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2014-04-22, 09:39 AM
I was a bit bored this morning, so I made this. I considered it good enough for play, but don't know if it deserves a level adjustment (I'm thinking +1, but I don't know...)
ANYWAYS, enjoy!!!

Note: I'm wondering if I could add a 5-level "progression class" for the Hamadryad adventurers to delve more into their roots (PUN!).

Half - Dryad (Hamadryad)

No Picture. YET.

Physical Description: As slender and beautiful as her mother, she also inherits from her father's side (such as eye color, hair color, even skin color and height and weight may come from her father's blood).
Personality: Quiet and reserved, but also friendly and inquisitive.
Homeland: WIP
Relations: WIP

* +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, Wisdom, OR Charisma, -2 Strength, -2 Constitution

* Fey subtype, and all traits relating to that subtype.

* 3 times per day, a Hamadryad can use the following spell-like abilities:
Entangle, Speak with Plants, and Tree Shape. Caster level is equal to ½ HD (minimum 1) and uses either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma to determine DCs. Once the choice of ability score is made, it cannot be changed.

* Wild Empathy : A Hamadryad gains the ability to talk with animals, as the Druid’s Wild Empathy class feature. She is counted to be a Druid with levels equal to ½ her HD (minimum 1) with a +3 bonus to the check.

* This race only has females, due to Dryad blood.

* Favored Class: Druid, Sorcerer, Spiritualist (See my sig for the class). Choose one class. That class is considered your favorite class, and you do not incur experience penalties from having this class.

* Automatic Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan
Bonus Languages: Any

* Level Adjustment: +1

2014-04-22, 02:42 PM
+1 LA seems like it would work. Since this race seems to be biased towards its wild blood, I would probably remove wizard and cleric from its favored classes; they're a little to civilized I think.