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2014-04-23, 08:40 AM
Hello Playground Community.
I would like to present you my first D&D 3.5e adventure. It is not completely finished yet. Some parts need to get fleshed out a bit more.
The purpose of this adventure is for personal use, maybe making it public once it is completely done.

Please bear in mind that english is not my first language and it took quite some time to get used to writing a longer english text again. So you might find weird grammar and the same phrases over and over again. :smallwink:
My first language is german if you want to know, or want to give advice via pm in german.

Therefore i would like you guys to take a look at it:

- Checking the numbers (Skill Checks, Saves, Battle stats)
- Organisation, formatting,
- Anything that might make this more interesting

I uploaded the adventure as an archive.
The file is 5.6mb large and contains 6 files:
- A text document with the adventure (~27 pages)
- A map of the city Prontera that needs to get fleshed out a bit more
- An awesome sketch of the Culverts Entrance Area :smallamused:
- A map of culverts level 1
- A map of culverts level 2
- A picture of the flood gate mechanism

If you prefer a different method of accessing the files, please let me know.

Things i (maybe) have to work on:
- Up to this point the adventure lacks some sort of magic challenge. this is not a problem for the whole campaign i planned so far, since magic challenges will occur more frequently later. But as a standalone adventure this might not be satisfying enough.
- The adventure maybe lacks some decent traps, or anything a rogue can work/deal with (except for some of the secret doors on the first floor )
- I have to flesh out the city of Prontera
- In my opinion the way i presented the "GTB Event" looks pretty confusing. Maybe some improved formatting might solve this problem.
- Adding good wallpapers showing Prontera and the Golden Thief Bug.

Thank you for taking your time reading this, giving critique and advice :smallsmile:
I hope i posted this in the correct section of the forum. If that is not the case please tell me and i will fix it.