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2014-04-27, 06:51 AM
So, the basic idea behind the following changes to the artificer class are as follows:

I dislike the whole XP to creating items thing (same for spells) as falling behind the rest of your party can get annoying.
I also don't much like the idea of the artificer as a "vending machine" of all items magical.
Add to that, me running across mythallars and Netherese quasi magical items in some thread and voila, this idea is born.

The main idea, briefly stated: The artificer can make (and personally use) quasi magical items. The upside: no XP cost. The downside: higher gp cost (for most creation, including normal magic items) and his quasi items can't be used by the rest of the party.

On top of that, some changes to crafting reserve (now only for constructs, to put extra hurt on/less reason for the creation of normal magical items). Also, the mythallar artificer is less gifted in the field of infusions (instead he's more likely to use schemata, (eternal) wands, staves and the like).

For a final kick I've included an optional ACF that replaces the creation of potions and scrolls with the creation of schemata (which fits my idea of the artificer more closely).

Mythallar artificer
The mythallar artificer is a master of quasi magical items. Items that only function when in the presence of certain kind of magical emanations. In the case of the mythallar artificer these magical emanations come from within him, which means that his quasi magical items only work when held/used by himself.

Internalized power
While most artificers are known as producers and suppliers of many magical items, both great and small, the mythallar artificer instead creates items almost exclusively for himself. It isn't that he is (necessarily) selfish, as they are often perceived to be, it is just that creating items for themselves is almost effortless, while creating items that continue to function when not in his hands takes more effort than normal.

Level: 1st
Replaces: Item creation
Benefit: The mythallar artificer is capable of creating (and using) quasi magical items. The creation of these quasi magical items does not include the normal XP cost (1/25 of the base price) associated with making magical items. At the same time, the mythallar artificer radiates a magical aura (somewhat like a mythallar) that allows these quasi magical items to function as normal magical items as long as they are worn/used by the artificer. As soon as this is not the case, quasi magical items become inert.

This unusual talent comes at a price, the mythallar artificer finds most teachers and training methods to be (somewhat) unsuitable to his talents. As such, he often has to fall back on trial and error methods, resulting in item creation costing 60% of the item's base price (instead of the usual 50%).

The creation of weapons, armors, scrolls, potions, schemata and constructs is treated somewhat differently. Weapons, armors, scrolls and potions can't be quasi magical and can only be made as normal magical items (costing 60% of the base price in gp and 1/25 the base price in XP). Constructs and schemata however are created in the same manner as they would be a normal artificer (with no increase in gp cost or decrease in XP cost).

Beyond this, a mythallar artificer can create magical items in the same manner as a normal artificer.

Construct master
While much of the mythallar artificer's abilities are focused inwards, there is one field in which they are at the very least equals to their fellow artificers, namely in the creation of constructs.

Level: 1st
Replaces: Craft reserve
Benefit: A mythallar artificer gains a craft reserve like a normal artificer, but with the following 2 changes:

A mythallar artificer can only use his craft reserve to create constructs
A mythallar artificer's craft reserve carries over when he gains a new level (unlike the craft reserve of a normal artificer).

Stunted student
The mythallar artificer is a slow student when it comes to infusions. While the concepts behind repairing and damaging constructs and magical items are clear to him, he is slow to learn most other infusions.

Level: 1st
Replaces: Infusions
Effect: With the exception of the infusions mentioned below, the mythallar artificer can start using infusions of a new level 3 levels later than a normal artificers. (So the remaining first level infusions are learned at class level 4, other level 2 infusions are gained at class level 6, etc).

1st: Identify, inflict light damage and repair light damage.
2nd: inflict moderate damage, repair moderate damage and toughen construct.
3rd: Inflict serious damage, repair serious damage and stone construct.
4th: inflict critical damage, minor creation and repair critical damage.
5th: Fabricate and major creation.
6th: Disable construct and total repair.

Bonus feat list: Add all item creation feats to the mythallar artificer's bonus feat list.

Creator of tangibles
The mythallar artificer is not as adept as other artificer at the creations of scrolls and potions. On the other hand, the creation of schemata is right up his alley.

Level: 1st, 2nd and 10th
Effect: The mythallar artificer does not gain the scribe scroll and brew potions feats (though he can take the feats at a later point as he levels up). Instead he gains the etch schemata feat for free at level 10.
From quasi to fully magical
To transform an item from quasi magical to truly magical takes a mythallar artificer with the appropriate skills and feats to create the item.

Beyond that he needs to spend 5% of the base price in gp and the amount of XP required to lift the total XP expenditure to the normal level required for the item in question. This takes 1 day for each week that it originally took to create the item (minimum 1 day).

So what do you guys think? Too powerful (or weak)? Too boring? Something really doesn't work? Please let me know.

(Also, should I change retain essence now that I've changed the reserve pool?)