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2014-04-28, 06:51 AM
Hello Playgrounders!

TopSecret Games is proud to announce the First Ever Two Page Tabletop Competition (http://www.topsecretgames.net/blog/first-ever-two-page-tabletop-competition/).

The top two winners of the contest will be given a chance to expand their work and have it published as part of a tabletop anthology.

What’s in it for me?
Money, fame, glorious prizes, world domination, etc.

OK, so maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The top two winners will be offered the chance to expand their work and have it published as part of an upcoming Succinct Tabletop RPG anthology.

All entrants will receive constructive feedback from our hand picked panel of excellent judges and some lucky few will even have their work featured on the TopSecret Blog.

What’s the catch?
Nothing! You retain all rights to the work that you submit for the competition. You grant TopSecret Games the right to digitally display, rate, and review your submitted work.
Who can enter the contest?

The Two Page Tabletop Contest is open to everyone, unless you’re a judge =P

When is the contest?
The contest opens May 9th. You can submit entries all the way through June 9th, at which point the competition closes for final judging.

What are the competition rules?
Simply create a playable tabletop using only two single sided pages of American letter size paper.

The tabletop that you create must be:

Playable – Someone uninitiated to it must be able to pick it up and understand how to play.
Have a Setting – RPGs do not exist in a vacuum, your setting needs to allow the reader to gain a feel for the type of RPG they are about to play. Go for as much or as little detail as you feel you need.

This is not a challenge for the faint of heart.

In addition, we will be allowing entries with an optional third page for character sheets and character sheets only. This third page will not be judged in the competition so as to avoid adversely affecting our two page participants, but you may receive feedback from the judges on it.

How do I enter?
The competition doesn’t open until May 9th. Entry instructions will be revealed at the start of the contest. Till then work on your TPT and happy designing.

2014-05-01, 04:18 AM
Open call for judges is now closed. The judges will be notified by email this weekend and will be announced just before the start of the contest.

Nothing to do now but work on your Two Page Tabletop and get ready for the 9th =)