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2014-04-21, 09:39 PM
So I am running a campaign in the world of Innistrad (it's a magic the gathering plane with werewolves, vampires, zombies, you get the picture...) and frankly i have never really like how werewolves and vampires have worked in any of the systems. Having them work as racial bonuses never quite made sense to me, with the character being bitten and then just having access to all these new abilities. Especially with vampires.

So here is what i want to do. I want to make a vampire class that when a character is bitten, they gain some of the negative and positive effects of the archetype, but also gain access to this class. Then they can choose to level up in the Vampire class... spending time learning about their new abilities and mastering them. There are several vampire abilities like transforming to a bat, or flying, or turning to mist, or mesmerizing people... that could be built into this class. I imagined a sort of vampire version of the rogue's special feats list that they get access to.

for the werewolf i wasn't quite sure where to go, cause i wanted them to feel different. like you were always fighting the beast inside and how you lived your life/whether you gave in to your passions and hatred while you played your character accumulated into some type of pool that made it easier or harder to control your character during a transformation, or whether you could fight off a transformation entirely.

anyway, I have no clue whether one of my players will get bitten and turned into one of these characters, but its not far-fetched for it to happen and i really want to see how the group would deal with it, and that is part of the reason why i wanted the game rules to reflect that a little more. I am trying to come up with exactly how these both would work and would love any input from you all very imaginative folks... i want to try to keep it simple and straightforward... but give good flavor and a bit of strategy as well.

Thanks :D

2014-04-22, 12:19 AM
Have you peeked at Oslecamo's monster classes over on the minmax boards?

2014-04-22, 01:57 AM
This (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/sp/20030824a)might help as a starting point for a vampire class.
Personally, I'd give it HD as well, because you will have some seriously wussy characters without that.

2014-04-22, 11:43 AM
Thanks you two. Both of those help a lot. I think i'm gonna stew on that for a bit and make something up and post it later today.