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2014-04-07, 02:30 PM
Prayers offered in shadows, the mysterious cleric is embraces what can only be described as the shadows of faith. Regardless of their patron, though typically of those connected to shadow, mysterious clerics wield an alien form of magic known as mysteries.

Mysteries: Rather than preparing cleric spells, a mysterious cleric prepares mysteries (Drawn from sources such as the Tome of Magic, Realms of Chaos's Descent of Shadows, and peacenlove's Complete Shadow Magic.) These mysteries are cast as divine spells, though follow all other rules for mysteries (difficulty to identify, interactions, spot chance to notice shadow moving differently). Mysterious clerics use charisma to determine spell DCs and for bonus 'spells', but require a minimum Wisdom score to prepare their mysteries.

If a mysterious cleric prepares the same mystery twice, and is atleast 7th-level, then that mystery is cast as a spell-like ability. If a mysterious cleric prepares the same mystery three times, and is at least 13th level, then that mystery is then cast as a supernatural ability.

Mysterious clerics, still possessing domains, may still prepare domains spells. However, these may only be prepared in the mysterious cleric's domain spell slots.

Fundamentals of Shadow (Su): Rather than preparing orisons, as a standard cleric, mysterious clerics prepare fundamentals. Fundamentals are essentially level-0 mysteries, and are always treated as supernatural abilities. A mysterious cleric may prepare one less fundamental than a standard cleric can prepare orisons. This augments the cleric's orisons class feature.

Channel Negative Energy: Regardless of their alignment, a mysterious cleric channels negative energy.

Note: This archetype can be applied to the following classes, as well as cleric:
Druid (Only alter's casting as per Mysteries and Fundamentals of Shadow)
Inquisitor (Only alters casting as per Mysteries and Fundamentals of Shadow)
Paladin/Anti-Paladin (Alters casting as per Mysteries. Mysterious Paladins channel negative energy instead of positive energy)
Ranger (Only alters casting as per Mysteries class feature)