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2014-04-18, 03:15 PM
Hey, so I've been working on a campaign recently and I thought that I should probably check with the good people here to see if there's any problem with any of the rule-changes or homebrew feats that I've added. Also, feel free to snag any cool feats or house rules if you feel like it! Some of the feats are inspired from 3rd party sources and not entirely my creation, but most are made by me. And yes, they're made to be powerful, but more on that later.

The campaign will start at level 9 and end at level 14. There are four classes available: Cleric, Sorcerer, Rogue, and Fighter. You cannot be both a Cleric and a Sorcerer at the same time. You cannot take more than 4 levels in Rogue, or 4 levels in fighter, but every character will have at least one level in Rogue and/or Fighter. A Cleric character need to take at least two levels in other classes, while a Sorcerer character needs to take at one level in another class.

The campaign has a late renaissance/swashbuckler feel to it. Think Dashing Swordsman or The Princess Bride or The Three Musketeers. The weapons generally used in the campaign are: Dagger, Sap, Longsword, Rapier, Pistol, Rifle. Rogues gets proficiency in Dagger, Sap, and Rapier. Clerics and Sorcerers get proficiency in Dagger. Fighters get proficiency in Dagger, Sap, Longsword, and Rapier. Gunpowder proficiencies are mentioned the the class tables, with Fighters eventually getting access to both types of gunpowder, and Rogues just getting Pistols.

Daggers, Sap, and Longswords grant a +1 parry bonus to AC when wielded by someone who is proficient in them. Rapiers grant a +2 parry bonus. This bonus is lost when flat-footed, and it is ignored by touch-attacks.

New weapons added: Pistol and rifle. Pistol is a simple, piercing weapon that deals 3d6 damage, crit x, 19-20, and has a range increment of 50. Rifle is a martial, piercing weapon, deals 4d6 damage, crit x2, 19-20, with a range increment of 300. If you're untrained, it takes three full-round actions to reload. If you're trained, it takes a swift action. You make a ranged touch attack and thus ignore any armor bonuses and natural armor and such. Gunpowder weapons are good for killing mages for this reason, although the spell Protection from Arrows is common. You provoke an attack of opportunity when using a pistol or a rifle.

Those are breach loading. A cheaper version is muzzle loading firearms. A wheel-lock pistol has a range of 10, and a wheel-lock long arm 30. They take 6 full-rounds to reload, 3 if trained. If a breach loading firearm is dropped into water, it needs to be reloaded. If a wheel-lock is, it needs to be reloaded, cleaned, and dried for 4 hours.

So, the classes. I've buffed Rogue and Fighter a bit in order to make multiclassing stronger. My intention if for gish characters to not be completely inferior to casters. For one thing, your total caster level is your Sorcerer/Cleric levels plus half of your remaining levels. So, a Sorcerer 3/Fighter 2/Rogue 2 would have a caster level of 5. Anyway, let's look at the changes to the classes, shall we?

Rogues now gain Sneak Attack at level 1, 3, and 4. Trapfinding is no longer needed, and trapfinding is removed. They gain the following new abilities:

Level 1: Use Scroll (Sp): You can cast spells from scrolls as if you were a spellcaster of that class. (Wands have been removed.)

Canny Defense (Ex): When not wearing armor or using a shield, a Fighter or Rogue adds 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) or Wisdom, whichever is higher, per Fighter and/or Rogue class level to their Dexterity bonus to modify Armor Class while wielding a melee weapon. For instance, a 2nd-level rogue with an Intelligence score of 16 (+3 bonus) can add +2 to their Armor Class. If a Fighter/Rogue is caught flat-footed or otherwise denied their Dexterity bonus, they also loses this bonus.

Level 2: Improved Feint as a Bonus Feat, and a Special Ability. A rogue may pick one special ability from the list below:

Stab and Grab (Ex): As a full-round action, you can make an attack and also make a Thievery check to steal something from the target of the attack. If the attack deals sneak attack damage, you can use Thievery to take an item from the creature during combat; otherwise this ability can only be used in a surprise round before the target has acted. If the attack is successful, the target takes a –5 penalty on the Perception check to notice the theft.

Skirmisher (Ex): Whenever you move more than 10 feet in a round and make an attack action, the attack deals sneak attack damage as if the target were flat-footed. This ability only applies to the first attack per round. Foes with uncanny dodge are immune to this ability.

Sniper's Eye (Ex): You can apply your sneak attack damage on ranged attacks targeting foes within 30 feet that benefit from concealment. Foes with total concealment are still immune.

Quick Disguise (Ex): You can use the items at hand and seemingly innocuous material hidden on your person to create startlingly effective disguises, reducing the amount of time it takes to create a disguise using the Fabrication skill.

The time needed for you to alter your appearance in this manner is based on the complexity of the disguise. The times are cumulative, so if a female rogue wants to disguise herself as a male of a different race, that takes 2 minutes. Minor details take a full-round action, and each of the following take one minute: Gender, race, age category, size.

Peacekeeper (Su): You take a -1 penalty to all attack rolls, but your cleric caster level is increased by 2. Furthermore, when casting Sound Burst, you can choose to have it deal non-lethal damage, and when casting Flame Strike, you can choose to make the divine half non-lethal.

Level 3: Quick Draw and Pistol Weapon Proficiency as bonus feats.

Level 4: Skill Focus as a bonus feat.

Stand Up (Ex): A rogue with this ability can stand up from a prone position as a swift action. This still provokes attacks of opportunity for standing up while threatened by a foe.

The Fighter now gains 4 skill points per level, and hd12. They also gain Canny Defense, as per the Rogue ability, Pistol Proficiency at level 2, Quick Draw and a bonus feat at level 3, and Rifle Proficiency and at level 4. Most of the Fighter buffs lie in the bonus feats that require Fighter levels.

Aaah, the Sorcerer. I suspect that the Sorcerer will be one of the most popular classes played. Sorcerers are forced to take one level in Rogue or Fighter, but they'll still be a force to reckon with, either as gishes or as mostly straightforward casters. The Sorcerer now has a BAB of 3/4, hd6, and 4 skill points per level, making them stronger in combat and more versatile out of combat. Oh, and they cast with Intelligence now instead of Charisma.

Sorcerer spells known increased by 2 per spell level. Sorcerer cantrips progresison changed, granting them more cantrips known. At level 1, they gain Eschew Materials as a bonus feat.

Favored Spell: At each new spell level, select a spell that you know. You can now cast that spell as a spell-like ability once per day.

Cantrips: You can cast a number of cantrips equal to 10*level per day. This applies to Cleric orisons as well (Cure Minor Wounds removed). In practice, this basically gives you an unlimited amount of cantrips, although I wanted to have a limit to avoid potential abuse from creative players/NPCs.

At level 6, gain Improved Initiative as a bonus feat. This applies to Clerics as well.

Abrupt Jaunt (Su): Sorcerers lose their familiar, but gain Abrupt Jaunt. Maximum number of Abrupt Jaunt per day limited to 1/Sorcerer level, and it's also limited by their Intelligence bonus.

Cool Sorcerer Ability Name: Sorcerers gain the ability to swap any spell slot they have available for a spell 2 levels under. They need not know this spell.

The Cleric. I suspect that most Clerics will multiclass with Fighters and pick up a Longsword, wielded in two hands. Combined with scary Divine Metamagic-feats, they become strong warriors capable of dishing out a lot of damage while having good crown control and powerful magic. Anyway... Clerics now gain 4 skill points per level, like Fighters and Sorcerers.

Clerics lose Domains. Yes, that's a nerf, giving them less spells and fewer abilities, but I'm buffing them in other ways.

Divine Shield (Su): This ability replaces Turn Undead, and can be used to fuel Divine Metamagic. You get a number per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom bonus. As a Swift action, spend a use of Divine Shield to gain temporary hp equal to your caster level. This hp lasts for maximum 1 minute.

Healing Prowess: So, with wands gone, I wanted to buff Cleric's healing to compensate. Their healing spells now heal an extra 1 hp per spell level. For instance, Cure Light Wounds, level 1, heals 1 extra hp. Cure Moderate Wounds, level 2, heals 2 extra hp. Heal heals for 5 extra hp. This is extra useful for Mass Cure X Wounds spells.

Spell-like Abilities: You didn't think I was just going to remove Domains and not give them anything back, did you? Clerics gain the ability to cast these spells as a spell-like ability, once per day:

Level 1: Cure Light Wounds
Level 2: Remove Sickness*
Level 3: Remove Paralysis
Level 4: Lesser Restoration
Level 5: Remove Blindness/Deafness
Level 6: Remove Disease
Level 7: Neutralize Poison
Level 8: Restoration
Level 9: Mass Cure Light Wounds
Level 10: Break Enchantment
Level 11: Heal
Level 12: Mass Cure Moderate Wounds

*Pathfinder spell.

But that's not all! Not only have I added some Druid spells to the Cleric spell list, I've also buffed some spells by moving them down a level. The most noticeable buff is Heal, which is now a level 5 spell instead of a level 6 spell. Remember that a Cleric PC has to take 2 levels in other classes, though, which means they'll get Heal at the same character level, but still. A Fighter 2/Cleric 9 with Heal will be quite powerful. Oh, and did I mention that Righteous Might now is a level 4 spell and grants damage reduction 3/- (6/- at caster level 12)? Or that Divine Power now grants a Strength enchantment bonus of +8? Yeah... Good times! Also, if a Cleric has used Divine Metamagic Persist, they can temporarily disable the spell as a move action, and later enable it as a move action. This is mostly to make Righteous Might less awkward.

And they gain Improved Initiative at level 6.

Starting stars: Recommended: 18 16 16 14 10. Alternatives: 18 16 16 12 12, for more balanced. 18 16 14 14 12 for another variant of balanced. 16 16 16 16 10 if you don't need an 18. 16 16 14 14 14 if you really like balance (not recommended).

If they want a flaw, here's an alternative: 18 18 16 10 8.

• Medium: As Medium creatures, humans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Human base land speed is 30 feet.
• 3 extra feats at 1st level.
• 8 extra skill points at 1st level and 2 extra skill point at each additional level.

• +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, -2 Strength.
• Medium: As Medium creatures, elves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Elf base land speed is 30 feet.
• +4 racial bonus on Perception checks.
• 2 extra feats at 1st level.
• Spell Vulnerability: Elves take a -2 racial penalty on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects.
• Charm Resistance: Elves gain a +6 racial bonus to will saves against charm and compulsion spells. Taking Spell Vulnerability into account, this nets +4, making them highly resistant to charms and compulsions.
• Combat Training: Elves gain a +1 bonus to attacks with rapiers and they gain automatic proficiency with Rapiers.
• Opportunist: Elves gain a +2 to damage when Sneak Attacking. If they do not have any rogue levels, they gain Sneak Attack equal to +2 damage.
• Elves gain Spring Attack as a bonus feat.
• Elves cannot become clerics.
• Elves do not gain proficiency with pistols, rifles, or longswords, and have to spend a feat to gain proficiency in them.

• +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence. Dwarves are incredibly tough and strong, but their second-class status and centuries of slavery has created a culture that doesn't value theoretical learning as much.
• Medium: As Medium creatures, dwarves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Dwarf base land speed is 20 feet. However, dwarves can move at this speed even when carrying a medium or heavy load (unlike other creatures, whose speed is reduced in such situations).
• +2 racial bonus on Inconspicuous checks.
• Stability: A dwarf gains a +4 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground (but not when climbing, flying, riding, or otherwise not standing firmly on the ground).
• Strong grip: A dwarf gains a +2 bonus on ability checks made to resist being disarmed.
• +4 racial bonus on saving throws against poison.
• +4 racial bonus on saving throws against sorcerer spells and spell-like effects.
• Dwarves cannot become sorcerers.
• 2 extra feats at 1st level.
• Dwarves do not gain proficiency with pistols or rifles, and have to spend a feat to gain proficiency in them.

• +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength
• Small size: +1 bonus to Armor Class, +1 bonus on attack rolls, +4 bonus on Stealth checks, -4 penalty on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits Ύ those of Medium characters.
• A goblin’s base land speed is 30 feet.
• +2 racial bonus on Stealth checks.
• +2 racial bonus on Entertain checks.
• 2 extra feats at 1st level.
• Goblins gain a +2 bonus to caster level with sorcerer transmutation spells and conjuration spells.
• Goblins gain Spell Penetration as a bonus feat.
• Goblins cannot become clerics, and they take a -2 penalty to saves vs cleric spells and spell-like effects.
• Goblins gain a +2 racial bonus to initiative.
• Goblins have to use small weapons. The only small weapons available are Dagger and Sap. Every goblin is proficient with saps and daggers, but no other weapon.

Counterspelling only possible with Dispel Magic now. Using Dispel Magic grants a +2 bonus to the dispel check to counterspell, Greater Dispel Magic +4 bonus.

Skills changed: Bluff changed into Feint (Int). It's only used in combat now. Feint vs Concentration.

Skills combined: Jump + Climb + Swim = Athletics (Str)
Balance + Tumble = Acrobatics (Dex)
Hide + Move Silently = Stealth (Dex)
Spot + Listen = Perception (Wis)
Disable Device + Search = Sabotage (Int)
Sleight of Hand + Escape Artist + Use Rope + Open Lock = Thievery (Dex)
Disguise + Forgery = Fabrication (Int)

Skill list: Athletics, Acrobatics, Craft (multiple), Entertain, Inconspicuous, Stealth, Perception, Sabotage, Thievery, Feint, Concentration, Fabrication. 12 skills.

New skills: Entertain: Be it telling funny stories, playing an instrument, or singing, Entertain is used to entertain other people. (Int)

Inconspicuous: The ability to blend in a crowd. (Int)

House rule: It's possible to save skill points. All skills are class skills.

Languages: Human, Elven, Goblin. Learning a new language costs 2 skill points.

Starting languages: Human: Human.
Dwarf: Human.
Elf: Human, Elven.
Goblin: Goblin, Human.

You get one bonus language for every bonus point in Intelligence that you start with. For instance, a Human with 14 Intelligence would learn 2 additional languages. A human or dwarf with 14 or higher Int would learn all languages. A goblin or elf with 12 or higher Int would learn all languages.

Ah, yes, here lies some of the more major changes, and I suspect that the majority of the feedback that I might need lies with balancing these feats. Note that most feats are meant to be fairly powerful, to help make multiclass characters stronger. With that being said, I suspect that I made some feats too strong and some feats too weak, so I would appreciate any constructive criticism. Do note that generally, only the feats listed below are allowed, so it's basically core feats + homebrew feats.

List of old feats that haven't really been changed:

Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise (Prereq 12 Int instead of 13 Int), Combat Reflexes, Spring Attack (no longer requires Dodge or Mobility), Power Attack, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus.

Some other feats are available as well, but won't generally be taken because they're either weak compared to other feats, or available as bonus feats, such as Quick Draw or Improved Initiative.

Spell Penetration buffed: Now also increases the spell DC vs dwarves by 2. Greater Spell Penetration increases it by another 2, for a total of +4, thus defeating their innate spell resistance.

Precise Shot has no prerequisites and also includes Improved Precise Shot.

Most metamagic feats remain. Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Heighten Spell, Maximize Spell, Persistent Spell, Quicken Spell, and Divine Metamagic.

Sorcerer feats:

Warmage's Mark: Prereq: Fighter 1, Sorcerer 1. Whenever you deal damage to someone with a sorcerer spell that's not a level 1 spell or a cantrip, you mark them. This mark lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Sorcerer level (not caster level). If you deal damage with a rapier against someone who is marked by you, you can choose to consume the mark and deal an additional 2d6 + Int non-lethal damage. A creature can be marked by different sorcerers at the same time, but they can only be marked once per sorcerer, until that mark is consumed. At caster level 8, this damage increases to 3d6 + Int.

Arcane Strike: Prereq: Fighter 1, Sorcerer 4, Int 12: Arcane Strike: Three times per day, you can empower your next attack as a free action, adding your Intelligence bonus to hit and dealing 2d6+Int bonus arcane non-lethal damage. At level 8, this damage increases to 3d6+Int, and at level 12 to 4d6+Int.

Arcane Bond: Prereq: Fighter 4, Sorcerer 4, Int 14, Arcane Strike: You gain the ability to bond with weapons. Bonding takes one minute and lasts until you bond with some other weapon. You can only bond with magical weapons. When using a bonded weapon, you gain the following abilities:

+1 bonus to attack. Using Arcane Strike with a bonded weapon is free. Lastly, as a move action, you can use telekinesis to draw your weapon to you, if it's a rapier or a dagger. It must be within 30 feet for this telekinesis to work. If it is held by someone else, you make an Intelligence check vs their Strength check. You take a -2 penalty to this check. If they have Firm Grip, they gain a +4 bonus to their Strength check. Dwarves gain a +2 bonus from their Strong grip racial ability.

Combat Mage: Prereq: Fighter 4, Sorcerer 2, Int 12: Three times per day, you can combine a spell with an attack. As a standard action that doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity, you get to make one attack move (regular attack, trip, disarm, bull rush, etc) and combine it with a spell that would normally take no longer than a standard action to cast. You cannot use this as part of Spring Attack.

Swift Teleportation: Prereq: Fighter 4, Sorcerer 5, Int 14, or Rogue 4, Sorcerer 5, Int 14: Cast Quickened Dimension Door three times per day, caster level character level. Can only target self.

Shadow Dagger: Prereq: Rogue 1, Sorcerer 4, Int 10. As a swift action, you conjure a shadow dagger. A shadow dagger acts as a +3 Merciful dagger. This dagger disappears if you drop it, so it cannot be thrown. At level 10, the bonus increases to +4. At level 14, the bonus increases to +5. You make touch attacks with it. It does not provide a parry bonus. Dwarves gain a +2 AC vs a Shadow Dagger. If you have the Spell Penetration feat, they bonus to AC is reduced to +1. If you have Greater Spell Penetration, their bonus to AC is removed.

Shadow Warrior: Prereq: Rogue 2, Sorcerer 4: When sneak attacking with a shadow dagger, deal 2d6+Int extra damage of Sneak Attack. This damage increases to 3d6+Int at level 10.

Ray Sniper: Prereq: Rogue 4, Sorcerer 4: When sneak attacking with one of the spells listed below, deal 4d6 extra sneak attack damage. Additionally, every ray/orb will deal 1d6 extra damage (based on the energy type), even if you do not Sneak Attack. This bonus damage is not increased by Empower Spell or Maximize Spell. Your caster level with these spells is increased by 2. You also gain a +2 to hit with these spells.

Applies to: Ray of Frost, Scorching Ray, Disintegrate.

Arcane Versatility: Prereq: Sorcerer 10: You gain one extra spell slot per day that can be any level from the sorcerer spell list, as long as you're able to cast spells of that level. You need not know the spell.

Cleric feats:

Smite Evil: Prereq: Fighter 2, Cleric 6, Wis 13: Twice per day, free action to empower your next attack to smite, gain a + bonus to attack and +10 nonlethal divine damage. At level 10, the damage increases to +15, and at level 14, +20.

Deceitful Disciple: Prereq: Rogue 1, Cleric 3, Int 13: Cast Spider Climb 3/day as a spell-like ability (self only), Jump 2/day, Invisibility 3/day (self only), and Fly 1/day (self only). Special: Cannot pick this if you already have Deceitful Disciple.

Divine Trickster: Prereq: Deceitful Disciple, Rogue 2, Cleric 3: Gain a number of skill points equal to your level +3. You gain an extra skill point for each new level. Furthermore, gain a +2 bonus to Stealth checks, and a +2 bonus to Initiative.

Studious Cleric: Use Intelligence instead of Wisdom, if higher, for cleric bonus spells per day, DC, Divine Shield uses, etc.

Spectacular Scholar: Prereq: Rogue 1, Cleric 3, Studious Cleric, Int 13: Cast Identify 2/day as a spell-like ability , Alarm 1/day, Hold Portal 1/day, Expeditious Retreat 1/day, See Invisibility 2/day, Locate Object 1/day, and Fly 1/day (self only). Special: Cannot pick this if you already have Deceitful Disciple.

Extra Divine Shield: Prereq: Cleric 1: Each time you take this feat, you can use your Divine Shield ability four more times per day.

Combat feats:

Powerful Combatant: Prereq: Power Attack: Gain the benefits of Improved Bull Rush, Improved Overrun, and Improved Trip.

Combat Styles: Prereq: Combat Expertise: Gain the benefits of Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Trip, and Improved Grapple.

Swift Feint: Prereq: Improved Feint: You can make a Feint check to feint in combat as a swift action.

Quick Wit: Prereq: Fighter 1 or Rogue 1, Int 13: Replace your Strength modifier to attack with your Intelligence bonus for Daggers, Saps, and Rapiers. Gain Sneak Attack equal to your Intelligence bonus with those weapons. The sneak attack damage stacks with Weapon Finesse.

Weapon Finesse: Prereq: Fighter 1 or Rogue 1, Dex 13: Replace your Strength modifier to hit with your Dexterity bonus for Daggers, Saps, and Rapiers. Gain Sneak Attack equal to your Dexterity bonus with those weapons. The sneak attack damage stacks with Quick Wit.

Hit 'n Run: Prereq: Rogue 2, Spring Attack, Dex 13: If you perform a Spring Attack with a dagger or a rapier, and you Sneak Attack, you deal an extra 2d6 points of Sneak Attack damage. This damage is increased to 3d6 at level 9, and 4d6 at level 12.

Mobile: Prereq: Rogue 2, Dex 13: Gain +15 movement speed.

Duelist: Fighter 2 or Rogue 2, Dex 13: Gain +1 attack, +1 damage, and +2 parry to AC with Daggers, Saps, and Rapiers when holding nothing on your other hand. Gain a +2 bonus to Feint when using such a weapon and holding nothing in the other hand. Gain an extra +1 attack with daggers, for a total of +2.

Interference: Prereq: Duelist. When holding nothing in your other hand, you can make a disarm or trip attempt against a target you threaten as a move action to push your opponent off balance. If successful, the target becomes flat-footed. This condition lasts until the target takes damage from a melee or ranged attack or until the beginning of your next turn, whichever comes first. Furthermore, you gain a +1 bonus to melee attacks when holding nothing in your other hand.

Riposte: Prereq: Duelist: The Riposte turns your successful parry into an
immediate counter attack. When you're wielding a Dagger or a Rapier and an enemy makes an unsuccessful melee attack against you, you may take an immediate attack of opportunity against that enemy (if you have an attack of opportunity to use). A Riposte may not used to counter attack against a missed attack of opportunity against you.

Alley Fighter: When you are adjacent to a wall or other permanent structure, you gain a +1 morale bonus to melee attack rolls and damage and parry.

Slowing Shot: As a full-round action, you make a single ranged attack against a target with the selected firearm. If you hit and do damage, the target’s movement rate is reduced by 50%. This movement penalty lasts 24 hours, or until the target receives at least 1 point of magical healing or is successfully treated with a DC 15 Heal check. You may not use Slowing Shot again on the same target until the movement penalty has been removed. A charging or running creature must immediately stop if hit with Slowing Shot.

Companion at Arms: Prereq: Fighter 1: As an immediate action you may spend an attack of opportunity to use your Parry bonus on behalf of any one adjacent creature. Creatures must be of equal or smaller size than yourself.

Froissement: The Froissement is used to beat aside an opponent’s parry to weaken their defense against subsequent attacks. If you miss with a melee attack, you may spend an attack of opportunity to immediately make an opposed Strength check against your target. If you succeed, your target’s AC is reduced by your level for 1 round.

Firm Grip: Gain a +4 bonus to avoid being disarmed, and a +8 bonus to your Feint check vs Elven Disarmer . Gain a +2 bonus on all grapple checks.

Racial feats:

Dwarven Tank: Prereq: Dwarf, Fighter 4. Stance. When having both feet on the ground and wielding a longsword two-handed style, gain damage reduction 4/- and +1 parry AC. Swift action to activate, -5 speed.

Human Tank: Prereq: Human, Fighter 4. Stance. When having both feet on the ground and wielding a longsword two-handed style, gain damage reduction 4/- and +1 parry AC. Swift action to activate, -10 speed.

Human Leader: Prereq: Human, Cleric 4 or Fighter 4, Int 13 or Wis 13: Once per 10 minutes, you can motivate one of your allies as a standard action, giving your target temporary hp equal to twice your level, or three times their HD, whichever is lower. The target also gains a +2 morale bonus to will saves. This bonus lasts for one minute. At level 10, this is a move action. The target needs to be able to understand you in order for this ability to work.

Elven Disarmer: Prereq: Elf, Fighter 4, Improved Disarm: As a standard action with a rapier, make a Feint vs their Feint. If they're an elf, they get a +2 bonus to their opposed check. If they have this feat, they get a +4 bonus, for a total of +6. If they have Firm Grip, a +8 bonus. If you beat their check, make a Disarm attempt with a +6 bonus. This bonus stacks with the bonus from Improved Disarm. If you do not beat their check, make a regular Disarm attempt. If you succeed, you can grab their weapon with your off-hand, unless it's a longsword or a rifle. Anyone who has seen you use this maneuver for the last 24 hours get a +8 to their opposed feint check.

Goblin Enchanter: Prereq: Goblin, Sorcerer 1: Your spells known decreases by two per spell level. This applies retroactively but does not apply to cantrips. The DC of all your enchantment spells increases by 2. Your caster level for enchantment spells increases by 2. At Sorcerer level 10, the DC and caster level for enchantment spells increases by 3. At sorcerer level 5, you gain the spell-like ability to cast Charm Person three times per day. Furthermore, you gain a +2 bonus to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance with enchantment spells, and the DC for enchantment spells vs Dwarves increases by 2. The bonus to DC vs dwarves doesn't stack with Greater Spell Penetration.

Miscellaneous feats:

Force of Personality: Use Intelligence instead of Wisdom for Will saves.

Observant: Use Intelligence instead of Dexterity for Reflex saves.

Aware: Use Wisdom instead of Dexterity for Reflex saves.

Thick Skin: Use Constitution instead of Dexterity for Reflex saves.

Mind over Matter: Use Wisdom instead of Constitution for Fortitude Saves.

Placebo Effect: Use Intelligence instead of Constitution for Fortitude Saves.

Skill Versatility: Gain a number of skill points equal to your level +3. You gain an extra skill point for each new level.

The alignment system is gone and Charisma is gone. Sorcerers cast with Intelligence, and Clerics gain extra Divine Shield uses from Wisdom. I don't really want feedback for this. Players are free to describe their characters as charming or gruff if they like, but my experience is that roleplaying works better when mechanics aren't used as much. From my experience, if Charisma and Charisma-based skills are used, characters with low Charisma are unlikely to even attempt a Bluff check or a Diplomacy check, instead preferring to letting a dedicated "face" do most of the talking. That doesn't fit my idea of what my game should be like, so I'm scrapping it. This isn't the first time I've scrapped Charisma, and it has worked well in the past, so please, no feedback on scrapping Charisma, okay?

As for the alignment system, players are free to assigning a label on their character if they wish. I'm probably going to do so on most of my NPCs, but there won't be any "Detect Evil" or "Protection from Good" or such.

Another change is that several spells are gone, including, but not limited to, Polymorph, Summon Monster, Animate Dead, and Plane Shift.

And yeah, that's most of it, I think. Any constructive feedback? Any feedback regarding game balance can be posted in this thread. English isn't my native language, so if you think that any sentence is written weirdly or is grammatically incorrect, feel free to send me a private message.