View Full Version : d20 Modern Comics?

Vespe Ratavo
2007-02-10, 12:42 AM
Are there any comics out there that are to d20 modern as Oots is to D&D? If not...dibs. :smallamused: I got an idea forming in my head...

Elliot Kane
2007-02-10, 04:02 AM
As far as I know, Vespe, there are not. There are many thousands of web comics out there, though, and I certainly haven't read all of them nor even close...

2007-02-11, 02:27 AM
To be honest, I haven't found much material that would make such a webcomic worth it among the Modern d20 releases.

2007-02-12, 09:29 PM
*makes a crack about the fast hero's sexual prowess*