View Full Version : Original System Dark Tower Campaign Idea

2014-04-21, 10:45 PM
So, I randomly came across a post on here from a long time ago about an idea for a Dark Tower campaign with elements of Alice in Wonderland thrown in. I've wanted to run a Dark Tower game for a while now, and I like the idea of addressing the madness and vaguely horrific elements of the series through darker aspects of Alice in Wonderland and perhaps the Grimm fairy tales as well...

My problem though, is choosing the system. I'm inclined to go with Deadlands (adding in Hell on Earth) but I've also been leaning heavily towards Palladium (either standard or fantasy)...

Benefits of Deadlands: You literally "draw" your stats which at the outset ties the player into the books; it has a magical element worked into it already; lends itself an extensively "gunslinger/wild west" feel; Hell on Earth adds in the "fall out" and mutant elements as well as accounting for beams; minor psionics is added in when incorporating Hell on Earth; "Ka" would be accounted for via fate; players are more likely to form an "all gunslinger" party

Benefits of Palladium: Characters are rolled up traditionally; tons of flexibility in character choices with only a few options having to be removed; magic and psionic elements are built in already; first aid/medical skills are already there as well; healing spells and powers could be eliminated if needed; heavy "world moved on" feeling to the game; beams already accounted for via "rifts" and the Tower would be a "Nexus point"; "doors" and "thinnys" are accounted for as well; players are more likely to form a "varied" party; the "Gunslinger" its self isn't really accounted for

Does anyone have any thoughts? I know many people were pushing towards gurps in the last thread, but none of us is really all that experienced with that system and I'm really somewhat partial to these two