View Full Version : Looking for an unusual webcomic

2014-04-21, 11:53 AM
There was a webcomic I stumbled across a while back and never got a chance to check out. I want to say it was named something like "The [Witch/Hag/some similar concept] of [town name]", but that could be way off; I'm not finding anything with a search, at least.

Probably the most distinctive feature is how it differs from the standard print comic format that most webcomics emulate. IIRC it presents scenes to the reader one at a time, with multiple layers of art representing the foreground, immediate background, and more distant parts of the background. Whenever you click to move from one "panel" to the next, the "camera" shifts to the right, with the closest layers moving almost entirely across the screen to present a new scene while the layers that are further away shift more slowly and to a lesser extent. I don't know of any other webcomic that uses this style, but I've seen something similar (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7yPs0AvX8Q) in games before. (Notice how the foreground where gameplay occurs and its immediate background, the distant part of background with buildings that reach past the top of the screen, and the area in between with dead trees and shorter buildings all move across the screen at different rates as the player moves forward.)

I don't remember much else about it. I think it had an unusual color composition - possibly using a lot of oranges, blacks, and purples? - and I'm pretty sure that there were animations within some or possibly even all of the panels, but that's about it.