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2007-02-08, 08:18 PM
Introducing to you, the latest incarnation *cough*rip-off*cough* of Werewolf. This time the action is set on the high seas. A luxury cruise line to be exact. Sadly, pirates have snuck on board and are terrorizing the passengers. It's up to YOU! to stop them before they take over the ship. Narrating this game will be done by Atreyu the Masked Llama, Alarra, and Indurain. This game will be open to ALL.

The roles:

The Captain (Baner) – The captain has the ability to protect one person each night from the pirate attacks by inviting that person to his quarters.

The First Mate (Seer) – Each night the first mate can check the guest list and determine the identity of one person on the ship.

The Staff (Masons) – The staff know each other (quite intimately usually), and are provided a list of other staff members.

The Parrot (Devil) – Each night the Parrot can sneak into a guest’s chambers and determine their identity.

Jack and Rose – Two people, if they are both killed the game is over…EVERYONE (still alive) WINS.

Honeymooners (Lovers) – They win if both are left alive at the end of the game. They cannot live without each other and if one dies, the other dies as well

The Landlubber (Fool) – Is delirious with sea sickness. Believes he’s the First Mate, checks imaginary guest list each night. Results randomly determined.

Jack Sparrow (Alpha) – Jack Sparrow gets to choose his team of Pirates. When Scried looks like a Guest

Stowaway – When scried looks like a pirate.

Passengers (Villagers) – Regular people.

As with other Werewolf games, days will last 48 hours, nights 24. Each day everyone will point at another person whom they suspect of being a pirate. That person will be thrown overboard. Each night the pirates will PM a target who will be forced to walk the plank. Anytime a person swims with the fishes there will be a revealing article to show their role. Days will end early if a person receives the votes of more than 50% of the people still alive. Failing to vote for two days in a row will be cause for suspicion and you will be thrown overboard. Days not lasting the full 48 hours do not count for that.

The game is over under 3 conditions:

1) All pirates are eliminated (Passengers win)
2) The number of guests is equal to the number of pirates (Pirates win)
3) Jack and Rose both die (Everyone still alive wins)

Currently alive: 12
Captain van der Decken
Destro Yersul
Purple Cube
Smellie Hippie

Dead: 21
Ms Elaneous; first mate or landlubber - killed night 1
Zar Peter; passenger - killed day 1
Joosbawx, staff - killed night 2
El Jaspero, passenger - killed day 2
Lord Iames, passenger - sort of killed day 2
Death, passenger - killed day 3
Weebl, passenger - autokilled day 3
Kantur, passenger - autokilled day 3
Castaras, staff - killed night 4
Case, passenger - killed day 4
Lord Magtok, passenger - killed night 5
Deckmaster, passenger - autokilled day 5
Dispozition, Rose - autokilled day 5
Inky, passenger/honeymooner - killed day 5
Evnafets, pirate/honeymooner - killed day 5
The Librarian - gone amissing night 6
Eldritch Knight, passenger - killed day 6
DarkLightDragon, staff - killed night 7
Vespe Ratavo, first mate - killed day 7
B-Man, passenger - killed night 8
Krystal Tiger, passenger - autolynched night 8

Day ends 48 hours from now, 11pm EST Sunday, March 11th.

Current Vote Tally:

Purple Cube: 2 votes

Pingcode20: 2 votes

Raldor: 1 vote
Purple Cube

Lucky: 1 vote
Smellie Hippie

Raldor: 1 vote

Has not voted: 5
Captain van der Decken
Destro Yersul*

* did not vote yesterday.....vote tomorrow, or be in danger of auto..um..planking...yeah.

2007-02-08, 08:20 PM
... I can never refuse... but wow. :smalltongue:

2007-02-08, 08:23 PM
Oooh ooooh! I'm in!

2007-02-08, 08:41 PM
That's a cool adaptation of Werewolf, Llama Indurain. I'm in!

Edit: Stupid Llamatar tripping me up.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-08, 08:42 PM
Avast, ye scurvy lubbers! How dare ye hold a pirate game without the King himself?!?

((I'm so very, very in.))

2007-02-08, 08:59 PM
Pass the rum! I'll join ye scurvy dogs on this adventure

2007-02-08, 09:00 PM
WoW, i whould join if i haden't already singing in for Deaths thread, this sounds so cool, but i have to much on my plate as it is, otherwise i would join...if theres a Pirates 2 (which there will be, im sure) i would join that.

So why am I posting if i don't want to join?:smallconfused:

Aw, sign me up! I can't help it!:smallbiggrin:

2007-02-08, 09:02 PM
Yarr I be in landlubbers.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-08, 10:33 PM
((I'd like to suggest that not talking like a pirate in this game be considered grounds for suspicion.))

Eldritch Knight
2007-02-08, 10:41 PM
Sounds fun. I'm in, me mateys.

Lord Iames Osari
2007-02-08, 10:55 PM
Why the heck not?

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2007-02-08, 11:03 PM
I suppose I"ll throw my hat into the ring as a maybe at the moment. I'd like to see if Kill Dr. Lucky and my werewolf ripoff (Alien Invasion) get going first.

2007-02-09, 12:17 AM
I'm very much in.

Captain van der Decken
2007-02-09, 02:05 AM


2007-02-09, 02:18 AM
Sure, I'm in. This sounds like fun

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-09, 02:48 AM
*Captain Jack Sparrow swaggers aboard*

I'm in. Note just because I am a born suspect doesn't mean anything.

2007-02-09, 02:56 AM
I want in! YARRRRRRRR!

2007-02-09, 03:58 AM
((I'd like to suggest that not talking like a pirate in this game be considered grounds for suspicion.))

((Don't you mean talking like a pirate could be considered grounds for suspicion? The pirates are the bad guys))

I'm in

2007-02-09, 04:52 AM
((Seeing a parrot was highly amusing. Including Jack Sparrow... I just had to join! Imagine the chaos! CHAOS! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-09, 06:26 AM
((The pirates are the bad guys))

Gyarrrh! As if, ye bilge-muckin' swabbie! Arrhh!

2007-02-09, 06:30 AM
I'm in. What could be the harm in joining another werewolf game?

Zar Peter
2007-02-09, 06:34 AM
I´ll be in, too (My first werewolf!)

2007-02-09, 06:35 AM
Aw, snap. This'll be three at once! I'll give it a go, if only for your sake, Indy. :smalltongue:

2007-02-09, 06:53 AM
If there be anyone with a Pirate Avatar not joinin' this game, there's sure to be a reckonin... Har har! <--- that means I'm in...

2007-02-09, 09:34 AM
I wanna be Captain of the... wait, what?

2007-02-09, 10:52 AM
Aw hecks yeah! Sign me up Indy!

2007-02-09, 02:44 PM
Absolutely!!! In!

2007-02-09, 02:46 PM
I think I'm going to request a piratey avatar just for this game.

Lord Magtok
2007-02-09, 06:12 PM
No ninjas? Why no ninjas? There should be ninjas in this game!

Vespe Ratavo
2007-02-09, 07:37 PM
Yarr! I be ye ready for a high seas adventure!
And I suppose me too....

((I have MAPD, Multiple Avatar Personality Disorder :smallbiggrin:))

2007-02-09, 07:57 PM
I should really get a life...what the heck I'm in.

2007-02-09, 09:16 PM

If'n me king's in, 'en who'm I t'say nay? Le's take it t'th' seas!!!!

2007-02-09, 09:17 PM
Me too! God knows if I'll actually stay in though...I'll make my best effort to though.

2007-02-10, 10:41 AM
I'll try my best to stay in. Intarweb problems and the like.

...but I'm in.

2007-02-10, 10:49 AM
I be in, scurvey land-lubbers!

The Valiant Turtle
2007-02-10, 07:49 PM
Raldor arrives at the dock with his cruise ticket in hand. He endures 3 hours of check-in procedure and takes his room.

I love cruises, where is this ship going to again?

((that means I'm in))

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2007-02-11, 02:40 AM
I suppose I'll enter this one.

If y'all haven't already, please check out my other games (shamelss plug I know :smallredface: ). The two games in question are a SMBG version of the cheapass games Kill Dr. Lucky (which the rules to have just been posted), and my WW ripoff Alien Invasion (which desperately needs more players. If nothing else, I hope some of you will at least check them out and see what you think. PM's with feedback on them are appreciated.

2007-02-11, 06:18 AM
Cool, I'm in!

Avast ye landlubbers!

2007-02-11, 07:53 AM
How can I resist? Yarrr.

2007-02-11, 09:50 AM
So... what be tha count, and when do this ship be leavin' port?

@v Yarrr... that edit had'ne been thar when I be checkin' last. Thankee Indurian... and Alarra fer pointin' it out to tha sight impaired...

2007-02-11, 01:19 PM
check first post.

2007-02-11, 11:31 PM
Bad Alarra
Perhaps....it's okay.

2007-02-12, 11:27 AM
OOOOH,. I'm in, pick Graklok. Pick Graklok!!!

What? Aw shucks. Graklok wanna pway cuz Graklok good piwate, but if Supagoof's pwayin, den Graklok no wanna be cheetin, even though it's piwates and piwates cheet all da time. Guess Graklok not pway. Arrrgh.

Oooh,Graklok hab thought. Graklok PM Indy with thought. ((other then the bump this thread thought!))

2007-02-12, 02:13 PM
Oi! I'm in ye landlubber! And I have ye avatar ready!

2007-02-12, 02:29 PM
Umm, maybe perhaps it wasn't to best time to make an underwater avatar, lol.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-02-14, 11:31 PM
Okay. Registration is closed. Expect the roles to be assigned, probably tomorrow, but soon.

2007-02-14, 11:59 PM
Captain Jack Sparrow has been PM'ed and has 48 hours to pick his crew.

After that time, all other roles will be assigned. Thank you for your patience.

2007-02-15, 05:45 PM
The Pirates have been chosen. The roles have been assigned. PM's are being sent out now. Everybody grab your boarding pass.

2007-02-15, 07:06 PM
All roles have been PM'd. If you didn't recieve a PM, please PM either myself or Alarra (Llama's out of town right now) and we will rectify the situation. DO NOT POST HERE IF YOU DIDN'T GET A PM!

The game will begin tonight (guessing around 11 PM EST).

Thank you.

The Valiant Turtle
2007-02-15, 08:14 PM
Raldor toasts the many strange people, animals, spirits, demigods, monsters and others on board as the ship leaves the port.

Ahhhhh, this is the life. A week of rest, relaxation and all the gourmet food I can eat!

((cue the ominous pirates of the caribbean music))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-15, 08:24 PM
El Jaspero strolls the deck, idly smoking his pipe. "Does anybody happen to know where we're headed? Not that I mind, of course. Just curious."

2007-02-15, 08:29 PM
Supagoof walks up the board for passengers on the ship.

"Oooh, I don't much like water. Why oh why did I decide to take a cruise?"

Lord Magtok
2007-02-15, 08:36 PM
Lord Magtok boards the ship as well.

Funny, I was asking myself the same thing just now, stranger.

2007-02-15, 08:39 PM
I'm just looking forward to breakfast in bed... every day! They also have an open bar! w00t!

2007-02-15, 10:53 PM
The S.S. LIA embarks on its maiden voyage with much fanfare. Everyone is above deck waving to their loved ones as the magnificent ship sets out into the harbour. As the dock fades from view, the mingling begins. The casino quickly fills up as people throw down their hard earned gp in the hopes of hitting in big on the high seas. Others take to the open air poolside where many a young NPC scamper around in revealing swimwear. Shuffleboard, an arcade, 3 open bars, and 2 dance clubs all come to life as the boat hits the open waters. Everyone is having a good time and enjoying themselves.

Until a loud scream pierces the joyful noises. In worry people run to the source of the scream and find a nubile young staff member crying outside the Entertainment office. Unable to pull herself together enough to speak, she merely points towards the office. The door swings open to reveal a gruesome scene. Three bodies lay covered in blood on the floor of the office. Alarra, the ship’s Dessert Co-ordinator lays sprawled on the floor, her neck sliced with a very fine blade. Atreyu the Llama and Children’s Entertainment Director, stabbed repeatedly from multiple angles showing he went down fighting. Indurain the Adult Entertainment Director, suffering from the loss of his most valued extremity. Beside the bodies you find a note.

“We five be the new entertainment for ya. YARRR!!

Captain Jack Sparrow
And crew.”

Eventually people make their way back to their cabins as the sun sets in the west. Suddenly everyone knew they were going to be in for a long night.

((That's right, we're beginning with a night. Pirates, Captain, First Mate, Parrot...you all have 24 hours to PM myself/Alarra/Atreyu with your respective choices. Good night.))

2007-02-15, 11:03 PM
Oh gods, just stay calm and don't panic, stay calm, don't panic, stay calm don't panic. The mantra can be heard faintly coming from me as I slowly walk off to bed.

2007-02-15, 11:11 PM
B-Man whimpers and quickly walks to his cabin and slams the door behind him. The sound of chains, bolts, and locks being fastened can be heard for quite a distance.

2007-02-16, 12:59 AM
"I daresay," says Deckmaster, although what he dares say, he never says. Instead, he turns sickly green, and locks himself in his stateroom.

2007-02-16, 01:45 AM
Weebl snores in his hommock still wearing the gear he was drunk in earlier that day.


2007-02-16, 03:08 AM
The kitten wanders out of the cabin. It mews and paws the body. Castaras looks down at the body, and turns away sadly, walking quickly to the next deck. The kitten mews again and trots after Castaras, pawing at her trousers.

2007-02-16, 03:08 AM
...but I liked the llama...

Ilaissa shakes her head, Why did I ever take a cruise... She leans over the ship, sighs, then heads to her room.

((arrrr? there be pirates! meh.:smallbiggrin: ))

2007-02-16, 03:13 AM
Oooh! IN.

Almost missed this one....

2007-02-16, 03:34 AM
Castaras paces the floor, thinking hard.

Who could have done something this horrible? What do you think Kitten?

The kitten mews and paws at Castaras.

You just worry about food don't you?

Castaras hands the kitten some lovely fish.

She then curls up and goes to sleep, the kitten fast asleep on top.

Zar Peter
2007-02-16, 06:13 AM
Zar Peter's heading to his cabin.

Oh, my god, whats happening here? I think I need a sip of my scotish whiskey before I can find some sleep tonight. But I must remember to lock my room, it´s not safety here after all. Oh my god!

2007-02-16, 06:50 AM
What!? :smalleek: Three directors dead!? But... but... but I was looking forward to all the entertainment... and tasty treats...

Oh man... we're all in big trouble aren't we? :smallfrown:

*smellie hippie shuffles off to his room to cry for a while*

2007-02-16, 07:19 AM
Case stumples down the hallway more then a bit drunk. With a goofy grin on his face he walks over to where the Entertainment office is and peeks in wondering what evereyone is looking at. Seeing the carnage inside all the color drains from his face, "OH GOD, I'VE KILLED AGAIN!" With that he runs sobbing to his room and baricades himself inside.

2007-02-16, 07:25 AM
Oooh! IN.

Almost missed this one....

Umm....actually, you did miss this one. Sorry. :smallfrown:

2007-02-16, 08:16 AM
*Calamity looks around at the carnage*

Ahh! What's going on!?

*Calamity runs to his room and locks the door*
..And I had second thoughts about this cruise too,

2007-02-16, 08:21 AM
Joosbawx arrives at the grisly scene, squinting through his one good eye, and scowls. After waiting in vain for someone with authority to step forward and take charge he does so himself, jabbing a finger at four of the idle sailors. "You, you and...you, get these people out of here...especially the kiddies. No need for them to see Llama like this. Or Indurian for that matter...ugh." Stalking away, he grabs a few bath sheets from poolside and returns, covering the corpses carefully and reverently, beginning with Alarra's and finishing with Indurian (since, technically, he's not all that naked anymore).

After a brief bowing of his head, during which me mutters a short, gravely prayer for the three, he brings them, with the aid of another couple sailors, below deck to prepare for tomorrow's funeral.

2007-02-16, 08:23 AM
Umm....actually, you did miss this one. Sorry. :smallfrown:


Man... I really should read the posts more carefully. Or at all. Or just check the forum more often.:smallfrown:

2007-02-16, 08:25 AM
*DLD approaches Joosbawx*

Need a hand there? It must be hard to do this all by yourself.

2007-02-16, 08:27 AM
Joosbawx squints up to DSL and nods, silently grateful for the help and goes below decks to make arrangements for the funerals.

2007-02-16, 08:31 AM
Castaras comes over and silently tries to help with the bodies. Sadly, a particular kitten is making things difficult for her.

2007-02-16, 09:00 AM
Joosbawx squints up to DSL and nods, silently grateful for the help and goes below decks to make arrangements for the funerals. ((At least the DSL wasn't spelt backwards :smallyuk: ))

2007-02-16, 09:27 AM
Supagoof, seeing the scene, stumbles over to the rail of the ship. As dinner makes it way from whence it came, his only thoughts are Why a cruise. You hate water! The therapist said this would be good for your nerves and aquaphobia. Some freaking suggestion! Note to self, fire the therapist if you make it back to land safely. Holding onto the rail for stability, he makes his way back to his room. Once there, he spins the wheel, barring the door shut. Once he does, another fear sets in, claustrophobia, so he opens the porthole to let some air in.

2007-02-16, 09:40 AM
((At least the DSL wasn't spelt backwards :smallyuk: ))

((HA! Sorry DLD! Guess that's what you get from a guy that works for an ISP. Sorry. :smallredface:))

2007-02-16, 12:57 PM
Libris leaves her cabin holding her head and wincing.

"Crikey, what's all the noise? Some of us are trying to sle- oh gods... oh good gods..." She sees the bodies and steadies herself against a wall. "What sort of monsters would do this?!"
She decides to pace for a while.

Eldritch Knight
2007-02-16, 01:16 PM
This is Murder most foul. Let us hope that we may bring these scoundrels to justice.

2007-02-16, 01:21 PM
Castaras finishes clearing away the bodies, before heading off to her cabin for a well earned rest.

Vespe Ratavo
2007-02-16, 05:03 PM
Vespe goes around, eying everyone suspiciously. Where's that guest list....

2007-02-16, 05:53 PM
Ms Elaneous stands near the railing on deck and watches the water with eagerness. This is my first time out to open sea! She then takes a deep whiff of the salt air and immediately begins to cough a little. Note to self: Large amounts of salt air is not tasty in your lung.

She hums to herself in a carefree fashion as she walks below deck. However, the humming is cut short by the sight of the crowd around the office. Ms Elaneous slips around the bystanders, being a bit shorter being an advantage this time.

Her jaw drops and she stares in shock at the group of bodies on the floor. "Alarra? Llama? Indurain?" She clenches her fists, shaking a little with silent anger. Gaining composure, although it is obvious her voice is still tense, she says, "We should clean this up. And prepare for honorable burial at sea." She marches off, presumably for said preparations.

Lord Magtok
2007-02-16, 06:00 PM
So what exactly IS the typical procedure for honorable burial at sea?
These three poor souls deserve the best we can offer them.

2007-02-16, 06:26 PM
Ceika steps up to offer her hand to help shoo the kids away from the scene.

A burial at sea, first night out... I thought this was a cruiseship... we can't let these pirates take over. To answer your question, sir, you stitch them up, wrapped in a flag, or in their hammocks... she sighs heavy-heartedly and gestures to the sea. And send them with a prayer to the devil down below.

2007-02-16, 06:56 PM
Raistlin steps out from his cabin. "I'd not wish a death like this on my greatest enemy. We must root out these pirates, lest they take many more of us to an early grave"

2007-02-16, 06:59 PM
*Smellie Hippie returns from his cabin, looking a little worse for wear*

They.... they were good *sniff* people. This stuff isn't supposed to happen to good people... :smallfrown: I'll help anyway that I can... just, um... can someone tell me what I can do?

*Smellie Hippie makes attempts to help gather material for stitching the remains for burial at sea* :smallfrown:

Lord Magtok
2007-02-16, 07:04 PM
*Magtok aids in gathering the material.*

Vespe Ratavo
2007-02-16, 07:48 PM
*Vespe aids in the collection of materials as well, and eyes Lord Magtok suspiciously.*

The Valiant Turtle
2007-02-16, 08:30 PM
Raldor notices the commotion as he is passing by on his way to the rock-climbing wall. Seeing the mostly covered remains he turns slightly green.

Urggghhh, that's horrible.

Well, Jack you should know that you don't get to call yourself a captain until you have a ship, and you don't have this one yet! My fellow passengers, we must stop this so-called captain! They did get one thing right however. We shall certainly be most entertained by their deaths! Well, some of us will be anyway.

Raldor heads for the gym instead of the rock-climbing wall, since it seems like he needs to be in even better shape.

2007-02-16, 09:14 PM
Supagoof emerges from his cabin with a seet of bagpipes under his arms. He tunes up by practicing the song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMLyDTNAP-4) for the funeral at sea.

Indurain, Alarra, and Llama deserve proper respect. And those damn pirates deserve a long drop with a sudden stop!

((Lol - @v Lord Magtok - for the evening show, you'll spot me drinking a glass of water at the same time. :smallwink:))

Lord Magtok
2007-02-16, 09:19 PM
Magtok watches Supagoof prepare with a mixture of confusion and shock on his face.

To nearest person. How is he practicing and talking at the same time? That is truely remarkable.

Vespe Ratavo
2007-02-16, 11:06 PM
Vespe, who just so happens to be the closest person, responds.
You know, my cousin was on a pirate ship once, and he said he saw one playing a bag pipe and talking at the same time....

2007-02-16, 11:07 PM
((I'm leaving tommorow guys and I won't be back till Tuesday so is that ok?))

2007-02-16, 11:18 PM
The sun rises over the promenade deck and the majority of the passengers have gathered to not only enjoy the breakfast buffet, but also to discuss this 'pirate problem' that seems to have cropped up. You do a quick roll call to see if anyone's missing since yesterday, however none of you really know who's supposed to be here and who's not.

Fortunately....or perhaps unfortunately, one unsuspecting NPC wandering along the deck at the back of the ship comes across a note pinned by dagger to the railing.
"We had to get rid of the Ms. Elaneous baggage"
Pinned beneath it is a few other sheets of paper that look like they may be a guest list.

He brings the papers to the crowd of passengers and a search party is organized to look for Ms. E. Unfortunately she's nowhere to be found and you've no choice but to suspect the worst, someone's thrown her overboard.

(Ms. E, either first mate or landlubber, has been killed)

Day begins. Ends 48 hours from now. 11pm EST Sunday, February18th

Also...the first post of this thread will contain an up to date voting list, deadlines, etc. for your convenience.

Vespe Ratavo
2007-02-16, 11:24 PM
Vespe looks over the papers. Hmm....I smell land and...lubb..er...ness... all over these papers....now we just have to find someone who smells like land.... and lubb.

2007-02-16, 11:44 PM
*Wakes up and walks on deck*

Oh my...Ummm...I...What should we do? Pirates are annoying at times...If only I could have one cruise without them!

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-16, 11:59 PM
*Captain Jack Sparrow comes out onto the board, with a rather grim visage*

I see we have a pirate infestation. I will not have this on my ship. For yes, I am the captain of this ship, and I shall die to see those pirates brought to justice.

As you can see I am taking a slightly reckless position, but I may have just lost my First Mate, so I am willing to do so to see this pirates of my ship.

*Captain Jack Sparrow pauses for Irony*

I for one would not be up here doing this if I was a pirate, of the band sort, as it is the first day, as if I was a pirate, as opposed to a loveable character, I could just get a bandwagon on the first day. However random pointing is not my style.

Ms Elaneous told me who she searched before hand, and while, on hindsight I should have protected her, I just thought that the pirates wouldn't be able to stand the irony of there being a second "Captain Jack Sparrow" and offing me, although the fact of me being captain causes me to raise my eyebrows at the gods (Did you roll?).

As this is this will tell us if Ms Elaneous was the first mate, or if she was a landlubber.

*Captain Jack Sparrow points at Zar Peter

2007-02-17, 12:07 AM
((Wow... sucks to be Ms E!

*uncontrollable laughter*

Just like Werewolf IV, except Death and I seem to have swapped roles :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin:

*if laughter could kill, I would be dead by now*))

*DLD looks at the "Captain" in confusion*

This turn of events is rather odd. But your suggestion is better than random pointing. I hope you're right. You know what will happen if this turns out to be a lie...

*DLD points at Zar Peter*


2007-02-17, 12:23 AM
Erm... are there any refunds for this cruise? I've been on board for less than 12 hours and four people have died!! I'm hoping that someone will be able to help round up these miscreants and see they are dealt with.

*Smellie Hippie refrians from pointing, but will point on Sunday when he has more time*

Vespe Ratavo
2007-02-17, 12:26 AM
Hmm...well, I suppose it is the only way to prove she was the landlubber... jump, jump, jump, jump on the bandwagon...

*Points at Zar Peter*

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-17, 12:29 AM
The worse that happens is that Zar is a passenger, and the other first mate will know they are the first mate, while if not we will see if Ms E was the first mate.

I know some may be doubtful, but I trust you I have had a lot of experience on the other side, and this is one thing they won't do.

*Captain Jack Sparrow whistles as he sees Libiris, such things as "
Whould you look at that booty?" and "I'll shiver her timbers" can be heard from the so called Captain*

2007-02-17, 02:03 AM
Inky takes a while to figure out whats going on as he comes out on deck.:smallconfused: he says
I'm confused "Captain", are you saying thats who Ms E said Zar Peter was a pirate? And so were doing this to determine if she was the land lubber or not? But what if she WAS the Landlubber and just got lucky and found Zar as a Pirate randomly, its a 50:50 Chance then...

However to avoid lynching for this logic train.... points at Zar Peter.

((OOC: wait do the first mate and captain automatically know each other? Because if not I fail to see how Ms E could know both who the captain is to tell him who she scried, as well as scry someone)

But then Consider this theory, Death is really a pirate. In order to quickly allay all suspicions of himself he is immediately claiming to be the captain. Then in an attempt to kill off Zar peter and possibly root out the first mate if Ms E wasn't it, he claims she contacted him and told him she scried Zar Peter, who death being a pirate knows is a sailor. When Zar is killed, Death simply claims Ms E was the landlubber and that he hasn't been killed because he is protecting himself and that is why the pirates don't attack him. By doing this he also as the added benefit of the real first mate potentially coming to him thinking he is friendly when he is really a pirate, and so the pirates get a first mate kill as well as Zar Peter's death. Also the real captain might reveal himself because of what Death said, and then they could end up with as much as the Captain, First Mate, and a random sailor dead. ((ack my brain is sleep deprived and coming up with some really strange ideas... still though....))

2007-02-17, 02:17 AM
Ah...But it could also be that Death is the First mate, or possibly the parrot...Who knows...All this confusion...Darn it all to hell!

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-17, 05:04 AM

Well, I say the "first mate" etc not to go around calling out there jobs, so then I will know nothing, I wish for no one to pm me either unless they are convinced of my innocence, otherwise I don't really want to have a trust distrust relationship, if someone wants to tell me to say that a little bird told me to vote for ___ as they are a pirate, I will do exactly that, pass on a message.
*Takes a swig from a bottle of rum*
But don't rush into things at all, savvy?

As such if no one does say anything out loud or even pm me, since It would just cause more trouble for me, I shall be getting nothing out of this, after all my motto is "take what you can, give nothing back". I am out to protect myself, its true, can't help it habit,.

*Captain Jack Sparrow gives a flashy grin*

So, if no one claims a role, and a was a bad-pirate, then truly this would be vain if I was a bad-pirate.

As such I hope you can accept I am a pirate and a good man. We all know how I would play if this gentleman pirate was a no good bad pirate *CJS works out some of the double negatives* And It would not be to knock of Ms Elaneous first. One of my friends, Death,

{aside} met him in a Kraken

,is rather fond of her, and her demise would have upset her first, now you may say that anyone could claim it, but I wouldn't lay a finger on a lady, besides you my Dear *Captain Jack Sparrow flashes the Librarian a wink*

2007-02-17, 05:06 AM
The kitten wanders on deck, meowing sadly. It lifts a paw towards Zar Peter. Castaras sees the kitten, shrugs, and decides to Point at Zar Peter, unless any other evidence comes.

2007-02-17, 05:16 AM
Destro walks out of his cabin, humming. He climbs up to the main deck where everyone else is. Ahoy! How are you all this morning? He is quickly filled in about recent events, and a shocked expression replaces the happy one. What!? Dead? But.. how? Sorry. I'm a little out of it. Had a bout of seasickness, locked myself in my cabin. Pirates? Well this won't do at all! So, who're we picking to "Walk the plank", so to speak? He grins. He is determined to be cheerful, even when faced with Pirates.

Captain van der Decken
2007-02-17, 05:22 AM
Decken appears on the deck((:biggrin:))

Oh, I say. What is going on here?



I demand to see someone in charge! You're responsible for this mess! So.. do.. something!

2007-02-17, 05:23 AM
The ghost of Ms Elaneous materializes near Captain Jack Sparrow. "Lovely speech, thank you." She glances over the crowd of people on board. "Well done, pirates. Fortune is on your side, or at least it was. Perhaps our good passengers can turn the tides. And I hope for my crew mates' and passengers' sake I was the landlubber. Best of luck to them. I'll be looking out for you."

2007-02-17, 05:24 AM
Castaras bows her head in sadness.

Ms. Elaneous, you were a good woman.

She then has some breakfast.

Captain van der Decken
2007-02-17, 05:27 AM
((Death, you do know that Jack Sparrow is the name of the pirate captain, yes?))

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-17, 05:41 AM
((Death, you do know that Jack Sparrow is the name of the pirate captain, yes?))

((But this is Captain Jack Sparrow, you need the emphasis on the correct part))

Captain van der Decken
2007-02-17, 05:47 AM
((I expected that, I really did. :tongue:))

2007-02-17, 05:47 AM
Pingcode emerges from his room, quite green. "I'll never get the hang of these cruises...". As he sees the dead bodies being cast off, he proveeds to throw up over the edge.

After an hour or two, after regaining his normal healthy complexion, he shrugs at the bandwagon and joins it.

"Only one way to be sure, I suppose."

Points at Zar Peter

2007-02-17, 05:48 AM
* Withdraws finger from Zar Peter *

Captain Jack Sparrow here says it was Zar Peter, what's your proof?

2007-02-17, 06:33 AM
Why Zar Peter, captain?

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-17, 06:37 AM

Well, I have been talking to Ms Elaneous as of lately, she seemed to think it would be in our best interests if she told me who she saw on the guest list; "bad eyesight" Captain Jack Sparrow explains to the mast, she saw Zar Peter as a pirate, as such it is best to lynch the potential pirate as opposed to blindly pointing.
*At the stage the mask didn't respond Captain Jack Sparrow took a swig, took out his compass and started taking measurements*

2007-02-17, 07:21 AM
Here's to hoping she was the landlubber...

*Points at Zar Peter

2007-02-17, 07:22 AM
Castaras thinks over what Captain Jack Sparrow! says. She then resumes pointing at Zar Peter.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-17, 07:25 AM
....thinks over what Death says.....
That's Captain Jack Sparrow actually. :smallwink:

2007-02-17, 07:30 AM
Two words: Darn you.

There, happy now? :smallwink:

Zar Peter
2007-02-17, 07:43 AM
((Zar Peter is locked in his cabin and rather drunk from his good night whiskey.
He is hoping to find answers to this ridicolous accusations in about 7 hours.))

2007-02-17, 08:25 AM
Head is spinning from Captain Jack Sparrow's ((Death's)) accusations theory. Um, okay?

Points finger towards Zar Peter.

*sigh* edited.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-17, 08:30 AM
Head is spinning from Death's accusations theory. Um, okay?

Points finger towards Zar Peter.


((CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow :smallwink:))

2007-02-17, 09:45 AM
Case bursts out of a nearby closet and does an angry monkey point at Zar Peter. Then quickly goes back into his little hidey hole of a closet.

2007-02-17, 09:49 AM
"Dash it all! We need to get the bottom of this, I say!"

Deckmaster, the panicky aristocrat, points at Zar Peter.

Captain van der Decken
2007-02-17, 09:52 AM
So, my good Captain, how do you know for sure that the late Mrs Elaneous was definitely the first mate? Could we not all be making a terrible mistake?

However, if I'm understanding this properly, the chances are fairly high that Mrs Elaneous was correct, I'll have to agree.

Points at Zar Peter.

2007-02-17, 10:41 AM
Raistlin points at Zar Peter
If he's innocent, I will get you Sparrow.

2007-02-17, 10:47 AM
*Ceika looks around, cursing the pirates.* Well, this way we'll at least see whether or not they killed our First Mate. Though I find it odd that the Captain doesn't know his first mate right off... I'm sure it'll be known before nightfall, though, wouldn't you say, Captain Jack Sparrow? I'll follow your lead and accuse him. *Ceika points at Zar Peter* May Davy be merciful if we're wrong.

2007-02-17, 10:52 AM
B-Man unlocks his cabin door and grumbles furiously that he ran out of sugar for his coffee. He walks to the scene and has one of the NPCs fill him in. Upon hearing about Ms E's death, B-Man's frown deepens.


He draws his sword and looks around feverishly. The NPC then taps his shoulder and continues to recap B-Man on the events that have unfolded.

Well, seeing as Captain Jack Sparrow says it's alright, I'll listen to him. This once...

* B-Man points at Zar Peter.

2007-02-17, 10:56 AM
((I'm leaving tommorow guys and I won't be back till Tuesday so is that ok?))

((Alright we are officialy leaving in a few hours so after this round I'll be gone for the next one))

2007-02-17, 11:02 AM
(( Have fun ))

Castaras sighs and pets the kitten.

Eldritch Knight
2007-02-17, 11:17 AM
I agree with Captain Jack Sparrow.

EK points at Zar Peter

The Valiant Turtle
2007-02-17, 11:50 AM
Raldor grabs a Veggie-burger at the poolside bar and listens carefully to The Captain's speech. His head starts to swim after not really following all the double negatives.

Okay, I think I get it. Sounds like a good plan...

* Raldor points at Zar Peter

((As much as I want to get rid of the pirates, I'm hoping you're not a pirate which means we would still have our first mate. Of course, there is the worst case scenario of him being the stowaway. Let's just hope not.))

Raldor proceeds to go to the game room and look for a card partner.

2007-02-17, 11:52 AM
Ahh, I see, Captain Jack Sparrow,well at least some of your reason, not all of it.
But if Ms. E told the truth then....

*Calamity points at Zar Peter*

Zar Peter
2007-02-17, 12:43 PM
Zar Peter finally wakes up and strolls to the bar for a late breakfast (or an early dinner). The hostile einviroment is a little disturbing so he asks the first NPC around what has happened.

Mrs. E? No, what a shame

He quotes

And they are thinking I…, really? How many??? SEVENTEEN???

To the crowd around him:

So you all think I’m a pirate? I’m surprised, and I don’t really know how to defend myself, I know for sure, I’m no Pirate. But I have no proof for that. I slept the whole night in my room but no one has seen me and now more than the half of the passengers are accusing me to be a pirate.
If I say I’m no pirate you might say “Yes, evrey pirate would say that”, but if I say I am it’s “There you got it, he is it!”.
All I can now make is rethink why I am accused.
Captain Jack Sparrow here says, that the late Mrs. E., from his words the first mate, told him that I am a pirate. All we have from him are his words, we can’t ask Mrs. E. All you have from me are my words.
For me, a fact is, that I’m no prate, so why would Captain Jack Sparrow accuse me for being it?

First: Mrs. E. really told him that, but she wasn’t the first mate.

Second: Captain Jack Sparrow is a pirate. The pirates killed the fourth passenger (Mrs. E.) in the night, the parrot scryed after that another passenger, and in the morning they want to see if I am a member of the crew by letting me jump over the plank. So they finally got information about 3 passengers.
Furthermore I also think that some of the first, who pointed at me are pirates, too (especially Castaras, for the fake question).

So, that’s my defence, I’m not sure if it is helping me, I hope you cange your selection and think it over, if you follow Captain Jack Sparrow, you maybe follow him to death.

2007-02-17, 12:46 PM
Furthermore I also think that some of the first, who pointed at me are pirates, too (especially Castaras, for the fake question).


Castaras heads to her cabin.

2007-02-17, 03:25 PM
(Welp...that's more than 50% of the votes....short first day...)

The crowd of passengers rounds on Zar Peter, convinced that he's a pirate and intent on throwing him overboard.

Wait, I'm not....please, I don't know why she said that...I have a ticket right here....

But the crowd is too enraged to listen as they follow Death's....err...Captain Jack Sparrow's, I guess, directions as to the proper way to toss a body over a railing.

As the last bubbles fade away under the clear teal waters, someone finally picks up and inspects the ticket that had floated harmlessly to the deck during the struggle.
"Huh...he was telling the truth...he really was booked on this ship, in room 512." He shrugs. "Oh well"

(Zar Peter, a passenger, was killed.)

Night begins. Ends 24 hours from now, err...from standard ending time rather, so....11pm EST, Sunday February 18th.

2007-02-17, 03:29 PM
Castaras sighs and shakes her head at the body of Zar Peter sinking underwater. She picks up the kitten and heads off to bed.

2007-02-17, 03:38 PM
I guess that means Ms E was a Landlubber after all.

I propose a toast to Zar Peter. His noble sacrifice has given the rest of us remaining on this ship some hope of finding those dastardly pirates.

2007-02-17, 05:26 PM
((Damn, missed my chance to vote AND glare at CJS. Next time, pirate, next time...(am away from home currently, but should be back Sun pm GMT)))

Libris weeps for poor Ms. E and Zar Peter.

"Two innocents! Two innocents dead, and pirates at our throats while we sleep! Could this voyage get any worse?!" She looks at a certain pirate-y reaper-type fellow. "YOU AGAIN?! Gah, apparently so! I can't be seen associating with such a man as he." She turns on her heel and continues to pace the ship during the night. "Should have brought the damned wolf with me. "See the world" they said... See the world, my-" and with that, she moves out of earshot.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-17, 05:55 PM

*The Captain gives a sigh*

It was needed. We have a first mate out there who knows they are the first mate. Really, the theory I am a no good pirate would only be fair if he had a special character, I am most happy this way, and if you think I am a no good pirate because he was a passenger, I believe the pirates should be able to lnych a passenger first turn as it is, I hope they wouldn't need to go to such lengths.

*Captain Jack Sparrow tips his hat to the first mate*

I shall be in my own Captain's quarters, I shall keep a diary of such things to be sent to a staff member I know if you do lynch me next day, doesn't have much, but I hope we can regain this ship with the proper captain, since by the end of this if the first mate contacts a staff he can talk openly through me via the one staff member I know, easy, and if I went against it they would lynch me, so it does you well to listen to my speaches, after all, with a bit of changing around this ship would make a good Grey Pearl.

*The Captain hangs up a sign saying "Do not disturb", yet he still gives a wink to the Librarian as he goes in, telling the steering wheel, he loves it when she is angry. *

2007-02-17, 05:57 PM
It appears we have been mislead.. the fact that I pointed at Zar Peter fills me with guilt. :smallfrown: Now, if you do not mind, I would like to be alone.

*Calamity heads to his cabin and locks himself in*

I do not think that finding out that Ms. E was the landlubber was worth this cost

2007-02-17, 06:07 PM
Deckmaster looks over the railing where Zar Peter sank in shock.

His gaze shifts to the so-called Captain's quarters. A fiery gleam glows in his eyes. He heads to his stateroom, hoping to survive the night.

Zar Peter
2007-02-17, 06:29 PM
But.....that's to early! I thought I could defend myself a little bit before night calls... and now I'm dead... even couldn't say some famous last words... I hoped to enjoy the sea, but now the sea enjoys me........wish you luck.........you need it.........:smallfrown:

2007-02-17, 06:38 PM
The ghost of Ms Elaneous floats up to meet that of Zar Peter. She blushes a little bit embarassedly. "I suppose the sea sickness got to me. It was my first trip after all. No hard feelings?" She holds a hand out hopefully.

Zar Peter
2007-02-17, 06:57 PM
Zar Peter grabs gratefully the hand of Ms. Elaneous. Thank you for helping, it was my first trip, too, after all. I need a little time (some killings and stabbities will help) to calm down, but I think my death were unavoidable (if this is correct english, and I'm not in the mood to look after it)

Lord Magtok
2007-02-17, 09:10 PM
I suppose the only logical choice now is to head to my room and hope the pirates don't kill me. Then again, the other passengers will likely have me tossed overboard anyway. Everyone's always prejudiced towards those with robotic handicaps.

Shut up, meatbag.

*Sigh* Even the other half of me hates me.

Magtok wanders back to his room, sulking and thinking depressing thoughts as he makes his way there.

2007-02-17, 09:15 PM
Nothing more than the usual...

2007-02-17, 09:50 PM
*DLD hisses at CJS as she makes her way to her cabin for the night*

2007-02-17, 11:58 PM
Yarr, good we managed to kill another one of 'em. Cough Cough I mean uhhh, how sad that we killed a fellow passenger my fellow passengers. excuse my while me, a passenger heads off to his passengers quarters. :smallwink:

2007-02-18, 07:49 AM
Castaras looks up at the ceiling of her cabin, thinking. She stays awake for a long while.

Eldritch Knight
2007-02-18, 07:50 AM
Alas,we've lost another innocent. Let us hope we can flush these vagabonds out.

2007-02-18, 03:40 PM
*Smellie Hippie waves a sad farewell to Zar Peter as he sinks beneath the waves* I didn't vote for you, I just didn't have anything to sway the mob. :smallfrown:

*he walks back to his room, locks the door and hopes that he can sleep through the night*

Pirates... angry mobs... lynchings... *twitch* ... it's too much... :smalleek:

2007-02-18, 11:12 PM
Sits in his closet with a bottle of window spray just in case pirates deside to visit him he can spray them in the eyes and run away.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-18, 11:13 PM
The Pirate King staggers out of his room in a work-induced haze, then staggers back in.

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2007-02-19, 12:08 AM
I havn't been auto-planked yet have I. Things were pretty crazy as many of you know for me this week, and I completely forgot this started.

2007-02-19, 12:47 AM
No. No one's been autoplanked. It's only been 1 day and it was a short one that didn't count anyway.

2007-02-19, 12:53 AM
The sound of lapping waves greets the passengers as the morning sun rises over the ocean. People slowly make their way from their cabins, many with bleary eyes. Nerves are high as people look at each other in suspicion. As everyone is sitting down to breakfast, one of the casino dealer’s comes rushing into the dining room.

“It’s happened again.” He says, holding a note and dagger in his hand. As you look over the note it reads.

“Who would have thought sharks liked juice so much?” Slowly this cryptic message begins to make sense and a few people rush off to Joosbawx’s cabin. Not surprisingly his is not to be found anywhere. In his closet a uniform is hanging with a small placard: Joosbawx: Drink Service.

Summary: Joosbawx, a staff member, has been thrown overboard.

Day begins now and ends February 20 – 11:00 PM EST.

((Please remember if you are PMing things to send it to all 3 Narrators: Atreyu the Masked Llama, Indurain, Alarra. Thank you.))

2007-02-19, 09:46 AM
DAMN YOU PIRATES! Supagoof cries out in vain. First, the entertainment crew on the ship, then Ms. E., now, the DRINK SERVICE! No more juiceboxes from Joosbawx.

He goes deep in thought, thinking of all the possible and probable reasons of motives each on-board has.

2007-02-19, 10:58 AM
Castaras pales at the sight of Joosbawxs...dead. She takes a look on the guest list, thinking carefully.

2007-02-19, 11:04 AM
((Awwwwwwwww...dang. That's most unfortunate...sigh.))

2007-02-19, 11:07 AM
((And I was sooo looking forward to one of your posts Joosbawx, like in the mafia thread. Don't worry though, we'll catch them.))

2007-02-19, 11:45 AM
This is terrible, six innocent people have been killed. I don't think I can go anywhere on this boat without feeling threatened.

2007-02-19, 11:47 AM

The librarian pales as she hears the words of the note spoken aloud and then looks around the ship grimly.

"Joosbox, you will be sorely missed," she says. "And sorely avenged." She looks at the people around her suspiciously. And one of the people in this room did it.

The Valiant Turtle
2007-02-19, 11:49 AM
Raldo sighs.

Nooooo!!! Not the drink service attendant. We're all gonna die of thirst!!! Noooooo!!!

Raldor frantically looks around for a drink. Apparently due to the diminished demand for services, he finds one and downs it.

OK, that's better. Now what's for breakfast?

(@ Gel Cube) Well, it looks like you're still on board. Maybe we could start throwing people into you instead of throwing them overboard. I mean, just how well does this ship cater to Gelatinous Cubes anyway?

((I'm guessing the first mate chose to verify the Captains identity last night, lets hope we find some pirates soon!))

2007-02-19, 11:54 AM
The kitten paws at Castaras' feet. She sighs and picks it up. It purrs loudly as she strokes it, watching those on the ship.

2007-02-19, 01:04 PM
B-Man walks out of his cabin, sips his coffee, and gets informed by the NPC he met yesterday.

So Bob, what happened thus far?
"Mostly discussion and no-one has pointed yet."
I see...

B-Man glances around the room, glaring at everyone.

2007-02-19, 01:07 PM
The kitten demands to be fed. "Not now, kitten..." Murmurs Castaras, watching the glares. She begins running through what little information they have, trying to work out who the pirate would be.

2007-02-19, 05:50 PM
Hmm, well fellow shipmates, the way I see it is the alleged "captain" Jack Sparrow getting one of our fellow passengers killed, the person who allegedly contacted him as the first mate died to the pirates, and then someone I have noticed he seems to enjoy badgering now dies ((check other werewolf threads etc. he has a for fun grudge against bawx which he may have taken here as well)), again to the pirates. All the evidence we have so far points at The claimed Captain. Now some of you probably have reservations about potentially killing one of the most important members of this crew, however, wouldn't that make it the perfect cover for a pirate? Therefore I will be pointing at Captain Jack Sparrow unless further evidence surfaces.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-19, 05:51 PM
^ The fact that I was contacted by the actual first mate, a staff member, not the deceased Joos, and neither of them die except Joos, who it is common knowledge to everyone I like to knock off in werewolf games? It is to convenient for my liking.

If I was a pirate I could just live my nights away without a fear and keep making evidence for people I suspect are roles, or twist them like you are.

I play every game different with a style for each of them, I tried the "post less" game, (worked brilliantly, you get forgotten) to reckless, this one (more fun than the post little).

The fact that the first mate actually POSTED who they where before I told them to delete the message also should have provided me a easy reason to kill them early, since after my passing on what Ms Elaneous said from the grave we know who the first mate is.

Number two, Ms Elaneous often runs ideas past, since I allied with her I could easily have used her had i been a pirate as a parrot, yet I did not. Ms Elaneous wasn't about to check me on the list, Ms Elaneous picked Zar instead, who was not a pirate. She told me this before she did so. If she was first mate it would be easier for me to check for special roles, and I had no threat if I was a pirate by the look, sure it lynched a poor passenger, but it was the first day, the darn pirates should be able to do this themselves. The evidence is not in your favour.


Good morning all.

*Captain Jack Sparrow swaggers out*

Interesting conversations I had with some people last night, although in your case I would have liked a bit more action *Captain Jack Sparrow winks at Libris*

All in all though, someone did contact being the "first mate", they are yet to say who they saw or such, but I shall pass on when needed as they say.

*Captain Jack Sparrow points at Inky

All in all, looks like I have someone who likes twisting evidence.

VV more like .246%, but the reactions often say things

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 05:54 PM
"Nooooo! Not Joosbawx!"

El J sits on the deck, weeping. "Who will fetch me tasty drinks now?"

2007-02-19, 05:56 PM
Bob nudges B-Man saying: "Psst, that's the guy that lead you astray yesterday."

Hush you.

B-Man looks over at Captain Jack Sparrow.

How reliable is your gut feeling? 5%?

2007-02-19, 07:58 PM
Alright Captain, I'm going to be straight out honest here. I believe that Ms. E was the landlubber, and that this test has proven it. To come back and offer another theory right after failing to find a pirate has proven to me your innocence, as a pirate would be cautious after getting a passenger lynched.

Inky it is.

*Points at Inky.

2007-02-19, 08:05 PM
Do you mean Inky or Ink, as that worries me if it's Inky. And if its ink, why? I'd rather not have another innocent killed.

2007-02-19, 08:10 PM

Yes, I meant you, the one that strange captain guy doesn't like.

The Valiant Turtle
2007-02-19, 08:11 PM
Considering this...

Yarr, good we managed to kill another one of 'em. Cough Cough I mean uhhh, how sad that we killed a fellow passenger my fellow passengers. excuse my while me, a passenger heads off to his passengers quarters. :smallwink:

As well as his rather unusual arguments above, I'm going to agree with Death / Captain Jack Sparrow.

*Raldor points at Inky

2007-02-19, 08:16 PM
Ink isn't playing this game, so I'll assume when someone says Ink, they mean Inky.

2007-02-19, 08:18 PM
Even with the low percentage, I'll give you one last opportunity Captain Jack Sparrow.
* B-Man points at Inky.
Bob nudges B-Man.
"I'm telling you, mate, don't trust that Sparrow fellow over there."
And why ever not?
"He shares the same name of this pirate I know."
B-Man raises his eyebrow. Oh really?
"I'll stake my life that this Sparrow fellow is a pirate."

2007-02-19, 08:26 PM
Hey what real evidence do you have against me? No real pirate is going to say what I said in my "Yarr" comment. I was merely trying to lighten he mood with a little joking, as lord knows we need some after all the horrid murders that have been going on. As for the convoluted logic, yes its true that it IS pretty odd, but also notice how apparently no one agrees with me. If I were a pirate, don't you think some of the other pirates would have come to my aid?

And I wouldn't call it twisting evidence. It all seems about right to me. Nevertheless, I can't say I didn't expect this when I made my first theory of this cruise.

And last but not least I think I will use the bony captain's argument of, pirates aren't this obvious. If I were a pirate I could remain low key and just bandwagon passengers who get up for planking.
Edit: and then there were 4. As theres no other real suspect, I figure this is the end, seeing as I'm new at this and don't know how to properly counter bandwagon. Edit2: Nevermind and then there were 5.

2007-02-19, 08:27 PM
Ceika looks around, alarmed by the deathrate on this pleasure cruise.

This doesn't bode well, I'm afraid... but Captain Jack Sparrow always has his reasons... I only hope those reasons don't include piracy this time...

*Ceika points at Inky*

2007-02-19, 10:18 PM
And then there were 6... just kidding.

While you have been rather paranoid about pointing at Death as "Captain", I can see your point, and you make good arguments for your defense.
In fact I probably would have been agreeing with your posts, except I know from background information that in previous games Death and Ms E routinely share information - sometimes even when on opposite sides!
Your very first question about how Ms E knew to contact Death (the Captain) with the results of her scry is explained if you know the background information.

OOC for the narrators: Should a Seer be able to get a response to their "scry" if they are killed during the night by the "wolves"? Its water under the bridge now, but I was just curious...

As I understand it there isn't any "First mate" backing you up on this call Death? Have you got the results of that scry back? Is it helpful at all?

I am NOT going to point at Inky. As he stated, joking by talking like a pirate is NOT something I would expect from a true Pirate - unless he's double bluffing us.
On the face of it, I'm going to go with innocent passenger, and look elsewhere.

The question is where?

2007-02-19, 10:34 PM
At last someone believes me. Thanks you Evnafets. I did not know Ms. E and the Captain had such a close relationship. Now that I know better I feel comforted in removing my hand from Captain Jack Sparrow. I'd appreciate it if others did the same for me. If you'll only wait until the First Mate checks me in the log you will see I am most certainly NOT a pirate. This is an expression of good faith in the hopes you will remove your hands from me until then.

Edit: @V sigh thats also a common trait of passengers trying to not get planked, its just simple desire to live that drives defensiveness. Besides when in this thread did I NOT post alot?

2007-02-19, 10:39 PM
I am NOT going to point at Inky. As he stated, joking by talking like a pirate is NOT something I would expect from a true Pirate - unless he's double bluffing us.
And what's to stop him from doing that? If everyone is automatically sure that when someone says that they can't be a pirate, it seems to be all the more reason why we should lynch him, as clearly the pirates would realize that they could simply use that defense.

Currently, I'm quite unsure, but he seems highly defensive at the moment, a common trait of pirates.

2007-02-19, 10:56 PM
Well, I know who I don't trust.

Deckmaster points at that Sparrow chap.

2007-02-19, 10:58 PM
(I will point out that normally the seer/fool would not get their scry if they are killed that night. However, since the pirates didn't send in their kill until well after night should have ended, scries were already sent out by the time the kill came in. Scries go out at 11 guys...if you don't want your kill to get theirs, kill them before then. :smallwink:)

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-19, 11:26 PM
"Point or swim it is."

*El Jaspero points at Inky*

Captain van der Decken
2007-02-20, 01:07 AM
I'm going to be away for ~2 days. Don't lynch me.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-20, 03:18 AM

that in previous games Death and Ms E routinely share information - sometimes even when on opposite sides!
Slander! Although, I wouldn't mind getting to know a few of you better.
*Sleazy wink at all the female/longhaired/mast species *

As I understand it there isn't any "First mate" backing you up on this call Death? Have you got the results of that scry back? Is it helpful at all?

The first mate has yet to tell me to pass on any damning information beside two names to trust.

*The Captain resists the sudden urge to point at Captain van der Decken*

Deckmaster if you wish to explain why you distrust me I am willing to talk either pm or in the open.

*The captain offers some rum, keeping an eye on Libris, for two reasons really*

2007-02-20, 03:55 AM

"Keep your eyes elsewhere, Jack. At least, keep them above the neckline." The librarian paces the deck, looking thoughtful. "I must say, the pirates are doing rather a good job of concealing themselves. There's very few who have acted suspiciously. Up until a few posts ago, I would have agreed that Inky the Squirrel seemed very pirate-like, but now... I am not so sure.

"I have to go on a gut feeling here. I am sorry, El Jaspero, I believe you are a pirate."

2007-02-20, 04:00 AM
*Walks out of her cabin*

Oh...Whos that devilishly handsome man over there...Captain jack sparrow you say? Oh...I do want to get to know him better...

*Saunters over*

2007-02-20, 04:31 AM
Tough to say who it is. Have to point at someone though. Destro thinks for a second. Well, Inky is getting planked anyways. I hate to do this, but... *Points at Inky

((Suggest we plank Iames as well. He's been banned last I heard, so...))

2007-02-20, 10:24 AM
Being new to the Pirate (WW) games, I'm not sure I'd buy the arguement about whether or not talking like a pirate is a good defense. I'd think you'd just not want to draw the attention to yourself. I mean, who goes out in a battle with a bullseye drawn upon their chest - except for maybe Chuck Norris. It would seem quite reckless, which as Death mentioned, is a style someone might play.

Which Death actually said he is playing, reckless. So, by putting himself out there as Captain of the ship, he may just be going reckless with the same tactic as Inky. Not to mention his walking around swagger as Captain Jack Sparrow. Much bigger bullseye if you ask me. Maybe both are playing that game and both a pirates, but then again, Inky said he was joking....

Ow, this hurts my mind. Never thought that these games would have so many variables.

Anyway, I can see the shiftiness about. I would venture to think that if one is playing as reckless as Death, then they are walking on the edge, but since Death has told us he's playing recklessly, and has even gone as far as calling himself the same name as the captain of the pirates, then I'll have to point my finger at him. Inky may have been joking, and might be double bluffing, but then again, so might Death, and from what I've read in the other games, this seems like something he might do. Of course, this is my first time actually playing the game, so I might not be looking at this clearly.

Points finger at Death.

I've put to much thought into this now, so I'm going to go lie down for awhile.

2007-02-20, 10:42 AM
Supagoof, I hold your dear sentiments towards mister sparrow as well.

Castaras Points at Captain Jack Sparrow (Death)

She picks up the kitten and strokes it gently. It points at (Captain Jack Sparrow) Death as well.

2007-02-20, 11:05 AM
Well, this is not an easy decision to make. But Supagoof has said what I most agree with, so

Calamity points at Death (Captain Jack Sparrow)

2007-02-20, 01:21 PM
Ceika looks around at the people pointing at the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow, and feels compelled to speak.

And yet there's a good possibility that our Captain Jack Sparrow truly is the Captain of this vessel, and may be the only man able to protect the true First Mate from these vagabonds. But go ahead, let him be sacraficed to the sea... leaving the first mate hanging in the breeze. The first mate may be the only one among us who knows what's what, and maybe, just maybe, we could use his help? What with this pirate filth among us? CJS is famous for mind games and recklessness... crazy like a fox, he is, but I think this time it's backfiring on him. How long can dear Captain Jack Sparrow stave off the Kraken, when those he's supposed to be helping would toss him to the sea?

Having said her part, Ceika shrugs and goes back over to the rail to listen to the remaining arguments.

2007-02-20, 04:43 PM
Ceika makes a very important agrument, and we can't risk assuming automatically that our Captain is not the real deal. Therefore, I am going to trust his word on this day.

*Calamity no longer points at Death, Calamity points at Inky*

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-20, 05:32 PM
Your arguments sadden me my good fellow, as does Castaras's willingness to join.

My first thoughts are that you say that you are new a few times. The first time I was a wolf I merely pretended to be completely ignorant as a player.

It was my plan to be called Captain Jack Sparrow before I read the rules my good friend. I can't help what my mother named me.

And you state "from what I have read in the other games", each and single other game you have running I was given the pm telling me I was a typical run of the mill villager (The narrators delight in tell me this, the sadistic beasts. Um, no offense llama), so I am playing accordingly in those games. (there is only two going now right?)

And if I am shifty due to my flavour text, well, I am not likely to change my playing style, and I have constantly defended with logic, my only safeguard, reasons. If I can not convince you this way I see not what I can do, but as shown, there is many that would jump on the bandwagon given a chance. I am not going to go anywhere at nights, so I will be here later, you could clearly use these accusations on me latter where you should have amassed reasons for "me being a pirate", as it is you just give no evidence that really affects THIS game, and try and knock of one of the useful players early in the game.

Seems pointless and a waste of time.

And why are you pointing at the symbol of Death on the mask?

*Death points at El Jaspero the Pirate king.

Inky may just have been misguided, his agreeable nature with logic makes sense, and as such I am forced to vote for one who is not giving reasons at all.

2007-02-20, 05:38 PM
As stated before, I don't think that Inky is a pirate. Someone would have defended him before now, and he wouldn't have made that dumb joke talking like a pirate.

However I wasn't going to point at Death (the only other option to date) as I don't want to lose a potential Captain, and our only link to the First mate.

Going along with someone on the bandwagon seems a likely plan.
evnafets points at El Jaspero

2007-02-20, 05:51 PM
*Death points at El Jaspero the Pirate king.

Uh... I don't get it... We have reason to suspect inky... and yet you vote for someone who we have no real reason to vote for. Seems pretty shaky to me.

I refuse to go for someone's gut feeling over someone who actually is acting suspicious.

What's worse is that I strongly believe you're the captain, as if you weren't, the real Captain could have easily come forward.

You still have to convince me to change.

2007-02-20, 06:23 PM
My reasoning for El Jaspero being a pirate is his Point or swim comment and then pointing at me. Now there's plenty of reason to point at me I'll admit, but if your only doing it to avoid auto planking, why not pick someone who stands no chance of being planked, if as he seems to, he has no opinion on the matter. As such I will likewise be pointing at El Japero.

OOC: also notice how Captain Jack Sparrow is the Captain. We still have not received word on whether position selection was random or not, and if it was not then might the hosts make Captain Jack Sparrow the Captain, and El Jaspero the pirate king, the pirate master?

2007-02-20, 07:13 PM
*Smellie Hippie returns to the crowd from his claustrophibic cabin*

I can't decide which is worse... knowing that we are about to toss someone overboard, or hiding under my bunk from those cut-throats... The reasoning being bandied about here is making my head swim, and I'm afraid there may be some actual swimming to follow at some point. But we all need to make a choice and stand firm with that decision.

*Smellie Hippie reviews the "logic" and "arguements"... and points at El Jaspero* :smalleek: *he also crosses his fingers and squints his eyes shut tight*

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-20, 08:18 PM
The Pirate King rolls his eye. "Seriously, I'm on vacation people. If I was in league with the pirates plaguing this ship, I'd be done with you people and halfway to Tahiti by now."

2007-02-20, 09:44 PM
Well, it seems popular.

*Points at El J

2007-02-20, 10:00 PM
Ceika looks around and lowers her hand temperarily.

I admit, I'm having my doubts about Inky, but his arguments seem logical to me. However, I'm not sure about El Jaspero either. He's got a point... with his skill at being a pirate... well, we may never know he was one. Then again, the odds of him using that knowledge against us would let him continue to plague the ship until the passengers were all dead. I am sorry, my King, but I believe that you *Ceika points at El Jaspero* may have fallen back into your piratical ways... Anyway... I'm willing to trust Captain Jack Sparrow in this matter. King Jaspero... Will you say nothing in your defense?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-20, 10:03 PM
"Other than 'wouldn't it be absurdly obvious for me to be cast as a pirate in this game' and 'there's not a scrap of evidence against me'? No, not really, but you're a bunch of suckers if you actually think I'm a pirate."

2007-02-20, 10:11 PM
But if you were a pirate it may be obvious. Or it could be a perfect opportuninty for you to say that. You're using reverse logic. That's pretty craft. Pirate crafty. Therefore I must determine that you are the most likely candidate for being a pirate.
Raistlin points at El J

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-02-20, 11:45 PM
The Pirate King watches as the fingers start pointing to him. He looks at the crowd with disgust in his eyes, all except for when he looks at his former first mate, Ceika. She sees only sadness and a hurt that only betrayal can bring. As the crowd moves in, he climbs to the railing of the ship. "If you want me to leave, then I will do so, but not on your terms, on my own."
El Jaspero leaps over the side, splashing into the water below. The crowd watches with morbid curiousity, but the only thing that floats to the surface is El J's ticket stub*

Lord Iames, being caught up in the moment and distracted by what he thinks is the call of the Sirens, goes diving overboard after the pirate king. The crowd looks on in puzzlement and are distressed when they note that the fluttering piece of paper stuck in a crack in the railing is his ticket.

(El Jaspero was thrown overboard. He was a passenger. Lord Iames was autokilled. He was a passenger.)

Night begins now. You have 24 hours to PM nighttime activities to Indurain, Alarra, and Atreyu. Morning will be at 11PM EST Wednesday. Sleep well.

2007-02-20, 11:56 PM
@#$% sonofa... and not only did a passenger die, but now I'm likely to die too. Looks around nervously. Its not my fault he mutters.

2007-02-21, 02:53 AM

(erm...did a bunch of radom NPCs *coughIllkillyoubobcough* kill me?)

2007-02-21, 03:36 AM
((OH GODS NO, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!! First Kyrian, now El J... wait, I see a pattern here. Alarra, run for your life!))
The librarian looks down in shock as El Jaspero is tossed overboard, and then returns to her cabin, pale and shaky.

2007-02-21, 03:49 AM
Pingcode returns to his room, shaking his head at the two mistaken 'plankings'. "At least we still have our first mate..."

2007-02-21, 07:00 AM
*Smellie Hippie lowers his head and finger in shame*

...... is there no way we can find the truth? Any way we can agree without bandwagoning? :smalleek:

*He walks quietly away from the crowd, and sinks heavily to the floor* :smallfrown:

2007-02-21, 08:32 AM
Ceika watches over the railing, as if pleading the waters to give El Jaspero back. Her eyes well with tears as she sinks to her knees, her heart heavy with her lack of faith in her King.

He was right. It would have been too convenient... It's bizarre enough that Captain Jack Sparrow should end up the captain of this accursed cruise ship. But perhaps a mere twist of fate is all it was. Why didn't I listen? Why couldn't I trust your word? May the seas forgive me, Jas... for I never will.

With that, she climbs back to her feet and heads back to her room.

2007-02-21, 09:11 AM
((Visit the statue of El J, Alarra and Llama at Sneak's Milk Bar Restaurante in town for memorial.....shameless plug, I know.))

Supagoof thinks it over. If death isn't the captain, then why wouldn't the real captain have come forward. That makes sense, but everyone he's pointed to has started the bandwagon for killing a passanger. Is he actually talking to the first mate, or perhaps the parrot pretending to be the first mate? By outing himself on the first page as captain, he may have invited a trust of unholy alliance. Sigh...night comes. May the winds of change blow our way, for those pirates have been too successful for too long.

2007-02-21, 10:48 AM
Castaras shoots an icey glare at those who voted for the pirate king, and sweeps off to her cabin, slamming the door behind her. The kitten paws at the door, but it does not open. The kitten mews sadly and slinks off to the kitchens for the night. Maybe it'll find a mouse as company for this cold, dark night.

2007-02-21, 10:48 AM
"It seems in a mad quest for safety, we have delivered another innocent soul unto a watery grave. May his soul rest well in the next life and may his sacrifice help us achieve our goal. Those pirates will not get away with this."

2007-02-21, 11:01 AM
It seems that we just keep losing innocents, I, think we are going to have to think our accusations through before throwing anyone else off.

*Calamity runs to his/her room, not being able to look at the watery grave that is the sea*

2007-02-21, 03:23 PM
Bob nudges B-Man. "See, I told you that he would lead you astray."
But I didn't point to any one else...
Well, if you have nothing else to say, I'm going to my cabin.

B-Man goes to his cabin and firmly bolts down the door.

2007-02-22, 12:19 AM
The people on board the LIA awake to the sound of seagulls. In all the chaos and turmoil most people had forgotten that this was a cruise and were surprised to find the boat docked when they slowly rise from the beds.

An announcement comes over the ship’s speakers.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, as you may have noticed we’ve reached our first destination, Belize City. We hope you will take this chance to disembark and enjoy the wondrous sights this magnificent city has to offer. I know we’ve had our share of troubles lately, but I think this would be a good chance to blow off some steam. In fact this city is known for its famed pirate museum so perhaps a little research would be in your best interest."

DarkLightDragon wakes to find herself not in her room and wonders how the captain talked her into staying the whole night. When she slips back to her cabin, to find the room torn apart, she's quite relieved to have been gone.

(DLD was attacked, but protected by the captain)

The Day beings. People feel free to post as if you are touring Belize city, and have magic fingers that can point to anyone no matter where they are. Day ends: Friday the 23, 11pm EST (approx.)

2007-02-22, 12:27 AM
I would also like to point out that there are asterisks next to some people's names on the vote tally in the first post. These are the people that did not vote yesterday. If these people do not vote today, they will be thrown overboard. Thank you.

purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2007-02-22, 12:44 AM
after several days of doing nothing but sleeping. PGCoD finally wakes up, and rubs the sleep from his eyes. After a bit, he finally makes his way up on deck and learns all that has happened with the pirates and such. Well I guess if that racket can't wake me up, I guess nothing will. Anywho, I think I'll go and see what's happening in port. PGCoD then disembarks and goes in search of a drink.

points at The Librarian

What? She looked at me funny when I was leaving the ship.

((I'm doing this just in case my wireless decides to act up between now and the deadline so I don't get autoplanked. Once I see what's shanking out I'll change my vote.))

2007-02-22, 01:43 AM
"Perhaps we should have listened to Captain Jack Sparrow when he waggled his accusing finger at Inky..."

Shrugging, Pingcode Points at Inky

"I'm open to suggestion, though."

Death, your friend the Reaper
2007-02-22, 03:21 AM
*The Captain swaggers out of his fancy room with a rum in his hand*

I wouldn't point at Inky, just because I pointed to him, I changed for a reason.

My main concern, due to lack of evidence, is Castaras she votes rather erratically, and, when I swapped, the pointing could have gone either way, and even have ended up with myself lynched. When she saw a bandwagon forming she quickly jumped on it. After all, it would be very symbolic for everyone to lynch their own captain.

*Captain Jack Sparrow points at Castaras

Just like everyone else I am open to change, and are willing to respond to reasoning through pm on in open, unless I am sleeping of course, although don't let that deter you Libris :smallwink:

2007-02-22, 03:49 AM
"Well, that makes quite the difference then. It may as well stand until a bandwagon forms properly. I don't fancy appearing idle in these situations, though - bad things happen when one tries to stay out of the action." he replies.

"Still, open to suggestion."

Looking over everybody, he settles rather arbitarily on the gelatinous cube.

"I never liked jelly."

*Points at Purple Cube

Captain van der Decken
2007-02-22, 03:58 AM
*Decken stumbles onto the deck*

Oh my. That fish did not agree with me.

*glances around*

Zar Peter said he thought Castaras was a Pirate, just before he was killed..

*Decken points at Castaras*

2007-02-22, 04:28 AM
I think a bandwagon is in order...* Dis points at Castaras

((Very slim reasoning, but right now I'm only doing it to stay in until the weekend, then I can actually figure out what the hell is going on... :-P ))

2007-02-22, 04:42 AM
*DLD looks around at the pointing*

The last bandwagon was a disaster. I'm not so sure if I should join this one. But the Cube pointing at someone and giving no good reason strikes me as odd. I also don't want to risk being thrown overboard for not voting, so...

*DLD points at PGCoD*

EDIT: ((Whoever the captain is, I LOVE YOU!))

2007-02-22, 04:52 AM
errr - Are we meant to be pointing already, or is it still night time?

Also, just looked at the first post - what happened to Iames?
And there is a * in the "still alive" list, that should probably be in the "Hasn't voted" list.

Edit: @V: Oh. Thanks.

2007-02-22, 04:55 AM
Iames got himself banned, so he was auto-lynched.

2007-02-22, 04:57 AM
Krursk surrupticiously climbs out of a lifeboat. Everyone is confused, as no one saw Krursk board. Krursk then speaks up Ja morati glasanjem izabrati niz ne za dobiti auto - planka. he says pointing at Castaras. Seeing most of the NPC's staring blankly at him, he speaks again Šta , nitko govoriti Srpski? Seeing more blank stares, he walks off in a huff

2007-02-22, 05:08 AM
Razumijem samo malo Hrvatski. Zato moram izabrati vi. ;-)

(apologies for the awful grammar)

Translation: I understand a little of the Croatian language. That is why I have to point at you!

2007-02-22, 08:36 AM
*points out that the above post ending the night now has a death, or rather...not death...scene in it. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

2007-02-22, 08:48 AM
OO land. How nice. Hmm where to go first? *wanders through the streets.*

I don't think I'll be joining any band wagons yet, as the last couple have gone... poorly.

Oh and good job captain, be you Captain Jack, as I now believe, or someone else.

2007-02-22, 09:33 AM
Finally, some things are starting to make sense.....

What's worse is that I strongly believe you're the captain, as if you weren't, the real Captain could have easily come forward.

This arguement resounds well in my head. Obviously the captain is still alive, and since no one else has come forward, it has to be Captain Jack Sparrow. Sorry captain, you play a risky game. Let's hope it pays off.

Furthermore I also think that some of the first, who pointed at me are pirates, too (especially Castaras, for the fake question).

Zar Peter had a hunch....

Supagoof, I hold your dear sentiments towards mister sparrow as well.

Castaras Points at Captain Jack Sparrow (Death)

She picks up the kitten and strokes it gently. It points at (Captain Jack Sparrow) Death as well.

I wonder if the kitten had a mouse, if it would have pointed at Captain Jack Sparrow as well. I mean there's jumping on a bandwagon, but Castaras jumped on it with a vengeance.

My main concern, due to lack of evidence, is Castaras she votes rather erratically, and, when I swapped, the pointing could have gone either way, and even have ended up with myself lynched. When she saw a bandwagon forming she quickly jumped on it. After all, it would be very symbolic for everyone to lynch their own captain.

*Captain Jack Sparrow points at Castaras

Just like everyone else I am open to change, and are willing to respond to reasoning through pm on in open, unless I am sleeping of course, although don't let that deter you Libris :smallwink:

I trust you, so I'm shakily pointing a finger at Castaras, because I still don't trust myself. Somebody please tell me, is there error in my logic?

I have found the error in the logic. Thanks DLD. I'll remove my finger from Castaras. She's completely right to have everything pointing at him, and I'll take the role of that mouse in the kitten's mouth and point at Captain Jack Sparrow.

Then again, I'm still completely confused.

2007-02-22, 09:37 AM
Ceika looks around. Oh, look, a bandwagon! Started by Captain Jack Sparrow! Lets join in, as it's worked so well for us in the past! Seriously, though, the captain's luck was with the crew last night, so perhaps it will hold. *Ceika points at Castaras*

Eldritch Knight
2007-02-22, 10:38 AM
EK points at Castaras

2007-02-22, 10:40 AM
Deckmaster points at Castaras

((All the cool kids are doing it!))

2007-02-22, 10:46 AM
Castaras wakes up to all the pointing. The kitten mews softly and hides.

What is this? You all believe Captain Jack Sparrow's band wagon again? Even though all the others ended in disaster? Captain, I'm still not certain you are the captain of the ship. How do we know he's telling the truth, hmm?

She sighs.

When you want me to walk the plank, I'll be in my cabin. But I'm still hedging my bets that Pointing at Captain Jack Sparrow is how we should go. I don't trust him one little bit...not after the murder of so many innocents because of band wagons he started.

She goes into her cabin, locking the door behind her.

(( Ahh! So many pointers! :smallfrown: ))

2007-02-22, 10:54 AM
I don't want to jump on a bandwagon and ponmt at Castaras because it has always eneded in tradegy. I feel that I should Point at Inky. I am sorry, I don't know who to trust.

The Valiant Turtle
2007-02-22, 12:31 PM
Raldor rejoices that no one is dead tonight! He high-fives the captain on his way off the ship.

Oooh, Belize, I always wanted to visit here. Wait a sec, no I didn't, but it looks nice anyway. It seems DLD is going to need some new luggage, and everything that was in her luggage, lets see what I can find.

Ohhh, magic pointing fingers nice (or is it just an art upgrade we're not supposed to notice?) I don't think we've really got enough evidence for anybody, but the arguments against Castaras make a little bit of sense, and it's a beautiful wagon the band is riding on.

* Raldor points at Castaras and heads into the city.

((This games pretty wild. First the pirates get the landlubber, then they target someone the Captain was protecting. I hope that was just random and DLD isn't special))

2007-02-22, 12:34 PM
Castaras sees the pointers building up.

You're all making a bad mistake...

2007-02-22, 01:03 PM
B-Man rushes off the ship and finds the nearest coffee shop before Bob can find him. Bob goes to B-Man's cabin and finds a note on his door.

I'm going to a coffee shop as soon as I reach land and won't stick around to see who has died. So I shall stick with my accusation from yesterday.
* B-Man points at Inky.

2007-02-22, 01:33 PM

The librarian leans over the rail a little, pondering the unforgiving waters below.

"How easy it is," she says. "To overlook the obvious. To hide in plain sight. When this journey was begun, whom did we most suspect? Which piratey individual paraded about on deck and never once hid the fact that he was a pirate through and through. Oh ho, he says, I am a nice pirate.

"I say there is no such thing! Charismatic, even charming, I would grant him that, but don't let the fluffy sheep's wool blind you to the wolf beneath. He might sweet talk you into trusting him, but he is naught but the cheese in the trap. Continue to ignore, if you will, the most piratey pirate here, but I shall point at him 'til either of us takes the long swim. I am now wholly convinced that Captain Jack Sparrow is a pirate, and must go!." She glares at Sparrow.

2007-02-22, 02:36 PM
Oh! We have someone else coming out to speak for Castaras.

I would normally follow along with this and suspect that we are pointing at the wrong person. However Librarian, you have raised your finger at the one claiming to be our captain, and currently our only link to the first mate. That makes me suspect YOU

evnafets points at The_Librarian

BTW, Captain, has the first mate been checking his manifest again? Maybe on Inky after yesterday?

2007-02-22, 02:46 PM
"But how do you know he's speaking to the first mate?" the librarian asks, looking exasperated. "If he were a pirate, then he would know who all the pirates were anyway. We have yet to catch a single pirate - I tell you, Jack Sparrow is a liar and a scoundrel!"

Lord Magtok
2007-02-22, 03:25 PM
Indeed. He's done nothing but point at passengers. He must be disposed of.

Points at the so called "Captain" Jack Sparrow.

2007-02-22, 03:29 PM
I don't know for certain. However there are a few things in his favour.

1 - If Death was a pirate, Ms E wouldn't have been the first one killed. Death would have vetoed it, and the pirates would have killed someone else. With a whole ship to choose from it would have been easy enough. Yes that judgement is based on a personality thing from knowledge gained outside of this game but it is consistent with how Death and Ms E have played in previous games.

2 - Presumably the First mate scried Death right after we threw Zar Peter overboard. If Death was a Pirate, the First Mate would not allow him to continue as "Captain", and would denounce him either himself, or more likely through a proxy. There have been three scries now, long enough for the First mate to find a safe representative to tell us all that Death is a faker. The longer he remains undenounced, the likelier it is he is the captain or at least not a pirate.

On the balance of probabilities right now, Death is the likely Captain.
Not because he says he is, but more because nobody with authority has contradicted him yet.

2007-02-22, 03:31 PM
But maybe he killed her so that he could protect himself. It's a useful tactic, to turn the tables and change your strategy. I'm staying with my pointing at Jack, thankyou very much.

Lord Magtok
2007-02-22, 04:07 PM
On the balance of probabilities right now, Death is the likely Captain.
Not because he says he is, but more because nobody with authority has contradicted him yet.

Nobody has contradicted him because no one wants to be bandwagoned by him like that one protester of his ways was. That lord of pirates or whatever. The REAL captian is likely afraid of being bandwagoned by him, and has not stepped forward because of this.

2007-02-22, 06:00 PM
I don't know for certain. However there are a few things in his favour.

1 - If Death was a pirate, Ms E wouldn't have been the first one killed. Death would have vetoed it, and the pirates would have killed someone else. With a whole ship to choose from it would have been easy enough. Yes that judgement is based on a personality thing from knowledge gained outside of this game but it is consistent with how Death and Ms E have played in previous games. ((Death also tends to be a very sneaky player!))

2 - Presumably the First mate scried Death right after we threw Zar Peter overboard. If Death was a Pirate, the First Mate would not allow him to continue as "Captain", and would denounce him either himself, or more likely through a proxy. There have been three scries now, long enough for the First mate to find a safe representative to tell us all that Death is a faker. The longer he remains undenounced, the likelier it is he is the captain or at least not a pirate. ((It is possible that Death is pirate Jack Sparrow, who shows up as a guest when scried))

On the balance of probabilities right now, Death is the likely Captain.
Not because he says he is, but more because nobody with authority has contradicted him yet. ((He has confirmed to me that he is in fact not the Captain. I can show eveyone proof via quote and screenshot if need be))

*DLD slowly walks onto the deck, shaking*

Thankyou dearly for protecting me, Captain, whoever you are! I'm terribly grateful!

*DLD whips round to face CJS*

YOU! I know what you're up to! Oh, yes, I was on to you as soon as I requested an alliance. A fake alliance, may I add. And you try to kill me because you fear I know too much. No dumb play! Time to accept the fate you deserve!

*DLD changes her point to CJS*

2007-02-22, 06:07 PM
You know, I agree, all we've managed to do is get more passengers killed by jumping on our "Captain's" Bandwagon

Calamity removes the point from Inky and points at Death (Captain Jack Sparrow)