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2007-02-09, 07:34 AM
Hey there!

Does anyone of you play or just had a lool to the Role-playing Game
"The Dark Eye" it (regrettably) was the english version of the german
"Das Schwarze Auge" the in Germany most popular RPG (even more popular than D&D !).

But they didn't manage to put enough effort into it, and therefore very little sourcebooks came out in the USA.

But in the whole, it's a very good game.

Which experiences did any of you have with it (for the case you did even notice) ?


2007-02-09, 08:10 AM
I've played the first two adventures of the Spielstein campaign, after which the group disintegrated more or less instantly and tracelessly, probably due to game style issues. The DM placed a lot of emphasis on simulation and in-character dialog (including voice imitation) whereas the rest of us were primarily looking for adventure. I'm having much more fun with the D&D group now, but I'm sure that's a question of DMs rather than of game systems.

Actually, I am quite enamored of the lovingly detailed DSA world, which I know in much greater detail than any D&D world, and would like to play there again. In fact, I might even DM myself if I can find enough players... :smalltongue:

Last time, I played Hrunndalf, a straw-blond Thorwaler, slave-born son of captured pirates who earned his freedom in the gladiator arena of Brabak...

2007-02-09, 09:18 AM
thats quite cool,

The Adventures of the spielstein campaign are not-so-good, so i can truly understand while you where looking for adventure.

And what you described is quite often to find at DSA/DTE Players: they forget about adventure and think the only purpose is Role-playing.

When you're looking for a group, where are you located?

And when you played the Spielstein campaign, did you play in german?
Or did your DM translate?

2007-02-09, 09:35 AM
I'm in Zürich. I played in German.

The first adventure, "Der Alchemyst", was quite decent, but it would have been a single-session adventure for which we needed two sessions. The biggest problem was that the DM started out with the characters separated, and spent several hours on insignificant solo side-plots to bring together. It must have taken him a lot of work, but it was dead boring for us.

The second one, "Die Einsiedlerin", might have been decent too, but we spent too much time taking wrong turns in the dungeon, missing clues, and wasting valuable torch time. :P That really makes you grateful for the affordable everburning torches in D&D!

2007-02-09, 11:29 AM
The reason why I like DSA is the high grade of detail. For every region, there are maps, figures of a city's important stats, leaders, villians. It's medieval europe with all it's intigues, fighting, diplomacy, it's wonders and superstition. Plus magic, demons, actual gods and things like that. It has a strong authentic feeling that let's your character feel he's actually doing something somewhere.
But I still prefer DnD, because of it's high fantasy magic and creatures. It's a lot more combat oriented and therefore easier to run (in my opinion).
But of course, the DM changes alot.