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2007-02-08, 05:43 PM
Hey folks, I spend virtually all my time lurking, but I figured I'd try and contribute today, check me and my bad social self ^-^


Anyways, I was wondering how you good D&D boffins think Sydney Losstarot from Vagrant story would translate to D&D mechanics? (I put the title as vagrant story in case anyone else wanted to pitch suggestions for other vagrant story characters) Granted he's not an easy one, as he doesn't seem to clearly fit any one niche (to me anyways, which reminds me, if anyone responds, could you cite the books you use as reference? I don't have many myself and get lost easily) as his power seems to work from personal charisma, yet it is technically given to him by the 'gran grimoire' and the rood inverse, he also mentions that he gave part of himself to the gods for his power, though how much of that is hyperbole and how much is true is up to the player I guess.

Anyways, I got curious as to what people think, so, discuss ~s~

2007-02-08, 07:28 PM
Id say Psion shaper for the creatures he summons like the dragon and thinks could just be astral constructs that look like them, and he just happens to have a good charisma and charisma skills.

If you want him to have arcane and divine, you could go for a chameleon from races of destiny

2007-02-08, 07:36 PM
Thanks for posting :smallsmile:

I'm not 100% familiar with some of the stuff you suggest, but then that's no mean feat, I'll go have a rummage around and see what I can dig up, that's half the fun neh?

2007-02-08, 07:56 PM
its mostly just stuff from the expansed psionics handbook