View Full Version : TPAY/TPBY Gift-giving thread - the giftiest place in the playground!

Targ Collective
2014-04-02, 07:37 PM
The idea of this thread is simple. Give TPAM and TPBM a gift! Could be anything. Narratives are allowed, but what I'm really looking for here is CREATIVITY. If it's your birthday you get to give yourself a gift too!

Keep the gifts POSITIVE. We already have a wish twisting thread.

Requests for gifts are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. This is about spontaneous generosity, not specific generosity. The *only* time negative gifts are allowed in this thread is in response to begging for gifts. This is also a device to ensure narratives are truly emergent if they occur.

Enough talk. Prezzies!

I give TPAM the gift of a thousand gifts - meaning. What is white space until it is filled?

I give TPBM a beginners' guide to white magic.

V Uses white magic to debug the base code of the Multiverse

"White Magic: Good for anything!"

Thanks for the power gauntlet though. It's Mega Cool.

Lord Fullbladder, Master of Goblins
2014-04-02, 08:17 PM
Nice. Good primer. Very useful.

I give TPAM a handy-dandy Power Gauntlet. For when the bad guys get too close. Can't rely on white magic for everything.

TPBM receives a DVD set of Babylon 5. Very useful.

2014-04-03, 04:59 AM
Indeed. That'll save birthday shopping for my dad next month.

TPAM receives a lovely red cloak. Perfect for staying warm and looking like your favourite goblin idols!

TPBM gets a full bladder of goblins. How did they all get in there? :smalleek:

V: What can I say? I have strange ideas and may or may not have thought of a joke that I wanted to shoehorn in there. Think of it as your own goblin army! :smallwink:

Fay Graydon
2014-04-03, 06:47 AM
I'm not sure a bladder full of goblins counts as a gift... but um... thanks?... I guess :smallconfused:

TPAM gets shifty unsure looks and a copy of "Gift Giving: A Beginners Guide"

TPBM gets a Tophat, Cane and Monocle, perfect for being a gentleman!

Targ Collective
2014-04-03, 01:49 PM
Gee thanks, I can look a dapper chap in these.

TPAM gets white magic for health. Specifically inoculation against goblinoid diseases.

TPBM gets a lantern Archon all of his or her very own!

2014-04-04, 11:13 AM
I shall call him shiny, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my shiny.

TBAM and TBPM: Congrats. You both get copious amounts of Honedges with horrible natures. (I actually am breeding them in X)

2014-04-04, 10:40 PM
Arrrrrgh! I already have enough of those through wondertrade! Though they do, admittedly, have natures suitable for certain movesets. I suppose I should thank you for giving me horrible ones. :smalltongue:

TPAM gets an Everstone.

TPBM gets five boxes of strawberry pocky.

2014-04-20, 06:24 AM

TPAM gets my huggles, as well as a magical wand that allows him to perform minor acts of telekinesis.

TPBM receives eternal youth (What can I say? I love the unknown!)

Targ Collective
2014-04-22, 08:59 AM
TPAM gets a wish - without a twist!

TPBM gets a wish - with a positive twist!

2014-05-08, 03:28 PM
I give TPAM & TPBM the gift of powergaming advice if they ever need it and are at a computor to PM me.

@v: I am experienced in SR4 and have built an armored sascuach wearbear that could survive bombs to the face.

Venetian Mask
2014-05-09, 01:12 PM
But what if I like the challenge of playing underpowered characters? Also any experience with SR4? :smallamused:

TPAM gets a chest filled with RPG books to improve his power game-fu with.

TPBM gets a venetian mask. Take that for what you will:smallamused: