View Full Version : Gamer Tales Tell me about your most memorable session

2014-04-26, 03:36 PM
the one you look back on most fondly, or where you had the most fun. What happened?

2014-04-30, 07:42 AM
Was running a session a few weeks ago that I'll always remember.

It started off to be a 'journey between locations' type of a session, but got a surprising upgrade when I described the parties night campfire and them all sat about it with a few NPC's, eating an evening meal.

Completely unbidden, they started questioning the NPC's and asking about their past. I gave them a little of the NPC's backstories, then (IC) asked the players about themselves. The PC's loved it, and all gave a dramatic IC account of their characters story and hopes for the future. It turned into an impromptu 'Origin Story' session, got everyone totally stoked for the future of the storyline, and bonded them to the NPC's in a way that can't be forced, only earned.

Good times :smallsmile:

2014-04-30, 07:54 AM
An adventure in Earthdawn where the party accidently attracted a huge group of undead in a catacomb. We got swarmed and beaten quickly. Out of the six party members, only the wizard and my swordmaster (the two characters that got along the worst) were left standing by the 3rd round. We bottlenecked the undead at a stairwell and with some tactics and a lot of luck the two of managed to turn 5-to-1 odds against us into a victory. :smallbiggrin:

As a bonus, we managed to drag the other four party members out of the tomb and got them patched up, so no one died. For the rest of the session the party was wondering why the wizard and swordmaster suddenly had this understanding and we even made some of the tactics we used standard fare on future battles against the undead.