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2014-04-10, 05:11 PM
I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I aim to make a simplistic, balanced, and customizable light RP game. The purpose is every now and then, me and my friends want to play a DnD like game but without getting into the thick of it. This game would be a relatively dumb'd down version of DnD with primarily a combat focuses but a bit more intuitive than let's say Heroica, you feel me?

Class System:

I want there to be 5 "levels" that cap a character. Obviously you can go lower or beyond that, but the 5 keep it basic. Since most of these adventures will be a 1 shot sort've campaign, the system assumes you're just starting out and staying at "level 5."

Each class will have a pool of 5 abilities. Each level represents a said ability and would have a stat bonus associated with it. (Ex. If you picked an ability like "Power Attack" you'd get a +1 to STR along with the ability). This should ideally promote ease with character building and cross classing. Since cross-classing could provide better synergy bonuses for specific aims, I figured taking 2, 4, and 5 levels in a specific class would grant minor associated stat bonuses. Idea being to lower the gap between casual players and numberphiles.

In the end, I hope this'd result in someone who wants to be a dude with a sword being able to do his dude-sword thing while a snowflake who wants to do some MP to HP combo for tanking could get that on just as easily without either being heavily gimp'd in on way or another.


My current idea is having damage output look like magic>melee>ranged when all bonuses are equal.
Melee>Ranged because both are sustainable, but one requires getting up close and personal.
Magic>Melee because Magic will have an Mana element associated with it. Thus, when all bonuses are equal, over time Magic should = or be slightly less than Melee (Melee keeps swinging while Magic burns out their mana and wait for it to recover).

This is where I begin to run into trouble because I don't know how to properly gauge the damage, HP, and MP (costs and recovery).


Since this is based off of DnD, I figured something akin to it like Con, Str, Dex, Int, Wis would be simple. Con would influence HP and Physical Damage Reduction
Str would influence Physical Damage
Dex would influence accuracy and dodge
Int would influence Magical Damage
Wis would influence Magical Damage Reduction and MP

A simple damage formula would start with Dodge vs Accuracy (100% from behind, 85% from either side, 75% if from front, 10% bonus if flanked), with damage being Weapon+Str-P. Reduction.

Once again, balancing numbers is suffering. As far a Dodge min-maxing goes, I'd keep a strict cap on Max Dodge vs basic hit coming to about 25% so things don't get too mundane in terms of evasion tanking.


I'd have equipment be graded 1-4 with cost scaling faster than benefit. The Result would be that having a level 4 weapon would cause you to gimp yourself in terms of accessories or armor. Level 2 items would be easy across the board with maybe 1 or 2 level 3s thrown in. Idea being to make min-maxers happy while keeping casual players from being heavily out shined.

Equipment slots would include: Head, Armor, Feet, Accessory, R. Hand, L. Hand, and Back.

Equipment serves a bonus to stats or their associated sub stats (mana, damage reduction, etc) and possibly extra abilities (like shoes that add +1 to move vs shoes that add +1 to dodge vs shoes that add a +1 to Dex)


Movement would be a 3 square base influenced by equipment and abilities to boost.

All in all, what do you guys think? Any tips on how to manage numbers? Any additions?