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2014-04-15, 05:55 PM
Blind Io, I love my alliteration.

Anyway, here is the premise of this thread:

1. I will make artifacts. All you need is a request and a "something that it does."
2. Specify Major or Minor in your request; the difference is that Minor are more like standard magic items that no-one has figured out how to make for a long time, while Major are unique, overpowered magic items that end up being plot devices.
3. If you don't specify what it looks like, I will make up the appearance.
3a. This might cause you to end up with artifact plants, songs, and shades of the color blue at my discretion.

An example artifact:

This suit of iron plate armor looks poorly made; the plates hang off each-other loosely, while odd patterns have rusted themselves into grooves on the plates. The power of this extremely potent tool becomes readily apparent if the user knows the command word.

The Immovable Warrior is a suit of -2 Plate Mail; however, when it is activated, the plates making up the armor move precisely 1/5th of an inch away from the user's skin, and stay there. They are fixed in place with regards to their wearer; they move as he moves, and let no one else move them.

This grants the following benefits:

The Immovable Warrior is considered to be a suit of +2 Heavy Fortification Mithril Plate Mail.
The wearer receives DR 50/Piercing or Slashing, and Force Resistance 50.
More impressively, the wearer may make any Strength check with a DC of 30 or below without rolling, and gains a +12 bonus on all Strength checks. In addition, they reduce the weight of any load they carry by 8000 lbs.
The wearer may not remove the Immovable Warrior until it is deactivated, and is immune to any effect that would remove or destroy their armor.

Let the requests commence!

Primal Fury
2014-04-15, 07:58 PM
Well, I wasn't going to post, but I figure what the hell, right?

I'd like a... Major Artifact, that is essentially a Tager from Cthulhutech (for those who are familiar with it). It would be a symbiont that provided you with an additional form. You base form receives a small boost to your physical and mental abilities (to show your increased physical and mental durability), while the other form would provide a very large bonus to your physical ability scores. In addition, you would gain a few abilities. Corrosive blasts. Sonic mind-affecting screech attacks that damage the brain. Tentacle attacks. All that good stuff.

This doesn't come easy though. After you don it, you have to fight the thing for control. Losing isn't permanent, but neither is winning. It's a constant struggle for supremacy.

2014-04-15, 08:03 PM
Here's a flood of ideas. Don't feel pressured to do all of them. :smalltongue:

Major or minor, depending on what you think would be more interesting. Major if you don't want to decide.

Something that alters sizes, to extreme proportions.

Something that causes farrealmian effects within a wide radius.

And similarly:
Something that drastically increases the strength of magic, and perhaps makes it much harder to control.

Something that shatters the Earth, from making floating islands, to planet splitting.

Something that makes someone's subconscious bleed out around them. (Probably through illusion effects? Anything's good.)

Something that merges people/creatures into a single creature, that is roughly balanced to be a little more powerful than all the creatures alone.

I actually made these two myself, but I'd be curious how you approached them:
Something that causes small but permanent changes to the universe.

Something that can be used to kill gods and steal their stature.

Unimportant, but the immovable warrior says it cannot be moved by anyone but the wielder, which sounds like it would make the wielder immune to bull rush attempts or anything else which would push them. If this interpretation is correct, it would also technically make the wielder fall into the center of the earth I believe, as the ground would be unable to stop them from falling.

2014-04-15, 09:29 PM
Immovable Warrior only specifies that it can't be moved with regards to the wearer. The wearer has no such defense.


Omphalos Wyrm

You see before you a worm the length of a man's spine, jet black with yellow splotches. It looks dead; however, when you move to pick it up, it swings around quick as a whip and burrows into your back. You feel... stronger, somehow.

The Omphalos Wyrm is a living Minor Artifact, with an Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom score of 20 each. Once it has burrowed into a creature's body, it replaces their spine, and starts putting out tendrils that infiltrate the nervous system of the host. This grants their host a +2 Perfection bonus to Con and Wis, as well as improving their natural armor bonus by 2 and doubling their rate of natural healing. However, this is not the only boon the host gets.

At will, as a Swift action, the host may allow the Omphalos Wyrm to expand, consuming muscle and skin, until they look like a hulking jet black salamander-man with yellow spots. While in this form, you gain a +16 Perfection bonus to Strength, as well as a +10 Perfection bonus to Dexterity and Constitution; additionally, your flesh drags itself together, granting you Fast Healing 5, a +10 bonus to your Natural Armor, and DR 10/-.

Leaving the Omphalos form requires a minute as the Omphalos Wyrm reconstitutes your body from its memories; upon exiting the Omphalos form, you are targeted by a Regeneration effect.

However, not all is fun and games; the Omphalos Wyrm has its own rather inscrutable goals. Each time you awake, you must make a DC 25 Will save; if you fail this save, the Omphalos Wyrm takes control of your body, immediately forcing you into Omphalos form.

2014-04-15, 09:47 PM
Immovable Warrior only specifies that it can't be moved with regards to the wearer. The wearer has no such defense.

So a force on the armour acts as a force on the wielder? I'd interpreted that it did not, so force on the armour would be cancelled, as it would displace the armour in relation to the wielder. Immovable objects are fun.

Primal Fury
2014-04-15, 09:54 PM
Omphalos Wyrm
Hm. I did ask for a Major Artifact, but this is actually better. I had envisioned this as something that is not entirely unique (sort of a like a larval form of a very rare and powerful creature), and this is a truer representation of that.

Thank you Amechra. :smallsmile:

2014-04-15, 10:25 PM
So a force on the armour acts as a force on the wielder? I'd interpreted that it did not, so force on the armour would be cancelled, as it would displace the armour in relation to the wielder. Immovable objects are fun.

Basically, it's immovable ony with regard to the wielder; it hangs .2 inches away from their flesh, and nothing will move it from that precise distance. You can't pry the hanging pieces of armor off the guy or the like.

Think of it in a rules sense; anything that targets the body goes through, anything that targets the armor itself does not.

Oh, and you're welcome, Primal Fury.

2014-04-15, 11:37 PM
How about.. A minor artifact that makes a clone of the user for a round? Clones can't cast, as I imagine that'd completely change the power level.

2014-04-16, 12:35 AM
I'd like some artifact that lets me me forge stuff out of pure fire.
Also some ideas.

An artifact that turns all a dead oponnents belongings into the appropriate gp value minor

An item that lets you level up once a year. Major

Armor that makes all in a mile prone to making only cha based checks major

anything that instantly makes buildings, provided with materials. Minor

A basket that when food and poison/potion are placed in at the same time, they share effects. Minor

A major artifact. It is a stone grey ring forged from mithril and grants the user spontaneous access to all level 1 spells on their spell list.

2014-04-16, 01:09 AM
Can I get a major artifact that is controlled by it's user's emotions?

2014-04-16, 08:31 AM
Hi, this is what i need:

Category: A major artifact (should fit with the Legacy Weapon rules if possible).

Used by: any soulknife-type of characters.

Type: intelligent Mindblade powered by the shadow & darkness from an evil and obscur entity.


- Super-Mindblade, must be very powerful compared to classic mindblades.
- artifact-level mindblades enhancements
- soulstealing, stolen souls empower its owner's abilities.
- Awaken psionics, its owners gains psionic levels to complement its martial abilities.
- Stealthy Assassin, owner get some talents for assassination (Death Attack, Sneak Attack, etc...)


- Gradually transform its owner into a powerful unique creature made from shadow/darkness (via template)

Hope you can make something fluffy about it :smallsmile:

2014-04-16, 07:09 PM
I'll do qazzquimby's ones later.

But for now...

Mirror of Sovereign Reflection

A disk of polished bronze hangs on the wall in front of you; your reflection looks like it is trying to climb out. It glances up, and gives you a friendly smile.

This minor artifact is, by some, considered to be one of the blueprints for the classic Mirror of Opposition. Anyone who can see themselves in the mirror may, as a swift action, animate their reflection. Treat this like a Simulacrum effect, except the user may only duplicate themselves, the duplicate does not halve their number of hit dice, the reflection has the [Reflection] subtype, and they do not have absolute mental control over their reflection.

The reflections are inherently flawed; if the original user has any levels in a spellcasting class, the duplicate replaces those levels with levels in Shadowcaster, replacing any other feats or classes that they no longer qualify for. The reflections are initially Helpful towards the user.

From this point on, their reflection and shadow move with a life of their own, an effect that observers can notice with a DC 15 spot check; either the user or the reflection may, as a swift action, remove the [Reflection] subtype from the reflection for one round.

[Reflection] Subtype
A creature with the [Reflection] subtype is the reflection of another creature. This has the following effects:

Their actions may not target a creature other than themselves.
They may not be targeted by effects from other creatures, unless those effects explicitly target shadows or reflections. In such cases, they receive a Will save to negate the effect.
They initially look like a chiral copy of the creature whose reflection they appear to be; however, any physical alterations are not mimicked by the [Reflection] creature.
They automatically succeed on all Move Silently checks and automatically fail all Listen checks.
They do not need to eat, drink, or breath.