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2007-02-06, 01:36 PM
Algregols are a player race my Former DM and I came up with for a campaign world we developed. The campaign world was an experiment in inventing new races, and occasionally new classes. There were only two slightly humanoid races and a third that occasionally took humanoid form.

There were the Algregols of course, The Remeschs (imagine a six-limbed reptile shaped roughly like a gargoyle, with 2 arms ending in scythe-like blades, 2 arms with gripping hands, and two hind-legs with scratching hooked claws), The Squits (large Mosquito people), the Kit-Kurrs (a species of colonial symbiotes having four genders that come together to make a single creature) and numerous other bizarre races.

The Algregols are by far my favourites since they are purely of my design. They are a subterranean race that eats rocks, communicates with each other through hollow horn-pipes on its head and live somewhat like earthworms, tunneling and mating constantly.

They make an expert laborer and their cave complexes rival those of the Kobolds. The obvious usefullness of this species is not realized without the Remeschs, Kit-Kurrs and other creatures we created, but they have a certain curiosity to them that may be appropriate for a campaign where your players encounter a noble or an adventurer who has captured creatures from another land far away.

The Algregolks, as they are known by other races , inhabit the subterranean grounds of the entire world. They are an old race but only recently discovered through the effects of mining and exploration.

Physical Description
Algregols are thick, solidly built humanoids with a lack of an apparent head and a thick wide body. they have hollow protuding horns on their heads that allow them to communicate. Just below the top of their body they have a large toothless mouth. they are a deep grayish brown with greenish-gray striping and a rough pebbly skin. They are usually unclothed and covered in dust. They have three fingers per hand and thick trunklike legs. They range in height from 5' 6" to 6' 2" and can may up to 250 pounds.

Algregols are a backward civilization but in some large Metropolises ther could be as many as five generations of slaves. An Algregol accustomed to city living is a powerful asset to an adventuring party because of their brute strength and intimidating appearance. However they are even-tempered and relatively docile. When challenged an Algregol will defend himself, but he is not privy to rash actions.

Algregol Lands
Each and every Village of Algregols is made up of six parts. The four druid sects, the warriors, and the villagers. Each village is located near one of three things: an underground lake, an underground magma chamber, or an opening to the surface. The element represented by this location is the one which is most strongly represented in that tribe of algregols. Their cave systems are so complex that other than spelunkers, minotaurs are the only opponent to ever encounter an algregol in their natural territory.

Algregols have a general dislike for humans and orcs as they are the quickest to enslave them. they have a great affinity for dwarves because the dwarves led themn to civilization. They are fierce enemies of Kobolds and Minotaurs. Many Algregols bear Gouge marks from minotaur horns, and wear minotaur skin armor.

Algregols tend towards neutral alignments, but many are chaotic or lawful depending on their element they worship. They do not favor good nor evil.

Algregols worship the natural world around them. They focus on the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind.

• +2 con, +2 str, -2 dex, -2 cha
• Medium Size
• 30 ft move
• Tremorsense- Algregols can see by feeling vibrations out to 60 feet.
• Weapon familiarity- Algregols treat all hammers and picks as martial weapons. They are also proficient with mining tools as improvised weapons and do not take penalties for using them.
• Algregols gain +2 racial bonuses to the skills climb, hide, and survival when in rocky terrain.
• Heat Vulnerability- Algregols take a -2 penalty on saves against heat effects and heat areas.
• Sonic attack: once an Algregol reaches 5 HD their head horns are large and complex enough to create a sonic attack of 1d6 (10 foot radius.)
• Stable body- Algregols get a racial +2 bonus on fortitude saves.
• Automatic Languages: Algrecc. Bonus Languages: N/A.
• Favored Class- Druid

I am looking for suggestions on how to improve the stats for this race and yes you are all welcome to add it to your campaigns.

If you want stats for some other creatures ive come up with send me an email and ill gladly do up a page or two about the history of the race in my world and how you can find a niche for them in yours.

2007-02-06, 10:48 PM
Could you give a bit more fluff. Gods, customs, mindset, weapons, good aspects art, history, magic, ect. I can't say until i see more

2007-02-07, 08:24 AM
Give me a couple more days and ill have all that stuff written up again. Im getting my F-DM to mail me hard copies of his notes

2007-02-07, 09:49 AM
Ive added a bit more fluff EE... hope you like it