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The Dark Crystal is one of those movies that I enjoy more as I get older. The concepts for the races and the underlying design philosophies are just phenomenal. I've always wanted to do more with it, but didn't have the tools to do so. With Pathfinder's improved rules for building constructs, races, and monsters, however, I've decided to try my hand at it. This thread will be a compilation for various stat blocks, as well as lore for those not familiar with the film.

Within every world there is a sun, which provides warmth to the lands above so that plants may grow. Buried deep within each world there is also a Crystal of Truth that serves as the wellspring of life itself. Any damage to the Crystal can have disastrous consequences.

The UrSkeks are a race of outsiders from another world far away. Luminescent beings that float gracefully above the ground, they are immensely powerful and wise. There are times, however, when imperfections in certain individuals cause them to be exiled to another world. These exiles take it upon themselves to rid themselves of their imperfections by seeking out the Crystal of their adopted planet and using its energies to purify themselves. Over the millennia, however, this method always results in the same horrible mistake: rather than being purged of their weaknesses, the UrSkeks are split into two new races: the vain, malicious Skeksis and the pacifistic urRu.

In the first few violent hours of their birth, the Skeksis tear into each other and the urRu, resulting in at least a handful of deaths. These conflicts inevitably lead to the damaging of the world's Crystal, resulting in it becoming a Dark Crystal. A Dark Crystal no longer gives but instead takes, enslaving the minds of lesser creatures and drawing their life essence. Until the Crystal has been restored, the two races cannot be joined back into one. They are immortal, but forever bound to each other. The death of an urRu results in the death of a Skeksis and vice versa, symbolizing the complete death of their combined UrSkek. While the Skeksis will not hunt their urRu halves, they proceed to conquer the land around them and strip it of its resources. Without outside interference from the world's natives, the Skeksis will eventually control everything and set themselves up as the world's new overlords.

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The urRu



Every urRu appears to be ancient, as old as the mountains and the rivers. Their thick, hairy hides are wrinkled and frequently covered in circular, knobby, and spiral patterns. They wear their grey/brown hair long, as cutting it goes against their outlook. urRu voices are raspy and quiet in casual conversation. When they are caught up in song or roused to anger, however, their voice drops into a throaty, resonant tone. Beneath their thick, intricate hand-woven robes, their frames are surprisingly bony but sturdy. Charms and relics often dangle in their hair or from their clothes. Most urRu rely on a special staff to help with their movement. Each staff is unique and is decorated according to its owner's craft.

Four arms sprout from the central body, ending in four long and strong fingers. The visages presented by their long faces often gives off a sense of melancholy and ancient wisdom, as their brown eyes regard the world with a gentleness not displayed by most races. A stout tail trails along behind them as they walk ponderously about.

To be urRu is to be at peace with and accept the universe as it is. The movement of the stars, the blowing of the wind, the falling of the rains and weathering of the mountains... these are all things observed by the urRu as they live with the land. urRu are mostly vegetarian, but will not refuse meat if offered. They prefer to live in their secluded sanctuaries and perfect their craft as the world goes on around them. Violence is always the last resort for an urRu, as their patient temperament does not mesh with the attitude needed to wage war. An urRu would rather take a week to find the best solution than settle for a merely acceptable one. Their lack of initiative and docile nature means that matters of evil within the world have to be brought to their attention if their counsel is to be sought. Once an urRu sets upon a course, however, not even a dragon would be enough to dissuade them from their path. All urRu strongly believe in fate and destiny and are not frightened by the prospect of death. The cutting of bonds is anathema to urRu and so they do not use blades or wedges in their daily lives, even going so far as to chew fibers rather than cut them. When they are pressed to fight, they use simple weapons crafted from natural materials such as slings and staves or even going so far as to fashion stone hammers.

urRu represent the compassionate and patient side of the UrSkek personality. As a result, urRu are predisposed toward a good alignment, although their desire to be left alone can see them stray into neutrality. While they strive to maintain the balance of the world, they are neither lawful nor chaotic with regards toward their outlook on society.

Outsider (native): As one half of beings from another world, urRu are immune to effects that target humanoids. They possess darkvision 60 feet, but still need to eat, sleep, and breathe.
3 RP

Medium size: While the urRu are not very tall, their sheer bulk puts them in the same weight category as dwarves and humans. They gain no advantages or disadvantages from their size, take up a 5X5 space, and have a reach of 5 feet.
0 RP

Slow speed (20 ft): The urRu, when they do move, are slow. However, no burden is too heavy for them to carry. They do not take movement penalties when in heavier armor or carrying large loads.
-1 RP

Specialized: -2 DEX, +2 INT +2 WIS: Their lumbering gait and ponderous natures make them slow to act, but centuries of life have made them knowledgeable about many things and taught them the value of wisdom.
1 RP

Standard Languages: All urRu start out speaking Common.
0 RP

Advanced Wisdom (+2): The urRu are often credited as being one of the wisest races in existence. Their counsel can be sought on many different matters.
4 RP

Fearless (+2 save versus fear): Their resignation to Fate's will and the natural cycle of the cosmos make them difficult to frighten. They gain a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear or fear effects.
1 RP

Stability (+4 CMD to bull rush or trip resist): Their stout stature and patient nature make them difficult to move when they do not wish it. urRu have a +4 racial bonus to their CMD when resisting bull rush or trip attempts while standing on the ground.
1 RP

Stubborn (+2 Will vs charm and compulsion, second saving throw): Once an urRu has set their mind to a task, nothing short of divine intervention or natural disaster will sway them. urRu receive a +2 racial bonus to Will saves against spells and spell-like abilities of charm and compulsion effects. If an urRu fails a save against such an effect, he can attempt another save next round at the same DC. Note*: If an urRu possesses a similar reroll ability from another source, such as a class feature, only one can be used per round.
2 RP

Focused Study (Skill Focus at 1st, 8th, and 16th): urRu may not have a diverse skill set, but centuries of practice have made them masters of their own craft. They receive Skill Focus as a bonus feat at levels 1, 8, and 16. They may apply them to any skill of their choice.
4 RP

Shards of the Past (2 Knowledge skills as class skills, +2 bonus in these skills): Whether they know it or not, urRu are haunted by their past selves and the missing half of their souls. During character creation, an urRu may pick any two Knowledge skills. They receive a +2 racial bonus to both skills, and these skills are treated as class skills, no matter what class the urRu takes.
4 RP

Skill bonus (Survival) (+1 bonus on Heal and Survival checks): No matter what path an urRu chooses in life, all receive at least basic training in the healing arts and how to fend after themselves in the wilderness, away from the comforts of civilization. All urRu characters receive a +1 racial bonus to Heal and Survival skill checks.
2 RP

Terrifying Croak: When an urRu is moved to sing in their powerful, baritone voices, the ground shakes beneath their feet and the very air resonates. Once per hour as a standard action, an urRu can let loose their voice. Any creature that is not an Outsider (Native) must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 urRu's level + urRu's Charisma modifier) or be shaken for 1d4 rounds. Any creature that makes its saving throw cannot be affected by the urRu's voice for 24 hours. Creatures that were already shaken instead become frightened for 1d4 rounds. This is a sonic, mind-affecting effect.
2 RP

Multi-armed: Somehow, the urRu grew an extra pair of arms when the urSkeks were split in two. They take full advantage of this, creating complicated musical instruments and multitasking while crafting. All urRu possess four arms which can wield weapons, but can only have one primary hand.
8 RP

Total RP: 31

Alchemist: Some urRu practice alchemy to become herbalists and healers, primarily using the art to heal and strengthen the body, mind, and soul.

Bard: All urRu have powerful voices, but there are those among them who train to make their voices even deeper and stronger. Master of the art are said to be able to shake the ground beneath them and can be heard from miles away. Most urRu bards dress simply rather than ostentatiously, hoping to surprise those unaware of their power.

Cleric: urRu do not worship any god, despite recognizing them as superior beings. Instead, urRu clerics choose to tap into either the power of light itself or the underlying Song of Creation. Wherever they make their presence known, they are famed as the greatest healers the world has ever seen.

Druid: While still keeping a respectful rapport with plants and animals, urRu druids focus more on the elements themselves. Earthquakes, lightning bolts, the furious downpour... these are the tools of an urRu druid roused to defend its home. Being guardians of the land, they take only what is necessary and are the food gatherers for their kin.

Fighter: Only rarely is an urRu dedicated to walking a more martial path. Those that do, however, can draw upon centuries of training, making them far more dangerous than they seem. Their four arms allow them to strike opponents precisely and from different directions. Rarer still are those who practice archery, becoming patient and deadly snipers to protect others. urRu favor lighter armor, although sometimes they will trade with other races for armor made of stone or wood.

Monk: Centuries ago, the urRu practiced monkish techniques and discipline to better center themselves and seek inner peace. Most today no longer practice this tradition, but those few who do are some of the world's oldest and wisest monks. urRu monks only engage in violence to save others and prefer to use their ki in more subtle ways.

Wizard: Not all urRu occupy themselves with crafting or training. Some prefer to study the heavens or natural signs, becoming masters of divination. Treating their own power with respect, they are capable of teaching great magic to those who prove themselves worthy.
Each urRu is bonded to its own particular Skeksis. Each time that it or its counterpart takes damage, the other receives the same kind of damage. This ability cannot be magically suppressed, such as by an antimagic field or remove curse. If the initial recipient has some feature that mitigates damage, such as energy resistance or damage reduction, only damage that is not negated is passed onto its soulmate. The death of a Skeksis results in the death of an urRu, and vice versa. For this reason, urRu only fight Skeksis in the most dire of circumstances. Skeksis, meanwhile, go so far as to call off assaults and pull back their Garthim to prevent injury to urRu and, by extension, themselves.

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The Skeksis


In the past, Skeksis have been described as "walking skeletons". Their thin frames, desiccated skin, and impression of ancient malice makes a comparison understandable. Vulture-faced with sharp teeth, Skeksis glare out at the world with a hungry gaze. They dress in ostentatious clothing, stacking multiple layers to make themselves look more impressive. Four long, dry fingers reach out from their bony hands, clutching at whatever they can grasp. Rather than being covered in feathers, thing patches of hair cover their wrinkled, frail bodies. Whenever a Skeksis speaks, it is with enthusiasm and much gesturing. Their voices come in a wide range, from gruff to wheedling to booming, but all of them are harsh on the ears. Angered Skeksis bare their teeth and snarl, raising their arms to appear larger. They walk slowly but with great self-importance, assured of their own superiority.

More than anything else, Skeksis are aggressive. Nothing will stop them from acquiring what they desire. Blackmail, deception, manipulation, conquest, violence and intrigue are all tools that the Skeksis use on a regular basis. There is an unspoken rule in their society, however: never kill another Skeksis or an urRu. Skeksis fear death more than anything else and will fight tooth-and-nail to stay alive. Their life-bond with the urRu means that any harm upon them is reflected upon themselves. Any Skeksis who breaks this rule is set upon instantly and loses the magical protection that prevents them from being torn apart by Garthim. Those not of their race are play-things or slaves, fit only to serve the obviously superior Skeksis race.

All Skeksis suffer from massive egos. Those aware of this weakness can exploit it through some well-executed flattery. Skeksis often work at cross-purposes, sabotaging each other's plans in pursuit of their own interest. If one positive thing can be said about Skeksis, it is this: they are among the most clever races in existence. Their manipulation of energy, ability to create magical constructs, and crystal magic make them dangerous opponents. It is often hard to separate the truth from the lies when speaking to a Skeksis. Centuries of outdoing each other have made them expert liars, manipulating half-truths and even falsifying obscure historical claims to support their arguments.

Like the urRu, Skeksis find themselves drawn to a particular craft or occupation. Once their specialty is chosen, they stay with it for life. As far as it is known, Skeksis do not actually have a physical gender. Their expressions of gender can range from effeminate to masculine, more a product of their station than of any biological differences.

Embodying the darker side of the UrSkeks, Skeksis are almost universally evil. Any attempts to redeem are usually manipulations to lure would-be friends into a trap. Their need for a structured society, combined with their disregard for rules that do not apply to them, places most of them solidly in neutral evil. One in a thousand Skeksis may be neutral, either due to an lawful obsession with observing their ancient traditions or expressing their chaotic nature by running off and exploring what the world has to offer.

Outsider (native): As one half of a race from another world, Skeksis are immune to effects that target humanoids. They have darkvision 60 ft, but still need to eat, sleep and breathe.
3 RP

Medium size: Skeksis are tall but thin, and often wear clothing to make them appear bulkier than they actually are. They have advantages or disadvantages according to their size.
0 RP

Slow speed (20 ft): A Skeksis's weak muscular structure and tendency to wear heavy outfits cause them to be slower than other races. However, this same tendency to weigh themselves down has made them used to being encumbered. Skeksis never suffer movement penalties for wearing heavier armor or carrying a large load.
-1 RP

Specialized: -2 CON, +2 INT, +2 CHA: A Skeksis's frail frame mean they cannot withstand much punishment, but they are clever and full of personality.
1 RP

Standard Languages: Skeksis start out speaking in Common.
0 RP

Advanced Intelligence (+2): Centuries of plotting, intrigue, and experimentation have caused them to become legendary scholars and manipulators.
4 RP

Cornered Fury (+2 melee attack and AC if no conscious ally within 30 ft and down to less than half hp): A Skeksis that finds itself backed into a corner, with no way out, begins to fight with a frenzy that defies any strength expected from such a being. Whenever a Skeksis's health is reduced to half or lower, and there is no conscious ally present 30 feet, it gains a +2 racial bonus to melee attack rolls and its Armor Class.
4 RP

Focused Study (Skill Focus at 1st, 9th, and 16th level): The key to status in Skeksis society is to be better at something than anyone else, especially your rivals. Skeksis gain Skill Focus as a bonus feat at levels 1, 9, and 16. This can be applied to any skill.
4 RP

Shards of the Past (2 Knowledge skills as class skills, +2 bonus to these skills): Whether they know it or not, Skeksis are haunted by the memories of their past selves and the missing half of their souls. During character creation, each Skeksis picks two Knowledge skills. They receive a +2 racial bonus to these skills and consider them to be class skills, regardless of what class they are taking.
4 RP

Beguiling Liar (+4 Bluff to convince someone that a lie is truth): Skeksis learn to lie in order to overcome their rivals and bluff their way out of fights that they cannot win. They gain a +4 racial bonus to Bluff checks when trying to convince someone that the lie they are currently speaking is the truth.
2 RP

Silver Tongued (+2 Diplomacy and Bluff, can improve attitude by 3 steps instead of 2): Flattery and appeasement are an accepted part of Skeksis court life. All Skeksis have a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Bluff checks. In addition, when attempting to improve a creature's attitude by using the Diplomacy skill, they can do it up to three steps rather than the usual two.
3 RP

Weapon Familiarity (Khopesh and Sawtooth Sabre): Due both to their paranoid nature and their use of Trial by Stone as the ultimate deciding factor in settling disputes, all Skeksis are proficient with the khopesh and the sawtooth sabre.
1 RP

Frightful Gaze: The blazing, intense stare of a Skeksis can freeze a victim's blood in their veins and fill them with dread. Creatures within 30 feet of a Skeksis that meet its gaze must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 Skeksis's character level + its Charisma modifier) or stand paralyzed in fear for one round. This is a mind-affecting fear effect and a supernatural ability. Any creature that saves successfully is immune to that Skeksis's gaze for 24 hours.
6 RP

Total RP: 31

Alchemist: Skeksis alchemists are a nightmare to their enemies. Twisted experiments and concoctions results in a variety of deadly poisons and explosive chemicals. The secret goal of every Skeksis alchemist is to find the recipe for the Elixir of Life so that they can be eternally young.

Bard: Back when the other races were unaware of the Skeksis' true nature, they would be invited to lavish parties where storytellers and musicians would entertain for days on end. That continues to this day, though the entertainers have become as adept at spreading rumors as telling tales.

Cleric: Drawing upon the powers of the Dark Crystal, Skeksis clerics drain the life from their opponents and dominate their minds. These clerics are the judges and historians of their community, though their edicts are rarely impartial and always to their own benefit.

Fighter: Skeksis are strong despite their frail bodies and are not above using this to their advantage. Skeksis fighters often employ medium to heavy armor and are fond of using serrated blades to terrify their enemies. These fighters often specialize in sundering enemy armor, rendering such defenses useless against them.

Rogue: Their natural tendencies toward scheming and betrayal serve Skeksis well as a rogue. Moving about unseen and using magical devices to their own advantage are skills that they regularly practice.

Summoner: Occasionally, a Skeksis either cannot wait for a new Garthim guardian or does not trust the mindless brutes to protect them. These Skeksis often use their own life force to create their own guardians, which skulk behind them as an ominous and black bodyguard.

Sorcerer: The ability to cast spells on-the-fly is useful to the Skeksis. Many spend decades honing their power so that it can be ready at a moment's notice. Whether they use magic to manipulate others or blow an assassin across the room, these sorcerers are always prepared.
Each urRu is bonded to its own particular Skeksis. Each time that it or its counterpart takes damage, the other receives the same kind of damage. This ability cannot be magically suppressed, such as by an antimagic field or remove curse. If the initial recipient has some feature that mitigates damage, such as energy resistance or damage reduction, only damage that is not negated is passed onto its soulmate. The death of a Skeksis results in the death of an urRu, and vice versa. For this reason, urRu only fight Skeksis in the most dire of circumstances. Skeksis, meanwhile, go so far as to call off assaults and pull back their Garthim to prevent injury to urRu and, by extension, themselves.

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Fluffy and ferocious, a fizzgig is a small animal that dwells in the forest. Their ball-like shape actually allows them to integrate rolling motions into their running. They typically have light brown fur and yellow eyes. When threatened, angered, or in distress, fizzgig open their mouths to expose a dangerous three-rowed battery of razor-sharp teeth.
Fizzgig typically either live alone or in pairs in the wild. Podlings and some Gelflings take a liking to the little creatures, adopting them either as pets or animal companions. These creatures are very social and hate to be alone once they have bonded with someone. If their owner is threatened, they will fight to the death to protect them.
CR 1/2
Neutral Tiny Animal
200 XP
Init +2; Senses: Low-light vision; scent
AC 15 (+2 Dex, +2 size, +1 Natural Armor)
hp 3 (1d8-1)
Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +0
Speed 20 ft
Melee bite +6 (1d4-2)
Special Attacks grab (Medium); bleed (1d2)
Str 2, Dex 14, Con 8, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB -5 (-1 while grappling); CMD 6
Feats Weapon Finesse
Skills Stealth +14
Environment Deep forest or swamp
Organization Single or pack (1d2+1)

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Podlings (Pod People)
At first glance, despite their size, podlings do not appear to be fey. Rather, they resemble tiny humanoids as they scamper around. Their faces are dominated by a large snout topped with tiny nostrils. Brown/grey eyes that are full of like and laughter regard the world around them. Their hands end in three chubby, strong fingers. Podling skin starts off smooth as a child, but the eldest among their number are wrinkly almost beyond belief. Their complexion varies between different shades of brown and their hair goes from a reddish orange to silver grey. Podling clothing is comfortable and comes in earthly tones of orange, brown, and grey. Their size belies the incredible speed and they flail their arms about when excited.
Podlings are full of vitality and a love of life. Their upbeat personalities and strong work ethic allow them to form idyllic communities deep within the forest. After harvesting crops and tending their animals during the day, nighttime is full of song and dancing. They welcome strangers with open arms and give generously. Their first response to danger is to run away, using fighting only as a resort.
Podlings are usually too friendly and cheerful to be evil. Most are of good alignment, though the degree to which they follow the law varies. Only a mentally damaged podling would seek to harm others.
Fey: Podlings are born with a powerful link to the earth and soil, making them friends of nature. Podlings are immune to effects that target humanoids and possess low-light vision. However, they still need to eat, sleep and breathe.
2 RP

Tiny size: Even the presence of a Gelfling, gnome, or halfling is enough to dwarf these wee folk. They have a -2 Strength modifier and a +2 Dexterity modifier to their starting stats, a +2 size bonus to Armor Class and attack rolls, a -2 size penalty to combat manuever checks and their CMD, and a +8 size modifier to Stealth checks. A single Podling occupies a 2.5X2.5 foot space, which means that up to four of them can fit into one 5X5 space. Podlings have a reach of 0 feet, which means that they cannot threaten adjacent squares and that they must enter an opponent's space to attack it in melee. This provokes attacks of opportunity. Typically, Podlings cannot flank an enemy.
4 RP

Normal speed (30 ft): Despite their minuscule size, Podlings are filled with energy and move much faster than expected for their gait.
0 RP

Greater Weakness: -2 STR, -4 CON, +2 DEX: Podlings are weak and delicate, but they are capable of amazing feats of speed and acrobatics.
-3 RP

Xenophobic (Language): Podlings begin play only speaking Podling. Podling with a higher intelligence may learn other languages, including Common.
0 RP

Eternal Hope (+2 save vs fear and despair, reroll natural 1 once/day): No matter how dire circumstances may become or how hopeless things may seem, Podlings somehow find a way to keep their morale up and look forward to tomorrow. Podlings have a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against fear and despair effects. Once per day, after rolling a natural 1 on a d20 roll, Podlings may reroll and take the second result.
2 RP

Swarming (2 or more Podlings in same space count as flanking): Their tiny size and team work ethic allow Podlings to coordinate both during harvest and battle. Two or more Podlings occupying the same space and attacking the same foe are considered flanking as if they were opposite sides.
1 RP

Fertile Soil (CHA treated as 2 higher for spells and class abilities for verdant bloodline sorcerers, Plant domain powers and spells +1 caster level for clerics): Podlings often live inside trees and grow different kinds of vegetables. This close connection has caused them to become attuned to plant magic. Podling sorcerers with the Verdant bloodline treat their Charisma score as if it was 2 points higher for the purpose of class abilities and spells. Clerics with the Plant domain use Plant domain powers and spells at +1 caster level. This does not give them early access to spells or abilities.
2 RP

Sprinter (+10 movement speed bonus when charging, running, or withdrawing): When frightened or spurred to action, Podlings are capable of blinding speed. Podlings gain a +10 foot racial bonus to their land speed when using the charge, run, or withdraw actions.
1 RP

Total RP: 9
Bard: While Skeksis hold legendary feasts and extravagant entertainment, nothing can beat the energy of a group of podlings celebrating together. Playing musical instruments and dancing come naturally to them, and their positive attitudes help them in dealing with others.

Cleric: Clerics care for the young, making sure that they are healthy, strong, and happy. They often focus on the Community, Protection, Sun, or Weather Domains to better serve their people's needs. While podling god worship is not unheard of, most clerics focus more on the symbiotic connection between themselves and the area they live in.

Druid: Podling druids often forsake taking animal companions to gain access to the Animal or Plant Domain. They are a village's primary asset in securing food and always prepare spells of animal communication and nourishment.

Ranger: There are some podlings who feel a special kinship with the animals in the surrounding area. These rangers can move about unseen and scout out intruders before they get close to the village. They often take fizzgig as animal companions.

Rogue: The small size and quickness of a podling make for excellent rogues. Any small objects left unattended by their enemies are just begging to be stolen. These rogues focus more on outwitting their enemies than stabbing or poisoning them.

Witch: Older podlings sometimes delve into old magic and become witches. Unlike in other cultures, witches are seen among podlings as caregivers and matronly figures, often playing matchmaker for younger podlings.

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This race of small folk display very obvious fey qualities. Their pointed ears, fair skin, and delicate features are reminiscent of elves. Small button noses rest over their mouths and full lips protrude from their long cheekbones. Both sexes have long hair that greys out into silver streaks. Males typically have brown hair and dark blue/brown eyes while females more commonly have blonde hair with light green/golden eyes. Their frames are skinny and light, ideal for the forest environments that they are commonly found in. Gelfling clothing is made to withstand being in the outdoors for long periods of time, often adorned with hoods to shield themselves from the rain or prying eyes. Despite these physical differences, they are similar enough to halflings to pass as them in communities not so familiar with smaller folk. Female gelflings possess transparent unfurling wings that resemble those of a butterfly, allowing them to glide down from high points.
Like most fey, gelflings have trouble displaying outwardly the emotions they feel. A gelfling's outlook often depends on the culture he/she is brought up in. Survivors of Garthim raids are often adopted by the urRu and become quiet, introverted individuals who only seek peace. Podlings also take in gelfling orphans and raise them to be curious, adventurous sorts that easily make friends. Those who are born into a community of gelflings become obsessed with restoring their race's legacy and become serious-minded in their obsession. The rare cases where a gelfling is adopted by a different race results in the youngster becoming fully integrated into his parent's culture and outlook.

Geflings best express themselves in music, whether it is through singing or playing various wind instruments. All gelflings show a fierce commitment to defending that which is important to them and will overcome their own doubts or prejudices to see it happen. Most show difficulty in grasping the concept of lying, preferring instead to be straight-forward in their dealings with others.

No matter how close they get to non-gelflings, however, no one is ever able to understand them like another gelfling. Their ability to share memories allow them to anticipate each other's desires and actions, resulting in displays of coordination that are uncanny to the outside observer.
Like many things, gelfling alignment is a product of their upbringing. Podling-raised gelflings are often chaotic good or chaotic neutral and concerned with freedom. Gelflings adopted by urRu are lawful good, neutral good, lawful neutral, or neutral due to the urRu obsession with balance and healing. Those raised by their own race are typically lawful good or lawful neutral due to a more militarized outlook on the world, but there occasional ones who lapse into lawful evil after becoming sick of their race's lot in the world. Finally, gelflings raised by humanoids often adopt the most common alignment of their adopted clan.
Fey: Gelflings feel an instinctive with the natural world and possess inner magic even more alien than the elves. They are immune to effects that target humanoids. As fey, they possess low-light vision. They still need to eat, sleep, and breathe.
2 RP

Small size: Short and skinny, Gelflings resemble halflings at first glance. They gain a +1 size bonus to attack rolls and Armor Class, a -1 size penalty to combat maneuver checks and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks. They take up a 5X5 foot space and have a reach of 5 feet.
0 RP

Slow speed (20 ft): While graceful, Gelflings are not swift. Their base land speed is 20 feet, but they will never take movement penalties due to encumbrance or armor.
-1 RP

Standard Abilities: +2 Dex, +2 WIS, -2 STR: Gelflings are have good reflexes and have a stronger sense of intuition, but they are not particularly strong.
0 RP

Standard Languages: Gelflings always start off speaking in Common. Any that are raised by Podlings receive Podling as a free bonus language. Gelflings raised by other races receive their adopted parents' languages as bonus languages.
0 RP

Eternal Hope (+2 save vs fear and despair, reroll natural 1 once/day): A strong sense of prophecy and eternal light drives Gelflings to persevere through difficult odds. They receive a +2 racial bonus on saves against fear and despair effects. Once per day, after rolling a natural 1 on a d20 roll, a Gelfling may reroll and take the second result.
2 RP

Gliding Wings (Females only): Female have a special adaption of sprouting butterfly-like wings that can save them from falls. Female Gelflings take no damage from falling, so long as they are able to use their wings (as per the feather fall spell). While gliding, they can move 5 feet forward in any horizontal direction for every foot that they fall. The maximum speed of gliding is 60 feet per round. Gelflings cannot gain height while gliding unless they are subjected to an effect that causes gliding creatures to gain altitude (such as wind effects).
1 RP

Lesser Lucky (+1 all saves): Even when a Gelfling should be dead-to-rights, they still seem to find a way out. They receive a +1 racial bonus to all saving throws.
2 RP

Lifebound (+2 save vs death effects, negative energy, Fort saves to remove negative levels, and stabilize checks): A Gelfling's spirit is more resistant to life-draining magic than other races. They receive a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects and negative energy effects, as well as for Fortitude saving throws to remove negative levels and Constitution stabilization checks when reduced to negative hit points.
2 RP

Integrated (+1 Bluff, Disguise, and Knowledge (Local)): Gelflings raised in other societies quickly learn to fit in, so that they are not obvious to hunting Garthim. Gelflings receive a +1 racial bonus to Bluff, Disguise, and Knowledge (Local) checks.
1 RP

Sociable (If Diplomacy fails by 5 or more, can make 2nd check): Throughout their history, Gelflings have learned that sometimes "no" cannot be taken for an answer. If a Gelfling makes a Diplomacy check to change a creature's attitude and fails by 5 or more, they can try the check a second time, even if 24 hours have not passed.
1 RP

Total RP: 10
Bard: These feyfolk take naturally to using music to enhance their spellcasting. Geflings bards tend to favor charms and enchantments that reduce hostility in enemies and allow them to win another's trust.

Cavalier: Landstriders and gelflings have been allies for generations. A line of gelfling cavaliers atop their landstrider mounts has broken the back of more than one Garthim assault.

Monk: Gelflings raised by urRu often focus on contemplation and restraint to better master themselves. These monks move quickly and focus on outmaneuvering their enemies before precisly striking their weak points.

Oracle: There are some gelflings who are born with a great burden. Gelfling oracles often take the Life, Lore, or Nature mysteries to be more in-tune with their world and to seek knowledge. These figures are often called upon when important decision are made in a gelfling community and seek to ensure their people's continued existence.

Paladin: A gelfling paladin atop his landstrider mount is the bane of Skeksis existence. Their ability to smite contructs afflicted by the Dark Crystal's power and stand toe-to-toe with larger adversaries make them the centerpiece of any assault.

Ranger: Podlings often teach their gelfling charges to better appreciate the animals that live close. Some take these lessons to heart, striding unseen through the forest and turning the native wildlife against invaders. Gelfling rangers focus more on ranged combat, using slings as often as bows.

Rogue: A lifetime of ducking Skeksis spies has made some gelflings masters of the art of stealth. Their ability to move quietly and escape notice makes them very valuable as thieves or infiltrators.

Wizard: Gelflings whose curiousity extends beyond their immediate surroundings often take up the study of magic, often specializing in the Abjuration, Divination, or Enchantment schools.

2014-04-17, 06:26 PM
A strange, tall beast walks on long, elegant legs before you. A face similar to that of a cathfish tops the animal's almost non-existent neck. A pair of rabbit-like ears adorns its shoulders and sharp spines adorn the back of its front legs. Its eyes regard you with an intelligence unexpected from such a creature.
Landstriders live in small family groups in swamps and forests. They prefer to keep to themselves, only revealing themselves to native inhabitants like druids, Gelflings, and Podlings. Gelflings have a long-standing friendship with their kind, often riding them as mounts into battle against the hated Garthim. They are herbivorous in nature, although they are not above scavenging dead carcasses.

2014-04-17, 06:33 PM
A towering shelled hulk stands before you. Its black carapace seems to diminish the light around it as it coldly regards you. Purple, soulless eyes regard you as its claws flex and clack. The left arm ends in three talon-like fingers, while the left sports a giant crab-like pincer. A collection of jointed legs, like those of a spider, rest beneath it and support its massive weight. Suddenly bursting into action from its blank state, it rushed toward you.
Destroyer. Kidnapper. Murderer. All are titles applied to these abominations. And yet the Garthim care not for they sow, for they are but mindless constructs animated by the power of the Dark Crystal.

The secret of Garthim creation was discovered by the Skeksis, who proceeded to produce them in mass numbers and use them as shock troops. Uncaring of injury and unburdened by greed or morality, they have terrified whole populations into submission to Skeksis rule. Occasionally, the Skeksis will task a group of Garthim with carrying large baskets on their broad backs and rounding up other races for use as slaves or experimental fodder. The Gelflings and Landstriders have been long-standing enemies to these shelled behemoths, and are the only ones who know how to properly fight them.

Garthim are almost never found alone. They are always at least two performing the same task at any given time, whether it is guard duty, escorting a Skeksis, or performing a raid. It is whispered that others might be able to learn the secret of their creation, but the cost that the Skeksis would be extract for it would be enough to give any but the most evil of minds pause.

2014-04-17, 10:14 PM
So nostalgia. Very wow.

2014-04-19, 07:13 PM
.... Tears roll down .... Amazing

There must be a DM who would run this :smallbiggrin:

2014-04-20, 04:01 AM
Honestly, this kinda makes me want to write up a trippy 80s-style science fantasy setting. But I won't. Too much on the backburner as it is.

Still, good work. I'm looking forward to Fizzgig's stats.

2014-05-02, 10:17 AM
.... Tears roll down .... Amazing

There must be a DM who would run this :smallbiggrin:

I actually have run this, thank you.

Prehysterical, I never thought I'd see anyone else attempt this. If you need any help, just ask. I'd be more than happy to help a brother out.

Also, for the racial features: Could you organize those in a more... descriptive way? Some of us don't have access to the Advanced Race Guide, or whatever it's called.

I will definitely follow this thread, see where it goes, and help if I can. Peace.

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Bumping thread due to updates to urRu and Skeksis mechanics, as well as improving fluff and adding Fizzgig stat table.

Please, feel free to tell me what you think.

2014-09-16, 10:39 PM
Oh hey, I remember this.

"Arf arf arf, arf arf arf arf arf!"
"No, Fizzgig, you stay here. Dolé."
"Oh... Oh, alright. Come on! Tamont! Tamont! Tamont, Fizzgig!"

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It's good to see this active again.

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