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2014-04-24, 08:46 PM
Hello I know 4E is not ideal for making realistic and gritty fantasy but I wanted to go ahead and make it a little more gritty with these houserules and monster design.

Short Rest
You can only spend a single healing surge (As well as second wind/any remaining "Word" powers.

Extended Rest
No longer recover hit points can spend as many surges as you wish. You also recover a single healing surge but only while you are in a comfortable space (Such as an inn or bed of somesort). If you are in the woods or sleeping rough you must roll a D6 and only on a 6 do you recover the surge.

Standard Monsters: Have HP equal to 20+(Class times Level). They are built like PCs and have encounter powers and daily powers, these are normally used the way an elite would normally be used but instead of having tons of hit points they just unload powerful encounter and daily powers.
Damage: 1[w]+3+level(-4 damage if they are using twinstrike/dual strike) + striker dice (If they are a striker)

Strong Monster: Have Half the HP of a standard Monster. They only have one encounter power and can use it once at 3rd level, a second time at 13th level and a 3rd time at 13th level. This power can be any power thier class can use. These are your normal enemies and can inflict a lot of damage if they are a striker, a level 4 ranger would inflict 2D12+1D8+2 with twinstrike.

Weak monster: Half HP but deals less damage than a Strong Monster. This is somewhere between a minion and a standard monster in normal game terms.
Damage:1[W]+3/4 level

Underling: 1/4 HP, deals a little damage, this is the closest thing to a minion but it rolls for damage.
Damage:1[W]-2+1/2 level

Elite: Has double the HP of a standard Monster and access to encounter powers and dailys as if it was a PC. One of its attacks will always be to use an at will twice. Additionally one of its encounter powers has recharge 5,6.
These are used as a solo type monster able to destroy a PC in 1 turn if the elite is lucky enough.

Solo: Has 4X Hp of the standard monster. Has access to encounter and daily powers. 2 of its encounter powers have recharge 5,6 and one daily has recharge 6. It can also make 2 at will attacks during its turn and rolls twice for initiative taking both results.
Solos are built as superthreats that can take a party down on thier own usually avoided than fought.

I havn't used any actual monsters yet but I guess I would just reflavour a solo and pick powers from all classes changing the size of aoes as I saw fit to get something effective.

What are peoples thoughts on making a lethal game where enemies fall quickly such as in movies like Conan. The game I am running is strictly heroic tier with slower leveling than normal. The intention is also to make combat dangerous with the restrictions on resting so that Hack and Slash play is discouraged.