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Admiral Squish
2014-04-15, 06:53 PM

A sslak whoís chosen the skeleton of a wolf.

Sslak are a race of oozes who, exposed to some mysterious source of magic deep in the underdark, have developed tool-using intelligence. The name Sslak is derived from draconic Sslak-Vrakíthas, roughly translating as ooze that walks, a name given by the kobolds who first encountered them.
Personality: Sslak are still relatively new to sentience, and are often somewhat naive about a variety of things, particularly cultural aspects that most races would regard as extremely basic. They often lack concrete understanding of gender, romance, table manners, body language, rituals surrounding death, or large-scale war. Most Sslak are extremely curious about the world, eager to learn about the world and experience as much as they can.
Physical Description: Sslak are, in their natural state, a shapeless mass of ooze with a dark mass with multiple narrow, branching tendrils spreading through the mass. Most take on humanoid skeletons to interact with other races, as theyíre very versatile and allow them to wield weapons and manipulate objects. Their bodies are made of semi-transparent ooze, usually mostly colorless, though they can change colors by consuming particular foods regularly or by dying themselves various colors with certain non-organic dyes. This color change is usually cosmetic, for the benefit of other races, but some can use it to indicate affiliation. Among each other, sllak identify individuals by scent. Sslak have no genders, and reproduce asexually. A well-nourished sslak can split over a period of a week or so, creating a new, blank-minded sslak from their own body. Physically, the new sslak is no different than an adult, but lacks any acquired knowledge like language or tool use. A well-taught sslak is intelligent enough to function as an adult within 10 years. It is yet unknown if sslak have a maximum age, or even really age at all.
Relations: Sslak can seem alien and unnerving to most other races, but they do try to make friends where they can, or at least be left alone. Allies that can see past their appearance and awkwardness often find extremely loyal friends, who are eager to learn whatever their new friends can offer them.
Alignment: Sslak come in all alignments, but tend toward neutrality. Good slak are innocently curious about the world. Evil sslak delight in pain and cruelty like a child with a magnifying glass tormenting ants. Chaotic sslak are eager to experience life, freedom, and the world. Lawful Sslak struggle to understand the world and the rules that shape it.





Sslak Lands: Sslak originated from a particular cavern deep below the earth where strange magical phenomenon nourish a wide variety of slimes and oozes. The slaak have, since the origin of their race, completely conquered the cavern, using the other slimes as tools.
Religion: Sslak are still discovering the concept of religion. Some are very eagerly accepting of the concept of powerful divine beings. Some are more skeptical of the idea. Others believe, but dismiss the divine beings, arguing that if the gods would not see fit to create them as the other races, then they owe them no worship or obedience. Some are attempting to make contact with the mystical force that created them from other slimes as a potential god, but so far it seems it is either too different from other gods to respond or simply not sentient.
Language: Sslak do not have a language of their own. They largely use draconic, but many who have ventured to the surface are retuning with a knowledge of common.
Names: Sslak generally have one name they are referred to, and the names are most commonly draconic, as most seem to agree that they just sound cool. When a sslak is created, until it is ready to choose itís own name, it is referred to by the parentís name, with the prefix Ssil-, followed by a number indicating how many other sslak were created by that parent before them. For example, the third child of Garkil would be referred to as Ssil-Garkil 3. When they reach maturity they may choose a name of their own though, some may hold onto their birth name as a second name, particularly if their parent is important or powerful.
Adventurers: Sslak adventurers are often explorers or learners, trying to find out as much as possible about the world beyond their home cavern. Some do this learning through books, scrolls, and science, becoming wizards or alchemists. Others prefer a more hands-on approach to learning, becoming rangers, barbarians, or

+4 constitution, -2 dexterity Sslak are tough and resilient, but are slower to respond than most races.
Type: Sslak are Oozes.
Size: Sslak are medium creatures, and have no bonuses or penalties due to size.
Very Slow Speed: Sslak have a base speed of 15 feet.
Blindsight: Sslak can perceive the world through a combination of vibrations and scent as well as a sighted creature, despite lacking eyes. They have blindsight out to 60 feet, and blindsense out to 120 feet. These senses do not allow them to read or perceive color,
Slam: Sslak have a primary natural slam attack that deals 1d4 points of damage and exposes their opponent to their acid (see below).
Acid: A Sslakís body is highly acidic. Their acid affects organic materials, but not metal or stone. A sslakís acid deals 1d6+con mod damage. This damage applies if the sslak makes a melee touch attack, unarmed strike, or natural weapon attack, or if they are the target of an unarmed strike, melee touch attack, or natural weapon attack. If the sslak grapples or is grappled by an opponent, they automatically deal double the normal acid damage to the target each turn the grapple is maintained. A sslak is immune to acid damage. A sslak also deals their acid damage each turn to any organic materials they are touching, holding, wearing, or standing on.
Centralized: Unlike most oozes, Sslak have a semi-centralized nervous system. This makes them somewhat vulnerable. They are not immune to critical hits or precision attacks, though they still cannot be flanked. When a critical hit or precision attack is rolled on the sslak, there is a 50% chance that the attack fails to deal extra damage and is instead rolled normally.
Oooze Form: A sslakís natural form is that of a shapeless mass of ooze. While they often wear skeletons for most things, but their natural form has itís uses. While in ooze form, a sslak can squeeze through cracks or gaps as though it were a tiny-sized creature. It cannot use weapons or manipulate objects while in ooze form, though it can use itís slam attack.
Bone-Wearer: A sslakís natural form is very slow, and makes it difficult to perform many tasks. Sslak have learned a way to work around their natural limitations by absorbing skeletons and using them as their own. A Sslak can use the skeleton of any medium sized corporeal creature, absorbing the skeleton into their body as a full-round action. The sslak can use the skeletonís base land speed in place of their own, and use any natural attacks possessed by the skeletonís creature (except tentacle attacks). A sslak cannot wield weapons or manipulate objects unless the skeletonís creature could. A sslak can use their acid to clean the flesh off the bones of any medium-sized corpse over the course of one minute.
Languages: Draconic Bonus Language: Common, Dwarven, Gnome, Terran, Undercommon
Favored Class: Any
Level Adjustment: +2

Ooze Traits:

Blind: Ooozes are immune to gaze attacks, visual effects, illusions, and other attack forms that rely on sight.
Immune to acid, poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning.
Not subject to critical hits or flanking (See centralized)
Oozes eat and breathe, but do not sleep. (Though they do not need to sleep, a sslak with levels in a class that must rest, such as a wizard who must rest before preparing spells for the day, must still rest as normal in order to do so.)

Admiral Squish
2014-04-15, 06:56 PM
Acid Spray [Sslak]
You can spray your acid in a deadly cone.
Prerequisites: Sslak
Benefit: You can spray your acid in a 15-foot cone as a standard action. The spray deals acid damage equal to 1d6 x the number of sslak feats you possess + your con modifier to all creatures and all unattended objects in the area. Creatures in the area can make a reflex save (DC 10+ 1/2 HD+ con mod) for half damage. If you possess the Corrosive feat, the spray's damage is doubled. After using this attack, you cannot use it again for one minute.

Alternate Acid [Sslak]
You have learned how to control your acid to make it affect different kinds of materials
Prerequisites: Sslak, Selective Digestion, 8 ranks in Craft (alchemy)
Benefit: You can use your control over your acid to deal damage to different kinds of materials. As a move action, you can change your acid to make it affect Organics, Stone, or Metal, or any combination thereof. Using your acid to affect stone deals your acid damage to any skeleton you are using each turn. Using your acid to affect metal will damage any armor or metal equipment you are in contact with at the time.

Clinging Strike [Sslak]
You can leave a tiny portion of yourself behind to continue to harm your foes.
Prerequisites: Sslak, BAB +3
Benefit: When you successfully hit an opponent with your slam attack, you can leave a small patch of your slime behind. This patch continues to deal your acid damage to the creature each turn until they take a standard action to scrape or wash it off.

Corrosive [Sslak]
Your acid is more aggressive than other sslak.
Prerequisites: Sslak, 1st level only
Benefit: Your acid deals 2d6 + con mod damage instead of 1d6 + con mod.

Distill Acid [Sslak]
You can distill your acid to store some for future use.
Prerequisites: Sslak, 6 ranks in Craft (alchemy)
Benefit: You can use your knowledge of alchemy to distill your acid into convenient vials to use later, sell, or distribute to your party. You can distill a number of vials of your acid each day equal to your constitution modifier, a process taking ten minutes per vial. You do not need any materials to distill your acid, though you do need vials and stoppers. A single vial of your acid deals damage equal to your acid damage at the time of the distillation.

Ooze Pocket [Sslak]
You can form a small hollow inside yourself to store items.
Prerequisite: Sslak, Selective Digestion
Benefit: You can use your control over your digestion reflex to shape a small empty space inside your ooze. The hollow can be as large as a one-foot diameter sphere. Items stored inside the hollow are not considered to be worn, though their weight still applies against your encumbrance. you can retrieve an item held in this hollow as a move action. Sharp items such as bladed or pointed weapons or caltrops inside the hollow deal their damage to the sslak each time the sslak uses a standard action that is not purely mental, unless securely covered, sheathed, or wrapped. If the sslak is struck by a successful critical hit, there is a 25% chance the items in the hollow are dealt the attack's normal (non-critical) damage.

Selective Digestion [Sslak]
You've mastered your reflex to consume any organic material you come in contact with.
Prerequisite: Sslak, Wisdom 13
Benefit: You can choose to suppress your acid as a free action, allowing you to touch organic materials and creatures without dealing acid damage to them. While the acid is suppressed, you do not deal acid damage when making or struck by a melee touch attack, an unarmed strike, or natural weapon, and you do not deal acid damage to leather, cloth, or wooden items you are touching, holding, wearing, or standing on. You can resume your acid production as a swift action, immediately dealing the damage to any organic materials or creatures you're in contact with.


This item resembles nothing so much as an armored skeleton with a doll's head. It's almost as large as a human, though much scrawnier. The skelequin has slim, sticklike limbs that flare out into hollow, articulated gauntlets and boots. The chest area is covered by a thin breastplate-like cover. Where the hips would be on a skeleton is instead a solid, shaped piece the legs attach to. The head is a hollow sculpted shape, with a doll-like face, complete with a movable jaw, movable eyebrows, and even glass eyes that can be swiveled this way and that. The underside of the head's jaw is a large hole. A skelequin is usually made of specially treated metal that won't corrode.
Skelequins are used by sslak who have to spend time in polite humanoid company and don't want to disturb their hosts by occupying a skeleton. The sslak engulfs most of the skeleton, but keeps its body inside the chest, head, gauntlets and boots. The gauntlets and boots allow the sslak to walk around and touch things without leaving slime or acid behind, and the mechanical head allows them to imitate some human facial expressions.
Wearing a skelequin is challenging. Their acidic body requires the number of joints to be kept to a minimum, making the skelequin somewhat slow and unresponsive. A sslak can treat a skelequin as a humanoid creature with a base land speed of 25 feet. While wearing a skelequin, the sslak takes a -2 penalty to dexterity.
Price: 1000 GP?

And now you can post. I just realizes I had these guys all but finished in my computer, all I had left to do was religion, language, names and adventurers. Seems a shame for a creation to linger on unfinished like that, so I polished it off and brought it by.

2014-04-15, 07:12 PM
Npcs are rolled and ready....I'm SO using them next session!

I'll let you know how they go :smallbiggrin:

2014-04-15, 07:19 PM
Cool picture and concept, though being unable to read sounds like it hurts. No wizards here!
Still, great way to make a playable slime that can actually function.

Admiral Squish
2014-04-15, 07:45 PM
Man, that was fast! Not quite a record, but one of the fastest my creations has ever been responded to.

I'd love to hear how they work in the game! Feel free to drop by and let me know how it went.

Thanks! I've been trying to make a working ooze-race ever since I started homebrewing here.

Well, they can't see ink on the paper, though they could read something like braille or carved runes. Wizards are still an option, they just need some special considerations.

2014-04-15, 09:09 PM
I'm kinda fascinated about how these guys would approach diplomacy/interactions with other races. It would be interesting to see a Sslak outpost in a more contested area that pay's decent coin and/or services in exchange for, say, Drow corpses. They could probably get in trouble with dwarves, especially, even if they arn't especially evil, because using a body as a meat puppet probably won't be appreciated by the guys who tend to bury their dead as much as possible.

Admiral Squish
2014-04-16, 01:41 PM
I will admit, the prospect of sslak diplomats presents a challenge. I suspect most would end up going boneless when it comes to actual negotiations and diplomacy to avoid creeping people out, or maybe riding in and out on an animal skeleton of some sort but being boneless during the actual talks.

But I imagine there would be a lot of strangeness surrounding the sslak and other race's death rituals.
"So, you dress them up fancy, put them in a box, then bury the box."
"...Do you dig them back up when they're ripe or something?"
"So, they just stay down there forever."
"Okay, whatever, explain the box part to me again."

I wonder if certain kinds of skeleton would be more fashionable than other kinds. Like, this season, drow bones are in and dwarf bones are out.

2014-04-16, 03:46 PM
Oh, I like this one. I can imagine a Sslak having some (literal) skeletons in his closet "Hmm... today I'll wear the kobold!".

As for the "no wizards" issue... I'd say "go braille", or some more campaign friendly runic carving language for a spell book. Hell, maybe even carved into the very bones of his favorite skeleton. [EDIT] note to self, read all comments before "coming up with new ideas"...

2014-04-16, 04:45 PM
Would they be able to use a mannequin instead of an actual skeleton do you think...? They'd not be so well articulated and they'd likely be incapable of feats of manual dexterity, but they'd be able to wander about relatively 'normally' without upsetting sensibilities in quite the same way.....perhaps you should present one as a common item for Sslak, with limited speed and use for those 'awkward' social situations where wearing a skeleton isn't conducive to civilised behaviour...?

Admiral Squish
2014-04-16, 05:46 PM
Oooh, man, I hadn't even thought of using the skeleton's bones as the spellbook. There are rules for scribing spells onto bones in C.Arc, if I'm not mistaken.
Still, they would have to read them in runes in the first place, or learn them from a mentor.

Hmm. I could see the potential for a mannequin body for social situations. Good idea, I shall make one!

2014-04-16, 07:00 PM
There are rules for scribing spells onto bones in C.Arc, if I'm not mistaken.

If you're thinking of Black Lore of Moil then yeah, but it's not a solution to the issue, it's a feat to enhance Necromancy spells with rune bones, but there's precedent at least :P

Admiral Squish
2014-04-16, 07:19 PM
No, I found it! It's way in the back, page 187, under alternate spellbooks, specifically under tokens. It gives you a number of 'pages' of spellbook info on different kinds of bones on the table.

I added the details of the skelequin (mannequin-skeleton) into the second post. Not sure on the price.

2014-04-16, 11:07 PM
with the whole "different types of skeletons" thing, dwarves would probably be less popular, as you run slower due to short legs, but lack the stocky musculature and epic liver(s) due to only having the skeleton.
The mannequin is pretty cool, though the wearer might be better off just putting on a large, acid resistant robe and maintain some mobility.

Egregious Kelly
2014-04-17, 12:59 PM
A few feats that spring to mind:

Selective Digestion[Sslak Acid]
You have learned how to ingest organic items and not digest them.
Prerequisites: sslak, Concentration 4+ ranks
You can safely carry organic items inside your own body without them being affected by your acid. Items carried count normally against your encumberance.

Acid Spray[Sslak Acid]
You have learned how to stockpile and then unleash a store of your acid as an area attack.
Prerequisites: sslak, Selective Digestion
You can spray a cone of acid dealing 1d6 damage per [Sslak Acid] feat, up to a range of 5' per [Sslak Acid] feat you have. You may carry one shot of acid at a time, and it takes 2 hours of rest to regenerate one shot. Each shot weighs 8 pounds.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each additional feat allows you to store one extra shot of acid.
Special: if you have the Corrosive feat, your acid spray does 2d6 damage per feat.

Internal Alchemy[Sslak Acid]
You can use your own metabolism as an alchemy lab.
Prerequisites: sslak, Selective Digestion, Craft(alchemy) 8+ ranks
You can make alchemical items without equipment, performing all operations inside your body. You need to ingest all the needed raw materials, and it is advisable to have suitable containers on hand for the finished product. You don't need any extra raw materials to make acid.

Autonomous Alchemy[Sslak Acid]
You don't have to pay attention to your inner alchemical work.
Prerequisites: sslak, Selective Digestion, Internal Alchemy, Craft(alchemy) 8+ ranks, Concentration 8+ ranks
Your body can automatically do your alchemy work without you paying attention to it, allowing you to do other things. For every 4 ranks in Craft(alchemy) you have, pick one alchemical recipie that your body can do without supervision. If you choose to adventure or engage in other hazardous activities, you run the risk of spoiling the crafting process. If you roll a natural 1 on a reflex save, physical skill or ability check, or a subjected to a successful critical hit, you must make a Concentration check with a DC equal to the DC of the skill DC or the damage taken from the critical hit. If you fail, the process is ruined, and you need to start over with new raw materials. If you roll a 1 on the Concentration check, the process fails catastrophically, and you take 1d6 damage per 10gp value of the item you were attempting to make. Other items held inside your body (such as your skeleton) may also be damaged by the internal explosions.

Alternate Acid[Sslak Acid]
You can alter your acid to affect different substances.
Prerequisites: sslak, Selective Digestion, Internal Alchemy, Craft(Alchemy) 12+ ranks
As a standard action, you alter your acid so it can affect either metal or stone. The alternate material is chosen when you take this feat. While changed, it can no longer affect organic material. It takes a standard action to switch the material your acid affects.
Special: You may take this feat up to three times. The second time your acid may affect the remaining substance (stone or metal), and your acid may affect two types of material at a time. The third time you take this feat, your acid may affect any combination of the three materials.

Thoughts and critiques? I'm a little uncertain about the prerequisite chains, and on how balanced they are.

Admiral Squish
2014-04-17, 04:25 PM
I gotta say, you never know what ideas are gonna take off. I thought I was just gonna throw this out here to get it off my computer, but it's getting a really impressive reception!

An acid-resistant robe could work, but there are some problems with it. For one, it's very expensive, like, adventurers-only kind of expensive. Second, you'd still be leaving slimy footprints without acid-resistant boots, and you've leave it on anything you touched with your hands too. Third, you would have to be completely hidden inside the robe, which is generally not a trustworthy sort of look for negotiations or fancy parties. And finally, if the robe is removed for some reason (a misplaced step on the hem, a spilled drink, whatever), it's revealed you're still the guy wearing a human skeleton around.

Awesome! Audience participation's always a good sign.

Selective digestion looks pretty good! It could use a bit of tweaking, though. How much can you fit inside yourself? Can it be sharp? is there a maximum dimension for it? Maybe you just create a hollow you can put things in... I'll work something out.

Acid spray looks pretty good. I'm not sure about the feat-based scaling on both the damage and the range, though. Maybe I'll make it a set range and have just the damage scale.

Internal alchemy... I dunno about this one. It's not like they have a lot of different chemical reactions, they just secrete a biological acid. Plus, the interaction of the different chemical components with the ooze seems like a challenge. Even if they can avoid applying their acid to everything via selective digestion, what about powders that have to stay dry, or liquids that have to stay pure? How would they be able to manage precise measurements without tools? And autonomous alchemy just seems silly. I could see being able to distill your own acid for free, though, that's certainly got uses aplenty.

Alternate acid is also pretty good, but it too poses problems. If you can make your acid apply to stone or metal, it would have to apply all over. If you used a mineral acid, it would dissolve your skeleton, and if you used a metal acid it would corrode your armor. It's a choice, but it could certainly be done.

2014-04-17, 07:03 PM
Man, this is close to an idea I was trying to figure out myself, namely how to make a slime-based race. Bravo! I'll probably steal it for my own campaigns.

Egregious Kelly
2014-04-17, 09:36 PM
Internal alchemy... I dunno about this one. It's not like they have a lot of different chemical reactions, they just secrete a biological acid. Plus, the interaction of the different chemical components with the ooze seems like a challenge. Even if they can avoid applying their acid to everything via selective digestion, what about powders that have to stay dry, or liquids that have to stay pure? How would they be able to manage precise measurements without tools? And autonomous alchemy just seems silly. I could see being able to distill your own acid for free, though, that's certainly got uses aplenty.

Alternate acid is also pretty good, but it too poses problems. If you can make your acid apply to stone or metal, it would have to apply all over. If you used a mineral acid, it would dissolve your skeleton, and if you used a metal acid it would corrode your armor. It's a choice, but it could certainly be done.

Good point with the internal alchemy, I may have gotten a bit carried away. I like the idea of being able to do alchemy/chemosynthesis on demand with no equipment, but it would need a lot more prerequisites than initially presented. It might make a nice PrC though. How about a transformational PrC that lets a sslak become a humanoid?

How about this:

Inside Job [Sslak]
You can manipulate objects inside your ooze pocket.
Prerequisites: Sslak, Selective Digestion, Ooze Pocket, Sleight of Hand 4+ ranks, ingest an extra skeletal hand
You can form a crude hand-like manipulator inside your ooze pocket and use it as a standard action. This allows you to do things like drink a potion from inside yourself, (un)wrap something, or even perform the somatic component to a spell. Physical manipulation requires a Sleight of Hand check, DC depending upon the complexity of the task (10 to uncork a potion, 20 to untie a knot, 25 to load a crossbow, etc). Casting a spell requires a Spellcraft check at DC 20+spell level.