaining physical attributes of the Champion and become the new Champion in the former place.

Death Rituals

Siphonoids understand death is a natural part of the life cycle and will not fight when there time has rightfully come. when a Siphonoid knows they are not long for this world a festival is thrown in their honor and after a day of celebration the all of the Siphonoid's friend and family gather around Him/her and drain his attributes and the Siphonoid welcomes death in peace.


Infant: 0-4
Small Monstrous Humanoid
1d10-3 (2)
ac 8 touch 8 flatfoot 11
Stats: Str 5 Dex 5 Con 5 Int 5 Wis 5 Cha 5
cr 1/16

Medium Monstrous Humanoid
3d10 (15)
initiative 0
Ac 14 touch 10 flatfoot 10
Stats: Str 12 Dex 10 Con 11 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 9
Saves: +3 fort +1 ref -1 will
Attacks: Tentacle Slam +8 (1d6+1 damage)
Grapple +12
Siphonoid Improved Grab
Siphonoid Drain
cr 3
(Squad 5-7)

Medium Monstrous Humanoid
5d10+12 (37)
Initiative +1
Ac 14 touch 11 flatfoot 13
Stats: Str 16 Dex 13 Con 15 Int 16 Wis 14 Cha 13
Saves +5 fort +4 Ref +6 will
Attacks: Tentacle Slam +12 (1d8+3 damage)
Grapple +16
Siphonoid Improved Grab
Improved Siphonoid Drain
Cr 5
(Group 3-5)

Medium Monstrous Humanoid
10d10+40 (90)
Ac 20 touch 17 Flatfoot 13
Stats: Str 20 Dex 24 Con 19 Int 20 Wis 17 Cha 16
Saves: +8 Fort +11 Dex + 7 Will
Attacks: Tentacle Slam +18 (1d10+5 damage)
Full Attack: 2 Tentacle Slam +18 (2d10+10 damage)
Grapple +22
Siphonoid Improved Grab
Grapple +4
Mastered Siphonoid Drain
Siphonoid Power Transfer
Cr 9

Elder:69+ (Max life +4d10 years)
Medium Monstrous Humanoid
12d10+48 (108)
Ac 15 touch 15 flatfoot 10
Stats: Str 16 Dex 20 Con 19 Int 25 Wis 30 Cha 18
Saves: +9 Fort +13 ref +17 will
Attacks: Tentacle Slam +14 (1d8+3 damage)
Full Attack: 2 Tentacle Slam +14 (2d8+6 damage)
Grapple +18
Siphonoid Improved Grab
Grapple +4
Mastered Siphonoid Drain
Siphonoid Power Transfer
Spell Like abilities
Hold person 3/day
Charm person 5/day
Cr 13

12d10+92 (152)
AC 24 touch 18 flatfoot 16
Stats: Str 30 Dex 26 Con 25 Int 16 Wis 14 Cha 10
Saves: +22 Fort +20 Ref + 10 Will
Attacks: Tentacle Slam +25 (1d12+10 damage)
Full Attack: 2 Tentacle Slam +25 (2d12+10 damage)
Grapple +33
Siphonoid Improved Grab
Grapple +4
Mastered Siphonoid Drain
Siphonoid Power Transfer
Powerful Build
cr 15
Solitary,Pair with Elder


Siphonoid Improved Grab:Functions like Improved Grab but can be made on creatures of your size category or smaller

Siphonoid Drain: 1/day per 2 hit die while succeeding a grapple a Siphonoid may inflict 1d4 ability score damage/5 hit die minimum 1 to grappled target. 1/2 this damage minimum 1 point is permanently added to the Siphonoids ability score
to determine which stat is absorbed rol 1d6 for Str,Dex,Con,Int,Wis,and Cha respectively 1= Str 6= Cha ect.

Grapple +4:+4 on grapple checks

Improved Siphonoid Drain: The Siphonoid is skileld enough with their draining technique that they can now tell the difference between physical and mental atributes when absorbing. you know can chose between Physical (Str Dex Con) and Mental (Int Wis Cha) when using Siphonoid Drain. After declaring Physical or Mental roll 1d3 to determine which stat is drained
1=Str/Int 2=Dex/Wis 3=Con/Cha

Mastered Siphonoid Drain: The Siphonoid has mastered their absorbing powers and can now choose what stat to drain with ease. You no longer need to roll what stat is drained.

Siphonoid Power Transfer: A Siphonoid can now transfer their power to another creature. A Siphonoid who grapples another creature with its tentacles may permanently transfer any amount of one of their attributes to said creature. (this is an at will Swift action on a grapple, you cannot lower a score below 5

Powerful build: Champions are far bulkier then the rest of the Siphonoids and are considered one size category larger for grapples and dealing extra damage based on size.

Siphonoids as Characters

Ability modification:-4 Str -4 Dex -4 Con -4 Int -4 Wis -4 Cha
Size: medium
Racial Hit Die: A Siphonoid starts with 4 levels of Monstrous Humanoid which give 4d10 hit points, Bab+3 Fort +3 Ref+ 2 Will+2 and (4+int)X7 Skilpoints Class skills are Balance,Climb,Concentration,Hide,Listen,Move Silently,Spot,Survival.A Siphonoid's Racial Hit die give 2 feats
Abilities: Siphonoid Improved Grab,Improved grapple,Masted Siphonoid Drain, Siphonoid Power Transfer


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