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Legato Endless
2014-04-21, 01:23 PM

Been having some tech issues of late, so thought I would ask here in the newfangled sub forum. The first issue being:

I can't turn off my computer freely.

I have a Mac OS X. (haven't updated in a bit, so version 10.7.5)

The Mac won't shut down at various points, always for the same posted reason. After the computer is told to shut down, I get a pop up that says Fotobounce cancelled the shutdown. Fair enough. But while I can force quit any other program, I can't shut down fotobounce. It doesn't respond in the slightest. This is also slightly odd in the sense that no one uses fotobounce. I could force shutdown the Mac, but I'm not certain that's a good long term solution for a reoccurring problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


2014-04-21, 02:09 PM
I might have a solution.

If Force Quit doesn't work on Fotobounce, try the following.

Open up Terminal. If you don't know where it is, check in the Utilities folder under Applications.
Type in the following command:
ps -ef | grep fotobounce
Look for the row that has something like /Applications/Fotobounce.app/Contents/MacOS/ in its rightmost column.
In the second column of that row, there will be a number. Remember that number.
Then, type in the following command:
sudo kill -9 numberRemember to replace number with the number from the previous step
Fotobounce should now be quit. You should then be able to shut down normally.

I haven't tested this yet, as I haven't had any programs that have hung up in the way that Fotobounce has, but I think it'll work.

2014-04-23, 08:57 AM
Using the Force Quit menu will give you a Graphic option to kill the program. Located at the top menu bar -> Apple Button -> Force Quit.


sudo killall fotobounce

If you want to do the same thing in one command using Terminal.

Also, I'd try to fix the issue so you don't have to do this. I'd just remove this from your computer. A Mac program called AppCleaner is a good program for this type of issue. You just open appcleaner and drag the fotobounce icon into the appcleaner window and click "Delete." If this is not an option, I'd suggest removing it from startup applications. Normally this is found in System Preferences->Users & Groups ->Login Items. Then find the offending application and remove it.

If it is not there, then it is using a startup script and the removal is more complex. Hope this helps!

Legato Endless
2014-04-24, 08:06 AM
Problem solved. Thank you both!