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2007-02-08, 10:33 PM
Ok, so I've been working on an idea for a campaign world with the major classical pantheons (greek, norse, egyptian) where heroes in the world are given birth-marks by a god, and said gods then aid the heroes in, well, heroic acts. I'm still working on feats for this, but here are the gods I've worked up, and the effects they grant.

Zeus: +1 bonus to cha-based skill checks
Poseidon: +1 bonus to ride, profession (sailor), and balance checks
Hades: +2 to intimidate checks, +1 to profession checks +2d10 starting gold
Apollo: Light sources provide 100% more light (this includes magical light cast by the person with the God-touch), +1 bonus on perform checks
Artemis: Range increments with all weapons increases by 10 feet
Athena: +1 to any circumstance bonus to attack (flanking, surprise, etc.)
Haphaestus: Grants proficiency with one unknown weapon, all armor bonuses are increased by +1
Hera: +2 damage during flanking attacks or a sneak attack (if a sneak attack, scales with sneak attack dice)
Hermes: speed increases by 10 feet

Odin: +1 to all wisdom-based checks (not including will saves)
Forseti: +5 to diplomacy checks -1 to intimidate checks
Baldur: +4 to fort saves against massive damage, -1 against poison
Loki: +2 to bluff checks, +2 to craft (trapmaking) checks
Njord: Can hold breath for con modifier in minutes
Thor: Electricity resistance 1, +2 on attacks vs. Giants
Tyr: +2 to attack/AC when fighting with a one-handed weapon

Amun-Ra: No penalty to fire arrows in strong wind, -2 penalty in severe, -6 in windstorm. Light spells cast in the presence of the God-touched are at 200% power (radius, duration, time to cast, etc)
Anubis: +2 on damage against undead
Bast: Vermin make a DC(10 + CL) will save vs. fear or flee from character
Horus: +4 on jump checks, +2 on listen checks, -2 on spot checks
Isis: Grants SR equal to character level -2 (no less than 0)
Ptah: +2 on all craft skills
Sekhmet: +2 on knowledge (tactics)
Set: all attacks have 1 point of damage converted to chaotic damage

I'm hoping that none of these are too imbalanced, and that they will improve early-level survivability without destroying the end-game. Comments, questions?

Thexare Blademoon
2007-02-08, 10:53 PM
Amun-Ra: No penalty to fire arrows in severe wind, -2 penalty in severe,
Um, so which is it?

2007-02-08, 10:55 PM
Oops. fixed now

2007-02-08, 10:56 PM
I like em. Maybe Haphaestus should grant a bonus on Craft checks for weapons and armor.

2007-02-08, 11:01 PM
that's not a bad idea, but I was kinda wondering if Haphaestus was already a little too good. maybe if I took out the weapon proficiency...