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2014-04-23, 07:43 AM
Soooo, I've finally managed to get my girlfriend into playing Dungeon and Dragons on one condition!... That she could play as her favorite Disney character; Rapunzel (the modern one).
She's invited a friend of her's which is okay, but she wanted to play a Disney character as well, Snow White, as portrayed in the Shrek movies.

Nothing that existed did quite really fit the theme to both of these characters and Disney being Disney, of course the characters have to be able to sing.
So, obviously, any forms of spellcasting that they have is based on their Perform: Sing checks!

I'll give you some information as to the setting of this particular campaign:
Devils, Undead, Demons and Constructs everywhere, the world had almost literally become an apocalyptic pre-hell bent on exterminating everything of everything and ruling the souls in the nine hells forever.
Food and water is sparse, small settlements exist but are sparse, magic items have been salvaged by the minions of hell and are close to zero in this world.

The party right now is 7 man big (that's a lot), and it consists of: a Elf Druid, 'Sauri'(Homebrew race) Ranger, Hellbred "Ultimate Magus", Dwarf 'Spring attack' Fighter, Human 'Feat Crazy' Fighter.
The last two would be Rapunzel and Snow White and, as you can see, apart from the Druid, there aint quite a lot of healing to this rather large group of people, though luckily, the movie 'Tangled' leaves room for interpretation on how Rapunzel's hair works, same as how Shrek leaves it open to assumption on how Snow White 'Controls' forrest animals.

Anyhow, currency is virtually non-existent and the players will have to find ways to get what they want by either searching/adventuring for it or provide services.
There's a 'new' craft system to help with the nearly no magical item sparsity and also a new 'death' system I've sratch written to deal with my idiot friend dying and bleeding all over the place.
Let's just say it's heavily influenced off from the Warhammer Rollplaying Game.

Finally, 'Avarage Base Saves' have been introduced in my campaign, which are, essentially, saves progress 50% better than poor saves.
Also, we're using a 28 points buying system to generate ability scores, so no 'out of the wazoo' ability modifiers and no crazy templates to make a Feral Dragonborn Water Orc. :I

Anyhow, I've made two classes, the first for Rapunzel, being the 'Child of the Sun' and is exclusive to my homebrewed campaign.
Her class is heavily based off the 'Healer' class from the Miniatures handbook, except that she has no literal spell slots and casts the spells she does get spontaneously (by singing).

The DC of her spells that she casts are equal to Half her Caster Level + Half her Perform: Sing check.

Healing Domain
She gains access to the spells in the healing domain (plus 'Cure Minor Wounds as a 0th level spell)
The level at which she can use these spells is equal to when a Sorcerer would get access to spells of the same level.
Example: a 6th level sorcerer would get access to 3rd level spells, which means Rapunzel could access the 3rd level spell from the healing domain.
She may cast these spells spontaneously a number of times equal to 1+half her wisdom modifier. (This means this same 6th level Rapunzel could cast 'Cure Serious Wounds' and every spell below it 2 times per day if she had 14 WIS- the number per day is Per spell she knows, so she would be able to cast 2 Cure minor Wound, 2 Cure Light Wounds, 2 Cure Moderate Wounds, etc each day.)
She needs, like any other spellcasters, 8 hours worth of rest to get to use her spells again.

Lay on Hair:
As the Paladin's Lay on Hands ability, except her hair needs to touch the target or the target must touch her hair.

She gets that nutty horse from the movie as her "Animal Companion"!

Child of the Sun
Skills: Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Perform, Ride, Sense Motive, Tumble, Use Rope (6+Int Modifier, x4 at 1st level)

Poor Base Attack Bonus.
Poor Fortitude Save, Good Reflex Save, Avarage Will Save.
Simple Weapon proficiency.

Use for features not specified the Healer class from Miniatures Handbook.

Level Special
1st: Lay on Hair, Heal Domain
2nd: Skill Focus: heal
3rd: Cleanse Paralisis
4th: Cleanse Disease
5th: Cleanse Fear
6th: Cleanse Poison
8th: Maximus!
9th: Cleanse Blindness
10th: Cleanse Spirit
13th: Cleanse Petrification
15th: New limb
20th: New Life

I've written out an entire build for her, which represents her 'wising up' along the road and therefore being able to cast her spells more often.
This class' emphasis lies heavily on healing as you can see, her skills and feats represent her abilities in the movie, being a pretty good dancer, singer and avid runner (run and fleet of foot from complete warrior could prove to deliver some pretty funny scenarios).
Besides her flavourful skills and heavy emphasis on healing, there's not much else she can (or wants) to do.

Snow White and her class!

It's Named: Friend of Nature (couldn't think of a better, less cheesy name) and it's been influenced by the beast master prestige class.

Again, Perform: Sing is key in determining the DC of the spell, except this time it's based entirely off the Perform: Sing check.

Summon Swarm
Snow White may use Summon swarm, beginning at 7th level equal to 1+wisdom modifier per day.
The swarm summoned is reliant on where she uses it, bringing forth different vermin/animals in different envirements.
This means that in a cavern underground you would not be able to summon birds, but bats would be a completely reasonable option, as well as when being outside in broad day light disables you
from summoning bats as a swarm.
Use her Class Levels in Friend of nature as a Caster Level to determine how long the Swarm Stays.
Snow White gains an extra use of Summon Swarm on 11th, 15th and 19th level.
I'll be making a D6 based table based off the environment she's in and will randomize what kind of swarm she will be summoning.

Speak With Animals
Snow white is able to use "Speak With Animals" (As the spell) 1+ wisdom modifier times per day starting at 2nd level.
Every 2nd level thereafter she can use this ability an additional time per day.
At 20th level she's considered to constantly be able to speak with animals at will at all times.
Use her class levels in Friend of Nature to determine for how long she may use this ability.

Animal Companion
At 9th level, Snow White gains access to an animal companion as a Druid of the same level would.

Skills: Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (Nature), Knowledge (Royalty),
Perform, Ride, Search (6+Int Modifier, x4 at 1st level)

Poor Base Attack Bonus.
Poor Fortitude Save, Average Reflex Save, Good Will Save.
Simple Weapon proficiency.

Her 'Build' is also centered around her roll in the movie, the original and the Shrek one, where she lays emphasis on a better will save, movement speed based feats as 'Dash' and 'Run' as well as some skill focus skills.
Eventually she'll gain the'Poison Immunity' feat, gaining immunity from the poison which brought in her deep slumber.

It's worth noting that, according to this character's background story, everything that happened after she bit the apple has been a dream and she has never been awakened at all by her prince.
A couple tens of thousand of years later she was discovered by a traveling cleric whom was able to cleanse the poison out of her and able to remove her curse, finally awakening her.
Based on that in the original movie, seasons changed and her body was still very well preserved, it's unclear to me whether this was due to the 7 Dwarfs tending to her body or if the poison/curse delayed the decomposing of her body. Obviously, she didn't eat in this state and 'should' have died regardless, seeing the seasons change and all.

Remember, these classes are played by people who want a very flavorful character and have no idea how to exploit anything and the classes have been designed to reflect this in how complex they are to play.
I really need to 'Disneyfy' my explanations if I want them to get most of it, most can be translated pretty well as far as I can see.
Anyhow, rate, critique and let me hear it! :)
if anything is a bit unclear or poorly explained, do ask.

2014-04-23, 09:20 AM
I believe it is required that for Rapunzel you steal from the Pathfinder White-Haired Witch (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/witch/archetypes/paizo---witch-archetypes/white-haired-witch) Archetype. It's all about using your hair for stuff.

2014-04-23, 01:29 PM
Hey, thanks for the find, I'm not really familiar with Pathfinder, but I'm sure I can manage to squeeze something from this class that can be incorporated into Rapunzel's.
However, in the movie, you don't actually see Rapunzel attack with her hair, even though she does tie up Flynn and is actually pretty handy and agile with her hair.
I did include 'Use Rope' as a class skill for her so she could at least use her hair to tie up enemies, though I think a combined 'sleight of hand' check with a 'use rope' check would be more
appropriate to allow her to whip her hair in all sorts of different ways.
Also, I do think Rapunzel's hair is a a tad (waaaaaaay) to long to actually use as an effective weapon.

You gave me a few ideas, thanks for that, I'm happy you gave me something to work with. :D