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2014-04-15, 05:17 PM
I am making a campaign called the labyrinth of time that surround, you guessed it, a massive labyrinth. I really wanted to go old school with this so my maps for roll20 even look oldschool:


Story Summary:
Have you ever heard the tale of Rovagug? It was an evil god known as the unmaker. It was truly a destroyer of worlds, a god killer, pure untamed destruction. The other gods banded together to put an end to his wrath before he could swallow our world. Many godís died in this feat, but thanks to two unlikely allies the beast was imprisoned. The God Sarenrae sliced open a hole in the world, and the archdevil Asmodeus bound him within using a key only he possessed. That is where the story ends of course and us mortals simply obey our traditions as is our nature. However the truth goes beyond what tradition allows.

The truth does not lie within the shifting sands of the windswept wastes, nor in the depths of the pit of Gormuz. Instead you will find it deep within madness, and outside of time and space. One man, a prophetic king, learned fragments of the truth through his childhood visions and set his empire on a course to reveal the nature of the divine ruse. His wealth, his power, and his people were drained from decades of searching and he himself was driven far past the reaches of sanity.

It wasnít until his son was born that his lust was justified, and within the fortnight he along with his royal guard disappeared going north never to be seen again. No man or woman knows what happened, or why the king left, yet here you are following in the mad kingís footsteps with divine intervention. Youíve trekked into the frigid cold of the High Ice and found what is not supposed to exist, what has been hid from our traditions. You have found the Labyrinth of Time.

The Actual Story:
The God's could not contain Rovagug so they created the labyrinth of time, a maze suspended in time and space and imprisoned him there. The maze is guarded and managed by the master of ceremonies, a jester with a split personality who has almost unlimited power within the maze, and not even gods challenge him within it. He is Rovagug. Even he does not know this however. The labyrinth has had it's way with him. From a beast to a being it warped him into pure madness. When the gods put him there they split him into three pieces. When two of his pieces found one another they became what the jester is. The god's feared he would find the third so they chose heroes to enter the maze and stop him.

The labrynith is constantly changing. Each section moves and rotates like in the movie cube. The maze is not bound to any laws of reality and each module can be anything you can imagine. The end goal is for the heroes to make it to what they think is the center, only to find Rovagug's third personality and his missing piece to regaining his full power. It is up to them to stop him with the help of their gods.

That's all I really know, I want this to have ties with the great old ones. Things that I need help with is fleshing out the story and the twists. I also need suggestions for modules, traps, encounters, all kinds of things. Right now I am designing the first module which is a good old fashioned dungeon crawl labyrinth.